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Have you heard about the Ghost Browser yet? Since the internet is your office, you need a tool that can help you get things done online. Ghost Browser is designed to simplify your browsing experience, keep you organized, and boost your productivity. Today, there are many extensions to sign in to multiple accounts, but Ghost is a much better solution.

Since it’s a built-in Chromium extension, it works seamlessly with all the other Google Chrome Extensions that you already love. And, for one thing, it allows you to login into any website with multiple accounts from one window. This can be quite handy, particularly, if managing multiple social media profiles—for each of the social media platforms.

By all means, the multi-session browsing identities and dedicated workspaces in your Web Browser will help you breeze through your workday. As such, this is where Ghost Browser comes in handy. So, what is it and how does it work?

What Is Ghost Browser? 

Ghost Browser is a productivity web browser for people who work on the internet! Increase your productivity, stay focused, and do deep work. Too often technology gets in the way of great work. Nowhere is that more evident than if you look at the web browser space. There has been very little real innovation in this space — and even less towards browsing.

More so, for people who rely on the web browser to do their jobs. Until Ghost Browser, that is… At Ghost Browser, they envision a world in which the global technology workforce can achieve great things at work. While still having the time and energy to have a balanced and fulfilling life outside of it.

That’s why they are tackling the productivity problem by revolutionizing the web browser for people who spend their days working in it. They’re tackling the ‘browser-as-surveillance’ problem by letting you use an adblocker at any time. And also, by helping you isolate your browsing on sites like Facebook and Google—so that they can’t track your other activity on the web.

Ghost Browser is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and is the creation of a dynamic international team. In general, there are various reasons why you should consider using this web browser.

Why Ghost Browser:
  • Multiple Identity Types: Choose permanent or temporary Identities to manage your isolated cookie jars!
  • Powerful Proxy Options: Assign a different proxy to each tab or to groups of tabs in a flexible and powerful way.
  • Chrome Extensions: Built on Chromium so you can import your Chrome extensions in under 30 seconds.
  • Fight Tab Bloat: Save your tabs into groups and pull up only the ones you are using right now! Instant productivity!
  • Easy To Switch: Install Ghost and import your Chrome settings and extensions in under 2 minutes.
  • Readily Compatible: Works on Windows and macOS. Not to mention, even Linux is on the roadmap too.
  • Quite Secure: The Chromium open source developers around the world back it up.

Chiefly, the Ghost Browser was created because its founders wanted to get their work done faster and better. Without the limitations and intrusion of the web browsers that were available. They wanted to “glide smoothly and effortlessly” through their workday—so that they could get on with the other things that matter in life.

Custom Features:

Get Started Now! You can Download Ghost Browser and then import all of your Chrome extensions in a matter of minutes. Switching browsers has never been easier. In addition, Ghost also has very Great Support as well—its entire team participates in supporting the clients. Just, be in touch! Below is a quick tour video tutorial guide of this extension:

Ghost Browser is free and has advanced capabilities in a premium version. Remarkably, its overall installation is quite simple and easy!

But if you get stuck, refer to:

To get it, you’ll need to either Download Windows 10 32-BIT or Mac With Intel Chip first. That said, you can read the case studies in detail. See how other companies that do social media management, customer support, web development, and QA are using Ghost Browser every day to boost their teams’ productivity.

What Is Ghost Proxy Control?

By definition, Ghost Proxy Control (GPC) is an extension created custom for Ghost Browser that allows you to assign a different proxy (IP address) to each tab, Workspace, or Identity in Ghost Browser. Proxies make it appear that you are located in the same place as the proxy server. You may need different proxies in order to test websites or log into accounts.

More so, as if you were located in a different state in the US, in the UK, or Germany, for example. You can use this extension to easily assign any proxy to a tab, Workspace, or Identity in Ghost Browser. GPC accepts http, https, IPv6, and SOCKS5 proxies where the host explicitly has a “socks5” scheme before the IP address. For example, “socks5://”

Learn More: Ghost Incognito, Automate Private Browsing In Chrome

For IPv6 proxies, we recommend that you purchase an IPv6 HTTP(s) proxy which has IPv4 address for browser-to-proxy requests and an IPv6 address for proxy-to-site requests. Sounds great, how do I use it? In particular, Ghost Proxy Control is a premium product available for purchase as part of their Pro Plan.

*Ghost Proxy Control does not come with proxies. You must purchase proxies from a proxy provider and load them into the extension in the browser.

The GPC extension does not come pre-loaded with proxies, you must bring your own proxies to use Ghost Proxy Control. You can see all the instructions on how to add SOCKS5 proxies to Ghost Proxy Control in full detail. By the same token, you should also learn how to manage and use Ghost Browser settings before you get started.

The Main Browser Settings:
Advanced Browser Usage:
Security & Privacy Settings:

Equally important, you can also visit their Troubleshooting Page to learn how to fix common errors in detail.

Ghost Browser Pricing Plans

By all means, the free version of Ghost Browser allows you to have up to four Identities. Perse, the default Identity is one then you can use any combination of three temporary or permanent Identities. Thereafter, you can get unlimited Identities if you’ll upgrade to either the Basic Plan or Pro Plan options.

The free version Has:
  • Up to four different Identities
  • Default Identity, plus any combination of three temporary and permanent Identities
  • No credit card required, no signup required, and no login or account required
  • Ghost Proxy Control included for assigning proxy by Workspace or Identity (not by tab)
  • Immediate setup without tracking your web browsing history, collect or sell your browsing data
  • You can upgrade anytime! Just go ahead and get it now to see it in action.

Generally, its basic plan starts from $21 per month (when paying annually). Whilst, its pro plan starts from $46 per month (when paying annually). Furthermore, you can sign up for any Premium Plan from within the browser. Be that as it may, if you are also interested in Ghost Browser for Enterprise, you can Contact Sales for further guidelines.

Final Words:

Eventually, the browser is the gateway to the World Wide Web. But, the way we use a browser hasn’t changed that much. More so, ever since Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome started battling with Internet Explorer and Safari.

We need to ask ourselves:
  • Which browser do you want?
  • What’s the future of browsers?
  • How will we access the internet a few years down the line?

Recently, a few developers have been re-imagining how a browser should work. We’ve already seen old Opera developers make the new Vivaldi for power users.

And, of course, as Chrome, Firefox, and others continue to innovate, some others are taking giant strides. Overall, from task-based tabs to full protection of your data, there’s a lot to look forward to. Having said that, you can learn more about how most new browsers show the future of web surfing just like the Ghost Browser does.

Resource References:
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Finally, it’s our hope that you’ve got an idea of how Ghost Browser works. Suffice to say, you too can go ahead and enjoy Ghost Browser now that it helps you be better at work and at play! And then, let us know the features that catch your fancy the most. Feel free to share your experiences, suggestions, or even questions in our comments section.

But, if you’ll need more support, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. Definitely, our team of Web Tech Experts will be more than glad to assist you in any way. All in all, we wish you all the best utilizing it!

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