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Email Publishing | The Key Content Marketing Strategic Plan

According to jmexclusives management consultants, Email Publishing is one of the best marketing and lead conversion strategy. Particularly, that every longlasting, outstanding and competitive online business can successfully implement and utilize in their campaign plans.

But, What Does Your Email Writing Style Say About You? For instance, every day, humans make snap judgments. In one Princeton study, participants made assumptions within 100 milliseconds of being exposed to a portrait.

In a similar study on the virtual bias, researchers at the University of British Columbia compared respondents’ in-person impressions with those obtained by only viewing Facebook photos.

And the results revealed that passive, virtual impressions tended to be more negative.

Email Publishing in Blogs Marketing

Email Publishing & Newsletters Marketing

Notably, email publishing is a growing medium which includes a variety of different formats and styles. Furthermore, there are newsletters on an incredible number of subjects, some of which are on very specialized subjects.

In the first place, the ease and speed of newsletter publishing allow for this diversity. Whereas, some email newsletters are similar in style and content to printed newsletters or mini-magazines.

Moreover, these email newsletters function the same way a small zine or magazine does. And are delivered to readers who subscribe to receive them.

Secondly, some email mailing lists are actually discussion lists. In particular, acting as an ongoing virtual conversation. With messages being delivered to all the subscribers of the group.

To keep from being overwhelmed by new posts to the group, some subscribers may subscribe to a digest form of the list. Further, the digest contains all of the messages posted either in a day or a week. Bundled together into one text document.

Not forgetting, there are also mailing lists which inform subscribers about updates to a website or updates on a specific product.

Email Publishing Methods

On one hand, there are different methods available to publish an email newsletter or mailing list. As a matter of fact, some are much more efficient than others.

On one hand, the most inefficient method is to use an email address book or to send the emails out individually. On the other hand, more efficient methods include utilizing software programs. In addition to free online services or professional list hosting services that charge a fee.

Another important key is that software for mailing lists is offered by web hosting providers. But it can be complicated and difficult to use for those who are not technically proficient. Above all, free online services are effective and easy to use. However, be aware that most of these services run small ads on the newsletters and emails you deliver to your subscribers. 

Finally, the professional services range greatly in price, but you won’t have to deal with any unwanted advertising.

Email Publishing

It is also important to carefully read the contracts for both the free services and professional services.

How Not to Grow Your List

After you have determined your method of distribution, you are will then faced with the problem of building your list. Newsletter marketing is a big topic and there are numerous articles online which address this subject. There are many ways to get new subscribers. Including,

  • placing sign-up forms on your website,
  • advertising,
  • listing the newsletter in directories and ad-swapping.

In that case, you should not just simply add people to your list without their permission. For one thing, this is known as SPAMMING or PISHING. And it is a big taboo and will quickly cause people to shun your list and your website.

You also don’t want to violate the CAN-SPAM Act. Whereas, to avoid spamming newsletter owners have forms where people can request (opt-in). A free subscription or they can send an email to a specific address which will subscribe them.

In reality, newsletter owners also, should make it easy for subscribers to opt-out or unsubscribe from the list.

Email Publishing Best Practices in Marketing

You must make e-mail marketing more efficient in order to generate more openings and conversions. Would you like to know how this can be done? Check out our exclusive tips!

In this digital age, so dynamic and technological, tools and techniques are constantly being improved, and therefore, many strategies that worked very well yesterday, may are obsolete today.

E-mail marketing is an absolute exception. It is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques, having survived the internet years, and it is still considered one of the most effective engagements and conversion strategies. All this after many “experts” claimed that e-mail marketing had died”.

However, with the improved security of tools used to send emails and autoresponders in the fight against spamming and phishing, among other malicious techniques, you must optimize your messages as much as possible. You must make e-mail marketing more efficient in order to generate more openings and conversions.

Would you like to know how this can be done?

Publishing WordPress Blog Posts via Email

Blogging can be much more fun when you know you have a couple of cool WordPress options at your disposal. For instance, did you know that you can compose, format and publish WordPress blog posts right from inside your mailbox? Oh yeah, you can and it’s easy to stuff :).

Just imagine the amount of work you can accomplish this way? Think of the flexibility and utility benefit this option brings you. I mean, you can post from wherever using any internet-enabled device whether or not you have the WordPress mobile app.

If you are excited, let us look at the three main ways you can use for email publishing. Especially through your WordPress blog posts. Including,

  1. Post by Email in Jetpack
  2. Advanced post by email settings (for intermediate to advanced WordPress users)
  3. WordPress post by email plugins

For the exclusive and elaborate guides, please follow the links provided above. After all, you too will manage to utilize email publishing on your next marketing campaign strategy.

Email Publishing and Marketers Success Tips

Email marketing isn’t just for retailers and small businesses, publishers are turning to email – and frankly – they’re crushing it.

Many of the most unique email marketing strategies are coming from publishers like BuzzFeed, VICE, Reddit, Fashion Magazine, Apartment Therapy, and Rolling Stone.

These publishers have embraced email marketing to increase brand awareness, reach subscribers, and promote and sell everything from books and magazines to online subscriptions and ad space.

What’s their secret to success?

To answer that, Campaign Monitor (Our Online Affiliate) has created an exclusive guide to help publishers maximize email marketing. Whereby, in this guide, you’ll learn:

Here: See the Complete Guide 

For your Takeaway,

Let’s say you’re on the road, or in a place with limited wifi that won’t allow you to load your full WordPress dashboard easily. Or perhaps you’re covering some live news event and want a faster way of posting updates.

With this in mind, Post by email is your answer. Simply type an email on your standard mobile email app or any other email client like;

  • Gmail,
  • Outlook,
  • or Apple Mail,
  • send it to your unique address and done!

In reality, Jetpack will publish it for you. Its, therefore, our hope that this Blog Article was useful for your future Email Publishing workplan. And if so then, feel free to share with your friends and subscribe for more updates.

Additionally, follow the links provided with rich, useful and related content for your further learning.

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