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Cloud computing is the on-demand availability of computer system resources. Especially, data storage and computing power, without direct active management by the user.

The term is generally used to describe data centers. Available to many users over the Internet.

What is Cloud Computing?

If you’re unsure about what Cloud is, you are probably among the 95% of people. In that case, they are already using these services. Like online banking and social networks but don’t realize it.

The “cloud” is a set of different types of hardware and software. That work collectively to deliver many aspects of computing to the end-user as an online service.

In other words, it’s the use of hardware and software to deliver a service over a network (typically the Internet). With it, users can access files and use applications from any device that can access the Internet.

An example of this Technology provider is Google’s Gmail. Whereby, Gmail users can access files and applications hosted by Google. Especially, via the internet from any device.

Difference between Public and Private Clouds

A Public Cloud is based on the standard cloud computing framework. Above all, which consists of files, applications, storage and services available to the public via the internet. Gmail is a good example.

A Private Cloud is comprised of files, applications, storage, and services. In general, that are implemented and protected within a corporate firewall. Not forgetting, under the control of a corporate IT department.

An example of a Private would be a company that uses Microsoft Exchange. Because Microsoft Exchange can only be accessed by an authorized user. Especially, through a secure VPN connection.

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