10 Small Business Packaging Ideas To Boost Your Product Sale

This article guide offers you a collection of small business packaging ideas that can help you elevate your products in terms of the way you pack them. When you own a small business, you know the value of packaging beyond simply transporting your product. Your products’ packaging needs an excellent design — your brand stands out and your customers feel special. 

If you work in a small business that sells products to customers, you should package the products in a way that’s attractive, cost-effective, and functional. Whilst, keeping in mind, that good packaging can have a significant impact on the purchasing decisions that consumers make. As a brand manager or product designer, try to perfect your strategic packaging plan.

You should also optimize the methods and techniques that you use to display and sell the products — it affects the way your potential consumers and target customers see your brand. As an example, one unique way to make your packaging distinctive is to adapt your packaging to fit a regular theme. This works, especially, well for startup businesses and small brands.

In particular, those that sell products for a limited time or release new products seasonally, such as subscription businesses. Obviously, this is because you can change your packaging to match the vibe of your new product line. Furthermore, this might also appeal to buyers who want to collect all of your different, limited-edition packaging designs. So, what’s more, is required?

The Best Small Business Packaging Ideas To Boost Your Product Sales

As a rule of thumb, just a few effective small business packaging ideas can greatly help startups or newcomer businesses to showcase their products and grab the attention of new customers through packaging. If you’re designing packaging for a small business, it’s important to consider scalability and cost-effectiveness alongside aesthetics and functionality.

Realistically, small businesses can benefit greatly from packaging — your brand is clearly visible, and you can stand out. There are many types of packaging, so choosing the right one can be confusing. The design should match your brand identity and can be used for a variety of purposes. This guide on small business packaging ideas exists for that very reason.

So, need a little help with your packaging department as a small business owner? You must be! At times, it’s easier to ask for help than to find good ideas on your own. You can spruce up your packaging with some ideas from our professional marketing experts in this article. They’ll make it feel exciting, fun, and vibrant by taking out the bland and boring strategies.

With that in mind, below are some of the topmost best ideas for small business packaging that could help boost your brand appearance and increase your business product sales. After all, you can use these ideas to differentiate yourself from competitors, impress your customers, and create an impact. The best thing is to give them a try to see all these results in full.

1. Give your package a sneak peek

In recent years, more people are aware of the importance of editing images and creating realistic photos that frequently don’t match reality. For better eye-catching packaging, it is better to use images and a glimpse of the product to avoid misleading clients. Seeing what you’re investing in is a nice touch, you’ll want users that interact with and buy your products, right?

Unfortunately, this may not always be the case if you don’t show them a preview of the box or package. Meaning, that if customers can look inside the package while purchasing the product, there won’t be any surprises when they open it at home. When they see your goods before buying them, they will know that they are excellent, so they will undoubtedly buy them.

Try adding a unique Polaroid to each package for the showcase. Whilst, bearing in mind, that Polaroid cameras print the photographs you take instantly and Polaroid photographs are very in fashion with fans of retro memorabilia. If you love art galleries, landscapes, and architecture, you can spend an afternoon taking Polaroid photos of beautiful scenes from nature.

Coupled with some eye-catching paintings from your favorite galleries. And then, thereafter, include a single Polaroid in each of the products you sell. It’s an easy way to make each product you sell completely unique. It’s equally ideal for brands that depend on being original and personal. Include contact details or a web address so that they’ll contact you or buy more.

2. Go eco-friendly with craft papers

Opting for eco-friendly packaging is an effective way to show your customers that you care about the environment via your packaging. Many customers today may choose not to shop with businesses that create excessive amounts of waste via their packaging. Use minimal plastics, opt for recycled materials where possible, or choose biodegradable packaging.

For one thing, these are all effective ways to package your small business products and show off your green credentials at the same time. Choose clearly labeled eco-materials so that your customers know that your packaging is recyclable. Similarly, simple craft paper packaging, paired with twine string and creative flourishes, can be beautiful and cost-effective too.

This is a very great way to package goods for your customers. Craft paper, or brown packaging paper, is relatively low cost and suitable for a huge variety of brands and you can add a little personal flair to your packaging by tucking a dried flower or a custom-printed design into the twine. Craft paper is recyclable, so you can remind your customers to recycle using a stamp.

3. Quality color gradients and poly mailers

Using color gradients is an effective way of making your package unique. It does not require you to be a graphic designer to create awesome gradients and achieve the desired effect. To find out what colors are popular in today’s market, look at a few currently popular styles. Also, your manufacturers offer a wide range of materials so that you can select the best stock. 

Before selecting a material, check out all of their options. Choosing the right material has a direct effect on color output. There are different outcomes for different kinds of materials depending on the hue. You can also use decorated poly mailers — buy them online from craft marketplaces and retailers. Find a poly mailer that’s decorated in a way that suits the brand.

This can be a simple and easy way to package postal items from online orders. They are ready to use, making them ideal for small business brand managers with little time to spare. You can combine a decorated poly mailer with many other small business packaging ideas on this list. Add a couple of sweets inside the bag, a thank you note, and a branded sticker. 

4. Make use of ribbons and bows

If you want to cut costs without compromising on brand image, reducing your packaging could be an effective way to do this. It’s also more environmentally friendly to reduce the amount of packaging that you use. Simple and minimalist packaging examples include simple paper bands that you can wrap around the products or even just a length of a string.

You can also consider using ribbons tied in a beautiful and unique way. Small business owners can use packaging as a gift to clients. Making the packaging look like a gift will increase the chances of future orders. You can make it more memorable by designing or printing the box in a unique way. The ribbons or bows you add to your product will make it look like a present.

In particular, this is a very good gesture when your customers receive it, showing you care about their experience. Ribbon, confetti, and glitter are all simple and cost-effective ways to add a touch of glamour to simple product packaging. A finishing touch is important if you’ve opted for plain or simple packaging and the brand requires something a little more stylish.

5. Decorate plain papers and fabrics

You can pick up plain paper bags online and in supermarkets and stationery shops everywhere. They’re easy to get hold of and are typically available in a wide range of colors and shades. Paper is recyclable, so it’s a better choice than plastic for most purposes and you can customize your plain paper bags with designs and StickerYou stickers to add your unique branding to them.

Plain paper bags are a popular choice for small businesses selling food treats, like fudge and chocolate, and they’re one of the most economical ways to package the products. By the same token, if you want to use packaging that’s simple but memorable, a custom-printed fabric is an effective way to package the products in a unique way.

Lots of fabric printing companies allow you to design a repeating pattern for a custom print online and you can use this to wrap the products in for customers. Compared to gift wrap, printed fabric is reusable and environmentally friendly. You could choose to use your logo in your fabric design or simply create a design that reflects the spirit of the brand.

6. Packets should contain business cards

Important to realize, as customers enter your establishment, it’s good to hand out business cards with your information. You can explain to your customers why you chose your company’s name in this manner. Ship your products with a card enclosed in the boxes they come in. This way, the company or you can subtly introduce yourself without being too obvious.

What differentiates your brand name and how it came about is clear to your customers. It gives them a sense of belonging, so they’ll support you by engaging with you. It’s more likely that a customer will remember you if you ship something to them in a unique package. Thus, the card should explain how the business got its name as well as the history of the business.

As a result, people feel closer to the firm since they can see what went into launching it. Custom-made gift tags and labels are another way to customize otherwise simple packaging. Whether you wrap the products in craft paper, tissue paper, or canvas, you can use custom-printed gift cards to add branding to your packaging. Also, write a note of thanks to your customers.

7. Packages with a vintage feel and style

If you sell vintage goods or vintage clothing, you can theme your packaging in a vintage style using ribbons made from vintage material off-cuts, reprinted vintage newspapers, and even include a vintage print or label alongside your product. But, use glitter in your plan conservatively — so that it doesn’t end up all over your customers when they get their package home.

A vintage-style package goes well with custom brand branding to complement the appearance. You can continue to sell your goods or service to your clients if your brand is memorable, even if they aren’t actively searching for them.  Consider vintage-inspired yet modern packaging concepts to make your products or services stand out. There are many decoration ideas.

To achieve that goal:
  • Try using a vintage-looking label or tag
  • Focus on unusual shapes of boxes — for instance, hexagons or even octagons
  • Design and get customized stickers with product names printed

For your information, vintage design is in fashion at the moment — make sure that you give them a try for great change. Moreover, these unique vintage-based small business packaging ideas are ideal for all brands that specialize in retro or vintage goods. Remember, even if you don’t sell vintage goods, vintage flourishes on your packaging can work well.

8. Design with a unique twist 

It is eye-catching and sleek to have a modern design different from the norm. Your product can turn into a work of art with a few changes to its packaging. This approach will also make your goods stand out in a crowded market.  Visitors from far and wide will be enticed by this style’s use of unusual materials like wood and leather. The price isn’t an issue for them!

There is no need for expensive materials or complex equipment to achieve this new trend, which is inexpensive! To design a product package with even more twist, you can also consider using Canvas Bags in your plan. The fact is that; Canvas Bags are a great way to package a wide range of goods, including consumables like sweets and chocolate.

What’s more, they are available online in a huge range of sizes — you can even print the brand logo onto each bag using a custom stamp. If the brand is simple, minimalist, and natural, a plain white Canvas Bag embossed with the brand logo is an attractive and classy way to package the products and leaves your customers with something they can reuse if they want.

9. Keeping it playful is also effective

Make use of your packaging to be playful and creative. An illustration story can play a significant role in making a product’s packaging interactive. People may be more inclined to buy a product with a unique font and fun imagery. Due to fierce competition, it is vital to attract customers in any industry or product today. Playful and unique packaging is also very effective.

It might draw customers to your products over others. The font and color scheme further enhances playfulness. Unique and fun packaging can easily tell a short narrative with strong branding. It tells a brand’s story through the use of a variety of colors and styles in a playful and engaging way. Therefore, small business packaging ideas must be highly creative.

10. Add freebies to your packages

Of course, you can make your small business stand out by adding little extras to your packaging, yes! Things like stickers, sweets, and accessories, that fit with the brand image. This makes the brand more memorable to customers and adds a positive association when they think of buying from you. It’s also an easy and cost-effective way for a small business.

Clearly, this method will make even relatively plain packaging stand out from the crowd. It also gives your customers a sense of greater value when they purchase products from you. Forthwith, a personal touch is an easy way to make the brand image stand out among competitors. It’ll remind your customers that they’re helping a small local business.

Whichever way you choose to package products, add a small, personal thank you note inside the package — it’s a great way to show customers your appreciation for their custom. What’s more, before dispatching your product packages, make sure that you also write each note by hand. Draft a message that’s both personal and fits the tone of your business or brand.


In conclusion, there is nothing more friendly than a small business. It is, therefore, vital to be familiar with packaging ideas for small firms — so that your small business can have a distinctive packaging design. No matter what your budget or design skills are, you can create memorable branding with your packaging. Also, you can get started in many different ways.

Overall, creating a brand’s identity and personality is best achieved through packaging and design. It is easy to show what sets you apart from your rivals through design, no matter what your product packaging or color choice is. Also, your packaging and design should always leave an effect that is memorable and impactful. Care needs to be taken by product designers.

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This means, that when packaging delicate, small items that require a little extra padding, it’s quite vital that you protect delicate items with tissue paper. Perse, tissue paper is a simple and cost-effective solution. In that case, choose simple, pastel shades to wrap the products in. And then, finish your packaging off with a branded sticker. Tissue paper is quite lightweight.

It’s also versatile, and cost-effective. Whilst, making it a great option for packaging small gifts and products that require very low-cost packaging to remain profitable. On that note, if you think that there is something else that we can add to this guide, kindly let us know in our comments section. You are also welcome to Consult Us if you’ll need more support from our experts.

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