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Zareklamy is a complete or additional-time job for everyone from any country. Markedly, through this app, you can earn money on any device with internet access, wherever you are. And then, you’ll be paid for your time and engagement on the platform. As we’ll learn, it has exciting methods for making money online. Have you already tried this process differently — without any luck?

You don’t have to worry anymore! For one thing, in this article, we’ll guide you on the best methods. Whereby you’ll see the fitting instructions that will help you hit the spot. That’s why even a video like the one below will significantly help you. More so, as you start making $90 by scrolling down — it’s incredible! You can check it out first before you learn more about how to use it herein.

A matter of fact is that we all love making money online, don’t we? And now that the COVID-19 Pandemic is far gone, it brought so many ways you can start making money online – in the comfort of your home. All in all, making money online is just an excellent strategy to earn money. And that’s where a website-based system platform or an application tool like Zareklamy comes in.

In general, Zareklamy is a great platform and it’s not a scam as many many other related applications. However, it has limiting earning potential from its reward-based website platform. Thus, though the surveys are not meant to make you much money, they should pay you a fair amount for completing the right micro-tasks. Before you can start, read this guideline to help you decide.

Understanding How Zareklamy Helps Online Job Workers Earn Passive Income

To enumerate, it’s worth mentioning that Similar to TikTok, Zareklamy is a GPT application that allows you to earn money online by completing microtasks. It includes social media participation, surveys, website ad browsing, newsletter subscriptions, and more. It’s also a modern form of online advertising that you can use to create an ad to reach the lead Zareklamy website-based users.

As a result, you’ll get some engagements for your blog posts, videos, social media accounts, affiliate links, and more. What’s more, the application is available to both iOS and Android device users. Again, it also has a very comfortable mobile app version, and the tasks are no different from the desktop version. It’s Konrad Strek who initially founded the application platform in April 17, 2018.

With time, the company’s rapid growth has exceeded more than 4 million earnings and more than 10,000 advertisers operating in 17 languages. Not forgetting, this has been fueled by the COVID block and the increasing automation of jobs. A young man from Lublin has created a way for Internet users to earn money online with the free data that most of us offer.

Konrad Strek was so young when he created his company that his parents had to be the legal owners until he was 18. By now, in his 20s, he is capturing the attention of global investors with his idea that he says, “It could be the first place that lets people earn by watching ads.” With that in mind, let’s learn how to make money online using Zareklamy for free.

How To Do Paid Work Online And Make Money With Zareklamy

Technically, there are so many methods you can utilize to make money with Zareklamy, if we may state. It’s important to realize that, like many Paidwork Apps, you can choose how to earn money: playing games, completing surveys, writing texts, answering questions, watching video ads, browsing websites, creating accounts, completing offers, buying online, etc.

You will find different categories on Zareklamy through which you can earn. But do not forget that the availability of micro-businesses controls your earning potential. However, some tasks, such as installing applications, are only available in the application. You can follow the tutorial guides below to learn more about its crucial integration steps and how to utilize it effectively to earn fast.

Zareklamy is available worldwide and anyone can participate, even in Kenya or Nigeria! Anyone who is 13 years old can join the site. However, they must be 18 years old and above to withdraw their earnings from PayPal. PayPal has an age limit of 18 years; those below 18 cannot have a PayPal account. Forthwith, earning income with Zareklamy is very simple.

In the “Earnings” tab, you will find ways to earn money. You’ll need to choose the method by tapping the green “Win” button to get started. As a result, you’ll see a prompt on where to go next.

Step #1: Participate In Social Media Networks

In this particular category, you can get paid for many activities on different social media platforms, like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Play, and more. Each social media platform has specific tasks that you can perform. For instance, you can like a page on Facebook in exchange for a small reward.

Basically, all you simply need to do is click the Like button on the Facebook page. And then, a new window will quickly pop up showing all the Facebook pages that you might like. Just click the Win button again and complete what you are asked to do and you will get the reward.

But, some of the social media platforms don’t always have tasks that you can complete. So, don’t be alarmed if nothing appears when you click on a specific category. Simply, it means that there are no new activities that you can do. Activities in this category will pay you $0.005 – $0.02.

Step #2: Browse For The Web Ads & Recommend Friends

Another major way to earn with Zareklamy is by performing simple tasks. Such as registering on a website, playing games, answering quizzes, downloading applications, etc. Apart from this, you can also browse the ads. To earn money from an ad search, you need to click on the “Income” tab. Forthwith, start looking for ads. You can run all these ads in the background as well as at work at another company.

Eventually, you’ll find that the ads on Zareklamy are quite long — up to 150 seconds, which is very unusual. But, they also pay you well for these long ads. As we’ll elaborate later on, Zareklamy has a Friend Referral Program too that you can join. Whereby, you can share your referral link with others and when someone joins through your link and buys ads, you get 12% of the purchase.

You can also earn an additional $5 by the time your referral is ready to cash out. Unfortunately, the referral program is not tempting as only very few people want to buy ads. Meaning, unless someone is ready to invest in ads, you won’t get paid well.

Step #3: Browse Web Pages, Video Content & Ads

By the same token, you can earn rewards simply by browsing websites, ads, and videos. Bearing in mind, this type of opportunity is typically found on Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites like Neobux. But, even Zareklamy also offers it as a way to earn rewards. However, there is a tiny twist to this money-making opportunity.

Let me explain how it works:
  1. First, you need to click on the Win button.
  2. Then a new window will open showing the site/video/ad you need to see.
  3. It will then instruct you to browse the site/video/ad for 150 seconds.
  4. This is the key difference from what is normally found on PTC sites.

150 seconds is a really long time to wait to page through an ad (which really is what it is). Typically, on PTC sites, you only have to wait 10-20 seconds before you can claim your reward for viewing the ad. But, with Zareklamy, it will take much longer.

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However, the rewards for ads on Zareklamy are even higher than what you will get on most PTC sites. And you don’t actually have to navigate the site that will appear. You can work on other things by clicking the Win button.

Just make sure you don’t close the ad window because the timer will stop and you won’t win anything. When the timer reaches zero, it will automatically load a new advertisement and the timer will reset. You can leave it running until there are no more ads to show.

Step #4: Create An Account And Subscribe For Newsletters

Equally important, you can also earn rewards by subscribing to websites or newsletters. Not to mention, Paid Membership Activities (PTSU) is very simple. Still, another way to earn rewards is to subscribe to certain news tellers and websites. All you just have to do is click the Win button and you will see a list of sites or newsletters that you can subscribe to.

Advertisers will pay you to subscribe to their newsletter or their websites for a small amount of money. They pay you to sign up in the hope that you will become their customer later on, but most of the offers are free. You may be advised to sign up for a free trial with your credit card details. If you want to accept this type of offer, we recommend reading the terms of service carefully.

Step #5: Write Comments And Reviews

In this case, you’ll earn money by writing comments and reviews on social media on different sites. Like Amazon, Etsy, Trustpilot, eBay, Google Play, Fiverr, Glassdoor,, and Airbnb. But please note that you must first purchase a product or install an app before you can write a review. For example, if you can write a review on Google Play, you must first install a trial application.

You always have to write in-depth reviews; otherwise, you won’t get paid. We believe you are not violating the ‘Terms of Use by receiving money in exchange for your honest opinion on a product. But, users are encouraged to write a positive review, which makes it biased. As a result, you can expect to earn between the range of $0.05 and $0.75 for your quality comments and reviews.

How To Join The Referral Program – Invite People And Earn!

If you are a star web marketer, you can Join the Zareklamy Referral Program to make extra cash. Inviting is an additional opportunity to make money on Zareklamy. People you ask need to earn and withdraw money on Zareklamy, and you will gain from it.

On the Referral Program page, you will find your unique referral link, which you can change whenever you want. Anyone with a Zareklamy account can invite and earn through this program. It would help if you got as many people as possible to create an account and make money through your link.

To Create A Referral Link:
  • Sign in to your Zareklamy account.
  • Click on the menu bar (which is on the top left) and the referral program.
  • You will see a window with your referral link.
  • When you enter this site, the link will be generated automatically.

The next thing is to start recommending it to others. Now you can invite people to use Zareklamy to make as much money online as you do. If the recommended person creates an account, starts earning, and can withdraw cash, you will be rewarded with $10, depending on the currency of your account. The person you invited will also receive this money for using your referral link.

In other words, you and your friend will get extra cash from your invitation. For example, suppose you just invited someone to Zareklamy by sharing a referral link on your social media profiles. The person creates an account and starts earning on Zareklamy. When the user withdraws money, $10 will be added to your account balance and the person invited.

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The list of invited people is constantly updated. Find out who used your referral link on the Referral Program page in your Zareklamy account. Every time a new user registers with your link or withdraws money, you will see a change on this page immediately. At the same time, you will also receive a notification in the Zareklamy application or by email.

Always remember, to turn on the app or email notifications, go to the Settings Page, and then click the ‘Privacy’ tab. Eventually, the more people you share your referral link with, the better the chances to profit from that. With that in mind, below is a list of platforms to find the lead audience and target people you seek. They’ll come in handy if you’re not already using them.

  • Facebook:– Ensure you join social media groups related to various categories. Such as remote work, online earning, online jobs, or posting a link on your wall to let your friends see it.
  • YouTube:– Record a video of the Zareklamy application on your mobile phone or website. Then, you can upload it to your YouTube channel.
  • WhatsApp:– Send your referral link as a private message to your friends and family. Or whoever you want through your WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Twitter:– Write publications and use hashtags, i.e. #workfromhome #onlinejob #remotework #earningapps #earnmoney #freelancer
  • Reddit:– write an article to let people know how to earn online on Zareklamy, sharing your earning experience and referral link

All earnings from your assets are added to your Zareklamy wallet, which you can withdraw when you reach a $25 threshold. You can use any of the following withdrawal methods.

Basic Methods:

However, it is not as easy as it sounds because you must verify your address with a PIN. When your winnings reach half the withdrawal limit ($12.5), a Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be sent to your address. After receiving the PIN, you must visit here to verify your account.

Consider the following:
  • Login to your Zareklamy account,
  • Open the verification pin letter,
  • Enter the pin sent to you in the letter and send it.

Usually, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to receive your PIN in the mail as there are many international members. This platform is especially useful in countries where the dollar has a substantial value. Though, in my opinion, the minimum payment amount is unnecessarily high. There’s a need to mitigate this so more people can earn money faster.

Topmost Pros:

  • All tasks are easy and do not take long to complete
  • Available globally, anyone can participate
  • There are so many ways to earn your reward
  • Convenient payment options

Notable Cons:

  • Low pay and sometimes with very few tasks
  • You can only withdraw money once it reaches the minimum payout amount
  • The minimum payment threshold is $25 (US), £20 (UK), or the equivalent in your country
  • The application is too slow, and at times, there is a probability of not receiving payments

It’s worth mentioning that some people still claim that Zareklamy is doing a time scam where they kept the payout limit high, and the amount per activity is meager. So, you’ll do a few activities and walk away;– this ultimately benefits them. And that’s why, on the one hand, we might agree with this. On that note, the best thing is to give it a try for free and see the results for yourself.

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Also, do the math—$ 0.01 earned for watching an ad. You must watch 2,500 video ads to reach the minimum payout threshold. Imagine doing that, and Zareklamy somehow denies your payment. That’s some ample time you’ve just wasted! And it’s pretty depressing just thinking about it. Now, most applications are removing payment limits, which is somewhat suspicious.

Eventually, there are many doubts, but there are some things to trust. All you’ll need is to go ahead and try it yourself (use this link). And then share your opinions, thoughts, or suggestions with us. You can even share your additional recommendations and questions in our comments section. However, if you need more support, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out.

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