Why Is Ezoic The Best Ad Revenue Optimization Platform?

Whenever it comes to site monetization, Ezoic is a little bit more exclusive and is designed for medium-large websites. But, I also know about many sites with just a few more than 10k visitors per month that have gotten into using this platform. While doubling or even tripling their AdSense or Google DFP earnings.

So to speak, if you are using Google AdSense on your website and have not started optimizing site ad units, you are leaving money on the table. Clearly, website optimization is a very important process for webmasters, no matter the size of their site. In general, optimization may seem like a complicated procedure, but luckily there are several plugins that can simplify the process.


The site optimization plugins provide features such as ad rotation, restrictions on the display of ads, and custom placement of ads. Using these plugins on your WordPress blog streamlines the task of optimization and allows you to test – which ad configurations work best for you.

Ad optimization will allow you to find the best ad unit size and placements, and ensure that your ad sees its intended audience. And that’s where the Ezoic platform kicks in as I am about to explain to you.

What is Ezoic?

Ezoic provides web publishers with automated website intelligence for their ads, content, layouts, and much more. It was founded in 2010 by Dwayne Lafleur, former CEO of the first Facebook advertising network, Cubics.

By all means, I recommend you to start using Ezoic — which I’ve had good success with. Nearly 10,000 publishers use Ezoic because they offer quite a few different features. And through the platform, everyone seems to make more money from their site ads.

During his time at Cubics, Dwayne realized that many publishers were actually trying to solve the wrong problems. Dwayne recognized that UX and ad earnings were directly correlated—if publishers could truly provide visitors with better experiences, they could also earn more revenue.

Ezoic was born out of this idea and grew into an end-to-end platform for publishers. Not to mention, it’s a profitable company backed by Balderton Capital—the largest investor in the European Union. It was even granted Google’s Business innovation award in 2016 for its impact on publisher revenue.

They have some more new features for SEO and site speed that are really helpful as well.

How does Ezoic work?

It’s important to keep in mind, that most websites deliver visitors the same experiences, ad placements, and monetization strategies.

Even when adopting these attributes could result in much higher revenue and better reader experiences. But, Ezoic is able to fix all that. In reality, Ezoic leverages machine learning to better understand website visitor behavior.

This includes the ability to collect important data and automate decisions that improve visitor experiences, SEO, and website earnings.

Ezoic allows website owners, brands, publishers, and bloggers to easily add and improve parts of their websites.

This includes the ability to increase revenue and improve visitor experiences by using artificial intelligence to automate important decisions.

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Publishers can use Ezoic to perform automated visitor segmentation, make their websites faster, improve security, implement the web’s latest mobile technologies, and much more.

In other words, Ezoic puts the power of Big Data in the hands of web publishers and gives them the ability to easily automate smart actions that can help them deliver their audiences better experiences.

Through Ezoic, you can test your Ads while Ezoic optimizes for thousands of visitor variables. By controlling and testing, the number of ads, their locations, and the sizes of each ad on the page plays a role in the revenue it generates from ads.

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Advertisers bid on each visitor differently and all visitors have unique responses to ads. Ezoic will optimize for advertiser revenue and UX for every visitor on every page according to what tests you allow.

Additionally, Ezoic allows you to optimize for every variable. Bearing in mind, websites alone cannot ascertain various variables like; control what devices and geo-locations. As well as the times of day, referral sources, or other attributes from visitors.

Yet, these variables determine a large portion of what advertisers pay for ad space. Ezoic will use ad testing to control supply-and-demand to increase the ad rates websites are paid for all visitors.

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Through Ezoic, you too can maximize the untapped potential of your website. Ezoic is built to maximize the untapped potential of every website visit. And the best way to maximize revenue and improve UX is different for each visitor.

The Ezoic Ad Tester was designed to help websites stay in control of how they manage and optimize their ad inventory while providing easy tools for testing and automating the improvement of ad revenue at scale.

  • Control Ad Density: Ads dilute the value of other ads. Ezoic automatically alters ad density to avoid this.
  • Optimize Ad Sizes: Ezoic will adapt ad sizes based on how advertisers compete for visitors from different locations, on different devices, and much more.
  • Display Highest Paying Ad Types: It tests and inserts the highest paying partners. As well as ad types on each page based on their best performance.
  • Find the Best Ad Locations: Control potential ad locations and let Ezoic determine which ones deliver the most revenue on each page with visits.

How do you do A/B Testing?

In order to fix your site ads, ad layouts must be frequently tested and personalized to ensure that individual ad units have a healthy clickthrough rate.

But manually testing ads is a time-consuming and cumbersome process. That’s why there are numerous ways to discover automated A/B Testing based optimization of ad layouts. And by so doing, you can maintain complete control of your website at all times.

In addition to that, you can use a visual editor to set up and test new ad layout variations. But nothing goes through without your knowledge or approval. So, as a result of that, what do you get?

Improved eCPM

By using machine learning-based automated A/B testing coupled with premium demand, they help drive sustainable ad revenue growth. Particularly, for web publishers by maximizing the yield of every impression.

Better User Experience

In addition to creating separate ad layouts for desktop and mobile, A/B testing only works with ad formats that are high on viewability and low on intrusiveness. While improving the user experience of your website.

You can read and learn more about How to do A/B Testing and Improve Your Conversions Quickly.

How do you start using Ad Testers? 

Basically, Ad Testers and Layout Testers are proven to increase page views per visit, session duration, and reduced bounce rates. By customizing user sessions based on billions of rows of data.

Unlike AdPushup, most of its publishers start out using Ad Tester which is an application available on the Ezoic platform. It lets publishers test thousands of potential ad locations at once. Ezoic is able to learn which ad combinations improve UX metrics.

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In the end, this increases their website revenue. And then again, it customizes every web visit to how past visitors have responded to different ad combinations. Whereby, publishers can use all of their existing advertising networks and partners like Google AdSense Network, etc.

By all means, web publishers can leverage the thousands of partners already inside Ezoic. Or even a combination of both when using Ezoic. In details, you can read and learn more in this article about how Ad Testers work or even join the platform here.


Through an Ad Tester like the one by Ezoic, you too can unlock the value of each of your website visits. By allowing machines to test and change ad placements, networks, types, and sizes. And whenever the tester knows, it will provide more revenue and a better experience.

By the same token, you can use artificial intelligence. To implement optimizations on each page faster than humans could do working 24 hours a day. Whereby, you’ll easily set rules, control experiments, manage preferences, monitor optimizations, and split-test to compare results.

That said, you can learn how the lead of digital mergers and acquisitions of a successful marketing solutions company first began in a full case study. While using Ezoic to manage ad revenue and user experience on a recently-acquired site.

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Through this case study, you’ll also see how an increase in EPMV, engaged page views per visit, and engaged time per visit. As well as a decrease in navigation bounces, allowing you to better focus on the future. While growing and improving the company’s portfolio of high-quality content sites.

So, Do you think it’s worth a shot? Having that in mind, the ball is now on your court. All you need to do is let us know your thoughts about the platform in the comments section below this blog post.

Finally, if you’ll need more help with your site monetization, feel free to Contact Us with your FAQs for more answers. Please, don’t forget that you too can also donate to support our blog research and other ongoing projects here.

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