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Website Flipping is one big-time cause to make some good cash online. But, can you make money by starting or buying a niche website? Or, building it into an income source, and then selling it? In fact, some people do! You can turn a profit this way, but you need to remember two things. First, it takes some serious work over a period of months or more.

Secondly, you can lose money if things go wrong. Surprisingly, the cost of entry into domain flipping is increasing. Following the sharply increasing valuation of domain names. Whereby, website flipping business has become more financially accessible. Especially, to the average investor compared to domain name investment.

To enumerate, a useful analogy to understand this trend is that of the homeowners’ choice. For instance, when deciding whether to build a new home versus buying an existing home.

What Is Website Flipping?

Website Flipping is the art of reserving, buying, improving, and selling websites online. Notably, the term comes from the property industry where investors will buy a property and renovate it. Adding lucrative value to it and then sell it at a higher price.

In reality, most people looking to live somewhere buy an established home in a specific location. Especially, that which they want to be. Instead of buying some bricks, building materials, and or building themselves a house. That’s where service solutions like flipping come in handy.

As a matter of fact, website flipping is essentially the same process online. And yes! You too can make money online through website flipping if you follow my leads in this article. For example, you can open up a web development agency as a beginner. Whereby, you can charge businesses to create new websites for them.

Similarly, websites such as the Flippa website are amongst the #1 platform to buy and sell online businesses. So, if you want to sell custom-built websites per request you can start as soon as today. Start making money by listing and selling your website through flippa today!

What’s more,

Above all, you’ll also learn how to seriously make money with Flippa as a business model too. Flippa is a marketplace for buying and selling online businesses, based in Melbourne, Australia, and San Francisco, USA. You can read and learn more about Flippa in detail before you get started.

How The Website Flipping Business Benefits Webmasters

Basically, websites flipping businesses are on the rise. Not to mention, besides Flippa, other sites flipping businesses online like empireflippers will be one of the fastest growing online markets in the coming years. Essentially, the market always existed but was just overshadowed by its compatriot domain name flipping.

And as it becomes harder and more expensive to enter the domain name flipping industry, website flipping is poised to become the next big thing. Everybody fantasizes of being a millionaire either by hook or by crook. But, very few are able to accomplish their dream.

If a person doesn’t get the right guidance, they’ll go their way and, in the end, they’ll just give up. For your information, there are two main benefits that website flipping has over other industries. On one hand, a website flipping business has a low capital investment compared to the property or domain investment.

On the other hand, there are income possibilities whilst “enhancing”. Although other investments are usually stagnant, (not making any money until the investment is sold) website flipping business is completely different.

The Key Methods Used In Website Flipping Business Market

Of course, making a website is not such a difficult task. How is your reaction now that you have come to know that you can make money through website flipping? Well, the website flipping business is an ever-expanding technology that has made money-making easy to do the task.

Furthermore, it just requires a bit of hard work and lots of smart work. In any case, there are so many ways you can turn your interests and skills into real cash online. More so, while working from the comfort of your home or even office.

When buying a site with a consistent income you can profit while you are enhancing it. This means that; you’ll then be able to sell it off for more than you bought it for. Let’s look at the key methods to use in order to get started with website flipping business successfully:

Basic Website Flipping (Beginners Term Investment)

Whilst not necessarily “flipping” it is still a valuable business model that should be discussed. Essentially this is to build a website from scratch. And generally, doing some promotion and then selling it once it has traffic. This method takes more time but gives greater control over choosing the direction and setting up an interesting area of the website.

Standard Website Flipping (Medium-Term Investment)

Above all, this is the most common flipping business model. Essentially you buy a fixer-upper website with some potential, enhance it as quickly as possible and sell it at a higher price. However, the choice of a website is the most important element here.

Advanced Website Flipping (Long Term Investment)

Always remember, many people buy a website for its proven monthly recurring income. And then develop that website as a long-term investment. Whereas, this type of investor will hold onto the site for years whilst profiting from its income capacity. And thereafter, selling the website once it reaches a market threshold for an increased price. However, this requires more money and requires plenty of patience and skill.

How A Successful Flip Business Is Done

To get started, you can invest in websites that are already making money or even improve them. Either by increasing the amount of traffic that visits the website or making more money from the same amount of website visitors (or both). And then, start selling the website for a profit.

That’s website flipping for you. Of course, this is an oversimplification. From selecting the right website to putting in months of work to improve its search rankings — a lot goes into the actual process. There are some “off the shelf” (or out of an eBook) processes that you can follow, yes!

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But, if you want an edge in this space you’ll want to spend some time finding a process that works for you.

What I love about site flipping is how it can be done on both a big or small scale. You might buy a website for a few hundred dollars and sell it off 10 times what you bought it for. Likewise, you might just be surprised to learn that the same inputs and processes could grow a $50,000 website to $500,000.

Oftentimes, the larger the site, the less work you need to do, as the work you do on the site scales further, though the stakes are obviously higher. Invest the profits back into buying more websites to flip and you can end up with a large chunk of change after a few years.

Most importantly, the quicker option is to buy an established website (existing home). For the matter,  in the location that you want to be (in the center of a city for homes or at the top of Google for websites).

So to say, unlike buying all the tools that they need to build a website. And then, thereafter, getting it into the location that they want to be themselves. Here is a quickie of how you go about it, that’s if you want to be as successful and as profitable as possible:

Actual Buying

Firstly, you must find a suitable website (like jmexclusives) to buy. Do not be fooled, whilst this sounds easy, it is the most important step and also the one that most people do incorrectly. For general guidelines, you can see some tips on finding a suitable site to buy in detail. Or even get in touch with us for some advice.

Website Enhancement

Secondly, you must add value (like jmexclusives blog) to the site. Generally, you must make changes that increase traffic or income. Increasing either or both of these factors, significantly will almost guarantee a profit (if you paid the right price originally).

Actual Selling

Finally, you must now sell the website. Of course, it would be best to sell the site at the same place you bought it. As the market value that determined the price, there will be the same. So any value added to the site, in theory, should create a higher market price and deliver you a profit. If you have an established website that you would like to sell, we can offer advice on how to get started finding buyers.

Should You Build And Then Flip It For Business?

The most common question you’ll find yourself asking is “Should I buy a website or build one myself?”. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Do you enjoy setting up websites and see an opportunity in having control over the way the site is set up? Or would you rather buy a “proof of concept” that needs some tidying up and growth inputs?

You can either build and sell a new site or “flip” an existing one. Building a site is a bit like building a house; you pick a market and a location, decide what you want to put there, and go to work. Flipping, on the other hand, is another real estate analogy. You buy a site that isn’t living up to its potential, fix it up so it’s a money-maker, and then sell it.

As an example, Empire Flippers, a marketplace for buying and selling sites, presents a case study by a person who started up a niche site and sold it. Doug Cunnington says the project took him a bit less than a year and he turned a profit of $10,479. That’s not riches, but it’s a nice bit of extra income.

We need to remember that we’re hearing from one of the winners. Empire Flippers aren’t likely to publish stories by people whose investments fell on their faces. Doug’s story is plausible and seems sincere, but people have failed, and a few have had even bigger successes. He acknowledges in the comments that the business is “super risky.”

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Finally, I hope the above-revised guide on How the Website Flipping Business is done was useful. But, if you have some additional opinion thoughts, suggestions, contributions, recommendations, or even questions, you can share them in our comments section below.

Likewise, feel free to Contact Us and let us know how we can support you, just in case you’ll need more help. May it be getting started with your own Website Flipping Business, or even Flipping your own web-based business. We’ve got you covered.

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