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How Recruitment Agency Software Automates And Maximize Tasks

One of the most exhausting aspects of Recruitment Agency Software job seeking is the anticipation of waiting for employers to contact you, often with templated emails or phone calls. One of the challenges being faced today by the companies is the dramatic increase of applicants in their companies, this is specifically applied to call center companies which accommodate over  50% of graduates and is expected to still increase by 6% in the next 3 years.

According to Milkround, the responsibility of recruitment agencies, also known as staffing agencies or employment agencies, is to be an organization that places job seekers in positions they are trying to get in and maximize the employment opportunities and connections they have. This type of organization [recruitment agency] serves as an intermediary between job seekers and employers.

These challenges in the organization in data-keeping, and simultaneously accommodating applicants are handled well through recruitment agency software.

Here Is The Best Recruitment Agency Software You Can Use

1. Workable

Workable is a type of job distribution software that occupies the whole process of hiring. It allows the recruitment agency to create job postings in different places on the World wide web, manage candidates, conduct interviews, unified communication, and have seamless collaboration with the human resources department through a system.

2. Greenhouse

This is a type of applicant-tracking software that allows the agency to track the progress of the job seeker and optimizes the recruitment process. It offers different features like CV search and parsing, scoring of the applicant, and the scheduling of interviews with seekers. Moreover, it allows background checks, and assessments, and guides through the onboarding of seekers to their employers.

3. Bullhorn

Bullhorn is both an easy recruitment customer relationship management (CRM) and provides an applicant tracker system (ATS) in its software. It offers the same ‘Workable’ could offer, however, Bullhorn’s focus is on the CRM and the ATS. Whereas, ‘Workable’ is on the job posting process up until the onboarding of applicants.


Last, but not least among the recruitment agency software is SmartRecruiters or sometimes referred to as SR, which is a cloud recruitment software that enables an end-to-end recruitment management feature in its system. Furthermore, it allows the creation of job postings, candidate or seeker sourcing, has an applicant tracker system, scheduling of interviews, and collaborative hiring with the human resources department. 

You cannot stop people from applying if you are in the recruitment agency, as the increase in applicants is a clear manifestation of how the company is thriving for success in serving seekers. However, the best foundation of this type of organization is the strength that its recruitment agency software can offer. Thus, selecting the right one, and weighing things can help in the efficiency of the job of recruiters. 

The 7 Benefits of Automation of Tasks in Recruitment Performance:

The recruitment agency faces a lot of data from job seekers, and aside from the challenges of data security, they are also responsible for filtering, tracking, distribution, sourcing, collaboration, and communication amongst other companies that need employees.

1. Resume Parsing 

This process is one of the tasks that consume a significant amount of time within the recruitment agency. They have to scan the document, analyze it, and put into consideration the information that they think will be needed by the employers. Recruitment agency software enhances efficiency in this time-consuming process by utilizing advanced algorithms to extract crucial information from resumes, including the candidate’s name, educational background, relevant experience, and skill set, which assists employers in filtering potential candidates. This automation allows the agency to save time, and implement automation in resume parsing.

2 .Applicant Tracking

Another challenge that the agency is facing is tracking the applicants. Considering that they could be handling hundreds of applicants per week, they could not keep track of each one of them until the onboarding process. Recruitment software provides a solution by automating applicant tracking, interview scheduling, and sending progress updates to candidates via templated emails. Applicant tracking is a crucial part of the process because if the recruitment agency will not be able to track the progress of the applicant, the process of job seeking cannot be pushed through. 

3. Social Recruitment and Distribution

Recruitment agencies face a challenge in establishing a strong online presence. Without a compelling online presence, it becomes difficult for job seekers to trust and submit their resumes or personal data to a recruitment agency.. Sometimes, the problem of an agency is not the service it could offer, but the feedback and comments they get on its social media accounts where seekers could look to see if the company is legitimate or not.

Recruitment agency software facilitates the simultaneous posting of job vacancies on diverse platforms, such as advertisements, job boards, and social media platforms (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Upwork), enabling agencies to reach a broader audience. The more candidates they have, the more feedback, and the more foundation the company will get.

Once implemented, this process makes candidate sourcing significantly easier for the agency.

4. Communication across Collaboration

The preparation stage in this is held by recruitment agency software which can facilitate the communication and collaboration between you as the recruiter, and the job seekers. This is a part of the recruitment tools which allows the drafting of automated templates for email, which is automatically personalized to the candidates. This could be a letter of invitation for an interview, a letter of admission, or a letter for onboarding candidates.

5. Scheduling of an Interview

Sometimes, interviews are not the most challenging thing in the hiring process. Oftentimes, it is the summoning process of the recruiters to the candidates. Recruitment agency software simplifies the scheduling process by providing an automated interview schedule. The software automatically marks occupied dates based on the maximum number of applicants an interviewer can accommodate. Additionally, it displays a range of available interview dates, giving job seekers the freedom to choose a convenient time. This enhances efficiency in a way that there is no need for repetitively contacting the applicant regarding their availability.

6. Performance Reporting

Recruitment agencies require performance reporting for the job seekers they deploy. This enables them to assess the performance of their candidates. Automated performance reports also include the applications that the agency received, the source of candidates, and the key performance indicators needed to achieve by the seeker. This will allow the agency to keep track and analyze the recruitment strategies, and filtering processes they need to improve for future references.

To sum up, all that has been said, the advancements in technology allow people to perform at their maximum level. Thus, the recruitment agency software gives the workers efficiency and convenience in handling hundreds of data in the agency, as well as keeping track of the process that the applicant has to go through. As the famous saying goes, no cuts, no buts, no coconuts for the seekers. They cannot bypass a process with these automated recruitment tools.


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