10 Locksmith Leads Generation Tips For High Business Results

If you are a locksmith and want to get more clients, locksmith leads are very important. Since locks were first made, locksmiths have been an important part of our society. Everyone, from small businesses to people who own their own homes, needs a locksmith occasionally. Usually, locksmith leads generating process often seek immediate emergency services.

Meaning, that it rarely needs an ongoing relationship with their chosen business. This is where you’ll need to focus more on increasing your visibility through local SEO, review sites, and ad campaigns. As well as try to connect with other local businesses to get exclusive locksmith leads from quality sources. But, this is not as easy as it’s being said, right?

Well, due to the high demand for locksmith services, every company that offers them needs a reliable source of leads to get an edge over competitors. This is where lead generation comes in. With a lead generation strategy, reaching out to more clients and getting new sales leads is easier than ever. When it comes to locksmith marketing, it’s important to try a variety of things.

Well, on that note, in this article, we’ll talk about how leads can make or break a business. We’ll also talk about the best ways to get locksmith leads, so read until the end for the best advice.

Why Locksmith Businesses Need Leads Generating Services 

Of course, digital marketing is a powerful tool that could help your business find new ways to earn. With an excellent way to get leads, small businesses like locksmiths can stay in business quickly. Suppose you want to rely on something other than word of mouth to grow your auto locksmith business. In that case, you need a steady flow of affordable and exclusive leads.

While potential customers might not spend a lot of time looking for your business, many will look through review sites to verify you’re a legitimate and trustworthy brand that doesn’t raise any red flags. You can find the leads yourself or hire someone to do it. This will help you get more customers in less time. The goal is to create a system that attracts new customers.

As well as a system that delivers new locksmith leads to your business like clockwork. In the long run, that’s a recipe for:

  • More high-paying locksmith jobs
  • Increased revenue for you and your crew
  • A dependable way to grow your locksmith business

Be that as it may, local businesses always need help coming up with new business leads. The fact is that some of them may even try to reach a smaller group of people — which makes it more challenging. Also, the ways to get leads, or rather, generate leads, differ for local businesses from those serving a larger area — so local businesses must develop their ideas.

How To Find People Who Need A Strategic Locksmith Leads Plan

Of course, yes, every locksmith needs locksmith leads to survive — no matter your location or how long you’ve been completing locksmith jobs for your community. Without a good flow of new locksmith leads, it becomes impossible to grow your locksmith business. By all means, people who own auto locksmith businesses would need to develop different strategies to get leads.

To successfully generate new business leads as a local locksmith, it’s essential to develop a targeted marketing strategy — that emphasizes your specific services and the benefits of choosing your business over others. But, just like we aforementioned, locksmith lead generation is different from courting customers in other niches — most turn to locksmiths for emergencies.

From lost keys to unexpected lockouts — which means they’re not wasting time gathering referrals from friends, reading direct mail, or scrolling through social media. Even when clients seek planned locksmith services, like for rekeying or lock replacement, most aren’t looking for someone to return more than a few times a year (at the very most).

Meaning, that many common tactics for marketing leads aren’t ideal for locksmith businesses. However, other strategies can help you reach customers where they’re looking and make a great first impression. Whilst, turning a one-off emergency into a successful customer experience. For locksmiths looking towards growth, below are some of the best ways for you to get leads.

1. Put your company’s name on review sites

Most of a business’s reputation comes from the reviews it has online. People look at many different online review sites before choosing a company to work with. If you aren’t there or have bad reviews, this makes you look like you can’t be trusted. Sign up for these websites and take care of your reviews. Then, try to talk to the people who gave bad reviews.

And then, see if you can fix the problem for free so they can change their reviews. On the same note, when you claim your Yelp Business Page, you can reach potential locksmith leads actively seeking your services. After visiting Yelp, 97% of users purchase from a local business, most within a day (90%). There are a few things to show your legitimacy to these quality leads.

You can try to:

Bear in mind, compared to more costly services, selecting a locksmith company isn’t typically considered a high-risk choice. Clients may spend hours researching larger automotive services or project-based home services, but locksmith clients usually have to make their decision quickly — they’re more likely to choose the first company that can meet their needs.

2. Make connections with people in your area

Since your business comes from the area around you, getting to know people is important. People always remember you better when you talk to them in person, and you can help them more. Go door-to-door, speak to people on the street, join small get-togethers, and show up wherever possible. Give your business card to people who may need a locksmith.

Basically, other local businesses in your community, such as hardware stores and home contractors, likely have easy access to people seeking locksmith services. In turn, you probably have quality leads you can send back to them. Partnering with owners of these compatible — but not competing businesses — can lead to a consistent stream of clients for both of you.

And, as a result, this can even help both of you establish a robust, local business network. To connect with business owners, consider attending local networking events, showing up at relevant community events, or reaching out on LinkedIn. Once you’re speaking with business owners, focus on building relationships — don’t just chat about your business.

Getting to know each other’s values and business goals will help you determine if you’d be successful partners. It’s crucial to only refer customers to brands you personally trust: A negative customer experience with your partner brand will reflect poorly on you as well. Therefore, try to bury those negative customer reviews by gathering more positive reviews.

3. Write snippets and put them on your website

When you search on Google for a question or topic, the snippet section that appears after the first search result suggests a few other similar questions or issues; people typically click on these snippets to learn more about related topics or to find answers to their questions. If you include these snippets on your locksmith service website, Google will notice quite easily.

And possibly include them. A snippet should have about 40 to 50 words for the best result. Creating content for your ideal customers is a great way to get more locksmith leads. Consider writing blog posts and articles that you can post on your locksmith’s website. And then, thereafter, try to make it easy for your audience to share that content on social media.

Here are some topic ideas:
  • The Main Benefits of Rekeying Your Locks
  • How to Secure Your Home While on Vacation
  • Top 10 Most Common Commercial Locks

As you write these articles, plug in your locksmith services. Suggest that readers use a locksmith they can trust to do the job correctly the first time, and — if you’re affiliated with a certain locksmith brand — talk them up! Online, list your locksmith business on review websites and ask happy customers to leave a review on Google to get more locksmith leads.

Press releases are also a great way to share new and exciting developments about your locksmith business. Are you offering a new service? How about a discount for repeat customers or those who refer their neighbors? Write a press release that outlines these new items and send it off to your mailing list to start generating locksmith leads.

4. Using blog content to boost the credibility of your website

If you want more organic traffic, getting to the top of Google’s search results takes work. Even if you do SEO right and use all the keywords, you won’t appear in the search results if Google doesn’t think your website is good and has a lot of authority. Try to link to reliable resources in your blog posts and on some of your websites. Work with other websites in your business niche.

More so, in order to create backlinks and share content often. These things could give you more power. On the contrary, if you don’t yet have a locksmith website, one of the best things you can do for your business is to create one. A locksmith website acts as your business’s online storefront — it’s the cornerstone of your online presence and gives potential customers a base.

It is commonplace for customers to:
  • Learn more about your locksmith business
  • Read about the locksmith services you provide
  • See your service area
  • Get in touch with you about locksmith jobs
  • Become a quality locksmith lead for your business

On one hand, without a locksmith website and professional locksmith website design, how are your potential customers going to find your business on Google? How will they know where to contact you? They won’t. On the other hand, without a website, your business might as well not exist at all. Locksmith marketing companies can help you get set up.

5. Get more locksmith leads by getting more referrals

By the same token, when growing locksmith leads, the first impression makes a big difference. The moment a potential customer visits your website or business page is crucial. Thus, you should make sure that they are able to grasp who you are and what you offer. To convey professionalism, great branding is a must. Consistent business branding is equally important.

For one thing, it can make your company stand out and appear more legitimate and trustworthy. For example, when information on your website and your Google My Business (GMB) Page is consistent, customers are less likely to worry about varying pricing estimates for a locksmith job. Referrals are a great way to make the most of marketing by word of mouth.

Give your current customers a discount if they tell their friends, family, and neighbors about your locksmith business. This will encourage them to spread the word. This is a great marketing and locksmith advertising idea because people are likely to use a business a friend recommends. Co-marketing means you’re teaming up with another business to share lead opportunities.

For example, you might want to partner up with a property manager or complementary service provider and offer a discount to customers who use both of your services. In the end, this kind of combined marketing can help grow your locksmith business since you’re both working to generate new locksmith leads.

6. Make helpful videos about locksmiths for YouTube

Why not take advantage of the fact that YouTube is a popular platform and start posting helpful videos about different types of locksmiths, such as car locksmiths? The videos can show what you do every day, how a job goes from start to finish, or how to fix something correctly. These videos will make it easier for people to see that you know what you’re doing.

And, as a result, you’ll be able to build trust in your locksmith business. Make an account (it’s free!) and start posting helpful locksmith videos. The videos can document your day-to-day activities, follow a job from start to finish, or illustrate how to properly repair something. These videos will build your credibility as a locksmith business.

It’ll also make it easier for viewers to see that you know what you’re doing and build trust. Include your contact details and a link to your locksmith’s webpage in the video’s description so that people can find out more. Likewise, targeting people who have recently moved into your service area can help establish your brand name early and keep you top of mind for future needs.

7. Try to amplify your marketing with ad campaigns

Standing out from the competition isn’t always easy — that’s where digital advertising can help. Digital ads are more cost-effective than print or TV ads because they help you get in front of your ideal leads or target market — the people who are most likely to become customers. Best of all, you can even choose to only pay when someone clicks on your ad campaign.

Rather than just when they view it, and as such, you’ll be able to maximize your locksmith leads on a limited budget. To amplify your marketing efforts, you can run Yelp Ads and search engine ads — both of which list your brand above relevant search results for people in your service areas. What’s more, with Yelp Ads, you can also show up on competitors’ pages.

Plus you can even customize the photo and text on your ad, define your target audience by location and keyword, and more. In addition, you can also reach new homeowners with information about your non-emergency services, like rekeying and security system installation, with traditional advertising channels such as direct mail.

Direct mail is yet another option to consider. According to the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail has an average cost per lead of $51.40 for a general mailing list and $54.10 for postcards. Compare that to what you’re paying on average for locksmith leads from other sources to determine if this is a viable solution for you.

8. Try to focus mostly on local SEO

In the locksmith industry, the customer journey is fast-paced: Locksmith leads seek your services in a hurry and rarely require ongoing relationships. Due to the nature of the business, being found first is one of the most effective ways to win new customers. Always remember, that many potential leads are turning to search engines for help.

Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in this case, — specifically Local SEO is very important — since it’s an essential digital marketing strategy for locksmiths. Search engine algorithms know users need locksmiths in their area. When shoppers use a search term like “locksmith” or “locksmith service,” search engines deem their search to be one with local intent.

A good PPC & SEM Campaign is one locksmith advertising idea that’s been proven time and again to generate quality locksmith leads and grow your locksmith business. So, if you’ve been wondering how to get more locksmith leads, give this a shot! While Google is the most popular search engine for these types of campaigns, thanks to its widespread popularity.

So, don’t sleep on Bing. PPC and SEM are great ways to bring in locksmith leads. Still on the fence?

Check out these stats:
  • For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses make an average of $2.
  • About 41% of clicks on a search results page go to one of the top 3 paid ads.
  • More than 85% of people use the internet to find local locksmith providers.
  • Visitors who come to your website via PPC or SEM are 50% more likely to make a purchase.

Sounds good, right? Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you create a powerful PPC and SEM campaign that will help you with locksmith lead generation. Locksmith marketing companies can also set you up with a professional locksmith website design and share other ideas for locksmith marketing to help grow your locksmith business.

9. Let thorough keyword research drive you

From the item above, it’s worth mentioning that you can’t just drive SEO results without a good strategic keyword search plan and keyword research tools in place. This is the only way to know what the potential audience and target customers are really looking for. As well as to best learn how you can outdo your business industry competitors with little effort.

To show up on search engine results pages, you need to make it clear that you’re not only a locksmith business but a local service too. In addition to adding keywords related to your services in your website content, you can use location-based keywords like city names and neighborhoods. You can even create dedicated landing pages for each of the cities you serve.

In the long run, this can make your locksmith website a highly relevant search result for potential leads in those cities — and therefore more likely to rank highly in search engine results. Still, have you ever searched for a product online and then noticed ads for it following you around the internet? That’s retargeting, and you can do it to help grow your locksmith business.

Retargeting is also a great way to keep your locksmith business and locksmith website in front of potential customers who have already shown interest by visiting your website. This is one locksmith advertising idea well worth trying, especially if you’re already getting good traffic to your locksmith website. Throw in some locksmith SEO services for an extra visibility boost!

10. Utilize the maps of the area

The local map pack may be the best place for a locksmith to find new clients. It’s a group of three business profiles that show up on SERPs when specific keywords are searched for. When someone searches for “automotive locksmiths near me,” for example, four businesses will show up in the map pack. Depending on where the searcher is, the results will be different.

Still, the locksmiths with the highest ratings and Google Business Profiles will generally be at the top and get the most clicks. Networking with apartment building managers and small hotel or inn owners (who might not use keycards) might also turn up new leads. With the right touch, these business owners can become frequent customers of your business as well.

This is, obviously, because a majority of properties often require rekeying after renters or guests move out. Offline, you can use word-of-mouth to your advantage. Ask your all-time satisfied customers if they can think of any neighbors, friends, family, or acquaintances who might need your locksmith services. Give them plenty of business cards to pass around.

And then, ask if you can put a temporary sign in their yard with your business name and phone number. A picture can say a thousand words, so make sure you’re taking before and after photos of every locksmith job you take on. It’s a great way to show the quality of your work, and it gives you great content to post on your locksmith’s website and social media.


For a locksmith business to be successful, it needs to get good leads. By knowing your target market and tailoring your marketing to reach them, building a solid online presence, using local SEO, pay-per-click advertising, sending out email marketing campaigns, networking, and building relationships, you can get high-quality leads and grow your business. 

It’s important to look at and change your marketing strategies often to stay competitive and keep doing well. If you follow these top tips, you’ll be well on your way to being a successful, high-quality locksmith. In a nutshell, it’s all about building a trustworthy brand. But, building trust, however, takes more than using the same information, logo, or colors across platforms.

It’s also important to keep your company values consistent with your branding. For example, if your brand voice is reassuring and comforting, your team members should always seek to reduce customers’ worries, whether they’re writing website copy, making a sale on a phone call, or reaching leads online. Remember, you can always Contact Us if you’ll need more support.

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