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Most people have a love-hate relationship with their email inbox, but not when they use Email Monitoring Software Tools effectively. And on one hand, emails can be exciting for those suitable and lenient enough with them.

For instance, whether you’re; making progress with a client or replacing a meeting with a (much more efficient) email thread to optimize customer experience or, receiving an invitation to a fun social gathering. On the other hand, email can be an even overwhelming nightmare too. Especially if you lose control or even get hijacked by spammers.

Therefore, treat email monitoring as a task to get through. Instead of something that can easily take up your entire life. In the end, this allows you to work on projects that actually move your business or career forward. Whew, that email problem is finally solved!

And now that you’ve managed all those pesky correspondences, how about getting a great email monitoring software or email management tools. Especially, which can help you improve and manage the work itself?

What Is Email Monitoring?

Email Monitoring is the technique to keep an eye on other device emails. It is a great way to get a handle on what is happening from a usage perspective. By all means, which can help you identify emails. And get a better understanding of the whole system, from the server to the client.

Email becomes the most important tool used by lots of people in the world. They use such service to communicate which their relative and another person for business or personal matters. These emails are an integral part of people’s lives they would not like to disclose such emails to others.

Email monitoring can let you see response times between receiving and sending emails. You can use email monitoring tools to monitor emails of your employees while they are working in the office. Business owner or manager can track their employee email recipient, sender email id, mail subjects and main content they send.

After all, the cost of missing business or failing to follow through is high – don’t get caught short!

Why Is Email Monitoring Important?

As an example, whether an email is being received or sent, Teramind e-mail monitoring software records and indexes all information related to the action. Preventing security compromises and sensitive data from being transferred out of a system.

Monitoring employee emails in the workplace is an essential component of insider threat detection, and data loss prevention. Teramind takes the guesswork out of knowing who employees are sending emails to. As well as, what is being shared, and if sensitive files are being attached.

An Email Monitoring Software gives organizations insight into how employees use email as part of their day to day jobs.

Providing a wealth of information on both individual users and departments as a whole. This can help management identify poor working relationships or communication issues between individuals or teams as a whole.

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Since all incoming and outgoing messages are tracked, it is simple to discover if there is an unacceptable lag time. Especially, from when e-mails containing crucial requests are received. And when they are responded to.

This can help improve workplace efficiency drastically, and ensure compliance and company standards are being adhered too. Monitoring employee email is also one of the most effective methods for both identifying and preventing insider threats to your organization.

Employees who send outgoing emails that contain sensitive and/or confidential information can be quickly identified and locked out of their accounts. This also can provide insight in to which employees are disgruntled. So that actions can be taken before they become a threat to your business.

The monitoring of email activity is also extremely valuable for auditing company compliance. Particularly, for employees who work in various fields. Like customer service, collaboration, public relations and all other roles which rely heavily on sending outgoing email daily.

How Does Email Monitoring Work?

As an example, jmexclusives can provide 24/7 email monitoring to perform basic functions. Such as simply notifying your staff of the content in a received email.

Or as complex as searching for keywords and acting upon predetermined protocols. Like forward during the day and reach on-call after hours. Where rules can be established based upon keywords, email source, time of day, subject matter, etc.

Messages too can even be sent via enhanced text to ensure delivery and acknowledgment of receipt or escalate as appropriate.

Here are just a few of the many ways we can customize our services to meet your business requirements:

Dispatch from Email Web Submission

Includes repair requests, appointment needs, sales inquiries and more that can be sent to us.

For processing and distribution to the correct point of contact in any sort of protocol needed based upon content, subject or keywords

Alarm and Sensor Notifications

Since not all alarms are equal in the required response, so don’t treat them that way.  We can sort through the alerts that are received.

No need to look at everything when you can just look at the things that need immediate attention.  Triage at its best – hold what can be held until later, deal with the hot fires now.  Why attempt to field it?  Imagine the saved expense – end the hassle!

Target Action Emails

Triage inbound emails, web form submissions, etc.  Leads, inquiries emergencies, and the like, can be acted upon immediately.

Enhancing response time while freeing you from the burden of sifting through the dirt to find the gold.

Lead Capture & Qualification

The email received here would typically be from an inquiry.  That can be keyword evaluated and directed to appropriate follow-up.

Or rather, an operator can contact that person and ensure that your standards are met. Before directing the information to your staff – saving you valuable time and effort!

Automated Updates to Account Information

If we were to already be answering your calls, updates to your account can be sent via email.

Our system can then automatically apply the changes without incurring a programming fee.

Employee Tracking Features Include:

  • All events associated with incoming and outgoing emails. From typing and attaching content when sending, to reading and accessing attachments when receiving (visual playback record).
  • Covers all email platforms, such as Outlook (web & desktop), Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, and more
  • Email attachments are monitored and optionally saved
  • Alerts can be set based on any email property, such as content, recipient, subject, and more
  • Ensure company policy and procedures are being adhered to in all employee e-mails
  • Monitor networking and collaboration emails to fine-tune messages and optimize return on investment from outreach campaigns
  • Get automatic alerts when emails are sent to non-corporate accounts or suspicious hosts

Which Is The Best Email Monitoring Software?

An email is a powerful tool on the internet which enables people to communicate with other people through text chat. Email Monitoring tools allow businesses to connect with other companies.

These days, people are spending their lots of time on the internet which may lead to losses in the business. Therefore, Email Monitoring is necessary for a business owner or manager to keep an eye on their employees and track their activities.

If you are searching for the solution of email mentoring tools then you can read this article to the end. Here in this article, I will give you the best solution to monitor emails on various device gadgets. Such as Android, iPhone, Windows, and Mac operating systems.

In this article, I will talk about how to monitor the emails of your kid and employees. After all, there are lots of online tools are available on the internet. But, it is very difficult for a layman to choose the best of them.

1. Spyzie: Email Monitoring Software for Android

Spyzie is a phone tracking solution that is used to access target smartphone Emails, messages, call logs, contacts, photos and much more.

You can use this powerful tool to monitor emails of any device running on the Android operating system.

Mainly designed for parents and business owners and managers to track their employees and kid emails over the internet.

  • Live control panel: unlike other monitoring tools on the internet, MobileSpy offer work first live control panel to their users. This feature enables parents of business owners to live monitor target Android smartphone.
  • Email: You can generate a complete monthly report of emails that your employee of kid sends or receive.
  • Web activity: Web activity allows you to block websites as per your needs and protect your kids from pornography, predators and other threats.

Since Spyzie is the broadest mobile monitoring solution in the industry, it helps you make the right decision for your IT needs.

It is currently a relevant point of the companies simply because it is the part that verifies any IT component within it in order to anticipate possible setbacks.

This is a great hacker for big brands like iPhone and Android devices. Including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG, Google Nexus, Lenovo, etc. With a lot of online activities.

How does it work?
  1. You can download the application from its official website and install this application on your Android device.
  2. Now create an account if you don’t have otherwise logged in with credentials.
  3. Then tap on start monitoring.
  4. Switch to your device and log in with the same account and access the Android device

Now you can track the activity of any smartphone from any of your devices. Email monitoring also helps parents keep their children safe. For Android devices, Spyzie would help you monitor all incoming and outgoing mails from Gmail and Outlook. It even allows you to keep a complete record of every email.

2. Mspy: Email Monitoring Software for iPhone

Mspy is a mobile and computer monitoring solution that suits your familiar and business requirements and gives your instant positive results at very affordable prices.

Equipped with great features, it makes your life easier and convenient. You can purchase this product from its official website at very affordable prices. Not to mention, it suits every pocket.

They also offer you an added bonus when you purchase this tool from them.

What’s More!
  • SMS Details: SMS details help you to know what your kids are doing with their smartphone and give you detail reports when they send SMS to their friends.
  • Checking Emails: if you are a business owner or manager then this tool is one of the most useful tools. You can use this tool to monitor your employee’s activities and generate detail reports of their emails.
  • Multimedia messages: with this, you can get MMS detail from your employee or kids PC when they search for any illegal or malicious content.
  • Track GPS Location: This feature enables you to keep an eye on your child’s location when they are outside of the home.
How does it work?

Simply, you have to purchase it from its official website and input information about the target iPhone device. Once it did, open Mspy on iPhone and log in with your credentials.

3. Teramind: Email Monitoring Software for Windows PC

Teramind is one of the best employee monitoring tools which allows you to track your kid and employee activities on their computers.

Such as to monitor emails, web activity, and much more.

In short, designed for collecting and identifying the employee’s data. And make a complete detail for future use.

  • It allows the monitoring of computer activity remotely.
  • Track all activities of a person and get updates on your device.
  • Track employee internet usage, URL visited.
  • Alerting system when someone tries to do something suspicious.
How does it work?
  1. Firstly, you have to sign up for Teramind for free.
  2. Now, install Teramind to target personal computers.
  3. Then, you can customize settings as per your needs.

4. WebWatcher: Email Monitoring Software for Mac

WebWatcher is proprietary software that is mainly designed to track emails of the target device which is running on a Mac operating system.

This tool is developed by Awareness technologies for you to keep an eye on your employees.

  • Emails
  • Instant messages
  • Social media
  • Keystrokes
  • Website history
  • Website Searches
How does it work?
  1. Purchase this device from the official website and create a WebWatcher account.
  2. The install it on the target Mac device.
  3. Log in with your credentials.
  4. Then click on start monitoring.

What Is Email Management?

Email Management is a specific field of communications management affiliated with managing high volumes of inbound electronic mail received by organizations.

Today, like Email Monitoring, Email Management is an essential component of customer service management. For instance, customer service call centers currently employ email response management agents. Along with phone support agents, and typically use software solutions to manage emails.

With this in mind, therefore, be better at email management through our beginners’ revised guide and help keep yourself out of spammer’s email reach.

And eventually, by using a combination of the email monitoring tools explained above, you can make your inbox more efficient. While at the same time, take up less time and energy. But, if you’ll need further support or even assistance, please Contact Us.

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