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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes For Snack Lovers To Consider

Monthly Subscription Boxes and taking food is common, but no one beats foodies and snack lovers regarding their commitment to having the best. A foodie is a person who has a refined or ardent interest in food and alcoholic drinks. You are a foodie if you seek new food experiences as a hobby rather than eating out of hunger.  

On the other hand, a snack lover is a person who loves snacking. They will do anything to satisfy their savory or sweet cravings with a tantalizing mix of delicious snacks. From cookies to candy bars to chips to crackers, these people will dig and have a bite of any snack that comes to mind.  Your preference for foods or snacks says a lot about who you are.  

A survey of 2,000 Americans finds major differences in personality between people who prefer sweet treats and those who like munching on savory foods. Fans of sweets are more likely to be social while snacking.   Conversely, savory snackers save their snacks for leisurely or more intimate activities. And regardless of the type of snacker or foodie you are, a subscription box is one of the best ways of indulging in what you love.  

Here are the best top 10 subscription boxes you can try.  

Carnivore Club Snack Box

It’s no doubt that if you have a craving you want to satisfy, snacks subscription box will come in handy. And if you are into charcuterie, jerkies, or cured meats, Carnivore Club is the way to go. Here, flavors run the gamut. 

You can go for the Snack Gift Box with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats like biltong, meat sticks, and jerky. This snack box can excite your taste buds for as little as a $39.99 monthly subscription. Another box you will enjoy is their Classic Box. This one costs $49.99 a month, and you get free shipping.  

Other boxes include Taste of Spain, Mega Meat Box, Jerky Gift Teen, and Carnivore Club Snack Box Sampler. So, no matter your meat or charcuterie preference, your needs will be met with these wide ranges of premium cuts.  

Universal Yams Snack Box

six full clear glass jars on white surface

If you are a snack lover who can easily get bored after trying a limited variety of snacks, try the Universal Snack Box. They have a different range of boxes, each arriving from a different country every month. 

Moreover, you will receive a booklet packed with information about the snacks and the country they came from. In addition, this is an added advantage if you are a snacker with kids. Also, some brands want to promote healthy living; your snacks or cereal boxes can be customized to include nutritional facts and pictures showing healthy, whole foods. You can have all the trivia fun while delving into new experiences from different countries each time.

TokyoTreat Subscription Box

No country has better snacks than Japan. That explains why there are so many Japan-themed boxes, but none compares to TokyoTreat Subscription Box.  

This box offers a whole spectrum of snacks with salty, spicy, and sweet treats. You do not have to worry about your satisfaction; these snacks come in generous sizes too.  

Bokksu Snack Box

If you cannot get enough Japanese snacks, this is a box that you can try. The Bokksu Snack Box does not solely focus on Tokyo, ramen, or candy. They offer boxes from different regions in Japan. So, it will be a great way of expanding your Japanese snacking horizons.  


SnackCrate is another box that allows you to try out different snacks from various parts of the world. They offer mini, original, and family options with various full-sized snacks.  

With each box including fun games and the prospect of winning a prize for a trip around the world, the experience will be exhilarating.  

Thrive Market

Suppose snacks are not the only thing you are after. Thrive Market offers snacks, groceries, and other health products from more than six thousand brands.  

Instead of getting a limited number of products or snacks each time, the box allows you to create and curate your subscription and change it as much as you like.  

Candy Club

This is the perfect club if you are a sweet tooth. As a subscriber, you can update your taste profile and receive either sweet or mostly sour or a mix of delectable candy.  

The box packs a premium mix of candies, including gummies, bites, and chocolate, and you can have cookies, lemonade straws, chocolate pretzels, sour strawberries, and much more.  

Keto Krate

Finding true keto-friendly snacks can be tough if you live a ketogenic diet. But you do not have to despair. The Keto Krate is here for anyone looking to incorporate different foods into their keto diet. 

Variety Fun

You will be on the look for snacks often if your house is full of kids. You can end the hassle by being a member of the Variety Fun.  

They will send all the classics, from popcorn to chips to cookies to candy, from the companies you know and love.  

Fit Snack

If you feel guilty after snacking, this is the box for you. They incorporate workouts from a personal trainer who is a nutritionist, ensuring you keep healthy while satisfying your cravings.  


Nothing beats the satisfaction of meeting your cravings and exciting your taste buds. With subscription boxes, you can have an adventure since you can try different items you haven’t had before.  

There is so much you can get from them besides food and snacks. From trivia to workout routines to facts to fun and games, snacking with subscription boxes is the best way to do what you love.  


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