Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) For Customer Experience

The success of a business depends upon its customer’s experience and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is one great tool to optimize your business for a good and quality customer experience. Bearing in mind, as a business owner, you should always look for ways to satisfy your customer’s requests. So, stay with me to learn more from this guideline.

Basically, the business phone system that you set up at your office is the first place where customer interaction takes place. This interaction determines how your customers view your company. The primary objective of quality customer service for great User Experience (UX) should be satisfying customers’ expectations and anticipating their future needs.

If you want to improve your customer experience, your phone system needs computer telephony integration (CTI). With that in mind, we are going to look at the top 10 ways to improve your customer experience using CTI.

What Is Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?

To enumerate, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables employees to use their computers to interact with the business’s phone system for centralized control of all call-related tasks. CTI is powered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Technology. This means a cloud-based phone system is a kind of phone system with CTI.

It provides you with an intuitive dashboard interface that serves as a primary point for all business communications. Also, it allows devices such as phones, mobile phones, or computers to communicate with one another harmoniously. It helps to allocate resources for better data-driven decision-making that promotes teamwork and cost savings.

In reality, there are a few ways to improve customer experience using Computer telephony integration. VoIP and CTI provide your phone system with a plethora of additional capabilities and features. That’s why it’s one of the topmost and most prominent telecommunication industry trends in the marketplace at the moment.

These features can help you improve the customer experience dramatically. The following are the possible ways CTI helps make room for improvement. Please have a look at them and then share your thoughts with us thereafter:

1. Call Routing

The intelligent call routing provided by CTI enables you to be more responsive to your customers. It allows callers to navigate calls to the right agent. Calls are routed based on various parameters, including IVR selection, demographics, call history, agent expertise, and availability.

You can design and develop an easy-to-use and informative Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system to accomplish call routing. When customers make calls, they will be presented with menu selections. Then prompted to talk or push buttons to go further into the menu or be transferred to the appropriate department.

2. Sales Dialer

A sales dialer is a valuable piece of CTI tool that streamlines and handles contact dialing procedures on your computer. It allows customers to get their follow-up calls and resolve their requests.

By eliminating the time spent on manual dialing and human errors during sales calls, a sales dialer system greatly increases the productivity of your sales. It helps you avoid call errors by eliminating repetitious dialing. This is great for customers because they will get fast responses.

3. Click To Call

The click-to-call feature allows customers to reach your business in just one click — you’ll just need to embed a phone button or image on your business website. This button is coded to call your business number with a single click.

Whenever your website has a visitor, they can choose to call you by clicking it directly. Customers will immediately feel a link with your business since they can easily reach your customer service to make their requests.

4. Call Recording

Whenever an agent answers a customer’s call, most cloud phone systems will start recording the conversation. The recording is stored in the centralized database accessible by everyone on the team.

This call recording is a reference point to improve the quality of customer service. It will allow you to pinpoint the areas that customers want from your business and connect with them.

5. Call Monitoring + Call Whisper

Listening to your customers is an important step in offering good service. With call monitoring, you can listen to any customer calls in real time. While your agent is speaking with the customers, you can also listen to their conversation alongside them.

This way, you can evaluate the level of your team’s interaction ability and create an ideal customer profile. Also, you can whisper to your agent in real-time, which cannot be heard by the caller, to improve interaction.

6. Sales Automation Tools

When it comes to customer service, sales automation tools play an important factor. Generally, sales automation tools are software-based solutions that assist your sales team with sales processes and business communication. It allows them to focus on other important responsibilities, such as maintaining post-sale customer interactions.

These automation tools can help you increase communication with your customers and boost your business. It manages customer data to analyze what a customer is looking for in your business. This gives an idea of how to give customers the best experience.

7. Analytics

CTI has the ability to compile data into reports that allow you to view the broad picture. Examine various areas of your company, including call volume, incoming and outbound sales calls, and support inquiries.

You can comb through previous data of your business using CTI’s comprehensive call reporting functions to gain insight into how effective your team or call agents are. You can determine where there you lack support and take action to fill them. You can also use real-time data to evaluate your agent’s interpersonal and problem-solving abilities to improve customer experience.

8. Skills-Based Routing

Skill-based routing is superior to call routing. When a call arrives, the call is assigned to an agent according to their abilities and knowledge base using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software. Any customer gets their request handled properly and quickly.

Those agents exclusively handle calls within their area of expertise with a more logical approach to call routing. Ultimately resulting in higher agent performance and faster call handling time and resolution.

9. Voicemail

If a customer calls you and you are unable to pick up the phone, then customers have the luxury of leaving a voicemail. The customers can record a message as a voicemail that is stored in the cloud phone system. Your agent can access the voicemails and contact the caller to fulfill their request.

10. Screen Pop-Ups

You can use CTI to implement a pop-up screen interface for your agents. When your agent engages with a caller, the screen-popping CTI program opens a dashboard. This displays significant information about the caller stored in the database of your cloud phone system.

Your agent can access Log call origin, IVR selection, authentication status, purchase history, and support history. Your customer will have a structured and proper interaction with the agent because of all the info shown on the pop-up screen.

In A nutshell:

All the aforementioned features work together in your cloud telephony system to give the best customer service. Computer telephony integration in your phone system should be user-friendly and responsive to offer a good customer experience. So, when choosing cloud-based phone software with Computer telephony integration, take note of the above-mentioned tips.

Not forgetting, it’s also very crucial to take a strategic approach based on your business needs. Be that as it may, if you’ll need more support, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. You are also welcome to share your additional thoughts, opinions, suggestions, recommendations, or even contribution questions in our comments section.

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