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Basically, there are so many online video downloaders and converters like Keepvid and Mpgun that you could use. And they are the core source of creativity and public open data access. Used by video makers, media agents, bloggers, social media publishers, and much more.

These tools are the symbols of internet human rights. And by using these simple YouTube video downloaders, you can now Download MP4 & MP3 videos in the comfort of your house. Now that sometimes you like a music video so much you want to keep the video to watch it all the time.

At times, if you found yourself in a news clip online, you want to download YouTube videos to show your friends or your darlings. Whatever the reason, in this guide, I am going to help you through. While using Keepvid as your tool of choice.

What is Keepvid?

Keepvid is one of the best online video downloader apps of all time! And it can do many things for all web video consumers. For instance, it can help you download your online video collection back to your device. It can also help get videos from Facebook and then put them on Instagram.

Their web app is even an easy, fast, and free online video downloader and converter than all other tools. Without any registration or limits to downloading videos from YouTube. And with the possibility to convert them to mp3 or mp4 on the fly.

It offers a maximum of 120 Kbits/s for mp3 and HD 780P for mp4 videos but is only meant to be used for private usage. And it’s ideal for android devices including mobile smartphones and tablets. I do believe that it’s the fastest video MP3 converter and the highest MP4 quality downloader in the world.

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And then lastly, it’s here! Keepvid is now a free web-based app for all users. It’s lightweight and takes up very little space on your device. It’s full of features as much as the website is. It has a YouTube search and can convert videos to mp3, on top of normal video downloads, of course.

It’s a nice app, it will never require any updates, as it will automatically update when our website is updated. Try it out, it works best on Android and Windows devices, when installed using Chrome browser. You can also use its browser add-on extension for faster access to video download options.

What’s more, Keepvid can assist when a special sweet Instagram video needs to be converted to mp3 to then become your new phone ringtone. Keepvid can do all that and lots of other things. Below are the other most popular features:

1. Online Sites & YouTube Videos:

Well, for this one, it allows you to download online videos using its unbeatable tools. That’s why it’s the best video downloader online you could think of. And with years of experience, the developers know what exactly an online video downloader you need should be.

Not only that but, Keepvid is also your perfect YouTube video downloader. Especially, for those who know the reason why offline video content is important. Of course, you can watch it later when down on data. It will help you download videos from YouTube as mp4, mp3, etc. With HD YouTube downloader included.

Additionally, they also have a tool for YouTube audio content. Just in case there’s some awesome track on YouTube that you’d like to listen to later on. So, in that case, you can use its YouTube audio converter to extract any YouTube video as an mp3 — to listen to it later offline.

Other Online Tools Include:
  1. Save YouTube Videos
  2. YouTube to Mp3 Converter
  3. Online Video Converter
  4. YouTube to mp4 converter
  5. Download From YouTube
  6. YouTube Downloader mp4
  7. Save the Video to your device
  8. YouTube Video Converter
  9. Download music from YouTube
  10. YouTube to mp3 with Keepvid
  11. Vkontakte video downloader online
  12. Mp4 downloader online
  13. Download online videos
  14. YouTube video downloader
  15. Save mp3 from YouTube

Since the web platform is able to grab any videos and then download them from some of the sources mentioned, there is even more. From my research, I even have a collective list of all other sites confirmed by them for download. Allowing you to download online videos from these sites.

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Not forgetting, this list will be expanded as soon as possible. Since Keepvid is continually observing how web users are using and interacting with other sites. And, that’s all for now! You can click on any site name (in this list) to see what exactly Keepvid can do.

And with each and every website on their supported list, you’ll probably download any video you like in mp4. Or even convert your downloaded videos to mp3. But, what I can say is; there’s so much more this web platform can still do. You just need to get acquainted with it!

2. Social Media Platform Videos:

Apart from using it for online and YouTube videos download, you can also use it to grab social media platform videos you like too. And as for its Facebook video downloader, you can try it next time you need to download videos from Facebook.

You’ll even be able to back up your Facebook videos by downloading them through Keepvid to your device — free and fast. In addition, it’s also a superior video downloader for Twitter. Whereby, if you’ll have something worthy, it can evenly convert to an mp3. So, no more nonsense Twitter video downloaders!

What about its Instagram videos? Always remember, you can download Instagram videos to your device using Keepvid Instagram Downloader. Not to mention, you can download as much video content as you want. Including IG stories and IGTV videos as you easily convert them to MP3.

Other Social Media Tools Include:
  1. Dailymotion downloader
  2. Instagram Video Downloader
  3. TikTok video downloader
  4. Instagram video converter
  5. Facebook Video Downloader
  6. FB video downloader online
  7. Facebook Video Converter
  8. Download videos from Vimeo
  9. Twitter Video Downloader
  10. Reddit Video Downloader
  11. Tumblr video downloader
  12. Convert YouTube to mp3
  13. Soundcloud mp3 downloader

As you’ll realize, Keepvid also has great tools for downloading Vevo videos too. And you’ll see how it’s easy to download videos from Vevo. Then again, convert them while using its fast, secure, reliable Vevo video downloader online. All you need is to try it out first!

How to Download Keepvid Apk files

As I said, Keepvid apk is a free video downloader app and audio converter. That permits you to download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Youtube, and lots of other supported sites. This app empowers a really clean and easy-to-understand app interface.

It’s also a very easy-to-handle downloading engine. Moreover, it permits you to download HD videos with ease, together with 720p, 1080p, and even HD. That said, in order to get the apk files, all you’ll need to do is follow this download app link on your browser.

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After that, you will be redirected to an ad-free page for you to grab the apk download files tab. As soon as the download is complete,  you can go ahead and install it on your computer to start using it. But the first thing is to make sure that the app is working correctly.


As can be seen, Keepvid is the best platform for all online video downloads and audio conversion needs. Furthermore, unlike all other online tools, it has no hassle while using it. Or any other distracting and upsetting debris that popular sites try to push.

What I can add is that Keepvid is made with so much love for its user — where they chase excellent user experience. But their biggest reward is you recommending their official site to your friends. And that’s all I ask of you too.

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Finally, that’s all about it, how it works, and why you should use it. In short, with no distractions and multiple download options with added mp3 converter tools. Its audio downloader is equally efficient too.

And now, it has more than 100s sites that support downloading video or audio content. With secure https browsing, no tracking, and most importantly, full privacy. And on top of all that — it’s so hungry for your affection! 

However, the choice is all yours. So, with that in mind, have you used it yet? If yes, do you think it’s worth it? Please, feel free to share some of your additional thoughts, contributions, suggestions, or even questions in our comments section. Or even Contact Us for more help.

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