Bitcoin ATM Istanbul, Turkey | Everything You Need To Know

On the one hand, Bitcoin ATM, sometimes called BTM, is a modern online marketplace kiosk where traders can buy and sometimes sell Bitcoin. On the other hand, Bitcoin ATMs are owned and operated by third-party companies — the two largest networks are Coinhub and Coinme. Customers can insert cash or a debit card to use a Bitcoin ATM to exchange their traditional currency.

In return, they get a Bitcoin. While Bitcoin ATMs are generally accessible to everyone, they may require that the customer have an existing account with the Bitcoin ATM operator. Cryptocurrency (including Bitcoin) isn’t connected to a bank account and is entirely virtual, utilizing blockchain technology. That means that the currency can be exchanged at a Bitcoin ATM.

However, it does not appear in a bank account or as cash; it is transferred into a separate, digital Bitcoin wallet. Turkey is a busy Cryptocurrency hub where people have embraced digital currencies and are transacting heavily. Therefore, numerous transaction options exist, including a Bitcoin ATM Istanbul. An ATM provides crypto exchange transactions on a self-service.

As a result, it allows you to manage your trade as you want. Furthermore, they accept or dispense cash in local or foreign currencies.  If you are looking for one in Istanbul, you must know more about these machines. This article will explore where you can get one and how to use it. 

How A Bitcoin ATM Digital Currency Dispensation Works

Given the ever-evolving digital currency world (Crypto Market), HODLing Cryptocurrencies, money market accounts, savings accounts, and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) can boost your savings by earning interest, all while keeping your money safe. However, understanding how these interest-bearing deposit accounts work and their differences can help you make the best choice.

With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that a money market account is an interest-bearing savings account available at most banks and credit unions. You can usually write checks from it, and it may come with a debit card. Withdrawals from money market accounts used to be limited to six per month under the Federal Reserve’s Regulation D. The Fed removed that limit in April 2020.

However, since it hasn’t reinstated it yet, banks aren’t currently required to enforce this withdrawal limit. As a result, some banks have done away completely with withdrawal limits while others are still enforcing it. Yields on deposit accounts have skyrocketed over the last year as a result of the Fed’s interest rate hikes — and that includes money market accounts.

As a result, you can now find money market accounts with yields comparable to those found in savings accounts. Like standard ATMs, Bitcoin ATMs are a type of electronic kiosk where customers can make financial transactions. However, a Bitcoin ATM is designed for cryptocurrency rather than cash. There are approximately 31,000 Bitcoin ATMs and tellers across the United States.

How To Locate A Bitcoin ATM Istanbul

The value of Bitcoin recently reached an all-time high, surpassing the cryptocurrency’s previous peak in November 2021. Many investors are taking their first dip into the crypto market with the rally. If you’re one of them, you may have noticed Bitcoin ATMs but wonder what they are.

Steps To Start:
  • BTC ATM Maps: The best way to locate a Bitcoin ATM Istanbul is to use maps you can access on the web. However, various apps and GPS maps can show an updated list of BTC ATMs in Turkey. The best thing with maps is that they can also give directions to the ATM.
  • Recommendations: Use recommendations to find out where the best Bitcoin ATMs are located in Istanbul. This is a great way to find more information about the qualities of the ATM before you go. If you prefer a physical crypto exchange such as NakitCoins, you can also ask around to find the best options.

It’s worth mentioning that NakitCoins is Turkey’s first Physical Cryptocurrency Trading Office. Founded in late 2017, NakitCoins opened its first branch in 2018 and has been operating in many cities nationwide. NakitCoins allows users to efficiently, safely, and quickly buy and sell cryptocurrencies with cash and convert their crypto assets into other cryptocurrencies without any limits.

How NakitCoins Bitcoin ATM Works

In their branches, where crypto users can make transactions safely, efficiently, and quickly, cash transactions with cryptocurrencies are carried out without any limits. You can deposit or withdraw your money and funds unlimitedly, securely, and anonymously. Still, with low commissions, you can buy cryptos with cash and exchange your Bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies in seconds.

NakitCoins offers fast buying and selling opportunities with low commissions. In other words, NakitCoins is a physical cryptocurrency exchange office that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies in exchange for cash and cash in exchange for cryptocurrencies. All transactions are made in US Dollars NakitCoins

Where To Find A Bitcoin ATM Istanbul

You can a reliable Bitcoin ATM Istanbul in many places. As such, you don’t even need to ask around or even check for one. Some are located in busy shopping malls, near banks, at metro stations and airports, and around busy streets in the city. 

If you are touring the city, you might find one randomly in these places. But if you are a native, you might have come around a Bitcoin ATM Istanbul and noted where it is. Therefore, accessing one when you need it is easy.

How To Use A Bitcoin ATM Istanbul

BTC ATMs are pretty much the same everywhere in the world. They work in the same way, but it is good to refer to the procedure shared here:

  • Locate the ATM:– Once you know where the ATM is, you need to visit it physically to transact. The best thing is that they are located in secure places and you don’t need to feel insecure whether you want to buy or sell crypto for cash.
  • Take note of the instructions:– A BTC ATM is a self-service booth that allows crypto enthusiasts to buy or sell crypto. So, they use very detailed instructions to help people transact without a challenge. If you visit a Bitcoin ATM Istanbul, take note of the instructions.
  • Have your crypto wallet details:– You will need your Cryptocurrency Wallet details whether you are buying or selling crypto. So, have them ready before pressing the buy or sell button.
  • Buy or sell your crypto:– Whether you are buying or selling Bitcoin or any other crypto, follow the instructions carefully and verify each step before proceeding to the next. As mentioned, the instructions are very clear.

NakitCoins has branches in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, and Alanya. They continue their efforts to open other branches throughout Turkey and expand their network.


There you go; you now know where to find a Bitcoin ATM in Istanbul and use it successfully. This is a good option for anyone who wants to exchange crypto and access liquidity instantly or use cash to buy crypto on the go. Hopefully, these insights will help you.

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