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Are you using your online platforms like Diib as effectively as you can to grow your business? In addition to your website, people use their smartphones, social media, and local search directories. To find out more about you and ultimately make the decision to engage your brand. That’s why you need one platform to manage your overall online digital web presence.

With such as tool, you can easily track your analytics, gauge your performance, and identify growth opportunities. And as such, you too can grow your website with Diib since everything is really clear and easy. With Diib, you’ll feel much more informed about what is going on with your website now. And you’ll also feel like you know what to do to keep growing it.

In general, Diib tells the user in plain English what is going on with the website. And all for free, it will also let you know about the keywords that your website is very close to ranking in the topmost position on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) such as on Google, Bing, and the like. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, most webmasters already know it.

The number one position in Google’s search results gets around 33% of the traffic from people searching for that term. If you rank number 4 that number drops to around 10% and a number 10 ranking gets you closer to 1% of total search traffic. Given these large drops in visitor clicks below the top 3 search results means it is often very important to focus on it.

What Diib Is All About

Diib is a great SEO website platform, it is a combination of a great Dashboard, Answer Engine™, website analytics, Tracker, and an extensive library. It is like a multifunctional SEO service website, the dashboard will provide everything you need to know about your website. Whilst, improving the terms that you “almost” rank in the top 3 positions for.

Ultimately, Diib™ delivers big data analysis in an easy-to-use SaaS package. This type of technology used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, just a year or two ago. For such and other similar reasons, that’s where Diib Answer Engine comes in handy as a rescue for many webmasters. It’s also able to help you seize all the opportunities to grow your Internet business.

Basically, this is awesome because it scans your full website to provide you with reports. It also suggests to you changes and steps you can perform to boost your traffic and income. That said, below is a tutorial guide for beginner webmasters.

Moving on,  Diib combines data from three different sources. Including Facebook, Google Analytics, and Google My Business to bring you suggestions on how to better your website. What’s more, is that it’s easy for the beginner to use but uses professional data and advice. Additionally, it’ll not only suggest changes to you but it will also tell you how to do that.

The library has the answer to almost every single question. It also provides you with a list of bad links that need to be removed. And it also creates a task list on a daily basis and trusts me it is helpful. In simple terms, Diib is the best choice for everyone — startups, e-stores, web designers, teams, and much more…

How The Diib Web Application Platform Works (SEO Features)

Well, just after Sign Up, you’ll have to add your website, After adding it you have to sync it with Google Analytics on priority. You can sync with Facebook and Google My Business later. After Syncing with Google Analytics, it will scan every single piece of data, and hence the algorithms will start their work in their own style.

Adding a website and syncing with all the accounts hardly take 3-4 minutes and less than 7-8 clicks. It is super easy and fast. And after doing all its scanning work it will transform these metrics into real dollar values for your business’s past, present, and future. It will show you the possible scope of annual growth on the main dashboard.

Along with website ratings, summarized objectives & alerts, visitor details, and many more details. Which is really a motivational thing. The Main and eye-catching feature is the Diib Answer Engine. And it will come up with a customized growth plan by simply giving you the answers/ suggestions. While showing you possibilities for improvement.

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In addition to that, it prepares lists of objectives and alerts separately and you have to take care of both. The summarized lists will be visible on the main dashboard and to access the complete list you can click on ‘OBJECTIVES’ or ‘ALERTS’ from the sidebar. It also shows you the percentage of visitors too.

With different devices/ platforms, returning visitors, Changes, and possible improvements you can try to improve numbers. Additionally, when you click on the list of items (objectives and alerts) then you will get a proper explanation. As well as the procedure and tips to complete the objective and short out the alerts.

The tracker will track all your progress and the same is responsible for daily new objectives for you. Diib shows appropriate backlinks for your website and prevents your website from bad backlinks at the same time – that’s applaudable.  An equally promising feature is Search Engine Indexing. With that in mind, below are the main Diib features to enjoy.

1. Great Answer Engine Features

Essentially, the Diib Answer Engine combines your actual analytics data with a deep analysis of your website, competitors’ websites, and industry benchmarks to tell you how to quickly grow online. Did we mention it only takes about 54 seconds to see your free results? What’s more, you’ll even get a weekly snapshot email. So, are you feeling busy?

Well, Diib has got your back in all this you don’t need to worry anymore! And, one thing is for sure, they’ll send you a new Weekly Snapshot that gives you a quick glimpse into how your web-based business is performing online.

  • Traffic and rankings changes (local + national)
  • Social performance and local map (if applicable) statistics
  • New opportunities for growth
  • Security, speed, and SEO overview

2. Limitless Website Growth Plans

Grow your business faster online! The Answer Engine works 24 hours a day to create custom growth objectives and alerts to help you improve your overall website performance features such as:

  • SEO: Find new keyword opportunities and protect your current rankings
  • Social: Start getting real traffic and conversions from this key channel
  • Mobile: Everyone’s on a smartphone. Make sure you are delivering what they need
  • Experience: They benchmark your actual data and tell you what you can easily improve

So, what usually happens after you Sign Up For Free with Diib? Well, they’ll give you the power to grow your business online within seconds (see some key examples) and not hours or days.

3. Quality SEO & Keywords Search

They don’t just show you keyword rankings, but they’ll also help you get new ones! Even better, if your business experiences a rankings drop on Google, they’ll let you know what page on your website was affected and what changed so you can fix it.

  • Track your important SEO keywords and backlinks
  • Monitor your competitor’s rankings and changes
  • Get new keywords search recommendations and content ideas
  • All Pro accounts include Rank Guard®

And now, while you are still here, you can go ahead and learn more about keywords search in detail.

4. Social Media Analysis + SEO

In today’s world, mastering social media marketing is a big part of growing your online business and selling digital products. As such, Diib is here to help make it easier —  they’ll sync your social media data and give you real-time data insights.

  • Make sure your audience is engaging with your posts
  • Be active when your followers are online
  • Maintain a regular social media calendar

5. Limitless Benchmarking Toolkits

Every website (even ours) is unique in its own way, but it is still helpful to see how you are performing versus similar websites. Is your bounce rate abnormally high? How good is your percentage of return visitors?

  • See how your website stacks up against the competition
  • Email deliverability (make sure your emails don’t go to spam)
  • Improve the areas where you are underperforming
  • Track your progress versus other websites

6. Your Overall Website Monitoring

Their automated website monitoring lets you know if they detect any issues — all Pro accounts include up to 30 websites.

  • Get both unique speed and security monitoring
  • Learn more about your email deliverability (make sure your emails don’t go to spam)
  • Track all your website ranking changes
  • See your competitor’s activity
  • Sort many other issues

7. Get Daily Health Score Reports

At all costs, your daily website health score is the easiest way to check. Diib will combine 12 metrics into a single score that assesses your overall site’s performance — taking into account how you are performing versus similar websites!

  • Utilizes an advanced predictive algorithm
  • Examines growth, user experience, social, mobile, and more
  • Adapts to seasonality and day-of-week variations to accurately gauge website health

8. Unlimited Professional Help Assistance

Need help choosing keywords? Just ask! Wondering why your website is slow or how come a competitor shows up above you? No problem! Just ask your friendly Diib Growth Expert for some help (this is included in all PRO plans only).

At any time, you can email their customer success team (7 days a week). Of course, they have some limited weekend/holiday hours but they, usually, respond within 1-2 business days. Whilst, being driven by unique features such as follows:

  • Average of 10+ years of SEO and digital marketing experience
  • Experts in SEO, social, platform issues, and advertising
  • Deep experience with WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Woo, and most other platforms

Notably, if you are an agency (about 20% of our users) you can add up to 30 websites in a single dashboard for the same monthly price. While, in the same fashion, for larger accounts please make sure that you contact their support team at [email protected] to get more support.

A Website Growth Dashboard That Delivers Potential!

The Diib dashboard provides all the details about your Website’s unique details — Daily Health Score, Annual Growth Opportunities, Website Ranking/Rating, Objectives, Alerts, and Analytics Reports — in a really arranged manner.

Whereas the Diib Answer Engine™ is a unique and powerful diagnostic tool it prepares a customized growth plan. The Diib website analytics doesn’t just measure data but also transforms all the metrics into real dollar values. Diib Tracker will simply track your progress, efforts, and learning.

And on the top Diib features an extensive library that provides tips, tools, and tutorials to complete the daily task and boost your website growth. The Answer Engine™ is a unique and powerful diagnostic tool too. It scans your full website to come up with a customized growth plan. By simply giving you the answers and showing you possibilities for improvement.

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It also has website analytics, which doesn’t just measure data but it also transforms these metrics into real dollar values for your business’s past, present, and future. You can also see how you stack up in your industry.

The tracker will simply track your progress, efforts, and learning so you can see how far you’ve come! In fact, the more progress you see, the more you’ll keep going! The next thing is the extensive library with useful tips, tools, and tutorials. It has a huge library of 1K+ videos, articles, white papers, and e-books to keep things really understandable for everyone.

Worth your attention are the Data Objective and Alert Tools too. And as the name suggests, the ‘Objectives’ tool will let you know which segments need your attention. Or what improvements are to be done. While ‘Alerts’ will let you know what factors are adversely affecting your website. So that you could get rid of them like bad backlinks.

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What’s more, Diib’s SEO Reporting Tool – tool exposes all the bad backlinks, keywords Ranking, Search volume, and many more important things with advice. Now that these are very hard to find in a single SEO Tool.

Diib helps you with keywords for which your website ranks – compared to another SEO website. Thus, it is recommended to refer to multiple tools for accurate data. Do you wanna find out what keywords your competitors rank for?

Just enter the website on Diib to get started right away. The only glitch here is with the bad-backlink removal objective. Like it shows you a list of bad backlinks and even after completing the objective, it will show you the same list the next day. It’s a little bit annoying, right? But, maybe it is due to Google because Google takes a few days to unlist these backlinks.

Why We Recommend It To Creative Content Design Webmasters

First of all, as a webmaster, Diib understands that you need to know your overall website progress always. And thus, it sends you an email weekly with a snapshot of how your website is doing so far. The email gives you a heads-up if there is a drop in your ranking or traffic. And that’s amazing! So, think that this is enough to show you how great/different Diib is.

In a nutshell, the Diib web-based application platform tool lets you have a look at pages that are blocked by search engines – definitely, you don’t want anything blocked by search engines. And now, if you are syncing with Facebook, you will be amazed too. Because it will import data from Facebook Insights and it will show your present status.

And then it will suggest to you what you should change about posts and posting time to improve things. An excerpt from the Objective, Alerts, and Social analytics is given below. To show you how clear and accurate the suggestions and alerts are.

Some clear and accurate suggestions include:
  • Your last post on Facebook was at 7 am, you may want to consider posting closer to 12 am.
  • Post on Facebook when your followers are the most active.
  • Over the past 90 days, your traffic from Facebook has been decreasing by 0.9% per week
  • And as such, here are some easy things to do to start growing again.
  • You only had 119 visitors from Facebook over the last 30 days. Let’s increase this!
  • Reduce your Facebook bounce rate and keep your Facebook followers engaged.

After syncing Google My Business, It imports the data of posts by you,  and it will give advice about whether or not you should post more. Or even, what to post about, trending topics, and also the best time to get the best result.

Precisely, it is super easy for the beginner to use — but it also uses professional data and advice. The most lovable thing about this SEO Tool is that it is very straightforward, with nothing hiding, no number of games, and no technical language. Secondly, as a webmaster, one more thing that caught our webmasters’ attention is that it is very fast in delivering.

Meaning, that it doesn’t take much time to represent the data or show you advice. Yes, it has study material but it is informative and effective. The user interface is also simple, maybe that’s why it is also considered the Best SEO Tools For Beginners by professionals like ourselves. With Diib, you will instantly get over 50 times the data and automated insights.

Here is what’s more you’ll get:
  • Industry-Based Ranking: With Diib™ you know your website’s annual value and how well your business is performing online in your industry.
  • Actionable Analytics: You don’t need a Ph.D. in analytics to understand how your website is performing for your business. The platform delivers simple, high-impact analysis, reporting, and visuals to let you know how you are doing and what to do next.
  • Custom Learning Tracks: They create a custom growth plan for your business’s online presence. Find lucrative opportunities and grow confidently with articles, videos, and custom solutions that are tied into one simple revenue-based KPI.
  • Data Privacy Protection: Diib never sells shares, or stores your website’s specific data — they do not even require you to place a pixel on your website. Rather, they’ll just sync with your existing analytics account and then use that data when you log in to your dashboard.

The best thing about the tool is that it keeps everything ready for you when you will open the dashboard the next day. Despite wandering on multiple websites for backlinks give it a try on Diib and you will never be disappointed. Comparatively, Diib suggests more backlinks than its counterparts — we are well-versed with many other SEO tools yes!

Such as Ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, Search Console, and Google Analytics for all my website depending upon needs for free. And as such, being professional webmasters we are, we were not in the mood to invest more money in SEO tools but Diib is different. And it somehow reduces the workload of my site which is really helpful.

Why Upgrade If You Are Currently A Free Diib Member

Technically, the first benefit is that when you add clients’ websites they will never contact them or email them. They are simply treated as the primary account holder’s websites. What if they have an important alert that needs your attention? For instance, let’s that the website is not secure or was negatively affected by a Google algorithm change.

Well, you will only receive the alert to the email you signed up with. You can easily adjust the frequency of these alerts by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of any email and selecting your notification preferences. If you are trying to grow your website traffic you may consider becoming a Pro member today!

Remarkably, you will instantly get over 50 times the data and automated insights. Moreover, their special new member pricing starts at just $7.99 — so you can have a great partner to grow your website — at a good/affordable cost. Save $530 per month, increase your website speed by 13%, and increase your Domain Authority (DA) upto 31 — as per the MOZ.

Nice! You qualify for their Welcome Package — the discounted package is designed to show you the value of a Diib Pro membership. You’ll even unlock all your objectives/alerts, and talk to a Diib Growth Expert about your SEO and website.

A Diib premium member also enjoys:
  • Growth Experts: Pro members can always call, text, chat, or email the Diib team of experienced Growth Experts!
  • DA 67 Backlink: Sign-up today and get a free backlink ($500 value). They will make it live in 1-3 business days!
  • Daily alerts & objectives: Full access to everything! See how to quickly improve your SEO and grow your traffic & revenue.
  • Rank Guard: Find keywords you already deserve to rank higher for, plus see how to do it.

Get unlimited access to Diib’s award-winning growth tools today — join the list of Diib premium members. Nice! You qualify for their Welcome Package — the discounted package is designed to show you the value of a Diib Pro membership. Not forgetting, over 500k+ global businesses use Diib to grow and monitor their websites!

While, keeping in mind, that all their subscription packages include a Free Moz DA (69 backlinks valued at $500 USD). On that note, you can have a look at all the premium benefits in detail — that’s after you upgrade your plan. All Diib Pro dashboards also include specific information on how to continue to increase your Domain Authority.

Why Your Website Domain Authority (DA) Matters

Simply put, any given Website Domain Authority (DA) Score ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the most authoritative. Websites like Amazon, Facebook, and Wikipedia are going to be at the very high end while smaller local websites tend to be in the teens and twenties. The higher the Domain Authority of your website the more Google is going to trust you.

And, as a result, it will believe that the information on your website deserves a top ranking. For instance, if a dentist just started a dental practice and website in New York and writes a “Top Dental Practice for Kid’s’ Braces in New York City” article, it is highly unlikely they’ll rank in the top 10 for the search for the term “Kid’s Braces New York” to be precise.

If on the other hand you have been a dentist in New York for 15 years and your website has a lot of authority, it is very likely you can rank in the top 10 for this search term. In general, if you want to rank well in Google for specific keywords you need to have some Domain Authority. What if your competitors have a higher Domain Authority than you?

Well, it is going to be harder to rank above them. Domain Authority comes from multiple factors but primarily from other authoritative websites linking to yours. Basically, backlinks from other high-quality websites act like a vote of confidence in your website. So, boost your authority even faster by upgrading to a Pro membership today ($7.99 for the first 30 days).

A Real-Life User Experience: Is It Worth A Shot?

Eventually, Diib got our attention when we saw a Facebook ad that showcases some of its features. We went immediately on the website and wandered here and there. In addition, we also read reviews about it and its answer engine. Everything looks amazing and the signup procedures also feel easy. So, you too can first sign up for the 3-day trial.

And then, thereafter, sign up for a premium membership for a month. Now, after using it for almost 3 weeks, and observing the changes in our website’s performance, that’s why we felt that we can write a review about it and its features. Out of experience, Diib is a website that is a combination of Dashboard, Answer Engine™ plus a website analytics toolkit.

It’s also a great tracker and has even a very extensive library. Uniquely, its all-in-one SEO tool will tell you everything you need to know about your website. And even how to grow your business with the support of its tools (learn more).

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Promising out of all the tools is ‘Daily Health Score’ – the tool that assesses and gives your website scores. Based on how much of their total predictions are already met by your website. And Annual Growth Opportunities – the tool that lets you know the future scope of your website.

Last but not least, after using it for a few months already — while completing most of the objectives — we have seen a 14% growth in the number of our unique website visitors at large. What’s more, we also increased the rank of our websites by a great fold since we started using it. That said, you too can go ahead now and Join Diib even if it’s today for a change.

Summary Thoughts:

As aforementioned, Diib® takes your data security so seriously — it has many European users and is very data-light in order to be in compliance with CCPA & GDPR Compliance Consent and other Privacy Policy user-based regulations. Thus, if you choose to ever delete your account they automatically remove every piece of data you have shared with them.

Of course, it doesn’t have Article SEO Checker which is available on some websites, yes! But, with free WordPress toolkits such as All In One SEO (AIOSEO) Plugin and Yoast SEO Plugin, maybe not many people need it (including our very own digital online web experts and content audit masters). Automate your SEO and rapidly increase your traffic + rankings!

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Overall, our Professional Website Growth Experts as well as Web Tech Experts Taskforce are always here for you. Whether you are looking for a complete SEO package, website speed improvements, an increase in website authority, some really good content, or even a new advertising campaign, we would love the opportunity to serve you at any time!

So, in that case, if you’ll need more support, you can always Contact Us at any time and let us know how we can help you. After all, you are also welcome to share your additional thoughts, opinions, recommendations, suggestions, contribution questions (for FAQ Answers), or even anything else that you’d like us to know in our comments section below.

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