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Mindvalley Masterclass Academy works with the world’s most legendary teachers, especially on programs and experiences that ignite massive change in their student community. Whether you’re 9 or 90 or considering supplementing your university degree or replacing it, the Mindvalley Academy Masterclass is there for you. It offers limitless online learning programs for all professionals.

With over 12 million learners in 100+ countries, the Mindvalley experts learned what it takes to help business leaders retain, empower, and engage their best people — to help your people become the best possible versions of themselves so they can give their best at work. Bring the transformational content of Mindvalley to your team to boost performance, increase happiness, and improve engagement.

Enjoy unlimited access to 100+ programs, meditations, live workshops, trainings, private social networks, and more — for only $1.1/day. Engage with Mindvalley’s entire curriculum of 50+ quests. This is an opportunity to uplift yourself by accessing the most transformative wisdom and ideas worldwide. Innovative design, technology, and community models enhance it.

You’ll also have the unwavering support of a global tribe. This platform not only elevates you but also makes learning more enjoyable and more straightforward. Today, the iBuy Group has a market capitalization of over US$120 million. Vishen Lakhiani is also an active philanthropist via the Mindvalley Foundation and sits on the Innovation Board of the X Prize Foundation.

Getting To Know Who The Mindvalley Masterclass Academy Founding Genius Is

Vishen Lakhiani is the founder of Mindvalley/Mindvalley University, is among the NY Times best-selling authors, is the creator of the 6-phase meditation, is also the A-Fest founder, the co-founder of Lifebook, and more. He is an entrepreneur, author, and activist on a mission to raise human consciousness. Not to mention, he founded Mindvalley Academy Masterclass in 2003.

Reimagining The Human Experience With The Mindvalley Masterclass Academy Founder

Lakhiani holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and stumbled onto meditation when he was 26 to cope with the stress of working for a startup in Silicon Valley. His results from bringing personal growth into his workplace were so stunning he went from a junior hire to Vice-President of the company in 7 months. At 27, he was running the company’s New York office.

18 months later, he quit becoming a meditation teacher because of a quote he read by Mandela: “If you want to change the world, change education.” The result was Mindvalley. The platform has hundreds of world-class teachers and a thriving global community. Surprisingly, Vishen took Mindvalley from $0 to exceeding $100M in revenue with no bank loans or VC funding.

Equally important, there was also no other type of support. He said, “trusting my intuition, dreaming big dreams, and meditating daily.” Vishen believes in work-life integration, which reflects the company culture he created at Mindvalley. The company was recognized as one of the top 10 most fantastic offices in the world by Inc. Magazine and has been recognized for its culture.

Understanding Why Mindvalley Masterclass Academy Is So Essential

To begin with, Mindvalley Masterclass Academy is an all-round, reputable online learning platform that focuses on helping people achieve success and improve their lives through training body, mind, and spirit. Generally speaking, Mindvalley Masterclass Academy is a learning platform that gives you access to the best of its professional skills foundation and expert resource materials.

For beginners, Mindvalley University is an education model that is constantly evolving; it is a unique university with online and live curricula. Notably, Mindvalley Masterclass Academy is transforming the approach to learning by hosting events. It’s worth noting that Mindvalley doesn’t view education as a standardized, linear process that merely serves as a means to an end.

Instead, Mindvalley promotes education as a lifelong journey that is complete and conscious. This prospect is achieved by re-igniting the innate curiosity in us all. This radical approach enables Mindvalley to conveniently encompass over 3 million students of all ages from all over the world.

In addition, Mindvalley’s learning mechanics are seemingly integrated into the top corporations and the most prestigious schools in the world. Together, they find unlikely connections and growth through dynamic online learning courses. Their epic events and life-changing opportunities question commonly held assumptions observed in different spheres of life.

Understanding More About The Online Learning Masterclass Platform

On the one hand, it is important to note that Mindvalley Academy is advertised as an education company. Remember, Mindvalley was founded by Vishen Lakhiani in 2002. As of 2018, the company had over 202 employees from 46 countries. Eventually, they provide services and products driven by a passion for delivering digital content, among other technological innovations.

On the other hand, Mindvalley University is a company focused on “unleashing the full potential of humanity“. By all means, this prospect is achieved by admitting their learning solutions to over 135 countries in 60 languages. Additionally, the success is also pegged on their personal growth techniques and innovative education models — something that helps people live happier life.

As the founder of Mindvalley Academy Masterclass, Vishen intended to bring together the world’s top educators. This move was inspired by the need to usher in a new era for humanity that is more empowered, connected, and collaborative than the status quo. Its umbrella has launched different learning tools and platforms that have helped millions worldwide experience personal transformation.

The masterclass discoveries:
  • Discover the secrets of Lucid Dreams and how one can upgrade critical areas of their life through the hours spent sleeping. Consider the fact that Americans currently average 6.8 hours of sleep at night- this is according to a Gallup study. This phenomenon translates to 2,482 hours annually, or roughly 21 years, for a person up to 75 years. Therefore, you can imagine the opportunity for growth that awaits anyone willing to utilize a bit of the missed hours.
  • Andrew Holecek’s #1 most popular Lucid Dreaming technique. The technique is, in essence, a combination of two methods. Different studies prove that the techniques can increase your chances of experiencing a lucid dream by more than 500%.
  • Insights on why Lucid Dreaming is the best tool for accelerating spiritual growth. These insights also highlight how Lucid Dreaming tendencies help you reach the forefront of the current revolution of spiritual awakening.
  • Fascinating ways in which you can use Lucid Dreaming to enhance your life. Additionally, there are four specific methods by which professional athletes utilize lucid dreaming to improve their physical skills.
  • How Lucid Dreaming can be 1000 times more impactful than Creative Visualization in helping you overcome obstacles. The technique can also help you attract synchronicities and awaken your creative genius.

In addition, there is a collaboration of Meditation and Lucid Dreaming discovery practices- the hidden link that makes meditators better Lucid Dreamers. The discoveries highlight why a slight shift in your awareness during your waking state can open up a new world you can explore at night.

Some Reasons To Consider The Mindvalley Masterclass Learning Program

Simply because, through the Masterclass, you’ll experience a reality-bending deep dive into the peak states of consciousness with Vishen Lakhiani. The Becoming Limitless Program takes you on a step-by-step journey, using Vishen’s framework- to guide you into Stage 3 Consciousness.

This approach can be observed as a lifelong education initiative and learning phase reimagined for the future. Ultimately, expect to rise above your limiting models of reality and discover your infinite potential in every area of life. Drawing on the primal aspects of your lifetime goals, you can begin to learn:

1. To Use Energy To Transform Any Aspect Of Your Life

Learn the importance of living not just in the physical world but also in the spiritual world. You can also learn how to function in duality to transform every aspect of your life.

2. FOUR Powerful Energy Tools

Four of Jeffrey’s most effective energy healing techniques can help you attract more abundance, more love, more good health, and more happiness in your life. You can apply these techniques in any aspect of your life and see instant results.

3. How To Get Answers From Your Intuition

Under this exercise, you learn a straightforward “intuition exercise” you can use to get answers to any question. This simple technique can be utilized even by beginners to feel “more trusted and confirmed,” thereby enjoying a more profound connection to their source.

4. How To Clear Your #1 Energy Block In Just 7 Minutes

This simple 7-minute energy technique is an excellent way to experience the power of Energy. It will clear your #1 block, and you’ll feel different immediately. Watch out for amazing synchronicities right after you do this!

5. Watch Jeffrey Uncover Your Next Best Step In Life

Pick any aspect of your life that you feel you’re stuck in right now (it could be business, love, career, health, spirituality, or even parenting) and sit back to watch Jeffrey uncover your next best step through his unique Energy technique. Of course- there’s so much more!

How Much Is Mindvalley Masterclass Academy Membership Worth?

Collectively, Mindvalley has been growing rapidly and now employs brilliant minds from 30+ different countries, all of whom work in their playpen for adults, aka the Mindvalley HQ, which Inc Magazine readers recognized as being one of the world’s most fantastic offices in 2012. Vishen Lakhiani started Mindvalley with $700 and a beat-up Toshiba laptop in a Starbucks joint.

Within 10 years, with zero VC money, loans, or government grants, he’s built a company worth over $100M that employs more than 200 people from more than 30 countries. Every day, in every way, become better and better at living your full potential. As mentioned, Mindvalley Membership offers unlimited access to all courses in its catalog taught by world-class experts for $499 per year.

Its founder uses Mindvalley as a platform to invest in and develop educational companies. The mission of the Mindvalley company is to disseminate enlightened ideas, often not found in traditional education systems, to a target of 1 billion people by the year 2050. Once you become a member of the masterclass learning platform, you’ll save big on your lifelong education.

In addition, you’ll discover transformational wisdom and ideas not yet covered in mainstream learning. And also, you’ll connect with the world’s best teachers and community. Perse, these and other essential features make Mindvalley an all-on-one revolutionary online learning platform. Furthermore, the Mindvalley Membership system is designed to transform every area of your life.

Summary Notes:

From their award-winning ‘Quests’ to engaging masterclasses, there is something for everyone at Mindvalley. Vishen recently penned the New York Times and Amazon bestseller “The Code for the Extraordinary Mind.” This publication challenges an individual to reject the inherited Bullshit Rules (Brules) that hold one back from succeeding, earning, loving, healing, and growing to their fullest potential.

Currently, Vishen travels worldwide, meeting brilliant minds, speaking at conferences and corporations, and filming content you can find online. You can, for instance, check out his most recent and intriguing interviews on the Mindvalley Podcast for more helpful insights from this genius. Now, let’s explore the role of Mindvalley Academy Masterclass for beginners and professionals.

Vishen is listed in the Watkins list as one of the top 100 Most Influential Spiritual Teachers of 2022 at #53. His first book, “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind,” is now translated into 25 languages. In 2017, it hit the coveted #1 spot on Amazon five times, and twice, he became the No. 2 author in the world on Amazon. His second book, “The Buddha and the Badass,” hit the #1 slot.

Specifically, this position was on the Wall Street Journal Business Best Sellers list. As a father of two, Vishen hopes his children will grow up in a borderless and awakened world with extraordinary education options. His goal is for Mindvalley to reach 100 national schooling systems and every company in the Fortune 500 over the next decade. Join the Mindvalley Masterclass for more!

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