10 Good Web Developer Qualities To Help Scale Your Portfolio

Of course, some skills help build a better application designer, while good web developer qualities help upscale their portfolio more than others. For instance, a competent developer can see the larger picture as they set up a small business and the company project they work on. As such, most firms can benefit from innovative software or automated procedures designed to save time and money.

Business savvy requires demonstrating an interest in aspects of the industry outside of your immediate purview, which might help you gain a better knowledge of your organization’s overall direction. Being a web developer is challenging, and success in the field requires more than a code book. Successful developers share a few traits not frequently found in many coding degree programs.

Of course, breaking into the tech scene can be very intimidating—it seems like every day, there is a trendy new JS library to learn and another class of coding school graduates to compete with. If you spend any time scouring job boards, you’ll also see this reflected in entry-level or junior website/app development jobs requiring a broader knowledge base from their applicants than in the past.

To stand out from the competition when looking for a job in IT, you need to possess several soft skills in addition to your technical expertise. You want to ask somebody engaged in development work to realize that not all developers are equal. Which makes one wonder—what does a web developer do? On that note, I’ll share the top 7 fundamental characteristics each developer must have.

How Good Web Developer Qualities Help Empower New Development Projects

First, a good web developer can look beyond the project they are working on and see the big picture for the business. Secondly, a savvy business sense can lead to new applications, or automated processes focused on saving time and money for a company. You don’t need an MBA or a passion for macroeconomics to be business-savvy, but showing an interest in areas of the business is vital.

Especially outside your direct scope. This can lead to a better understanding of your company’s big picture. Becoming a web developer isn’t easy—and to excel in the industry takes more than an encyclopedia of coding knowledge. As mentioned, there are specific characteristics that successful web developers share that are not commonly taught in many CS degree programs.

You need to have various soft skills on top of your technical abilities to stand out when applying for a job in the tech industry. Teaching these soft skills is one way our program stands out in the crowd of coding schools. As a rule of thumb, our program teaches our students the technical skills every full-stack web developer needs, and every training provides workshops and break-outs.

Specifically, this helps provide a more comprehensive educational foundation in soft skills proven to help any fledgling web developer succeed. Successful web developers embrace the challenge of failure and tend to bounce back with bigger and better solutions to these problems. Rarely does code get written correctly the first time. This is why we plan for everything and know how to debug.

The Topmost And Common Recommendable Good Web Developer Qualities

Naturally, you may think that candidates with the most profound skills would always land the job. Not always! This may surprise you—as the web developer role spends most of their time in front of a computer screen, handling highly technical issues with complicated code. Over the last decade, we’ve been on both sides of the business hiring process for technology-empowered roles.

During that time, we have witnessed the most competent candidates get passed over for someone better “fit” for the role or company. Equally important, we’ve seen the sharpest web developers crumble and crack under deadlines or lose their capacity, patience, and professionalism from constructive feedback. However, excellent computer coding doesn’t always make a great hire.

Why Consider A Good Web Developer Qualities In Your Strategy

While it helps, there is more to being a successful web developer than a mind rich in technical knowledge. An adaptable character can conform to the development of innovation or cycles. For an organization to succeed and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the tech market, having versatile assets is crucial. This is why our web developers remain up-to-date with the latest advancements.

Rather than jumping head-first into a project, a wise and cautious web developer will first learn as much as possible about the desired end product. Once this step is completed, the developer will plan the entire project structure before typing out one line of code. With that in mind, there are some common characteristics in any good web developer—other than technical skills—for a successful job.

1. A mix of innovative skills

The growing web development solutions market demand has resulted in a significant need to modernize the language to meet the standards set by others in the software industry. That explains that JavaScript has changed, yet many new systems and libraries have been presented. This change of innovation requested JavaScript web developers to be more versatile to stay up with headways. Moreover, “Fail Fast,” “Fail Better,” and “Fail Forward” are all popular mantras used by startups and tech giants in Silicon Valley. 

2. Keeping the code clean

The expression “Clean Code” is recognizable among developers and their friend circles. There are books on the point showing the significance of different clean codes. Thus, the name indicates the correct number of code remarks. Bringing Clean Code standards into training builds the developer’s efficiency. Therefore, keeping the code clean is one of the most outstanding abilities for developers to have. On that note, a Dubai Web Developer keeps the coding clean and error-free to maintain the standards.

3. Ultimate problem-solvers

Each developer ought to have a decent arrangement of critical thinking abilities. That is because it’s typical for developers to go over many programming issues. Developing a product framework is challenging. Web developers can overcome any difficulty with the right tools and analytical skills. Excellent problem-solving and self-assurance make most web developers an asset. This has evolved and become a crucial tool for developing digital websites. In other words, seeing bugs and errors in your code as a challenge rather than a sign of defeat is essential. Remember, you aren’t learning anything if you aren’t failing at your development process.

4. Adapting to new technologies

On the one hand, technology is constantly evolving, and the skills and abilities needed in today’s tech scene can get outdated quickly. Thus, a passion for learning and the desire to keep up with the latest trends is essential. On the other hand, developing code for a software program or designing a website from scratch is complicated—much like trying to solve a complex math equation or write a novel. A great developer thrives on finding ways to make things work, no matter the challenge, and sometimes needs to get creative to find a working solution. You want to try to avoid the phrase “It can’t be done” when you are pitched a new project.

5. Picking the suitable web devices

Like a woodworker who wouldn’t use a screwdriver to pound in a nail, choosing the proper methods matters for developers. This applies to what you need as a website’s stack, yet what you use to execute the arrangement and track issues when they emerge. Pursuing the best decision and having sound information on these methods is vital. It can have a gigantic effect on how a developer performs and is one of the essential abilities of a product developer.

6. Some proficiency in optimization

Composing streamlined code is an intriguing expertise, yet all at once, not an inconceivable one. Something, for the most part, accompanies insight, practice, and openness. This technique altogether affects the presentation of your website. If a website requires some investment to stack, the web developer needs to improve. After a presentation, several factors come into consideration, such as UI, storage, SEO, accessibility, UX, and responsiveness. These factors impact the success of a website. If the website is hard to access or navigate, it could mean losing a customer. Hence, web developers should consider development constraints with designs that serve users.

7. All-time successful and futuristic 

What kind of developer do you wish to be? While I can’t answer that, I can confidently say it’s anything but terrible. Do you consider yourself careless yet quick, or someone who has confidence in arranging with appropriate development setup and conveys quality work without rushing? Without a doubt, promptness could appear to be more appealing than a sluggish method. In any case, it will be a buggy and challenging item to keep up with. Considering the expense, it is a superior choice to push forward with a dev setup.

8. Doing frequent checks and access

There was a planner who planned a library that was commended for its wonderfulness. The design began to disintegrate because the planner didn’t consider the books’ weight not long after opening the library. A web developer needs to test code, find issues, and fix them with the development of each product component. Self-assessment brings about fewer bugs in the later phases of the cycle. If you understand the limitations or abilities of the code you use, you can awaken more creative and efficient ideas for solving problems. And the light bulbs will turn on faster and brighter.

9. Willingness to change and adapt

An excellent working knowledge of your language or framework is a must. If you understand the limitations or abilities of the code you use, you can awaken more creative and efficient ideas for solving problems. And the light bulbs will turn on faster and brighter. In our current job, we help identify and solve issues on large eCommerce websites and other application platforms. We help fix harmful code their in-house developers wrote that they couldn’t solve themselves. What we found more shocking than how simple the mistakes were—was how often the developers did not know how to debug their errors properly.

10. Networking of competent experts

A web developer rarely works alone. Good software is commonly built by a development team with many dynamic roles. Being able to take on a team mentality can be critical to the success of a project. Outside of the immediate team, web developers will also be expected to work with business owners, sales and marketing staff, and other developers outside of the group or company to achieve a broader project scope. In these cases, the ability to lead or represent your team in a meeting is a soft skill to stand out.

In Conclusion;

At this point, I want to believe you have some clarity in what makes a good web developer. Furthermore, whether you are hoping to use a web developer or are one and end up hoping to work on your abilities, consider what you read today. Furthermore, as Rome was not inherent a day, one cannot bring these propensities into training for the time being. Good things take time to prosper. 

For beginner webmasters, as newer versions of programming languages, libraries, and frameworks roll out, you will be expected to know these changes and be a subject matter expert within your company. Don’t confuse this with technical skills—you can still love to learn without being the sharpest crayon in the box. Furthermore, this goes beyond a willingness to learn/educate yourself.

You should embrace the inevitable challenges of the job and develop an excellent habit of researching possible solutions. If you love the work and its challenges, you will be successful at your job. Proper planning is a critical step—one little oversight can throw a project deadline off by weeks or months. Complete the wireframes of an entire website—get approval before your first template.

Ensure your routes and controllers are appropriately configured. If you don’t properly plan for as much as possible, you better have… Remember, we constantly work with agencies to manage their projects—website development, mobile application platforms, SEO, and social media. If you’re looking for good web developer qualities to manage your projects, call +254 724 944456 or WhatsApp us.

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