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Marketing Leads | How To Generate More Online Conversions

Marketing Leads are persons who show interest in the brand or products and services. In the end, which makes the person a potential customer. Not forgetting, the primary goal of any company is to generate as many leads as possible. And eventually, guide them down the sales funnel with relevant content and offers towards the purchase.

Content marketing has now evolved out as the simplest way to get more and more marketing leads. Especially, without putting pressure on the company’s owner and treasury department.

Actually, after the penetration of the internet in human life, everyone spends around 8 to 11 hours daily on the computer. Well, during this period, they also read several things online and get motivated to purchase from e-commerce portals too.

Marketing Leads

Generating and Converting Marketing Leads – Image by Pexels from Pixabay

What is Marketing Leads conversion?

By definition, Marketing Leads Conversion is the process of turning an online lead (visitor) into an opportunity, deal or even customer. Usually, lead conversion is generated from marketing inbound or outbound activities.

As an example, getting someone to open an email is an act of lead conversion. Then again, having them click on the call-to-action link inside that email is another lead conversion. Also, going to the landing page and filling out a registration form to read your blog content is another lead conversion. And, of course, buying your product is the ultimate goal of some if not all lead conversion.

For consumer marketers, conversion can be relatively fast and simple. A possible customer scans a QR code to get a coupon (that’s a conversion right there), and then they immediately go to the restaurant to get their free french fries. In that case, with a burger and soft drink (as the key lead conversion) purchase.

For longer and more complex B2B sales, you want a steady series of small conversions. Engage with your lead nurturing email sends, engage on the website, interact with your social media efforts, etc. And hopefully, do a lot of these activities on a mobile device.

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Are there Benefits of Marketing Leads?

As can be seen, particularly, from the above-illustrated marketing leads definition overview, conversions are important for every business to understand. Simply, because they help define the processes, systems, metrics, and principles needed to get more customers. Especially, from your lead base and see more value from your marketing.

Before looking into motivation, value, incentive, friction, and anxiety, first define what your ultimate success, or conversion, is. Maybe it’s not even your conversion rate (orders/visits) at all. Or, maybe you are much more successful with a lower conversion rate and a higher revenue number.

Convert Marketing Leads into Customers

How to convert Marketing Leads into Customers – Image by Talha Khalil from Pixabay

In reality, marketers have a blind spot for self-interest. They are wired to miss the mark when it comes to customer communication. The Conversion Sequence Heuristic is a methodology to remove that blind spot. And see marketing collateral through the eyes and understanding of the customer.

How do you convert Leads into Customers?

Of course, Yes! Despite the immense potential of content marketing, entrepreneurs hardly look after this aspect of digital marketing. According to a survey, content marketing costs 62% less than any other form of marketing that the company explores for lead generation purposes.

First of all, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Imagine an ideal buyer’s journey. On this basis, come up with a funnel, where it will be easy for the leads to move down to the point of buying. Convert leads with an advanced marketing service to strike the right chord with your audience.

With this in mind, below are some of the conversion methods you should consider;

1. Use the Marketing Leads behavioral Data:

Create different buyer personas based upon your target audience’s behavior.

This information provides you with insights on how to move separated groups of leads from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom.

2. Nurture your campaigns Marketing Leads:

Email marketing gives a chance to send valuable information to an enormous number of people at once.

Provide your prospects with useful and relevant information, display different ways to cope with their pain points, show expertise in your field.

Develop your lead nurturing strategy and send drip campaigns with Automation 360 to educate prospects effectively.

3. Convert Leads into Customers smoothly:

Give them an offer according to their position in the funnel. Use all chances to close the deal.

For instance, during the holidays’ people are likely to spend more money than usual.

It’s high time to come up with a special offer to complete their buyer journey.

4. Use Video and Interesting Pictures:

Creating valuable content in the form of personal anecdotes that how a certain product changed the life of a person or how it benefited him or her most, really work well.

To be specific, such videos are always result-fetching and people love to view and listen to such videos. That’s why so many promotional videos are already there on Youtube and several are launched every day.

5. Create a Problem Solving Content Feed:

The basic rule of content in marketing leads is to offer problem-solving and helpful content to readers. Nobody likes to read a boring and monotonous thing. Readers want solutions.

Time is changing, now people love to read more about favorable things as compared to other stuffs. So, contents should be written from a positive angle and must be a tutorial in nature so that people feel engaged while reading the contents.

6. Grab your top Reader’s Contact Details:

A firm has the option of offering right and valuable data to readers only on the conditions that they have to mention their contact details into it.

It is well-known that people hardly read or even see an advertisement these days. In 2015, a survey conducted showcased that; around 200-million people already installed ad-blocker in their system. So, it is only via content marketing, that a firm gets greater reach to wider prospects for a lead generation.

Lead Conversion

Lead Conversion Key Terms – Image by Mudassar Iqbal from Pixabay

The latest idea is to offer useful content to the reader or users only when they subscribe to the blog or enter their contact details at the blog site. It works well. Once a brand gets the contact details of the users or readers, it can then consult them on the appropriate timing for digital marketing.

How do you Generate Marketing leads?

Another useful and highly interactive way to get maximum responses in content is by posting motivational contents or interviews of entrepreneurs or others who accomplish big in their lives.

The latest statistics on content marketing say that 60% of the brands or marketers necessary write at least content in a day and publish the same online.

Now, the type of content may vary from brand to brand, but many of them publish motivational and inspiring interviews with other entrepreneurs to generate B2B leads.

1. Start Creating your Lead Magnets 

Marketers often use lead magnets to motivate prospects to subscribe.

It is an irresistible offer that gives access to some exclusive information in a cheat-sheet, toolkit, video guide, etc., for a person’s contact information.

As per the IBM Digital Experience Survey, 56% of the marketers believe that personalized contents greatly help in fetching positive reviews of the brand and making it a global entity with a passage of time.

2. Allow for Blog Leads Generation

Write interesting articles for the beginners, with the links on your product.

Optimize and promote them, add cases where your company helped to solve other’s problems.

Many firms don’t consider the importance of a blog site, but whosoever assimilates positive blog posts with content marketing the result is hugely beneficial in favor of that firm. Latter enjoys wider success and witnesses a steep rise in the company’s goodwill and credibility too.

3. Choose your Leads Promotional Tools

Decide how to promote your company according to your budget.

You can do it through the posts on social media, or create PPC (pay per click) advertisements on Google and other search engines.

The main idea of promotion at this stage is to let people understand that a company can solve their problems.

4. Join Social Media Conversations

Engaging with customers and prospective clients on social media has a big impact on the overall lead generation capacity of the firm. The social media team of any brand should be hyperactive in this regard and must listen to what customers want to say and initiate a proper dialogue with them wherever he sensed an opportunity to do so.

According to 2017 statistics, at present more than 1870-million active members are live on social media. The figure is expected to reach further soon.

Meanwhile, creating a good profile on social media with many followers is definitely an apt opportunity for a firm. It creates a credible image of the firm worldwide, and many new social networking sites’ followers will try to follow such profiles as well.

5. Increase your Leads Promotion Efforts

Think about people who can be interested in your services and what pain points they have.

Share your solutions with the target audience with the help of promotional channels that fit your business and budget.

Definitely, the time has come for content marketing to take the center stage and brands should never refrain from opting for digital marketing if it really wishes to get many potential and qualified leads in a short span of time.

6. Quora FAQs and Answers Utilization 

Answering customers’ questions and doubts is a good way to promote one’s brand while staying in touch with the customers.

While helping a customer clear his doubts, an entrepreneur or the brand’s social media team, whoever handles the brand promotion task unknowingly turning an inquisitive customer to a brand’s client?

Prompt reply acts as a faster mode of mouth publicity. One satisfied customer is likely to bring in many new customers in no time.

7. Offer Valuable Content Feeds

Provide your potential customers with the most valuable information, give them tips on how to overcome their problems.

Sharing the relevant and resonating content with your prospects is the best practice for a business to be noticed and appreciated.

The display advertisements will lead people to your website or blog. As can be seen, Videos on YouTube are another way to generate leads.

Whereby, you can show how to deal with clients’ pain points using the company’s product or service.

8. Work on Readers eBook Publications

According to PwC statistics, total revenue from e-book sales and publication is likely to cross $8.7-billion mark by the next year.

Apart from the creative essence of the e-book, such books are also important for the purpose of content marketing and promoting one’s brand too.

Always remember, all contents and e-books should be enlightening in nature. They must address the concern of the readers and leads.

While at the same time, informing them of the necessary knowledge and things pertaining to the domain of the brand.

For instance, a software brand should always try to disseminate the latest trends in software operation in the brand’s contents and eBooks as and whenever possible.

 9. Start Marketing your Blog Content 

In the context of digital marketing, content is the king. According to a survey by Kapost, the content marketing experts witnessed around 7.8 times more traffic to their website than the others.

So, definitely, good content and digital marketing are closely related to each and in fact, one completes the other. Without compelling content, digital marketing is vague and baseless.

These days, customers are also attracted to studying case studies. Case Study acts as an eye-opener to them revealing several important aspects of the brands that they are about to use in their daily life or for business purposes.

10. Create your Blog Subscription Forms 

Create subscription forms and place them on any page of your website or blog to turn prospects into leads. Generate leads with SendPulse free subscription forms constructor.

Then again, decide which data will be crucial to choose the right approach to clients. And also, to share the most relevant content. It will likely convert leads into customers.

Email Marketing Leads

How to Get More Email Marketing Leads – (Blue Corona)


From the viewpoint of digital marketing, identifying one’s potential lead is extremely important. It helps a firm zero in on the target audience by delivering them the right content at the precise time. Any content for the target audience should be complete in all respects with the exact information.

In addition, verify those details with appropriate evidence and ensure they benefit the readers in real life. For one thing, many may say it a risky deal. But, without making errors an entrepreneur will never know what his customers want to read. And also, how the same information will benefit them.

In the end, you should ask the readers to give their feedback and enquire whether the article was useful to them or not. Such things are important in the world of digital marketing and content writing. Moreover, offering highly informative content could enhance traffic in no time.

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All in all, my hope is that the above-revised content on leads conversion will help you actualize and capitalize on your marketing strategy.

Finally, Do you want to learn more about lead conversion? Contact us today to find out how we can help. But, if you’ll have a more urgent question or contributions, please feel free to share them in the comments box below this post.

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