How Jumia Affiliate Program Works | Get upto 13% in Profit

Before you get started, to make the most out of Jumia Affiliate Program, you’ll need to be so creative and with loads of creativity. How many Facebook updates have you made in the last couple of days, months? What if someone told you that you could get paid every time you post, would you believe it?

Basically, launched in January 2015 the Jumia Affiliate Program has become a cash cow for MOST social media lovers. And probably, you’ve seen the Jumia affiliates and other marketing guys asking you to click a link to buy a particular product. But, how do they make money on Jumia from the comfort of their seats?

From where they are sitting, they create original content for their network of friends, family, and audience. Whereby, they literally place the message on your doorstep and make a killing from you! One thing for sure, some days you will make money and others you won’t.

But, just like any other business, you DO NOT STOP! No matter what! For one thing, guys will still buy that product you promoted last month when they get money. And trust me, they will scroll your timeline and make the purchase!

How does Jumia Affiliate Program work?

Notably, through Jumia Affiliate Program you can start earning big as soon as you register. With a commission of up to 13% as soon as you become an affiliate. In that case, to get started, the first step is to sign up for the affiliate program.

After that, you’ll have your account ready and receive a dedicated Sub-ID. The ID will track the number of visitors who click on your link and those who actually buy. Then after this, you’ll need to come up with an eye-catching, product selling artwork, and content for your status updates.

Although you’ll still continue to interact with your friends this time, not in a pro bono way. Unlike other affiliate networks, once you register for free, you’ll get approved the next day.

From there henceforth, you can advertise using their wide range of banners, their feed, or even their deep link generator. You’ll earn a commission up to 13%, on all orders a customer makes within 7 days from clicking on your ad.

In addition, you can use the comprehensive reporting tools by Jumia to analyze and optimize your performance for a higher return. And as Ahmad Yasser states:— “48 hours after joining the Jumia Affiliate Program, I was already prepared to quit my full-time job.”

How do I make cash on Jumia?

According to one of the happy affiliates; “A few months ago I joined the Jumia Affiliate Program. I didn’t know anything about affiliate business. However, the supportive team at Jumia helped me get started. Until I was able to start making money.” — Khaled Omar stated.

“I’m building new websites every week to increase my reach so that I can double what I’m already making with Jumia.” — says Seif Tarek. But, wait! Don’t quit your day job yet! My guess is that someone already told you about side hustles? Well, this is the type of passive income that you earn while sleeping or even walking.

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Equally important, affiliate marketing, is a job you can easily do while downing a bottle of vodka with friends at your popular joint. With this, you join the ranks of popular ‘billionaires’ who mint cash while playing golf on Comoros.

As can be seen, from the illustration below, your account will show the amounts you make every day. Using the blue bars and the number of people who clicked on your link using the line spikes.


Jumia Affiliate Program

Please Note: The account shown has been active for almost 2 months. And as I had mentioned earlier on, to make the program work, you will need creativity, loads of it.

Some days you will make money and others you won’t just like any other business. So, don’t just stop yet!

How do I generate a Jumia product promotion link?

For this to happen, next to the home Icon, you will find the ‘Programs icon’ that shows the confirmed nationality of your account. And when you click on the ‘AD icon’ below it, you’ll then add your ‘Sub-ID.’ Here forthwith, copy paste a link of the product you want to promote from the Jumia website.

The next step is to generate and shorten the link. So, after you generate the link, use a shortening app/software in this case, I love Bitly. Then again, copy-paste the link and add it to your status update. Taraaa! You’re all good to go! You can create click-worthy links with Bitly here.

By all means, all purchases made through your link will need to be confirmed first upon verification. Bearing in mind, some folks may buy through the link and later change their mind or even cancel the purchase. In such cases, please note that you’ll only get paid for items, purchased, processed, delivered, and paid for.

All in all, after the confirmation is done, your confirmed commissions will show on your account. This is the actual amount that will be sent to your bank account. Not forgetting, you can also opt for mobile money transfer! Like Safaricom MPesa for that matter.

Why Should you Join the Jumia Affiliate Program?

In reality, through various digital online platforms, social media power in the world has vibrated our ways of life in great lengths. For instance, everyone is either on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, etc.

Through social media, there’s always an exciting story or even a trending topic. More so, while at it, there is nothing more motivating than getting paid for it. That’s where an affiliate program like the one by Jumia comes to play.

How to Join the Jumia Affiliate Program

First of all, as soon as you join Jumia as an affiliate, your success with the program will be tied to your brand. The more you present products to your audience, the more they are likely to learn relying on you.

While as you slowly crave yourself a pro consultant position in a particular product category making more money. And on the other hand, for bloggers who do reviews for different products attaching a ‘Buy Now’ icon with your ‘Sub-ID’ at the end of the review will go a long way in increasing your income.

Surprisingly enough, as I pen this post down you should always keep in mind that;

  • Facebook has 1.5+Billion users,
  • Twitter has 288+Million,
  • Instagram has 300+Million,
  • LinkedIn has 347+million.

But, why am I listing these social media platforms here? In order to prove to you the fact that any affiliate marketing program is a go!

JFORCE – Become a Jumia Sales Consultant

As a member of JFORCE, you’ll make commission selling items supplied by Jumia. Your efforts are rewarded: the more you work, the more you earn! You earn money even shopping for yourself on Jumia. Not to mention,  there’s zero capital to start which is the bedrock to earn.

As an independent sales consultant, you have complete freedom and control over your activities on Jumia. Build your own successful business. The sky is the limit! In this case, you can even build a team that earns you an extra commission.

By all means, you’re in control of your time and how much you can make. With the ability to work from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is sell and get rewarded for it. You’ll also get to meet new people & make new friends.

Also, as soon as you become a member of JFORCE, you’ll enjoy bonuses a normal customer will not get. And as a matter of fact, you progressively move up the internal scale and get higher commissions. Jumia provides you with an excellent knowledge base and limitless skills.

This makes sure that you become a fully empowered businessman/businesswoman. You’ll also gain new skills and develop your self-confidence. As well as fast personal growth and maturity. Get started with JForce here.

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In other words, the Jumia affiliate program link is your invitation card. And like any other program out there like Shopify, the more you convert leads the more you leap more commission profit shares. That in mind, let’s have a sneak look at affiliate marketing below.

If all factors are constant, affiliate marketing centers around a business relationship between a brand and an affiliate. In this type of performance-based marketing, the affiliate is paid to promote the brand. These publishers are compensated for each visitor or customer earned through their own marketing efforts.

Meaning, if you’re having a hard time reaching clients, you could hire affiliate marketers like jmexclusives. And in the end, who might be part of a larger affiliate network to approach consumers through their own tactics.

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These businesses act as agents, sending qualified traffic to your website. When one of these visitors converts, you pay the affiliate a commission. But, it’s important to realize, for any Affiliate Program like that of Jumia explained above to succeed, it relies on various aspects.

Like locating advocates capable of reaching and promoting your product to your target audience. Customers will not know the advocate personally, and this is the crucial difference between affiliate and referral programs.

More often, businesses can employ a range of affiliate partners to bring in a robust supply of new customers. You can read more about that in this article. Or even in relation to that, learn more about how referral marketing works in this article.

Finally, for more help, you can Contact Us or even leave your questions in the comments sections. Also, please, don’t forget to donate and support our blog research topics and other ongoing projects related to our work here.

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