Payroll Software List | #7 Best Apps To Automate Workers Pay

In this guide, we’ll have a look at a Payroll Software List that business managers can make use of in order to generate effective salaries for their employees. So, stick with me to the end so that you can learn a thing or two about the best payroll software that you should go for as a business manager. So that, as a result, you can effectively generate your employee payouts.

Keep in mind, that most business owners are now emphasizing internal management to establish an engaging work culture, as it is the key to growth. Effective business management adds great value to the reputation and enables numerous other advantages. It contributes to business productivity and outlines a success path. And, employees play an essential role.

Particularly, as far as whether the wholesome salary payment process will become a success or not. Therefore, businesses are enabling employee wellness programs to keep them motivated and engaged to work. Besides mental health, managers also try to boost the staff’s financial wellness. Whereby, they usually tend to pay their employees according to their contributions.

Meaning, that if you’ll (as a business) achieve more, you’ll have also made more, and if you contributed (as an employee) you are also bound to get paid more. Essentially, as a matter of fact, this encourages the workforce to make additional efforts, resulting in the organization’s and staff’s healthy financial status.

What A Business Employees Payroll Entails

By definition, in terms of business employees management protocols, Payroll is a key function that an organization performs to make precise payments to its human resources. On one hand, it includes everything that relates to the distribution of cash in the form of bank deposits, cheques, and much more. Usually, it denotes the payment the employees receive.

Especially, from any given business employer or even an organization. Basically, it describes the financial records the organization holds regarding employee pay. On the other hand, it also refers to the process of the company paying its employees while taking care of tax requirements. What about maintaining employees’ records per their payments?

A payroll system is involved in all this: Plus all the taxes in filing terms are taken care of on the part of the employer. It comes in handy to evaluate employees’ annual salaries at the end of the fiscal year. For companies with international employees and independent contractors, it’s imperative to consider partnering up with an EOR like Remote as such.

Remote offers independent contractor management and payroll solution services. So, whenever managing payroll using manual methods fail — not a wise option— this is where the topmost payroll software comes into play.

In short, the best-fit payroll software automates the entire payroll process, allowing businesses to simplify and streamline payroll administration. It reduces paperwork and eliminates manual errors, allowing payroll managers to complete payroll processing as soon as possible. That said, let’s now move on and learn more about why it matters for managers.

Why Does A Payroll Software Matter

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Payroll Software is a toolkit that automates everything about any given business payments management per payroll. Thereby, it helps businesses to simplify and streamline payroll management. Whilst, eliminating paperwork and preventing manual errors — it allows payroll managers to carry out payroll processing at the earliest.

Secondly, a Payment Payroll not only includes calculating salaries for employees and providing them with paychecks. It also comprises handling deductions and tax filings while complying with regional laws. Considering the factors involved, payroll management is a complex, time-consuming process that demands constant attention.

With an automated payroll system in place, the employer can make sure that the employees receive their salaries on time — without the payroll manager having to spend more time on payroll processing. Besides, the organization can also easily onboard employees across the world in a seamless and hassle-free way, without the need for that much manual manpower.

In other words, built with the latest technology framework, a quality payroll software system simplifies all the manual payroll management efforts for many ample companies out there. Given the multitude of products available in the market, you need to consider some factors to find out the right payroll software that caters to the needs of your organization.

The Topmost Best Plus Efficient Payroll Software 

In the first place, to be the best and most defacto HR and payroll management system support giver, such an app should be mobile-first as well as a hire-to-retire HCM platform for you. A payroll software service solutions toolkit that enables you/your business managers to automate operations, engage and retain talent, and build high performing workforce.

While, at the same time, delivering a great employee experience that works as a catalyst in your growth journey. A good payroll software tool should also be able to provide an extensive yet flexible module. Specifically, in order to allow you to decentralize data entry tasks — while maintaining robust monitoring and control over the overall business expenditure.

Additionally, another feature to gather from the topmost payroll application tool is that it empowers business employees with a next-generation mobile app. Whereby, as a result, they can easily and quickly perform a variety of HR-related tasks with ease, anytime, anywhere, and reduce the burden on the human resource center.

With a quality payroll application tool, your business will experience not just a good platform but one that is great and very efficient. In terms of service solutions, the benefits need to be more than the challenges you’ll face. And also, the support team should be readily available(24/7 if possible), responsive, and patient enough with your business accommodations.

A few other things to watch out for in a great payroll software 
  • Most if not all service software providers should also offer an automated payroll application tool. Whilst, bearing in mind, doing it manually is difficult, that’s why payroll managers look elsewhere — either hire specialists or get the best tools.
  • The best payroll software expert team solves your business needs (like employee queries) for you in a jiffy. On that note, the best solution for companies should be able to engage with their customers in a way that 10s and 100s of freelancers can’t.
  • If your business needs some last-minute onboarding to be done, great payroll software should be able to make that happen without wasting any precious time. They also should be able to manage other needs including insurance coverage.
  • Likewise, their uttermost priority should be to remove the need to use different solutions here and there or a variety of employee services solution partners to manage freelancers. For a fair price, they’ll provide the best solution to manage several employees at once.
  • In the same fashion, such software providers should make it easy for their end-users to access various toolkits comfortably, operate a variety of features easily, and quickly manage the software system files without any glitches.
  • What’s more, for it to be the best payroll software, it needs to suit all businesses (even those that need only basic features) — with a very pocket-friendly package payment plan. As well as an autonomous way to integrate other business tools.

By the same token, what about, employee self-service software operations option features? Clearly, you should be able to open up HR bandwidth by giving easy access to relevant information and data to your employees online through a self-service portal. Plus options for the likes of provident fund, superannuation, benevolent, gratuity, and pension trust efficiently.

HR managers spend most of their time in the payroll process; thus, they cannot focus on other vital aspects. Therefore, automated payroll software systems can be helpful in getting rid of repetitive tasks. And now, having said that, below listed are some prominent Payroll software for business managers to utilize in order to generate effective salaries:

1. Paycor

Paycor lets managers easily automate their salary processes and enables excellent efficiency. It facilitates salary calculations, deposits, record-keeping, tax processing, reporting, and managing workers’ compensations.

Managers can simply pre-schedule the salary cycle to make the payments at the right time; even they can choose the method of paying staff from various options such as direct deposits, paycards and earned wages access. In addition, the system keeps the company compliant with the latest changes in law and files forms on its behalf.

Moreover, the self-service capabilities ensure that your employees are getting all the details they need, from paystubs to retirement benefits. The mobile app assists managers and staff in getting any detail right on their devices from any location.

  • Easy setup and functionalities
  • Customizable reporting capabilities
  • All sizes of businesses can use it
  • It is not helpful in remote work setups.
  • Limited features in the basic plan.

Of course, that’s all that makes Paycor the number one payroll software on this list (other key features from its website).

2. factoHR

factoHR streamlines the payroll management process and avails businesses in many ways. It enables automated salary calculations, salary deposits, compliance assistance, loans & advances management, and reports & analytics. HR professionals save much time by scheduling the salary generations, and they can also define the workflow and structure.

Perse, according to the company’s needs. There are numerous earning and deduction components, payslip formats, and other things; even they can be customized to fit the requirements. The wizard-driven process guides executives at every step and allows them to run the payroll at any time, so off-cycle payments such as incentives, bonuses, and arrears can be covered.

  • It can be useful in both in-office and remote work settings.
  • It offers robust payroll management along with necessary HRMS features.
  • The system helps track employees’ loans & advances and set deductions.
  • It does not suit businesses that need only basic features
  • Only suitable for medium and large-sized companies.

See! The reasons why factoHR took the number two. What’s more, salary slips get generated once the payments are finalized, and employees can download them from their devices through the ESS portal. They can also declare their investments, fill out necessary forms, and then, you can easily and quickly upload the necessary documents right from their devices.

3. Multiplier

Technically, Multiplier is yet another payroll software system that’s making HR and payroll teams’ lives easier. It’s a comprehensive platform to take care of your global teams’ payroll, taxes, social contributions, and local insurance policies. With a fully-packed OKR-based system, wherein one can create multiple goals, evaluate them with flexible review cycles, etc.

As well as improve their overall goals with insightful MIS. Ultimately, it’s one of the best toolkits that allow your business to thrive in global markets, while its manned application tools help you to handle your global teams effectively.  Enter into new markets, fast-track growth, and avoid the hassle of incorporating a new entity

Don’t limit your search to local talents, leverage global talent, get employment contracts that thoroughly comply with local laws, as well as onboard everything under one roof, pay, and manage your international employees from a single platform. Overall, you’ll be able to embrace borderless, flexible, and smart hiring

  • Quality and accurate results
  • Employees onboarding tools
  • Core HR service solutions support
  • Both time and attendance tracking
  • A variety of packages — basic, professional, premium, ultimate, etc.
  • No specific pricing plans
  • There is no cancellation fee or lock-in period on any of its plans.

Moving on, as you can see, there are just so many reasons and benefits to why Multiplier is preferred by top companies as their HRTech Partner. It’s just a great business employees’ payroll software solution.  — with 500+ customers, over 1.5 million employees, and clients in 20+ countries so far — thus, it’s a payroll software application that you too can trust.

4. Eddy

Eddy is another HRMS providing excellent assistance to managers in their different functions. The salary calculations, deposits, tax filings, e-signatures, record-keeping, and reporting are its major offerings.

Once the salary structure and workflow are defined, the system allows scheduling payments in advance. Multiple cycles can also be managed for different employees, teams, or departments. Direct deposits and checks – both options are supported in the software, and staff members own access to their funds as they can choose up to 4 accounts to deposit paychecks.

  • Documents are managed and stored in a secure place easily.
  • Customer support solves issues quickly.
  • Enrolling new employees in the system is easy.
  • Reporting options are very limited.
  • Only small-scale businesses or those with limited human resources can be benefitted from the system.

At all costs, Quarterly and annual tax filings are automated so managers can free themselves from other tedious tasks. The system collects the taxes within one day of salary generation, and forms are filled out on time.

5. Paylocity

Paylocity automates the payroll process, boosts its accuracy, and saves time. Salary calculations, taxation & compliance, expense management, and garnishments – can be simplified.

The 3 step salary process makes the work quicker and improves efficiency. Prorated employees’ salaries and retro pay are also managed effectively with the software, and taxes are determined based on the staff’s location. The expense management module fetches data from the payroll module, notes all the expenses, and determines & schedules reimbursements.

Employees have access to some portion of their earned wages so that they can manage personal finances efficiently. The workforce gets all the essential information through the mobile app, such as past checks, tax forms, and payslips.

  • All businesses can use the system, regardless of the industry and size.
  • It offers numerous options for integrations.
  • Easy-to-understand UI and functionalities.
  • It lacks transparency in pricing.
  • The customer support is not very efficient.

There you go! A few reasons (to give Paylocity a try) as well as a few downsides to watch out for.

6. Namely

Namely is another name on the list providing adequate solutions to HR managers and simplifying the salary process. It assists in calculating salaries, linking timesheets, changing policies, and staying compliant.

Automatic salary calculations enable higher accuracy, and the 3 step payment process ensures robust security. The pre-built timesheets keep all the records of employees’ tasks and link them with their salaries, so they get the payment according to their contributions. The dashboard helps managers quickly overview the ongoing pay cycles and other tasks.

  • The system offers various customization options to meet the needs of different businesses.
  • The administrator can determine the access levels and permissions based on the user’s role.
  • It also helps to manage the salaries of remote employees.
  • The platform has very limited integration options.
  • It only suits the requirements of small businesses.

Equally important, there is yet another beneficial feature that makes this payroll software stick around this list. In particular, the platform automatically updates all the payroll regulations and law changes and ensures that the organization follows all the necessary rules. It also handles tax filings, saving valuable time.

7. QuikChex

QuikChex makes payroll management a breeze and enables enhanced productivity of HR professionals. Automatically, it smoothens the strategic plan of business employees’ salary calculation, easily manages all existing employee loans as well as tracks any advance payouts, etc. It equally generates bank reports and handles staff’s investment declarations.

In addition, its unique 7-step salary process is easy to set up and doesn’t need any expertise. Not to mention, it’s known to automatically manage a variety of moving business components in a seamless way. Such as gratuity, PF, TDS, ESIC, and arrears. In addition, pre-built salary templates help to enable different formats for each department or office.

  • Quick implementation and easy-to-use functionalities.
  • Any sized business can use the platform.
  • Customer support is very attentive.
  • Integration options are scarce.
  • It doesn’t offer tax filing options as compared to other systems.

Lastly, it’s also worth mentioning that: With this particular payroll software, staff loans and advances are also managed easily, and managers can set automated EMIs. In the ESS, employees can get their payslips quickly, declare their investments, and submit proofs.

Summary Notes:

Automating payroll may result in higher costs for a business for a short time, but it will give higher returns overall. Investing in employees structures the organizational culture and boosts engagement levels. Monetary benefits encourage employees to make extra efforts and attain expected results. Which will, ultimately result in more business stability.

Therefore, they involve themselves more and more in the operations and take them as their own. Of course, by now you know more about the fundamentals of payroll, how it is processed, and the other options for organizations’ payout undertakings — that require trustworthy partners to take care of it for them. What’s your take on this, mind to share a few with us below?

That’s it! A business manager’s payroll software call to action. Simply put, in a nutshell, payroll software helps businesses generate accurate salaries in less time, so the managers can spare time for activities to smoothen internal management and improve organizational culture. The listed systems are efficient enough and provide valuable features on a budget.

NB: Our featured image credits go to Vectorjuice for their net income calculating abstract concept illustration. And now, until the next one, thanks for taking the time to read this blog guide. Not forgetting, you can always Consult Us and ask for help.

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