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Brave | A Free Web Browser That Pays Users For Browsing!

A web browser like Brave is the most important tool on your computer; it hosts your entire online life. You can use it to connect with friends, stream your favorite TV shows, pay bills, and maybe even earn your living. And this is why it should consistently deliver the best performance.

You have choices, so choose a browser that works hard to make your online life as fast as it can possibly be. Brave delivers superior performance because of its commitment to protecting user privacy. It’s truly a win-win! Brave has 3x faster page load times than Google Chrome, with 33% less memory usage, and up to one hour more battery life.

As you know, your web browser is the most important tool on your computer; since it hosts your entire online life. For instance, you use it to connect with friends, stream your favorite TV shows, pay bills, and maybe even earn your living — which is why it should consistently deliver the best performance.

What Is Brave?

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser to block ads and website trackers. While providing a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators.

Brave is the browser that’s built to perform. Unlike Google Chrome, Brave automatically blocks ads that track you, allowing your content to load quicker. And since Brave is powered by the same engine as Google Chrome, all of your favorite Chrome extensions are still readily available for use.

Much more than a browser, Brave is a new way of thinking about how the web works. And on a mission to fix the web by giving users a safer, faster, and better browsing experience. While growing support for content creators through a new attention-based ecosystem of rewards.

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In addition, it’s built by a team of privacy-focused, performance-oriented pioneers of the web. Including the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla. We all know what’s wrong. As a user, access to your web activity and data is sold to the highest bidder. Internet giants grow rich, while publishers go out of business.

And, the entire system is rife with ad fraud. With this browser, you’ll ultimately be able to block data-grabbing ads and trackers, allowing you to browse freely. The vast bulk of websites and ads include software that tries to identify you. They want to track your every move across the web. Blocking harmful ads and trackers means a faster Internet.

As soon as you download it, you’ll notice that it loads major news sites. Up to six times faster than Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on mobile and desktop. But, there is even more.

Why Brave Is The Best Browser To Use

Other browsers claim to have a “private mode browsing,” but this only hides your history from others using your browser. Brave lets you use Tor right in a tab. Whereby, Tor not only hides your history but also masks your location from the sites you visit.By routing your browsing through several servers before it reaches your destination.

These connections are encrypted to increase anonymity. And although it’s only available on desktop, it’s also coming soon to mobile. So, browse without fear of censorship from outside influences. To enumerate, IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to make the Web faster, safer, and more open.

IPFS has been integrated into Brave’s desktop browser. Brave’s users can now access content directly from IPFS by resolving ipfs:// URIs via a gateway or installing a full IPFS node in one click. Integrating IPFS provides Brave users with a significantly enhanced browsing experience.

While increasing the availability of content, offloading server costs from the content publisher. And also improving the overall resilience of the Internet. Below are more features that make it so unique:

1. It’s built for speed

As you’ll realize, the web browser is extremely fast in terms of its performance at large. On your computer, it loads pages 3x as fast as Google Chrome. And on your phone, it’s even faster than you’d think. These speeds don’t happen by accident.

By blocking ads and trackers automatically, it saves time by downloading less. When you browse with Google Chrome, your private information, including the websites you visit, is collected and saved. So that Google and its partners can target you with invasive ads.

But, is that right?

It means that your browsing experience is being compromised. So that advertisers, big tech companies, and other nosy nobodies can make a buck. A web browser like Brave blocks this garbage automatically so that your content can load at maximum speed.

As a result, no more annoying pop-up blocker notifications like those you get with Google Chrome. And at the same time, managing Brave Shields is just as easy. To disable blocking on a particular site, adjust your Shields settings and continue on your way.

Curious to know all of the creepy stuff that it has blocked during your browsing session? Just click on its lion logo next to your search bar. To find out what its built-in blocker, Brave Shields, is up to.

2. High performance & Low impact

Computers can only store so much information and perform so many instructions before they start slowing down. Brave (memory savings) puts less strain on your computer’s performance than Google Chrome. Regardless of how much you ask of it.

Even with multiple tabs open at once, Brave uses less memory than Google Chrome — in that case, up to 66% less. That means your computer can effortlessly run other programs in the background.

It also beats out Google Chrome in battery use. For one thing, it consumes 35% less battery in tests on mobile (learn more). Brave has been shown to outperform every other popular mobile browser in energy consumption. By saving over 1 hour of battery life compared to Google Chrome.

So, by all means, feel free to play Animal Crossing and run music in the background without worrying about running out of juice. It’s built to make sure that your time spent online (and power) is well spent.

3. Web browsing made easy

Just like Google Chrome, Brave works across all devices, from mobile to desktop. That said, you’ll use Brave Sync to securely share your saved bookmarks, settings, and passwords. So that you can seamlessly transition between screens.

Once synced, getting logged out of Instagram on your phone is no big deal. Your laptop remembers the password. They’ve also made it easy to switch from your old browser to Brave without losing any of your saved information.

All you’ll need is simply Download Brave and then select “Import” to instantly replicate your entire workspace. Find everything from your top visited websites to how much time you’ve saved since downloading Brave on the new tab page.

4. It rewards you for browsing!

As a user, you can earn frequent flier-like tokens just for browsing and supporting your favorite content creators. Turn on Brave Rewards to earn frequent flier-like tokens for viewing privacy-respecting ads. You can set the number of ads you see per hour.

Currently, you can support your favorite web creators with your tokens. But soon you’ll be able to spend tokens on premium content, gift cards, and more. In short, your attention is so valuable. You’ll earn by viewing privacy-respecting ads and pay it forward to support content creators you love.

With your old browser, you paid to browse the web by viewing ads with your valuable attention. You also spent your valuable time downloading invasive ad technology that transmitted your precious private data to advertisers — without your consent.

5. Prioritized private web browsing 

Today, Brave welcomes you to the new Internet. One where your time is valued, your personal data is kept private, and you actually get rewarded for your attention. Brave Rewards is built on the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

A new way to value attention, connecting users, content creators, and advertisers. When you Join Brave Rewards, your browser will automatically start tallying (only on your device’s local storage) the attention you spend on sites you visit.

Once a month, Brave Rewards will send the corresponding amount of BAT, divided up based on your attention, from your local browser-based wallet to the sites you’ve visited.

How Are Ad Rewards Different?

You can remove sites you don’t want to support, and tip creators directly too. Content creators can use our partner Uphold to convert the BAT they earn into a currency of their choosing.

Additionally, you can fund your wallet with a currency of your choice or earn tokens by viewing ads you’re in control of. Its rewards go beyond supporting your favorite content creators. Brave Ads are enabled by default in Brave Rewards.

Providing the ability to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) every time you view an ad. The Ads are presented separately from your web content at a convenient time. While keeping your personal details completely private and anonymous.

Brave Rewards: Get rewarded for browsing and supporting your favorite content creators

Brave Ads can show up in the form of system notifications or sponsored images on the new tab page. But, you can control every aspect of Brave Ads — from the number of system notifications you’d like to see. To whether or not you want to hide sponsored images.

And you’ll earn 70% of the ad revenue that we receive from advertisers. In exchange for your attention, you’ll accumulate tokens as you browse. You can also contribute these tokens to the sites you love — with more options coming later. Below are more features of these Ads:

1. You’ll earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for every ad viewed

They put you first, and that means you’re included in the deal. When you view Brave Ads, you receive 70% of the ad revenue. Brave encourages you to pass this on to your favorite web content creators. And also, no hint of your browsing activity ever leaves your device.

Brave Rewards locally picks which private ads to show you based on your browsing activity. Then, it uses an anonymous accounting process to confirm ad event activity. Keeping personal details private, and ensuring people earn rewards for their attention.

2. They don’t collect information about you

The business of digital advertising currently relies on companies collecting as much information about you as possible. With Brave Rewards, ad matching happens directly on your device and removes the need to leak personal data to provide relevant advertising. By default, Brave blocks privacy-invading web ads and trackers that are embedded in the page content.

Joining Brave Rewards and viewing Brave Ads does not affect your current blocking settings for each website you visit. The ads you see as part of Brave Rewards are shown separately from your browsing experience. And are not the same as the invasive, performance-sapping ads embedded in websites.

3. They are not intrusive to your browsing experience

Brave Ads are presented as native system notifications or background images in a new tab, separate from the web content being viewed. You’re also in control of the ads you see. Ads in Brave Rewards are designed to be shown only when the time is right.

But you can tweak every aspect of them. By choosing to view system notifications between once and five times per hour. Or even turn them off completely through Brave Rewards Settings. It’s also your choice to show or hide sponsored images on the new tab page.

4. If you’ve paid your attention, you’ve earned your reward

Creators will always need your support to make amazing things. Soon enough, you’ll be able to directly withdraw the BAT you earn. Rather than using it to support the sites that you love. To do this, you’ll need to create a wallet using its partner. Over time, they’ll add more options to connect your own wallet to Brave Rewards.

So, stay tuned for more details; we’ll be announcing more developments as they come. In other words, it’s always your choice to be part of Brave Rewards and help creators keep creating. The web is built by content creators. Most depend on an ad-based revenue stream which allows them to keep creating.

Unfortunately, the current system is failing to deliver on that promise — where the middlemen and platform operators capture most of today’s ad revenue. While creating malware distribution and ad fraud opportunities. Brave Rewards upends the already broken system and provides a new way forward for creator support. That’s why its rewards put every aspect of this process under your control.

5. Joining the Brave Rewards Program is so Simple & Easy!

First of all, it’s important to realize, that in order to comply with recent stipulations made by Apple, its users on iPhones and iPads will no longer be able to earn rewards for their attention. And will no longer be able to tip their favorite online creators as such.

However, these changes to its rewards system do not apply to desktop and Android browsers. You can click on the image below to initiate the signup process if you’d like to join the online rewards program easily.:

How Brave Rewards Program Works

So, are you a content creator like jmexclusives? If your answer is yes, you’ll be able to earn even more from the content you publish on your website. As well as your YouTube channel or even your Twitch account too.

That’s if you’ll simply sign up as a verified content creator on its rewards program. Also, what if you are an online advertiser? By the same token, you can partner with it by advertising on the first global ad platform built on privacy.

How Do You Become A Creator?

In the first place, the company has released a decentralized, open-source platform (the “Platform”) for advertising, contributions to publishers, and other attention-based services in connection with the Brave browser.

People who use the Brave browser may activate the Platform’s rewards feature (“Brave Rewards”). For making optional contributions in Basic Attention Tokens (“BAT”). To general publishers and for earning BAT for viewing or interacting with advertisements.

These Publisher Terms of Service govern the services (the “Services”) it offers. And that the company makes available to publishers who register for a publisher account with Company (“Brave Verified Publishers”).

Ready to Brave the new Internet? Then, download Brave for free!

Including the ability to receive BAT contributions and obtain related services through the Platform. And by all means, Brave will use your email to contact you about your account and to update you about the service. Your settings page includes options for changing email notification permissions.

But, to become a creator, you’ll need to agree to all its Publisher Terms of Service (as found here in detail) first. Their superior ad matching system guarantees that 100% of your ad spend goes only to engaged users who want to see ads. And as such, you can contact business dev for more instructions.

Do I have to pay Brave to go ad-free?

Of course, Not! It will always be free to use — you don’t need to pay to block ads (or use an adblocker like Adblock Plus) and web tracking. In this case, I highly encourage you to support your favorite publishers with their rewards system.

Bearing in mind, you’ll also get compensated for paying attention to its ads. But what’s more, these features are both completely voluntary. And therefore, you can use one, the other, both, or neither. But, does Brave sell user data to Advertisers?

No! They don’t have access to identifiable user data. The anonymized aggregated ad campaign-related data they do collect is used for accounting and reporting only. But this data cannot be mapped back to devices or user identities of any kind (learn more).

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In addition, whenever they do eventually allow select ads through, will they employ the “Acceptable Ads” model. Basically, there are two parts to that model. Namely, the filter rules and business deals.

Let’s take the second first: where they do not use the business model of taking annual fees from advertisers. In order to allow their ads (and trackers for confirmation) to pass unblocked. As such, their business model does not couple their ad and flat fee-based revenue to which ads they block.

On the other hand, they do use some of the filter rules that are associated with “Acceptable Ads.” So that they can block known-bad domains and URL patterns. And also, in order to block and clean up after HTML-native ads.


With Brave, you have the #1 browser for private browsing — as you choose a web tool that works hard to make your online life as fast as it can possibly be. It’s a web browser that’s built to perform. With 3x faster page load times than Google Chrome, 33% less memory usage, and up to one hour more battery life.

And unlike other web browsers like Google Chrome, it automatically blocks ads that track you. While allowing your content to load quicker. And since it’s powered by the same engine as Google Chrome, all of your favorite Chrome extensions are still readily available for use.

Finally, another big difference is that it delivers superior performance because of its commitment to protecting user privacy. So, with that in mind, do you think it’s a worthy web browser?

Please let us hear some of your opinions, additional thoughts, contributions, suggestions, or even questions in our comments section. All in all, if you’ll need more support, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help you.

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