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Nom Nom is fresh dog food made by real people who care — they are purposeful and enthusiastic about giving your dog the best food for them and their health so they can thrive and be their best. Uniquely, they use natural science and insights to make real, good food for pets. Food prepared, mixed, and packed with care. Before we elaborate more about Nom Nom, read this user testimonial:

”As the mom of two of the cutest dogs on the entire planet, I always seek out the very best dog food on the market to order. After my dog Lucy started having dental issues, I looked for softer food options. I tried everything from wet foods to frozen meals sold in pet stores, tried my hand at cooking homemade meals, and eventually settled on freshly made dog food delivered to my doorstep.

Over the years, my dogs have tried various brands, and they’ve liked some more than others. On the one hand, my Maltipoo Poppy is the pickiest of them all—with one sniff, she’ll weed out the ones she won’t even attempt to eat. Lucy, on the other hand, eats everything, so if she doesn’t eat it, then it isn’t perfect. Thankfully, the fresh food they’ve been on for the past year has been great.

But, like anything, it can get pretty redundant, so it was time to try a new brand like Nom Nom Pet Food Store for a change.” With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that as a pet parent, switching between pet foods is a big decision, so we’ve gathered answers to some of the top questions you may have. This revised guideline will enlighten you on why Nom Nom pet food store is the place to be.

Getting To Know What The Nom Nom Storefront Offers The Pet Food Marketplace 

Nom Nom is a pet health company that offers fresh dog/cat food, supplements, gut health screenings, and more. They are grounded in the belief that better nutrition is a crucial component in both preventative care and snout-to-tail health for the four-legged family. In plain human English, given their innovative pet food products storefront, they believe what suits people is suitable for pets, too.

Of course, sound out the name Nom Nom, and you’ll know it concerns food. And as such, dog food—but not just any dog food, freshly made dog food delivered straight to your door. On that note, if quality dog food and saving time are at the top of your list, then the Nom Nom fresh dog food subscription service may be what you’re looking for. You need to create an account as a product buyer.

To formulate their dog food recipes, Nom Nom hosts two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists on staff, overseeing the creation of every recipe — two of just about 100 in the country. They (along with their proactive PhD-led science team) also lead the field in pet microbiome research. Long story short, they’re the people you want to make your dog’s food—get a perfect mix they’ll enjoy.

Unlike their competitors (still trying to figure out things), regarding their product design for packaging, the Nom Nom team considers their food precious cargo. So, it’s carefully packed with dry ice and recyclable liners. Meal packs should arrive cold, but you’ll want to move them to the freezer after unboxing. Now, it’s time to reveal how Nom Nom empowers the pet food products marketplace.

What empowers their dog meals program:
  • They prep their food with restaurant-quality ingredients.
  • Each ingredient is individually cooked and mixed in small batches for maximum nutrition.
  • Their dog food arrives cold in individually pre-portioned.
  • To ensure zero food waste, they freshly prep meals each week.
  • They supply calorie-counted meal packs—for peel-and-pour weight management.
  • Their carbs study helps them with details to customize their recipes.
  • They actively study the dog gut microbiomes to understand better the nutritional impact.

Science tells us that dog health starts in the bowl, so improving their diet is one of the best ways to help them live a long, happy life. All you have to do is order, pour, and serve. As such, they deliver fresh food made with whole ingredients backed by veterinary science. Uniquely, to mitigate their carbon footprint, their materials are specially designed to keep your pet’s meals fresh in transit.

For your information, the science behind the Nom Nom fresh food and probiotics proves itself. In particular, this evidence comes straight from the Nommers all across their delivery pawprint (aka the lower 48). Realistically, these Nommers report shinier, softer coats, an increase in energy, brighter eyes, improvement in weight control, smaller poops, and better overall health/wellness.

Generally speaking, out of experience, what makes the Nom Nom dog food unique is its clean—no fillers, a mix without additional chemicals, and no-nonsense excuses. One thing is sure: The Nom Nom team uses fresh, whole ingredients packed with nutritious meals in their strategic dietary plans. Furthermore, it’s this perfection that helps in accommodating allergies and sensitivities.

Understand How Nom Nom Empowers The Pet Food Marketplace Storefront

Remarkably, the whole dog food recipe preparation process starts with their in-house Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. The Nom Nom team research and formulate the recipes so dogs can access the quality nutrition they deserve. To achieve the best mix, every meat and veggie is gently cooked individually, then mixed in batches to seal in vital nutrients and maximize digestibility.

As a result, that’s why the resultant custom Nom Nom beef and peas meal plans look like the actual peas. Ultimately, every meal is calculated using an algorithm developed by their scientists—based on the most recent research in veterinary nutrition. To help foster efficiency, they look at age, weight, and activity level to determine their approximate metabolism and caloric needs.

To begin, you’ll first tell Nom Nom all about your dog, including their name, sex, breed, age, and current weight. You’ll also choose your dog’s current body condition from three categories: underweight, ideal, or overweight. Afterward, you can indicate additional conditions like “picky eater,” “food allergies or a sensitive stomach,” “dull or flaky coat,” and “arthritis or joint pain.”

And then, after that, you get to choose your pet’s meals—you can select up to two recipes. Usually, at this point, you can continue or add on another pet. Still, if you continue, you’ll be asked for your full name and email address, as well as a shipping address. Afterward, you fill out all of your information and then be directed to your dog’s personalized page with the costs of the meal plan.

The simple steps:
  • Define Your Dog: They’ll make recommendations and help you build a meal plan based on their unique needs.
  • Your Order Details: They’ll tailor a specific amount of individually packaged Nom Nom meals and send them to you.
  • Make Your Payment: Put your payment information under your account profile, and Nom Nom will handle the rest.
  • Order In Progress: The Nom Nom team will start prepping and portioning their meals in their own USA kitchens.
  • Receive Your Order: The Nom Nom experts will pack your meals to stay cold, fresh, and bursting with flavor and nutrients.

Equally important, the Nom Nom team measures its fresh dog food to their caloric needs, so it’s essential to keep them updated on any progress or changes. For one thing, this will ensure that they are correctly portioning their meals. As mentioned, you can first create an account to start, and then log into your account and go to “Pets” and “Update Profile” according to your dog preferences.

It’s important to note that they highly recommend storing your pet’s (dog/cat) meal products in the freezer (or fridge) until it’s mealtime! On that note, their specialized team will give you specific instructions on transitioning your pets (dog/cat) from foods like kibble to always-fresh Nom Nom for best results. As a result, watch your pets clean their dishes, dance for dinner, and overall thrive!

Top Recipes:
  1. The Beef Mash
  2. Chicken Cuisine (one recipe for cats—for now)
  3. Pork Potluck
  4. Turkey Fare

In layman’s language, every meat and veggie is gently cooked individually, then mixed in batches to seal vital nutrients and maximize digestibility—no high-temperature vats or extrusion. The result? You will get a genuine dog food product that looks as good as it tastes. As mentioned, their freshly prepared dog food products process (once a week) is all part of their zero waste program.

Give The Authentic Nom Nom Food Products A Try — Get Your Pet Going!

Precisely, the Nom Nom qualified team delivers each portion per your unique pet’s needs—no underfeeding, no overfeeding. All the Nom Nom dog food recipes are formulated by leading Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists — including Dr. Caitlyn Getty and Dr. Justin Shmalberg. Ahem, ahem, two of roughly 100 Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists in the country that you can trust.

Furthermore, they also employ 6 PhDs on their regular staff to further the advancement of pet health and achieve high nutritional standards. Their research and development team is led by Ryan Honaker, PhD— a nutrition expert in microbiome manipulation, infection therapeutics, and microbial community profiling. But there is still more to the Nom Nom authentic pet food products!

Fortunately, they do everything in-house—from sourcing to shipping. This helps to ensure nothing slips under their radar and that you get the best value for your money. What if you want to try out the Nom Nom dog food first? You are welcome! You can go ahead and give them a taste. Let your pup tell you what they like best! You’ll be amazed how quickly you want to start making your orders.

Have the pet food right at your doorstep. Surprisingly, the Nom Nom dog feed products start at around $20 weekly. However, the recipes may vary per your pet’s breed, age, weight, activeness, and unique health goals. At the same time, it’s worth mentioning that factors such as delivery cadence, number of pets, and select sensitivities can also influence weekly prices. What about food trials?

How to start your pet food trials:
  • First, you can request to start a trial dog food feeding process from the Nom Nom storefront.
  • Secondly, try the Variety Pack, which lets you try each of the authentic, good, fresh recipes in small sample portions.

Remember, there is also another way to acquire them. In this case, the Nom Nom dog food products are proudly sold at select PetSmart Stores through and other partners.  In addition, their meal plans are customizable, where users control delivery cadence, recipes, and portion size—which can positively affect the cost. Remember, they deliver fresh products to you.

Fresh Pet Food Products Sourced, Mixed, And Packed With Care By Nom Nom 

As a rule of thumb, your dog’s health starts in the gut. A better diet means softer coats, more energy, better breath, and smaller, more consistent stools. In most cases, your dog can’t tell you if they’re healthy, but you can tell when their health improves. Luckily, the Nom Nom food products are a total of fresh proteins your dog or cat loves and the vitamins and nutrients they need to thrive.

Their meals are pre-portioned for your dog’s exact caloric needs. You can see the Nom Nom proteins and vegetables—like beef, chicken, pork, peas, carrots, kale, and more. Fresh means fresh, and with Nom Nom, you can see what your dog is saying. No fillers or weird ingredients with names you can’t pronounce. It’s the easiest way to take the guesswork out of feeding your dog the best.

For your information, by visiting the official product listing website page, you can see if the Nom Nom dog food products are available at one near you. For sure, it’s what we like to call delicious science—it’s also all the furry that folks go bonkers over! The Nom Nom team will help you find the perfect recipe for your dog/cat based on their diet history (hello, sensitive tummies and picky eaters).

Then, after that, they’ll mix and pre-portion your custom dog meals to match their unique health goals—right down to the calories. ranks Nom Nom as the #1 fresh pet food given an in-house research and development team (6 PhDs). Additionally, their vertically integrated (no white-labeling) process, plus other dog food product differentiators, help put Nom Nom ahead of competitors.

The differentiators:
  • They offer recognizable restaurant-quality recipes made with natural, whole ingredients.
  • Their employees make their food, and only their food, in facilities they control.
  • Meal plans are personalized based on age, breed, weight, health goals & activity level.
  • Pre-portioned, single-serve meal packs (the only fresh food company to offer 1 bag = 1 meal).
  • Their recipes are created by a board of certified vet nutritionists (two of fewer than 100 in the US).
  • All recipes cost the same, so the math is simple/starting at $20/week.
  • Their dedicated customer experience staff offers limitless support.

Equally important, Nom Nom also commits its pet food products toward sustainability (recyclables, sourcing, and zero waste) and the pet community (adoption program). As mentioned, all their dog/cat and other pet food product packaging—from the delivery box to their pre-portioned meal packs—is entirely recyclable. For example, the dry ice in their food products takes care of itself.

In particular, this happens through the sublimation process — it sounds fancy, but it is just science. To maintain eco-friendly products, they are made with only the good stuff—no fillers or dyes to scam you (fewer ingredients, better nutrition). To reduce the carbon footprint, their boxes, meal packs, and premium insulating liners are all either recyclable or made from recycled materials.

What Is Suitable For People Is Good For Pets — Make Your Orders Today!

To enumerate, Nom Nom is healthy, fresh dog food formulated by top Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists and prepped in their kitchens with free delivery to your door. Uniquely, the Board of Certified Veterinary Nutritionists meticulously crafts the Nom Nom nutrient-packed recipes for dog food with quality, flavor, and texture in mind. They offer a fresh dog food subscription service, too.

In other words, Nom Nom is a fresh dog food subscription service that delivers straight to your door. Markedly, once you sign up and enter your dog’s information, Nom Nom handles the rest based on your pet’s needs. Furthermore, as a pet parent, switching foods is a big decision, and that’s why we’ve offered the best answers to some of the topmost questions that you may have.

Get Started Now:— Switch To Nom Nom Pet Food Products And Save 60%

The Nom Nom shop has multiple food recipes for your dog to drool over. Being a fresh dog food subscription service, once you sign up and enter your dog’s information, the team handles the rest based on your pet’s needs. Perse, they also pre-measure their meals, so all you have to do is pour and serve twice daily. Notwithstanding, you can mix, rotate, or switch them up whenever you’d like.

Be that as it may, no matter what life stage they’re in, the Nom Nom team will help you keep their meal plan current so they get the most from their diet. In addition, they offer you the freedom to access personalized insights into their weight, GI, and joint health with reports prepared by their qualified and certified scientists. Get Started — let Nom Nom take the stress out of feeding your pets.

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