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Nothing is more useful to any YouTuber out there than having a YouTube auto-subscribe link generator tool that works like magic. It’s a great tool since it allows you to add more subscribers to your YouTube channel by creating an automatic subscription link. Of course, I’ve tried it before (you can subscribe here to see it in action) and so should you.

By all means, as long as your YouTube channel is ready for monetization (after reaching the YouTube Monetization Criteria), it is crucial to add as many subscribers as possible. Especially, if you’d want to generate more views and revenue. As well as to promote your channel visibility, awareness, and recognition.

Whenever we talk of YouTube Monetization Policies, there’s something I’d like a beginner YouTube publisher to learn first. It’s neither Greek nor rocket science. Everything is as it is. With a set of instructions, guidelines, rules, and regulations that must be adhered to at all times.

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Basically, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a profound platform that gives content creators a greater space to access its unique resources and features. Like direct access to their Monetization Features, Copyright Match Tool, and even Creator Support Team.

In addition, it also enables revenue-sharing from ads being served on your YouTube content. I guess you now have an idea of how the system works. So, since this is not our topic of discussion today, in this article, you’ll be able to find out more. It provides an overview of the available features, criteria for joining, an application checklist, some FAQs, etc.

Why does YouTube Auto-subscribe Link Generator matter?

Having more subscribers means a better ranking for your channel in the YouTube search engine. YouTube has provided a simple and updated way for you to increase the number of subscribers to your channel with a URL modifier. When using this modifier, a link is created by adding the modifier to the end of your channel name.

But, being accepted into the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is a major milestone in any Creator’s journey. As part of YPP, Creators can start monetizing their content, receive email and chat support, and get access to the Copyright Match Tool to help protect their content.

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A key eligibility requirement for YPP is to follow YouTube monetization policies, which include YouTube’s Community GuidelinesTerms of Service, and Google AdSense program policies. These policies apply to a Creator’s channel as a whole and not just individual videos.

At times, many YouTubers face a lot of challenges as soon as they join the YPP. Low traffic to watch their YouTube content videos, little to no subscribers, loss of revenue due to copyright disputes, lack of knowledge to drive viewers to their channels, etc.

It’s under such circumstances that most YouTubers and Vloggers lose interest in what they do. However, provided some if not all the mentioned aspects are a success, they can always generate more subscribers to their channels. By using very simple and free conversion tools.

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And as a result, more subscribers means an increase in their revenue share with YouTube. With that in mind, if you want to grow your channel, you should create a custom URL link using the YouTube Auto-subscribe Link Generator to get more subscribers.

Instead of just linking your channel URL plainly on other social media platforms. In the end, these links will auto-prompt your visitors to subscribe to your channel first as soon as they land on your homepage. Therefore, using an auto-subscribe link on YouTube is an awesome and effective hack to boost your subscriber count!

Not forgetting, you can use this link anywhere that you would use your regular YouTube URL. And if you already own a website, then you’re at a greater advantage too. You can insert the custom URL link you’ve generated alongside your blog articles, web posts, pages, menu, etc.

You can also customize a sidebar banner image that links to your YouTube channel using the newly generated URL link too. In the past, I have made sidebar images that link to our YouTube channel with the auto-subscribe link and it has already shown tremendous results.

How YouTube Auto-subscribe Link Generator Works

Tracking innovation is a must, and using Vantazo’s invoice templates and invoice makers is beneficial for making your life easier and better. Fortunately, the process is very simple and easy. To begin with, the very first thing is to locate your YouTube Channel URL. Surprisingly, many people don’t even know their YouTube channel URL!

But, be sure to set up a custom YouTube URL as soon as possible. Currently, you have to meet certain metrics before you can do that, but it doesn’t take a whole lot. You can read and learn more about how to customize YouTube URLs if need be. While keeping in mind, it’s not a must to have a custom URL channel for the YouTube Auto-subscribe Link Generator to work.

Your current URL can be found in just a couple of steps:
  1. Click on the “Picture Icon” located in the top right corner of your channel’s main page,
  2. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu,
  3. Look for the “Advanced” button below your name,
  4. There is your link! “Grab It!”
  5. You can either “Copy Paste” on your browser or in Word.

After completing the steps above, you’ll now be able to combine your YouTube channel URL with Auto-Subscribe Tag. Its formula is pretty simple. The modifier you add to the end of your channel URL to make a subscription link looks like this:

YouTube channel URL + “?sub_confirmation=1.”

And as such, your auto-subscribe link will look like this:

As you can see, the channel is in bold and the auto-subscribe add-on is in blue. There you go! That’s the link you’ll liberally use to get some new subscribers!

So now, use this as a link for your audience to automatically subscribe to your YouTube channel. May it be in your video descriptions, emails, social media, websites, blogs, etc.

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In other words, this subscription link provides a way for your audience to subscribe to your channel with no effort involved by simply clicking on the link. This subscription link should be offered any time you want to promote your channel in video descriptions, emails, social media, a website, or on a blog.

In YouTube as in Google, these numbers matter to your bottom line. By adding this link to your text, social media, and web pages, subscribing becomes hassle-free to your audience. And although it’s an easy modifier to add to a URL it can be hard to remember. It is best to save it as a note on your desktop from where you can easily copy and paste.

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For an even easier way to remember it use a custom link shortener. As an example, Bitly is one such great free tool you can use. Or even redirect a page on your website to the subscribe link. Additionally, you can also learn how to create a YouTube Auto-Subscribe Link from your website using Pretty Links tools.


Over the last few years, YouTube has taken further steps to strengthen the requirements for monetization. So that spammers, impersonators, and other bad actors can’t hurt the ecosystem. Or even take advantage of good Creators producing high-quality content.

To apply for membership in YPP, channels must meet eligibility thresholds related to watch time and subscribers. Following application, YouTube’s review team ensures the channel has not run afoul of YouTube’s monetization, content, and copyright policies.

Only channels that meet eligibility thresholds and follow all of their guidelines will be admitted to the program. This makes them eligible to receive access to ads and other monetization products. On the other hand, generating a huge number of subscribers is not as easy as it used to be there before.

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That’s why every YouTuber must result in other avenues of winning their lead YouTube user’s trust. From YouTube Auto-subscribe Link Generator, creating engaging content, adhering to YouTube policies on monetization, marketing their channels through Google Ads, engaging other users through social media, etc.

Finally, I hope that the above guide was useful to you. But, if you’ll need more support, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help you. You can also share your additional thoughts, contributions, suggestions, and questions in our comments section below.

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  1. Just a quick one, do i have to above 1000 subscibers for me to be able to use auto subscriber link.
    Reason as to why i have asked on my youtube setting there is no advanced part

    • Not necessarily, you can copy the link as it is on your homepage.
      YouTube link settings customization is only available to those above its threshold.
      But, even those below the threshold can use the link generator tool.
      You can Contact Us for more support or help.

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