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Glassdoor Jobs | 10 Tips To Add Its Website Listing Features

Glassdoor is a leading job search platform that helps job seekers explore job listings, research companies, and read employee reviews. With millions of registered users, Glassdoor is a trusted source for making informed career decisions. Be that as it may, if you plan to succeed in the career industry, look at How To Build A Job Portal Website Similar To Glassdoor for more helpful information.

Equally important, if you’re a career seeker or general user, you can search for free jobs. Gain inside knowledge about companies, salaries, interviews, and benefits through other users’ reviews. Gain access by leaving a review of your own. Their community includes a family of companies. Driven by shared goals, they’re redefining how the working world comes together for the greater good.

As well as fostering the closing of the gap between employers and employees. With each new experience they deliver, they’re creating better ways to get people and companies talking—and listening. Since 2007, Glassdoor has been a proud champion of transparency in the workplace. Today, their ultimate mission guides them in serving a global workplace community of millions.

Of course, recruitment agency software like Glassdoor helps hiring teams manage and optimize the hiring process to improve hire quality, reduce administrative work, enhance collaboration among decision-makers, and reduce the time it takes to fill a role. In this article, we’ll explore the critical Glassdoor features or Indeed widgets and how to implement them in your job search website.

Understanding The Glassdoor Job Search Listings Marketplace Workplaces Goal

For beginner webmasters, it’s worth noting that Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. owns both the Glassdoor and Indeed platforms. So, you’ll find the companies complement each other well. Glassdoor is ideal for building your employer brand, and Indeed is perfect for sourcing your next hire. Both companies deserve a place in your hiring repertoire. The implementation process is straightforward!

In the ever-changing online marketplace for job seekers, employees, and employers, the best recruiting software, such as Glassdoor or Indeed, makes it easy to find, evaluate, and select high-quality applicants to interview. They have features you should expect in recruiting software, including job posting on multiple career sites, résumé screening, and candidate evaluation and tracking tools.

As mentioned, Glassdoor is a thriving community for business workplace conversations. They’re driven by a simple mission: Helping people everywhere find jobs and companies they love. Every day, they’re inspired by a vision to make positive workplace change through radical transparency. Through their products and the communities they create, they’re breaking down unforeseen barriers.

Barriers that lead to discrimination, workplace pay gaps, and toxic work environments. Together, they’re fostering a world where people have the support and resources to find a job that loves them back. On that note, wherever you are on your career journey, Glassdoor makes it easier for workers and companies to find the perfect match. The core of Glassdoor is its job listing solutions.

Top Solutions:
  • Career Seekers: They simplify your search so that you can apply for jobs with confidence. Filter millions of jobs and ratings, talk to professionals, and get smart on salary—then apply for the job efficiently.
  • The Employees: They amplify your voice so that you can enhance your workplace experience. Leave reviews, search and post salaries, and join candid conversations about life at work.
  • The Employers: They give you a place to shape and share your story so you can find and keep the best talent. Post jobs, respond to reviews, and gain insights to shape your messaging.

On the one hand, their growing community stretches across 20 countries, where companies and talent can tap into Glassdoor’s market-specific insights to find the right fit. On the other hand, they like to think they have the best team in the business. And the folks at the top? They believe they are pretty incredible, too. It takes strength, tenacity, and a healthy, bold streak to run a company.

More so, an entity as dynamic as Glassdoor. It (Glassdoor Guidelines) strives to be the most trusted and transparent place for candidates to search for jobs, research companies, and engage with our communities of professionals. Fortunately, they’ve found just the folks for the job. With that in mind, career job seekers can easily search for jobs by industry, location, keywords, and type. 

Integrating The Glassdoor Features And Indeed Widgets For Job Listings

Remarkably, with more job seekers than ever isolated at home, employers turn to platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed to attract talent, make hiring decisions, and build their employer brand. Both platforms are easy to navigate and have different strengths or weaknesses depending on your business’s goals. In this case, we will discuss a few features to implement the Glassdoor features.

Notwithstanding, most Career Guides are designed to solve frequently searched career advice questions and everyday job seeker and employee pain points. Usually, some essential, helpful/great, resourceful career/job guidelines will help job seekers/workplace employees define a career path, write a resume/cover letter, ace their interviews, and land a dream job with a company they love.

In other words, everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone has what it takes. Whether it’s about your career or your life, taking advice from those who have achieved what you want is a great way to get where you want to be. Chiefly, those who achieve success in their careers are more than willing to help others become successful through guidance, advice, and mentorship.

Thus, for such and other reasons, that’s why most webmasters implement these job search and career listing features on their websites. To provide this feature on the website, webmasters often integrate with third-party data sources that offer salary information in your desired location. In addition, they can also develop tools for users to compare salaries per job title and location.

The Essential Glassdoor Features That Empower Webmasters Implement Website Jobs

To enumerate, if the Great Resignation has taught us anything, company culture is everything. Be that as it may, to obtain and retain exceptional talent, you must build a culture that encourages employee growth, and Glassdoor is the perfect place to start. One thing is sure: The jobs search engine allows you to highlight your employer brand and showcase the value of working at your company.

The Glassdoor Features For Webmasters To Consider

Glassdoor is free for job seekers; they can search for jobs, research companies, and read anonymous reviews. There’s also a free employer plan, where you can give your company info and mission, include a logo, provide updates, and answer online reviews. In addition, they can also quickly use community-submitted photos and include diversity and inclusion programs and goals.

Another feature of the free plan is the ability to show off promotional badges, such as your commitment to workplace transparency or other causes. Paid plans let you feature reviews, create custom content, get follower demographics, and compare the competition and keyword analysis of reviews. For paid plans, you must contact their sales team to get a free quotation.

The Vital Indeed Features That Forsters Design Webmasters To Implement Job Widgets

Like the Glassdoor job search and career listing engine, Indeed is the perfect platform for outsourcing your next hire. It has a massive pool of candidates and allows you to post jobs on many job boards simultaneously. Essentially, Indeed also includes a résumé database implementation and lets you search for candidates using keywords, including skills, work experience, and education.

What Is Indeed? Glassdoor Features And Indeed Jobs Widget Explained

If you’re looking for a paid plan, Indeed offers a couple. The most popular is the pay-per-click (PPC) plan, which sponsors your job listing according to your campaign budget. This way, you can invite candidates to apply, and job seekers get desktop/mobile alerts.

Still, the other paid plan is creating a hiring campaign. You’ll work with Indeed to pick jobs from your career website. Or even opt to work with ATS and sponsor jobs — best suited for the platform. Together, you’ll create a budget and choose the jobs to sponsor.

The Topmost Best Practices To Implement Website Job Search Listing Addons

Get ready to enhance your website’s value and provide a seamless/unified job search experience! Perse, the fundamental step is implementing the Glassdoor job search features for users to create their accounts. In this case, users can create personalized profiles on Glassdoor to apply for jobs, receive job alerts, and save job listings. Eventually, note a few things as you add this website feature.

Such as ensuring that the website User Interface (UI) Design is responsive, seamless, and secure. Also, ensure it has user-friendly Call To Action (CTA) forms for users to create and manage their accounts. That’s easy! Embedding the ultimate job search listing features is the same as implementing the custom jobs widget on your website — the whole process will take only 2 minutes.

Indeed and Glassdoor Employer Reviews Widgets can be added to a website, blog, or forum. The widgets allow Employers to share their Glassdoor Company ratings and reviews. Likewise, the information is provided in real-time and will automatically update as more employees post reviews. Note: Use of the Indeed Widgets or Glassdoor Features is subject to their Terms of Use.

Widget options can be accessed on your public-facing company profile under the Reviews tab. Scroll to the bottom of your profile and click on the </>Embed link. A new window will open with the 3 widget options and the HTML code or link you can use on your website. The widget options are (300×400)—employer combo, (300×250)—employer reviews only, and the Links—employer checks only.

Widget Features:
  1. 300×400 Widgets — Shows your Company’s Glassdoor Rating, Reviews, Interviews, Salaries, and Jobs.
  2. 300×250 Widgets — Shows your Company’s Glassdoor Rating, CEO Rating, and Reviews.
  3. Backlink Widgets — Visitors can hover over the link to see the Company’s Glassdoor Rating, CEO Rating, and Reviews.

Technically, you can implement a similar feature on your website by using job aggregator APIs from job boards like Indeed and SimplyHired to provide a wide range of job search options for your users. Additionally, you can allow employers to post job openings on your website directly. Glassdoor’s company profiles offer detailed company information, such as their performance history.

As well as the benefits, salaries, and employee reviews. Now that you know what to expect, especially from the Glassdoor jobs widget, it’s time to get down with business and implement it on your website. As mentioned, the job widgets implementation process is relatively straightforward. On that note, you can consider implementing the Indeed or the Glassdoor jobs widget on your website.

Steps To Embed The Glassdoor Jobs:
  1. Create free Glassdoor Job Widgets for the website.
  2. Customize your unique jobs widget per your website.
  3. Copy the custom jobs widget embed code to implement.
  4. Login to your website admin panel and create or edit a page.
  5. Paste the embed code where you want the jobs widget to appear.
  6. Save and view your page. That’s it! You are done implementing!

With that in mind, our webmasters highly recommend you start with the Glassdoor widget. Furthermore, when working with the Indeed job widgets, there is even an easier way out. The first part is creating your Indeed jobs widget using the SociableKIT dashboard for your custom website HTML code generation. This will help webmasters customize the widget’s look and feel to match the brand.

Steps To Embed The Indeed Widget:
  1. Create a Free Indeed Jobs Widget for the website.
  2. You can Sign Up For Free or log in to SociableKIT to hasten the process if you already have an account.
  3. Once you sign up, you will start your 7-day premium trial.
  4. After 7 days, you can activate the free plan if you don’t need our premium features.
  5. Select “Indeed jobs” on the dropdown. SociableKIT offers several social media feed widgets.
  6. You might need to search it using the highlighted area below. Once found, you can then select it.
  7. Enter your Indeed Company username. You can copy the link to your Indeed profile and paste it into the box.
  8. The SociableKIT system will automatically identify your Indeed Company username.
  9. Customize your feed. Click the “NEXT” button to show the customization options of your social feed.
  10. You can change the layout, colors, font, and more to match your brand. Click the Save Changes button.

That’s it! The next step is to Copy the embed code. Click the “Embed on website” button in the upper right corner. Select your website builder. On the popup, copy the JavaScript embed code. Aftward, Paste the embed code and save your website page. Please follow the second part (a webmaster video tutorial guideline) below to help add the custom Indeed jobs widget to your website.

To include the optimal job search engine features/career listing widgets on your website, you can create a system where companies can create profiles and share relevant details. By having company reviews and ratings, job seekers can gain insights into the work culture and management style of organizations, helping them make informed decisions. All these career jobs software are vital.

As mentioned, they help streamline the recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and engagement to selection and hiring. They also make it easy to manage paperwork electronically and produce reports to optimize the hiring process. But finding the best solution for your unique needs can be difficult. The best software helps you make the right choice driven by these essential tips:

Tip #1: Features For Employee Reviews

Employee reviews play a crucial role on Glassdoor. Users can read anonymous reviews from current and former employees, gaining insights into the company’s culture, management, and interview process. To include this feature on your website, allow users to leave reviews for companies they have worked for or are currently employed by. Additionally, develop moderation tools that enable users to flag or report any inappropriate reviews they come across.

Tip #2: Analytics And Reporting Addons

Glassdoor offers comprehensive analytics and reporting tools for companies to monitor their performance on the platform. To include this feature on your website, utilize analytics tools to track user behavior, assess user engagement, and gather valuable insights for platform improvement. By leveraging analytics, you can make informed decisions based on data to enhance the user experience and drive engagement on your website.

Tip #3: Advanced Search And Filtering 

Glassdoor provides advanced search and filtering options to help users refine their job search. By implementing this feature on your website, you can improve the user experience by enabling job seekers to narrow their search based on various criteria, including location, job title, experience level, salary range, and more. Consider incorporating powerful search algorithms and user-friendly interface elements to make it effortless for users to find the most relevant job listings.

Tip #4: Interview Questions And Reviews

Glassdoor has a section dedicated to interview questions and experiences other candidates share. To include this feature on your website, create a database of commonly asked interview questions. Allow users to navigate through these questions, contribute their questions and experiences, and rate the helpfulness or difficulty of the questions. This will make it easier for users to find valuable insights for their interviews.

Tip #5: Career Advice And Job Resources

Glassdoor offers insightful career advice articles, interview tips, and salary negotiation guidance. To provide similar resources on your website, consider building a blog or resource section. Users can access informative articles, guides, and videos about various topics, such as career development, interview strategies, resume tips, and more. Partnering with experts in the field or inviting guest contributors can also boost the credibility and value of your content.

Tip #6: Online Job Application Tracking

Glassdoor lets users track their job applications and receive notifications on their application status. To implement this feature on your website, create a system where users can effectively manage their job search. Allow them to save and track their applications, receive automatic updates on application status, and conveniently organize their job search activities. As a result, this will help users stay organized and informed throughout the application process.

Tip #7: Company Culture And Diversity

Glassdoor gives users insights into a company’s culture and diversity efforts by displaying employee reviews and ratings. To implement a similar feature on your website, encourage employees to share their experiences related to company culture, diversity, and inclusion. This guide will assist job seekers in gaining a better understanding of an organization’s values and work ethics.

Tip #8: Employer Branding And Recruiting 

Glassdoor has employer branding features for companies to showcase their values, workplace culture, and perks to attract top talent. To offer similar tools on your website, create employer branding options. Companies can create branded profiles, display their mission and values, and highlight employee benefits. This will help employers build a strong employer brand and attract talented candidates to their organization.

Tip #9: User Ratings And Feedback Showcase

Implement a user rating system on your website so job seekers can rate and provide feedback on their overall experience with the platform. This feedback will help you identify areas for improvement and address any user concerns or issues. Additionally, create a way for users to report inappropriate content and provide feedback on company reviews to ensure the app’s quality and integrity.

Tip #10: Social Media Integration Features

As a rule of thumb, adding tools for social media platforms like sharing job listings, company profiles, or user reviews on popular apps such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook can help your website reach a wider audience. Users can easily share job opportunities or interesting content with their networks as you drive user-generated content and help organically promote your website.

The Notable Glassdoor Vs. Indeed Pros And Cons That Webmasters Should Know About

It’s important to realize that Glassdoor and Indeed provide free plans with optional upgrades. However, with Indeed, you pay to sponsor a listing on a PPC basis, or you can create a hiring campaign to parse available positions on your ATS and sponsor budget for those listings. Glassdoor’s paid plans focus on employer branding. For custom plans, you need to contact sales for pricing details.

While Glassdoor lists open positions, if you click on the link to post a job, it’ll direct you to Indeed. When you post a job on Indeed, it’ll cross-post to several job boards, including Glassdoor. It’s free to list jobs, although you can pay to sponsor the listing on a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) basis. Realistically, you only pay when the advertisement performs, such as when a candidate views the open position.

The Notable Glassdoor And Indeed Pros Plus Cons To Consider

Ultimately, given the Glassdoor job search engine and career listing widgets, you can sponsor your jobs/careers advertisement campaign for as little as $5 daily. In addition, with Glassdoor, you can still create a free employer account and showcase your company info and mission, review requests, and get profile analytics. After all, there are also paid plans to build your brand further.

Strategically, Indeed’s biggest boon is its skills test, which verifies a candidate’s skill set through tests. For some candidates, these can frustrate, but it’s invaluable to an employer who wants to hire the right person. All in all, with over 200 million résumés in its database, it helps to have a candidate evaluation tool to sort through various applications based on what you need in an employee.

Glassdoor Pros:
  • The Glassdoor platform offers a free plan
  • Reviews help determine the organizational changes needed
  • Focuses on increasing brand awareness
Glassdoor Cons:
  • Must contact sales for paid plan pricing
  • Brand advertising is not available under the free plan
  • No applicant tracking system (ATS)
Indeed Pros:
  • Verify a candidate’s aptitude with skills assessments
  • Over 200 million résumés in its database
  • It’s free to post jobs
Indeed Cons:
  • It is difficult to tell if a candidate isn’t local
  • Some employers complain of budget upsells by the sales team
  • The cost of add-ons can get expensive

Generally speaking, Glassdoor and Indeed deserve a spot in your hiring arsenal because each company is complementary to attracting and obtaining the right talent. In layman’s language, you can use Glassdoor for employer branding and Indeed for managing the hiring process from start to finish. But it would be best to start by implementing the Glassdoor website features/widgets.

Still, you can also offer personalized job recommendations based on a user’s information and search history. What about the workplace salary information? Markedly, Glassdoor offers valuable salary information for various job positions and industries. To provide this feature on your website, integrate with third-party data sources that offer salary information in your desired location.

In Conclusion;

Are you looking to transform your website into a job seeker’s paradise? Imagine seamlessly embedding Indeed Jobs, offering your audience access to many job opportunities without leaving your site. In this section, we’ll unveil the key to effortlessly integrating job search features, revolutionizing your website, and helping job seekers find their dream careers right from your web pages.

Glassdoor offers a range of features that have made it a successful job search platform. By understanding and implementing these critical features in your job search website, you can create an engaging and informative platform to help job seekers find their ideal job and companies attract the best talent. Careful planning, intelligent integration, and intentional design will also matter.

For one thing, it will help you create a unique value proposition to make your website stand out in the competitive job search market. Remember, Glassdoor regularly updates its platform with new features and improvements by gathering user feedback, conducting user testing, and analyzing usage data. Implementing an agile methodology allows you to improve your website continuously.

Remember, thousands of creators and business owners have already embedded Glassdoor job search listing features and Indeed job widgets on their websites. Now, it’s time for you to start! Moreover, by staying current with industry trends and technologies, you can enhance your website and provide a better User Experience (UX) to the target employees and potential employers. We wish you luck!

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