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Free Online Downloader | Download Any Video Using Site URL

There’re so many great and free online downloader tools like BitDownloader that are very easy to use — they serve users through their web app platforms. Whilst, allowing these users to download videos from YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other websites. But, it’s good to note, that downloading YouTube Music videos is highly restricted.

Note that, by using these websites, you’ll need to accept their Terms of Service — you also agree not to download any Copyright Content as well. In many countries, when a person creates an original work that is fixed in a physical medium, they automatically own the copyright to the work. Copyright owners have the exclusive rights to use the work.

Most of the time, only the copyright owner can say whether someone else has permission to use the work. Fortunately, it’s possible to use copyright-protected work without infringing the owner’s copyright. And, according to YouTube Help, it can either be through fair use or if you get permission to use someone else’s content in your content or video.

Why The Free Online Downloader?

Every minute, hundreds of hours of videos are being uploaded to video-sharing platforms. Billions of videos are being watched on a daily basis. Whether most of the time you used to watch videos online, downloading your favorite videos for offline viewing has probably come to your mind for your personal use, or maybe you want to share it with your friend.

Or want to upload this video as your story on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram. Despite this massive usage, video-sharing websites are quite limited when it comes to downloading videos. Especially, on social media websites and apps including Facebook and Instagram. Always remember, that every video-sharing site’s policies vary.

1. Download Videos from Numerous Websites

If you want to download videos from all popular video streaming services, now you need this free video downloader online as a single solution to download videos from any site. It not only allows you to download online videos from YouTube but also from other websites. Including VimeoDailymotionVevoBilibili, Metacafe, LiveLeak, Facebook, etc.

No matter what website it may be, the performance will stay the same. There is no limitation – you can download as many videos as you want from a number of different websites.

2. Support Popular Browsers and Systems

As it’s a web-based free URL video downloader, you don’t need to install any program on your computer, and the best part is that there is no requirement to register or subscribe to use the service. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. Whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari, or other browsers, you can use the free online downloader to download videos from any site within the browser.

3. Download Videos Easily and Quickly

This URL downloader makes video grabbing as easy as A-B-C. To download a video, all you need to do is copy and paste the video link and wait for the app to analyze and grab the target video.

Moreover, it allows you to download in different formats and qualities. Instead of downloading and converting the video to your preferred format, you can now choose the requisite format before the downloading begins. All in all, this free web video downloader offers a neat and safe way to save video from URL for offline viewing!

How The AceThinker Free Online Downloader Works

The Free Online Downloader by AceThinker is a free web-based toolkit that allows you to download and convert online videos and audio so seamlessly. So that, in the end, you can watch them later on — whenever you want, even without an internet connection. Furthermore, this tool is built to be very intuitive, easy to use, and fast-performing.

In addition, the Video Downloader is also designed to save you lots of bandwidth while downloading your favorite videos. Coupled with that, their online video grabber tool supports lightning-fast multistream downloading and allows you to save several videos in their original and HD quality in just a few seconds.

Generally, you must review the toolkit policies before moving forward. Bearing in mind, it’s illegal the distribution of copyrighted videos in the US and many other countries. Reason? They only want users to watch the videos on the website and not to download them for offline use. Their idea is to get users to come back again and keep them engaged.

Get Started: Download Any Video From Any Site Using A URL Link

More so, with their online platform. This increases the percentage of ad views/clicks (their main income stream) and builds up more engagement for their ad publisher. However, so many people often want to download their favorite videos. Google recognizes this and only provides a rather rudimentary solution to the problem.

But wait, wouldn’t you rather have a system that lets you download any videos you want without any limitations or restrictions? Well, now you do! With the Free Online Downloader, downloading videos of your choice from different video-sharing websites couldn’t be any better or easier. That said, learn how to use the AceThinker Downloader below.

That’s it! You’ve got everything right. Not forgetting, the free online downloader tool allows you to download videos from a range of platforms. Including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Coub, and many other services. And, as you can see, all you need to do is to enter the video’s link into the search box — at the top site home section to search and download it.

Quick Steps To Download Any Video From Any Site Using URL:
  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download from any online website.
  • Paste the video URL into the address bar to download the video via the link.
  • Click the Download button to save the video to your computer.

After the download is done you can watch it without connecting to the internet. By the same token, you can consider using the other best online video downloaders as an alternative means in case you lost track of AceThinker. Or even if it’s no longer working as you expect it to, among other reasons. That said, you can utilize a few other downloaders.

Other Tools:
  1. Y2Mate
  2. MpGun
  3. GenYouTube
  4. YooDownload
  5. QDownloader
  6. YouTubeMP4
  7. SmallSEOTools
  8. YtDownload
  9. Kapwing
  10. Keepvid

In nutshell, AceThinker Online Downloader is a free tool that doesn’t require any additional software or registration. And, one thing is for sure, it’s also 100% secure, free, and safe. It’s the right tool to download and convert YouTube videos online for free. Basically, it provides the perfect way to save videos to watch later, anywhere, and anytime.

Uniquely, it offers support for downloading all-inclusive and exclusive video formats such as MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc. It can take up to a few seconds until the preparation is finished. After you see the final buttons click on download and choose the location where you want to save your free music download.

Is It Legal And Good To Download Online Videos?

One concern that often pops up when it comes to the topic of downloading videos from Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform is whether or not it is legal to download the videos. There are two sides to it:

In dealing with copyright issues, as long as you’re downloading a video for your own personal offline use, then you’re probably not doing anything illegal. However, we think there should be an exception for commercial uses.

Note: Most free online downloader toolkits do NOT support downloading copyrighted videos. Mostly, for other people to use with commercial intent — that’s not what they are created for.

With that in mind, in dealing with Google’s terms, you’d be straying from Google’s original demand if you download videos to watch online. Here’s why: Watching videos offline takes money out of Google’s pocket. It could also take money off the wallets of the video creators (with an exception for non-monetized videos).

Learn More: How To Download Online Videos From Any Website For Free

Important to realize, that most video-sharing websites run different types of ads, including pre-roll and interruptive ads. That’s the way they make money and for some contributors, that’s how they make money, too.

Google’s idea is to serve you with free, super-quality videos while you in turn view or click on ads. If you save videos to watch as an alternative to online, you are not keeping your own end of the bargain. But you have your reasons, right? In some circles, it is more helpful to download a video than go back to the same site repeatedly.

For instance, you can save Facebook videos for eLearning purposes. Nowadays, many colleges and universities encourage eLearning, and video-sharing websites are a very crucial element on that front. You can use a video downloader tool like ours to download eLearning videos and re-watch them as many times as you like, without wasting your data over and over again.

Relevant Guides & Tips:

Be that as it may, feel free to share with us your experiences while using AceThinker or any other toolkit we list herein. Or rather, mind letting other readers know the best tool to use. Especially, when it comes to downloading audio and videos online in this case. So, share your mind or questions in our comments section below this weblog guideline.

But, if you’ll need more help from our team of Web Tech Experts, you can always Contact Us and let us know how we can sort you out. Likewise, don’t also forget to Donate in order to support our overall digital online team as well as wish us well in whatever we do here daily all for free. It’s also a great way to motivate our creative content bloggers, right?

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