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What Is Alibaba Cloud? Everything You Should Know About It

Alibaba Cloud is a comprehensive e-commerce solution that comes with the same leading technologies that support Double Eleven. Paving the way for advanced e-commerce scenarios such as live streaming, cross-border, and big data analysis. In short, it enables your e-commerce business to stand out from competitors.

Having faced countless challenges from large scale online promotions on your e-commerce website, Alibaba Cloud products are capable of handling sudden traffic spikes. Their products also automatically adjust the amount of the resources you need and distribute traffic among these resources. Ensuring the performance of your application in a cost-effective way.

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It’s no.3 in terms of global market share with over 2,800+ CDN nodes worldwide. And according to their HK Express, in addition to outstanding technology & products, Alibaba Cloud has a strong support team. Who are willing to work closely with their engineers, and that is vital to their success.”

What is Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud develops highly scalable cloud and data management service solutions. And as one of its main business group unit, it provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services. In order to power both their international customers’ online businesses and Alibaba Group’s own e-commerce ecosystem.

Basically, the Alibaba Cloud international operations are registered and headquartered in Singapore. And the company has international teams stationed in Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, and New York. As well as Paris, San Mateo, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Alibaba Cloud

Its main solutions are available on a pay-as-you-go basis. And it includes data storage, relational databases, big-data processing, Anti-DDoS protection, and content delivery networks (CDN). At the same time, Alibaba Cloud is committed to the research and development of large database systems and advanced big data technologies. Below is a more detailed user guide of how it works.

1. It helps you Deal with Sudden Traffic Spikes

Their R&D efforts include the advancement of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, virtual reality, smart homes, and automotive networking. As well as information systems, and cloud-based mobile-device operating systems. All of which fall under its Network Enhanced Elastic Computing Service and Advanced Relational Database.

It’s perfectly designed for applications that require strong PPS capability. Or those with high concurrency scenarios like E-commerce websites. It comes with some more feature-rich characteristics like 4.5 million PPS of packet forwarding capability. A latency of – 66% by 10 Gbit/s internal network bandwidth.

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It provides 5x better performance at a constant cost, and auto manage resources with free Auto Scaling and CloudMonitor. As well as auto dispatching the traffic with Server Load Balancer. And when it comes to its advanced relational database, it’s fully optimized for flash sales.

This helps resolve performance issues in handling large numbers of concurrent user requests for frequently used data. At the same time, it offers other key features with complete monitoring and diagnostics. Supports multiple deployment architectures, and a 100x performance improvement on high concurrent scenarios than your self-built database.

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Within its high-security capacity, it supports IP whitelists, SQL injection prevention, SSL-encrypted data transmission, TDE. And in addition to that, it has 13 data centers in the Asia Pacific region. Taking the advantages of their presence and excellent network performance.

So that your e-commerce websites can provide users with fast and smooth browsing. As well as a better online shopping experience. They have an improvised Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Reliable NAT Gateway.

Their widely distributed nodes in the Asia Pacific can effectively accelerate the response to user requests and increase the response rate. With a 10-GE NICs’ network, supports major ISPs worldwide, and less than a milliseconds response time.

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It also has over 500 nodes globally with 120 Tbps of bandwidth, billed by Pay-As-Traffic or Pay-By-Bandwidth. And to minimize the influence of traffic fluctuations and reduce the bandwidth costs, you can allow multiple IP addresses to share the same bandwidth.

Its reliable NAT Gateway supports cross-zone disaster recovery, and 10 Gbps of throughput and 1 MM connections. With one internet bandwidth shared by multi instances. As well as a NAT rule customization and data visualization that is easy to use.

2. Allows you to Track and Analyze your Online Store user Behaviors

Obtaining user behavior data is crucial for data analysts, marketing specialists, and product managers. Alibaba Cloud Log Service provides you with the web tracking SDK that you can integrate into your online store website.

The user behavior tracking code implemented with the SDK can track and upload user behavior data. In this way, you can aggregate and analyze this data. And then make marketing and product innovation decisions based on insights.

It comes packed with log service and a server load balancer (SLB). Log Service is a complete real-time data logging service that supports the collection, consumption, shipping, search, and analysis of logs. In this case, it offers other more notable features.

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First, it manages access permissions. Secondly, it fully supports real-time and offline analytics. It collects data from more than 30 data sources within five minutes. And lastly, it seamlessly connects to Alibaba Cloud software, open-source software, and commercial software.

SLB distributes traffic among multiple instances to improve the service capabilities of your applications. While providing guaranteed-performance instances, supporting multi-layer disaster recovery, and high availability.

It also supports automatic traffic distribution among multiple instances. Not forgetting, it supports multiple SLB management approaches and billing methods.

3. It’s packed with Anti-DDoS Premium and Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Besides providing internationally compliant services, Alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive security solutions. Especially for your e-commerce websites and applications. Including Anti-DDoS protection, Web Application Firewall, and Managed Security Services.

This helps to ensure that your data stays safe at all times. And, in the end, this protects your business from loss of income and users. As well as reputation damage caused by potential DDoS attacks. It also mitigates nearly unlimited DDoS attacks within its globally distributed scrubbing centers.

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What’s more, it has a 7*24 technical support with multi-tools and breaks record on defending against the attack over 1Tbps within flexible monthly subscriptions to save your costs. And by all means, its WAF secures your core business data.

It also prevents server malfunctions caused by malicious activities and attacks. Efficiently, this also prevents CC attacks and helps fix vulnerabilities within 24 hours. This keeps your server response time to milliseconds and supports anti-crawler, anti-rush & anti-sabotage protection.

4. It helps you to Create Accurate and Precise Search Engines

Eventually, its search-technology products provide simple, low-cost, stable, and efficient search solutions. Particularly, for your e-commerce websites or even related web applications.

Not to mention, these mature services are based on advanced machine learning or deep learning. Whereas, their search engine algorithm is developed by Taobao, the world’s leading e-commerce website. And are also used by all major business units of Alibaba Group.

The cloud platform comes with an inbuilt Quality Image Search and Limitless OpenSearch. Based on machine learning and deep learning, Image Search enables end-users to take a screenshot or upload an image to search and find desired products. Or even fulfill other search requests by using image identification and search function.

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The product’s search function is suitable for various business scenarios. Such as e-commerce websites and photo-sharing sites etc. Whereby, it provides key support elements like high accuracy and leading algorithm. It’s also easy to use: upload the image, search, and buy. With more support for quick and targeted product searches.

This high flexibility and compatibility open API/SDK, support customized development, with support of 10 billion+ images and milliseconds response to image queries.

On the other hand, OpenSearch is widely applied to various business scenarios. Like online shopping, o2o food delivery, travel booking, video website, and office management system, etc. It provides over 100MM+ searchable documents within a Millisecond level query delay.

It also supports two rounds of correlation sorting. Within a simple deployment and customization scenarios.

5. It helps in Big Data Analysis to Provide Intelligent Recommendations

Alibaba Cloud e-commerce solution also provides big data products, which can easily process massive amounts of data. As well as automatically recommend related products to your customers in an easy, fast, scalable, and cost-effective way. There is also an E-MapReduce (EMR) and Quick BI.

E-MapReduce (EMR) is an all-in-one enterprise-ready big data platform. It provides cluster, job, and data management services, and it’s ideal for large scale online promotion scenarios. Additionally, it supports the Spark and Hadoop ecosystem components.

It’s Cost-effective by an automated scale in and out service solutions. While, at the same time, its High stability is achieved by the deeply optimized environment. And whenever it comes to Safety, it supports Kerberos authentication & data encryption. It’s easy to set up and well-integrated with Alibaba Cloud products.

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As for Quick BI, it allows you to perform your data analytics, exploration, and reporting on mass data. With drag-and-drop features and a rich variety of visuals. Seamlessly, it integrates data on the cloud and local files.

Quickly, build data portals with drag-and-drop with a flexible embedding into third-party systems. It has a wide range and full control of data access permissions that supports OLAP modeling of data sources. And that easily converts to multi-dimensional analytics models.

Which other E-commerce Solutions do they offer?

Their Technology provides business owners like jmexclusives with a clear competitive advantage. And it allows us to build innovative and user-friendly platforms. In particular, to boost our buyer power, a means to gather and analyze our corporate data. This allows us to remain relevant and competitive in the years ahead.

What this means is that, by using Alibaba Cloud, you too can streamline your supply chain and build your brand reputation on a global stage. You can also find all related products to boost your e-commerce framework at their E-commerce Solutions page.

Alibaba Cloud E-commerce Solutions

In reality, Alibaba Cloud Global Application Acceleration solution helps you improve and secure your cross-regional network. As well as application access performance across enterprises over any network in just a few minutes.

You can read and learn more about that here. Above all, this solution accelerates your network and applications. It helps you improve and secure network and application access performance.

Alibaba Cloud’s intelligent Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure, deployed globally, enables centralized IT management to control network connectivity across enterprises, and accelerate applications over any network.

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Experience the latest in Cloud Computing, Storage, Networking, Security, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence on Alibaba Cloud if you view all their products here.

Equally important, you can also download the whitepaper to learn The Technologies behind the Biggest Global Shopping Festival. See more related and resourceful cloud platforms by Alibaba to consider below;

Finally, we hope the above-revised guide was helpful to you. But, if you’ll have additional thoughts or questions, please share them in the comments section. You can as well Contact Us if you’ll require or need more help. Also – feel free to Donate and support our research projects.

Here Is An Important Note:

Big Data – and the way organizations manage and derive insight from it – is changing the way the world uses business information. To stay relevant, its integration needs to work with many different types and sources. While operating at different latencies – from real-time to streaming.

Wondering how to build a world-class analytics organization? Make sure the information is reliable. Empower data-driven decisions across lines of business. Drive the strategy. And know how to wring every last bit of value out of it.

So, What is Big Data?

More often, big data is a term that describes the large volume of data – both structured and unstructured – that inundates a business on a day-to-day basis. But, it’s not the amount of it that’s important. Rather, it’s what organizations do with that which matters.

Bearing in mind, it can be analyzed for insights that lead to better decisions and strategic business moves. You can read and learn more about how big data is utilized for business in this article.

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