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YouTubeMP4  is one of the best online YouTube to Mp4 converter for so many reasons. The main reason being:— it allows you to download and convert your favorite YouTube videos for free. May it be in WebM, MP4, 3GP formats, etc.

Another reason being:— it’s often necessary to download a video from YouTube to a computer to watch it later. Without Internet access during travel, classes, or flights. Basically, YouTube provides the ability to save a video in any mobile app!

Uniquely, YouTubeMP4 is a video downloader that allows you to download and save videos to any storage. Especially, from where you can play them in the future. Besides YouTubeMP4, with a platform like Y2mate, you can also save videos from other sources too.

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Like Facebook, Instagram, Coub, Twitter, TikTok, and many other services. What’s more, there is also no registration required! Meaning that the downloader is free and you can download any video without user registration. Making it the best YouTube downloader to download videos.

It supports downloading all video formats such as MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc. With free downloads, you can also convert downloaded YouTube videos as much as you want without any limitation.

How YouTubeMP4 Works

First of all, as I mentioned, YouTubeMP4 is one of the best online YouTube to MP4 video converter platforms for new or even pro web users. It was created to help anyone download and save YouTube videos in high-quality MP4 format. And as a web platform, it works on computers, tablets, and all mobile devices.

Thus, by so doing, it allows you to enjoy fast, high-quality video downloads regardless of what device you use. And since the free video downloading website runs in the browser, you will not need to install any additional third-party software.

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With that said, conversions and download speeds are extremely fast. Whereby, the YouTube to MP4 downloader allows you to quickly and easily save any publicly viewable YouTube video in various high-quality formats.

To get started, all you’ll need is to grab the link to the YouTube video. And then paste it in the box above its downloader page and start downloading your favorite Youtube videos. From MP4, WEBM, and even M4A formats. Below are the simple steps to follow:

Steps to Download YouTube Videos using YouTubeMP4:
  • First, copy the YouTube video link of the video that you would like to download.
  • Secondly, paste the YouTube video link into the text box on the homepage.
  • Wait while their servers process the video and generate download links for you.
  • Once they successfully generate the download links you can click on the version of the video you’d like to save.
  • Lastly, you can now download your videos in the formats that will include, MP4, M4A, and WEBM.

Why can’t I download certain videos?

Forthwith, in nutshell, YouTube MP4 is a web-based YouTube converter that allows you to save videos directly to any device without the need of third-party software. So, why can’t you download certain videos?

Certainly, because some videos can’t be downloaded sine Youtube blocks the YouTubeMP4 servers from accessing them. Thus they cannot provide download links for the video. However, they’re working on a solution for the problem as we speak.

Therefore, the best option right now is to download third-party video download software at all costs. And as far as I am concerned, there’s a complete list of 20 Best FREE YouTube Video Downloader Apps that are updated regularly.

What’s More!

As can be seen, YouTubeMP4 is a very fast and easy-to-use video downloader & converter. All you need to do is just paste the link or type in the search box to get your downloads ready. Not forgetting, you can use the downloader input field to load it at maximum speed!

But, please note that Downloading videos is, actually, a violation of YouTube video guidelines. Simply, because you can’t download other people’s YouTube videos without their consent. That’s why you should read and understand the YouTube terms of service clearly before you start using any video downloader.

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After all, you can watch videos offline in the YouTube app if you have a YouTube Premium membership. And, in that case, you can read and learn more about saving videos offline with YouTube Premium too. Perse, it’ll greatly help you avoid colliding with unnecessary YouTube Copyright and other User Claims.

In reality, besides MpGun, 2Conv, Y2mate, GenYouTube, and MP4Juice, YouTubeMP4 is yet another great MP3 & MP4 online music downloader app that is free to use for all. With YouTubeMP4, as soon as you find your favorite YouTube videos, you can convert them to MP3 music or MP4 videos or download any format.

Other Useful Tools Include:
  1. MpGun
  2. Keepvid 
  3. MP4Juice
  4. GenYouTube
  5. Blubrry
  6. Kapwing
  7. 2Conv
  8. Y2mate

NB: As a webmaster, there are other tools you can also use for free when running a blog. For instance, in order to Add Videos on your Blogs right from a social channel like YouTube. Basically, to Embed YouTube Video means to put a video player on your web page (learn more).

All in all, apart from watch time, having better ways to download YouTube videos is an added advantage. But, it’s important to realize, though the YouTube app offers an “Offline” feature to play videos when you’re not connected to the internet, not all videos are eligible for it. This is why you may look up how to download YouTube videos without any software, right?

Other Useful Resources Include:
  1. What can I do about a Content ID claim? – YouTube
  2. YouTube Copyright & Fair Use Policies – How YouTube Works
  3. What is a Content ID claim? – YouTube Help – Google Support
  4. Toonly | The Simplest Drag & Drop Explainer Video Creator
  5. How to Trim Videos Online | The Best Apps to Use for Free

NB: A YouTube Network (also referred to as a “multi-channel network” or “MCN”) is an independent business entity that works with creators to grow, monetize, program, and/or manage their YouTube channel.

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MCNs were originally designed to offer these services to creators in exchange for payment. Typically, as a revenue-sharing model. For more information, you can read and learn more about How YouTube Network Works in detail.

Finally, it’s my hope that the above guide on how to download YouTube videos & convert them using YouTubeMP4 was resourceful enough. So, having said that, in order to see the application platform in action, you can get started right away (it’s free with no registration).

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Equally important, you can also send feedback about the Youtube to MP4 downloader. By contacting their team through [email protected] as well.

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