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Simple Steps To Fix FaceTime Screen Share Not Working On iOS

Being the most advanced operating system, the IOS device has an excellent Facetime feature that lets users stay connected with their friends and families while maintaining social distance from each other. It allows iPhone users to share their screens with the person to whom they are talking to show what they are doing.  It functions by blurring your background and focusing on Memojis during video calls.  But what if your Facetime share screen is not working it may be pretty annoying to you and you wish to fix it as soon as possible. The issue might be due to several reasons and you need to resolve the issue.

So, we have covered all the common and effective fixes to resolve the issue in this post. Have a look.

What is Facetime Screen Share 

The latest version of  Apple devices has introduced a unique feature Facetime Screen Share that allows users to share their screen easily with the person whom they are talking to. Using the Facetime screen you can watch movies, listen to music and video clips together with your friends who are away from you by sharing your screen.

Providing a completely new level of interactivity and connectivity, IOS 16 has introduced the facetime share screen feature.

Reasons for Facetime Screen share not Working

As many users reported why can’t i share my screen on facetime, there may be a couple of reasons behind this.

  • Outdated versions of the Facetime app on both sides may be responsible for the issue.
  • It might be due to Facetime is not supported in your country and you will find an unresponsive screen
  • The poor or interrupted internet connection may be the cause of Facetime not working.
  • The devices with IOS 15 Beta may have issues with Facetime screen share.

Top Ways to Fix Facetime Screen Share Not Working

Here are the steps on  how to share screen on facetime

  1. Make Sure you have the right version of Facetime:

To use the Facetime fun feature ensure that your iPhone has IOS 15.1 or above version. Check it by navigating to “Settings”> General > About > Software version. If you have the latest version, update it.

  1. Relaunch Facetime

The minor bugs or glitches may be removed by relaunching the Facetime app on your iphone. To restart this, navigate to “Settings”> “FaceTime” > “Disable and enable Facetime”. 

  1. Reset Internet settings

The fun feature Shareplay needs is a higher and uninterrupted Internet connection. Make sure your device is connected with a high-speed internet connection.  If not, reset your network settings and you may get rid of the issue.

  1. Log out From your Facetime and Log in Again

Sometimes logging out from the Facetime app and logging in again might help you to get out of the Issue. For this launch Facetime > Log out> Wait for a few seconds > Log in Again and your Facetime screen share might start working.

  1. Restart your iPhone

To get rid of the issue, you can switch off your iphone and restart it again and your Facetime screen issue may get resolved. 

  1. Make Sure that the SharePlay Is Enabled

SharePlay can cause problems if disabled. Fix FaceTime with SharePlay. Steps to enable SharePlay on  iPhone: 

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and  scroll down to find FaceTime. > 
  • Click on the FaceTime and then tap  SharePlay. 
  • Make sure the SharePlay option is checked here.If it’s off, turn it back on and try  again. 

To fix FaceTime screen sharing issues, you must first determine the cause. Sometimes this is due to the emojis on your phone number or a bad internet connection. These are some common and working ways to get rid of the facetime share screen issues. is the best choice if you have tried all the steps listed above and still haven’t seen any improvement in your condition.

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