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Just like many customer services & sales CRMs, the Zendesk software is equally powerful and flexible, and it scales to meet the needs of any business. Even yours. It’s true that it was created to bring a sense of calm to the often chaotic world of customer service. Not only that but, it’s also true that it was born on a literal desk.

Well, actually it was a door. And really, it was more of a kitchen table. A lot of beer was spilled on it. Innocence was lost here, direction and purpose found. As of today, their team offers an effective combination of broad customer service expertise and deep product knowledge.

Their services help you deliver a differentiated customer experience. From a strategic implementation to an always-on service, they make sure you get the best value out of Zendesk. So, what is it really, and how does it work?

What Is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a service-first CRM company that builds software designed to improve customer relationships. As employees, they encourage each other to grow and innovate. And as a company, they roll up their sleeves to plant roots in the communities we all call home. It’s a public company headquartered in San Francisco, California.

It provides software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications. The company was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007. Notably, their team offers an effective combination of broad customer service expertise and deep product knowledge. In order to help you deliver a differentiated customer experience.

From a strategic implementation to an always-on service, they make sure you get the best value out of their software. Basically, the software platform is so easy to use. But, it can be hard to deliver a customer experience that really stands out without the right skills. In that case, you don’t need to worry anymore.

For one thing, they have the expertise to work as an extension of your team. Whilst, ensuring their solutions have a strategic impact on your business. Meaning, together with your sales team, they can create a frictionless experience for your customers. All you need to do is get started even if it’s today.

Zendesk Platform Key Products 

Customize your support and configure any workflow at scale. Zendesk puts all your interactions in one place, so you can provide omnichannel support at scale — be it email, chat, phone, or self-service — so that conversations are seamless, personal, and efficient. Its key tools include Zendesk Assist and Premier Enterprise.

If your company is growing, you’re doing something right — but when growth happens quickly, things can get a little messy. With Zendesk Assist, you can stay on top of things that may slip through the cracks. Like building reports on Explore. Or even getting hands-on help using Zendesk best practices, their Professional Services team got you.

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Sometimes, growth is too rapid. And, at times, there’s so much going on that you just need a little bit of help. That’s where Zendesk Assist comes in. These packages are designed by their Professional Services team to provide you assistance however you need it. Such as its hands-on help configuring your instance based on best practices.

As well as contextual guidance, and best practices using their APIs, or building reports in Explore. Zendesk Sunshine is yet another open, flexible CRM platform to consider. Sunshine is built on AWS and lets you seamlessly connect and understand all your customer data — wherever it lives. By all means, they’ve got you covered (learn more).

What About Customer Experience Expertise?

In reality, their customer experience team offers an effective combination of broad customer service expertise. As well as deep product knowledge to help you deliver a differentiated customer experience. You can see an exclusive report of how Zendesk can help you achieve a positive ROI. After that, you can get started and build the best-of-breed solutions.

  • Good conversations become great experiences. To make your customers happy, you need conversational experiences—connected communication across any channel.
  • Give your customers the best support. Customers want to connect any time, any place. Meet them where they are with the Zendesk Suite, which provides sophisticated, seamless support that flows across channels. You can learn more.
  • Customize your customer experience. Sunshine lets you customize and extend Zendesk to provide personalized experiences. More so, while helping agents stay productive and keep the entire business connected. Plus, it’s open and flexible! So, you can adapt quickly to anything thrown your way (learn more).

According to Gartner, it’s the best customer experiences are built with Zendesk. Even the companies you use, use Zendesk too. Like MailChimp, Siemens, TESCO, Khan Academy, Uber, etc. For your information, you can see all customer stories in detail. You can also download this guide to learn more about their professional services.

Experts That Work With You!

After learning about your customer service needs, their team will get you up and running in no time. And then, they’ll also partner with you as you continue to optimize and grow. Bearing in mind, relationships are built on understanding.

And as such, they use support data to continuously improve the general understanding of their customers and to create impactful success programs. This helps them deliver innovative ways to better serve you, at every step of your journey together. Technically, their key approach is to design a solution around your unique business and customer service goals.

Regardless of where you are in the journey, the complexity of your operations, or how quickly you’re ready to make changes. Perse, they’ll partner with you to find the right approach. That said, they’re with you at every stage of your journey. So, how can they help your business succeed without using much resources and effort?

Consider the following:
  • Launch: Get up and running quickly with their team of experts. They’ll work with you to design a tailored solution.
  • Optimize: As your business evolves, your needs change. Zendesk can help you reconfigure and fine-tune the platform. So, they’ll stay in step with your company always — no matter how you change or grow (learn more).
  • Transform: Are you a company looking to modernize and transform your CX operations? Well, they’ll partner with you on a comprehensive strategy for deploying a scalable solution (learn more).
  • Learn: They also have got education for your every role. All you’ll need to do is learn more (training) about the key roles they train for. As well as how to get the most out of Zendesk too. Particularly, through their webinars, live training events, and even custom training tailored to your needs.
  • Answers: Their customer service team has got all the answers you need. In order to help solve all your problems. And even keep your customer service organization up and running (learn more).

Additionally, as a Zendesk customer, you have full access to their 95% CSAT-rated Customer Service team. Even Gartner has named them a leader in Customer Engagement Centers (learn more).

Some of their main solutions include:
  1. Zendex Enterprise,
  2. Small & Medium-sized Businesses (SMB) Solutions,
  3. Startups
  4. Internal Help Desk
  5. Industries

For your information, let’s uncover a few features related to the two main (Enterprise & SMB) solutions in detail below. So that you can better understand why it’s a suitable tool to drive your business sales. As well as unify your customer experiences. You can see more details for the rest on their associate links above.

Zendex Enterprise Service Solutions

Zendesk Enterprise

According to the firm, customer expectations are always evolving — and so is your business. That’s why enterprise customer service software needs to be flexible. Whether you’re a high-growth innovator or an established company undergoing transformation, that’s where they can help (request demo).

1.1 Be one in a million

The Zendesk for enterprise approach makes millions of users feel like one in a million. But, great customer service is all about having a personal touch. As an enterprise organization with a large, diverse customer base, you’ll need such tools.

To deliver it all — segments, personalize, and respond to customers on their preferred channels. So that you can maintain loyalty for the long haul. In addition, with this software, you’ll be able to scale up your workflow (learn more).

1.2. Scale up your workflow

A large, dispersed company means managing multiple agents and their many unique skill sets. Zendesk gives you the flexibility to customize your support solution. With tools like advanced workflow capabilities and AI-powered automation and self-service.

Meaning, your tickets get to the right agents, and agents have the knowledge they need to solve any problem. Seamlessly, you’ll also make your operations even more easy and simple (learn more).

1.3. Get on the same page

The bigger the company, the more complex your operations are. With this software, you can integrate your tools, data, and communications across all departments. For smoother customer interactions and fewer miscommunications (learn more).

Zendesk Small & Medium-Sized Businesses (SMB) Solution

Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Through Zendesk small & medium-sized businesses (SMB) solutions, you’re able to build smarter, and even reach farther. Of course, at times, your small and mighty team works very hard. Give them the gift of efficiency with Zendesk. It’s powerful yet easy to use, and it’s designed to help your team work better together.

2.1. Grow without the growing pains

We know your team is used to doing more with less. This software is so intuitive and simple to use. So that you can focus on making the most of your small team’s time and energy. Plus, they make it easy to customize Zendesk with the tools you already use — so that you can build on what you have.

2.2. Small team, big potential

Just because your team is small doesn’t mean it has to appear that way. By working within Zendesk’s centralized workspace, you’ll have all the tools you need to keep track of customers’ questions. And even share the information they need, right when they need it.

2.3. Automations for the win

When you’re running your business, there is no time to spare for duplicate work. By using Zendesk’s AI-powered automation and dynamic workspaces, your team can work smarter, faster, and reach more customers more efficiently. Remember, this increased efficiency will be due to better tools.

How The Zendesk Free Trial Works

First, when you sign up for a free trial of Zendesk Suite, you’ll have access to all features on the Zendesk Suite Professional plan. If you want to trial a specific plan, just contact their sales team or just go ahead and launch lite.

Secondly, at any point during the trial, you can choose a plan and pay by credit card or Paypal from within your account. At the end of your Zendesk Suite trial, your data and setup remain intact. Allowing you to log in and select a plan to purchase.

So, what will you get from partnering with Zendesk? In nutshell, you’ll get up and running quickly! You’ll also build a roadmap to success and even turn your team into experts. They’ll design a solution around your unique business.

As well as on customer service goals. Regardless of where you are in the journey, the complexity of your operations, or how quickly you’re ready to make changes. As such, they’ll partner with you to find the right approach. You can learn more about their approach in detail or just get started right away.

Takeaway Thoughts:

Remarkably, Zendesk is a company that walks the talk. They do believe that relationships are key to the business. For some time now, it’s been one of our closest partners. And, it’s really looking at ways to improve the product and relationship.

One thing is for sure, they are made for scale. Their customer service and engagement platform help forward-thinking enterprises create the best possible experiences. They deliver the right balance of simplicity and sophistication. In order to align teams and technology around what matters most — your customer.

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In nutshell, with Zendesk, your customers can reach out effortlessly through whatever channel works best for them — chat, tickets, email, phone, help centers, or communities. While still getting that personalized touch from your team. Get ready for your small, nimble team to shine.

Finally, they say hindsight is 20/20 — but they weren’t able to troubleshoot in real-time. With Zendesk, you can identify trends, see the impact of your operational changes, and understand exactly where customers faced issues through one streamlined dashboard.

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Uniquely, you’ll be able to measure the metrics that matter for your business and learn best practices from leaders in our community. That’s a win, right? All in all, if startups are more your game, it’s good that you check out their startup’s page (start me up) for more.

That’s all for now! If you have not tried Zendesk yet, it’s you give it a try. Now that you have an idea of what it is, it’s key features, etc. And then, feel free to share your opinion thoughts, suggestions, contributions, or even more questions below. You can also Contact Us for more help and support.

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