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Better Use Of The Cloud Guide | How To Get Started

Younger people tend to have an easier time adapting to new technologies. They have the ability to learn faster and are often in contact with newer technologies on a regular basis, making the whole adaptation process a lot easier to bear with. For our generation, however, not every new technology is worth exploring.

The cloud – a term that has been very popular in recent years – is definitely one of the better ones to get to know better. There are several ways cloud computing and storage are affecting our lives. Here are the tips that will help you get started with the cloud.

Better Long-Term Storage

One of the main advantages of cloud storage is affordable long-term storage for all of your digital files. You may even be using cloud storage already through services like Google Drive and Dropbox. Google Photos and Apple’s entire iCloud suite are also based in the cloud.

Using cloud storage is relatively easy. You basically sign up for an account and will be given a predetermined amount of storage space to use. You can then upload files to the cloud storage space. Some services have limitations as to what kind of files you can store, but all of the support documents, photos, videos, and other common files.

A number of cloud services offer additional features designed for long-term use. Aside from an emergency contact – who will receive access to the cloud storage space in the event of your absence – there are also backup features, redundancies, and additional security measures put in place for better long-term protection.

Transactions in the Cloud

It is also not uncommon for businesses to move parts or all of their operations to the cloud. We’re seeing a lot of billing systems now being run from the cloud. You no longer have to wait for a printed bill to arrive in the mail before making payments.

Top medical practices and hospitals, for example, are using web-based medical billing software to deliver better services. You can easily access your medical bills, as well as other details (i.e. the prescriptions given by the doctor) using any standard web browser. Existing platforms such as open practice solutions are even capable of handling payments directly.

It doesn’t stop at services and billing either. Thanks to e-commerce outlets like Amazon, you can now shop for everything you need online. There are more shipping options to choose from and your entire purchase history will be stored safely in the cloud.

Cloud-Based Entertainment

We can’t talk about the cloud without talking about the cloud-based entertainment we have today. Netflix, Amazon Prime, some of the best online gaming centers, and even your favorite Facebook games are all using cloud computing to deliver the best entertainment to your devices.

These forms of entertainment can be accessed either via your laptop or using a smart TV and other devices. Some are even enough to replace the more conventional cable TV services, streaming the latest TV shows and movies directly from the cloud.

All you need to get started with most of these cloud services is an account. Some services are even available for free, allowing you to benefit from them after signing up.

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