Carton Packaging Boxes | Why Buy Corrugated & Laminated Type

Carton Packaging Boxes often come in a wide range of products used in various personal and commercial applications, including transport and transit, consumer goods, retail, industrial products packaging, etc. For instance, Carton Manufacturers Limited says all their orders are custom-made, with a minimum order delivery quantity of 5000pcs. They have varieties of these packaging boxes.

Of course, packaging tools are essential in the operations of our day-to-day lives. Sometimes, we use them at home or the workplace without noticing. The product packaging materials and service solutions extend from eCommerce, manufacturing, fulfillment, shipping, distribution, pharmaceutical, beverage/bottling, bakery, retail/in-store, office, and other personal product packaging hubs.

Throughout any packaging material production company, knowledge and skills in speedy corrugated/laminated carton packaging boxes are vital elements that help manufacturing businesses achieve their stated objectives. Usually, they communicate their commitment to quality to all their employees, external providers, customers, and other interested parties (where appropriate).

The popularity of cardboard packaging is relatively well-known at this point. Almost any package you receive will be protected by cardboard. Around 80% of all US and EU packages are packaged in cardboard. This would equate to around 400 billion square feet of cardboard! It’s hard to get your head around, but fascinating nevertheless! So, why are Carton Packaging Boxes crucial in production?

Understanding Why Carton Packaging Boxes Are Essential Tools In Product Delivery

Cartons and Packaging Boxes — are an unavoidable part of product packaging in commerce. Whether you own a traditional brick-and-mortar store or run an e-commerce business, you very well realize the importance of packaging boxes and other related product materials. Apart from serving its purpose of concealing and protecting your items, it is an inevitable element in your branding process.

They represent your brand and can impact your business for good or bad. Realistically, “The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trade. Money is secondary“— Alexander Elder. These meaningful words from a teacher of traders help us understand that boosting your business is vital. And that establishing your brand is more important than the monetary benefits you gain.

On that note, carton-made packaging boxes help you make your trade successful. In other words, carton packaging boxes are the perfect innovative packaging solution for several industries, like food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and many other manufacturing business sectors. As we’ll elaborate, various Carton Packaging Boxes help empower the product packaging process.

Folding Cartons

These types of cartons are made from a single sheetboard. They are also known as paperboard boxes or cartons because they are mostly paperboard. At times, it is also made of corrugated board or fibreboard. The single sheet is die-cut and then folded to make a box. It can be styled with print and by finishing the surfaces with lamination, embossing, foiling, gluing, and other features. The best examples of folding cartons are cereal boxes and pizza boxes, in which a single sheet board is folded to make the top, sides, and bottom.

Rigid Cartons

These types of cartons are entirely different from folding cartons and are also known as telescopic cartons. In rigid cartons, the top and the bottom parts are detached from each other and made from two different sheets of cardboard. Rigid cardboard is sturdy and does not collapse or fold. They are primarily used for products in which the perceived value is of greater importance and also for heavy products that need extra support. You can find rigid cardboard packaging in shoe boxes, clothing items, and electronics items—E.g., an iPhone box.

As a rule of thumb, each carton packaging box type serves its purpose, whether corrugated or laminated. In that case, choosing the one that would cater to your needs would be best. Also, remember not to get swayed away by superficial aspects such as appearance and color. Instead, consider its functional aspects, such as its durability, build, capability, and other crucial features.

How Corrugated Cardboard Powers The Carton Packaging Boxes Production

Technically, corrugated cardboard has been an incredibly popular packaging material for many years. Even though it was created to transport food from the manufacturer to the customer, the material has since been proven to be the perfect solution for shipping all types of goods. Be that as it may, did you know that corrugated cardboard gives carton packaging boxes their strength?

It’s not news that cardboard is one of the most popular worldwide packaging materials. So, what about cardboard, especially corrugated or laminated cardboard, which has seen this material rise to the top in transport and packaging? A company like Lesters design and manufacture corrugated cartons. These corrugated cartons offer a practical, sustainable, and affordable packaging.

Corrugated cartons provide excellent protection and have significant stacking strength to meet the demands of the supply chain. With a wide range of styles and board grades available, our cartons are manufactured bespoke to your needs. These packaging materials are usually manufactured from a single sheet of corrugated cardboard with a glued or stitched finish and are easy to assemble.

Regarding cardboard sheets cut-to-size, Custompac Cardboard Sheets are perfect for creating strong, dividing walls in boxes and stacking loads on pallets or in storage. A single corrugated cardboard is usually comprised of 3 layers. The “fluted” material in the middle is often glued to a liner on either side. As the image above shows, most offer 2 variations — single and double wall.

The Codes:
  • B – “Single Wall” – 1 layer of 3mm deep “fluting” between the 2 liners. It is one of the most commonly used types of cardboard for packaging.
  • BC – “Double Wall” – 2 layers of “fluting” between the 2 liners. A combination of B+C flutes, 6-7mm deep. The more layers of fluting, the more rigid the cardboard becomes and the more excellent protection it gives—a sensible option for packaging heavier products.
  • 150 – This number refers to the weight of the paper. 150 grams (per square meter)
  • K – Virgin Kraft paper (the most vital type of paper, usually used as the outside liner as it’s the easiest to print on.)
  • T – Test paper (recycled paper, not as strong or easy to print on, so usually used as the inside liner.)
  • SAB – Custompac cardboard sheets now have the option of a self-adhesive backing.

With that in mind, the benefits of cardboard packaging are endless. So, if you are unsure about what type of packaging you should choose for your business, there are a few reasons why cardboard should be your first pick… For example, there is a reduction in transit damage due to strength and stability—plus the ability to minimize shipping costs due to the material being lightweight.

In addition, there is a reduction in storage space and transport costs, especially for those products that are delivered in a flat mode. Still, incorporating cardboard into your packaging is ideal for printing and customizing. An effective manufacturer of cardboard boxes aims to ensure that all their product materials meet the specific standards and buyer needs as fostered by these benefits.

1. High Strength Material

Corrugated cardboard has a fluted solid design. This involves a cardboard sheet of three layers: an inner/outer paper liner and a middle flute formed into a crimped shape. This formation increases the strength of the cardboard box and helps it hold its shape even when under stress. Due to corrugated cardboard’s ability to keep its structure during transit, it is challenging to tear or crush. Another reason is that the material resists moisture from entering the carton, keeping its contents out of harm’s way.

2. Security Safety Measures

As mentioned, corrugated cardboard can keep its structure during transit; it is challenging to tear or crush. As a result, this provides high levels of protection and cushioning to delicate items, keeping them safe on long journeys and while being handled during the trip. Corrugated cardboard can also prevent bacterial growth during transport and storage. This is why cardboard boxes are suitable for storing food products or items prone to spoiling if infected by bacteria.

3. Cost-Effective To The Buyer 

One of the main benefits of cardboard packaging is that it helps businesses save significant money. The material is considerably cheaper than other packaging variants, such as plastic. Cardboard boxes do not cost as much to source and manufacture; therefore, the cost of buying boxes is not as much as that of other containers that are more expensive to form. Your company can save money when buying in bulk because suppliers lower their prices for customers who purchase more packaging. As boxes are delivered flat, they can be conveniently stored without excessive space.

4. Offers Lightweight Materials

Corrugated cardboard is also a very lightweight material. This means it will not add much more weight to your items. As a result, it will not significantly increase your postal costs. This is handy for goods traveling long distances — once placed on the scale, you won’t be shocked by the transit costs. This helps keep your items easy to store and transport and does not make them bulky for the customer to receive.

5. Suitable For Various Products

Cardboard is a very flexible material. This adaptability allows the material to be suitable for packaging a wide variety of different products. From books, jewelry, and clothing to pizza or drink bottles, cardboard can be cut and molded into any size or shape. This means there is no limit on what they can package. That is why companies choose to use cardboard to protect their products; it reduces the stress from packaging and is more comfortable due to providing more options to businesses.

6. Highly Customizable Features

Cardboard is highly customizable—it can be bent into any shape imaginable. Remember, corrugated cardboard is easy and practical to print designs onto, unlike other substances. You can print it with different colors—your logo or almost anything—so that your boxes can stand out and increase brand awareness without breaking your business’s bank. Finding the right kind of packaging is very simple when you are working with cardboard.

7. Environmentally Friendly Materials

Now for one of — if not the most — apparent reasons why individuals choose cardboard over other forms of packaging. It is a very eco-friendly material. Not only is cardboard packaging beneficial to your business, but it also benefits the environment. Sourced from trees, it is a renewable resource (it helps in going green) and has been proven to be material with minimal environmental impact. When cardboard boxes are manufactured, there is a reduction of up to 60% in carbon dioxide and oil emissions compared to other packaging materials.

8. Recyclable And Biodegradable Products

Equally important, corrugated cardboard is also 100% recyclable and biodegradable; it takes a maximum of one year to degrade, and what’s more, it minimizes waste generation. They are also shipped flat, optimizing your warehouse operations. This means it can be reused and recycled before it is thrown away and left to degrade to avoid unnecessary cardboard consumption. What is also good about recycling the material is that it saves significant amounts of energy compared to other substances. Recycled packaging takes 90% less water and 50% less electricity!

9. A Long-Lasting Business Investment

Lastly, unlike other storage materials for perishable goods, Corrugated Packaging Boxes are essential for businesses that want to store their products long-term. The product materials themselves are durable enough to withstand the test of time. This means you can stock them in your workplace or warehouse and repurpose them for later use without spoiling them or losing their value. Notwithstanding, corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping and handling, with their strength offering packaging protection for all kinds of products. Corrugated cartons can withstand long shipping times, making them top of the list for packaging solutions.

10. The Swift Material To Print Labels 

The carton packaging boxes manufacturer can also utilize corrugated cardboard material that helps you design and print custom labels on their bodies for various offline businesses and online storefronts to showcase their products easily and quickly. They specialize in printing roll labels. Their extensive collection of label materials and dies offers you flexibility when ordering a custom shape label for your product. Having a wealth of experience, some carton manufacturers can supply print solutions for various applications and market businesses. These sectors include thermal labelers, horticulture, floriculture, food and beverage industries, warehouses, and logistic entities.

Why Buy Corrugated Packaging Boxes From Carton Manufacturers Limited

For your information, as mentioned, Carton Manufacturers Limited is a family-owned business founded in 1979. Over the years, they have established themselves as one of the most extensive and reliable corrugated box manufacturing plants. With dedication to customer service, they have expanded their product portfolio into a broader range of product packaging materials and carton cases.

Buy Laminated Carton Packaging Boxes From Carton Manufacturers Limited

As a preferred supplier for corrugated packaging and labels, they offer customers self-adhesive labels, tamper-evident label seals, and flexible packaging materials. Their commitment to quality and excellence in services is reflected by ISO 9001:2008 certification. They strongly believe in implementing continual improvement projects, systems, and investments in state-of-the-art technology.

They comply with all applicable laws and regulations and implement programs and procedures to ensure compliance. To this end, their performance is measured at every level, and improvement is implemented consistently and effectively. Furthermore, the company proactively seeks and values customer feedback to maximize effectiveness and meet expectations.

Technically, they are best known for delivering quality products on time and following the highest professional standards. Their commitment is to operate and continually improve the effectiveness of their ISO 9001:2015 through a Quality Management System to ensure the maintenance of high service standards. Relevant and regular staff training is considered essential here.

Notable Types And Features For Laminated Carton Packaging Boxes To Buy

The Management and staff of Carton Manufacturers Limited are committed to attaining the objectives of the quality policy and shall review these objectives and the quality policy periodically for continuing suitability to ensure the achievement of customer satisfaction. Eventually, Carton Manufacturers Limited is committed to processing laminated boxes, boards, and corrugated cartons.

How To Choose Laminated And Corrugated Carton Packaging Boxes To Buy

A product packaging tape, such as the most common Cellotape or Sellotape, is a quality product made of polypropylene. Sellotape is a British brand of transparent, cellulose-based, pressure-sensitive tape and is the leading brand in the United Kingdom. Sellotape is generally used for joining, sealing, attaching, and mending. It is perfect for sealing boxes and is available in both Clear and White.

It has excellent holding power for heavy-duty packaging and seal packages with a single pass, which saves you time and money. At the same time, Cellotape is easy to use and durable. But the brand name is Sellotape. It is commonly written sellotape in places where it’s no longer an exclusive trademark. Back to our topic, corrugated cardboard is a secure product packaging material.

Note that corrugated carton packaging boxes ensure safe packaging of food meant for human consumption through implementing FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000: 2018 + ISO/TS 22002-4: 2013 + Additional requirements) Scheme Certification. You can see a sample of the food safety policy (download here) for more helpful guides. Be that as it may, there are various carton/box/case types.

(i). Regular Slotted Cases

This is the most common style of carton. The outer flaps meet in the center and are usually taped, glued, or strapped to close.

  • Versatile
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to use
  • Used for a variety of applications

To add flair, these boxes are usually printed in the color and design of your choice. They can print up to 5 colors. Should you require smaller quantities of plain cartons, they do have the following items available, subject to being unsold. Don’t hesitate to contact their office for further details on the same.

(ii). Die-Cut Packaging Cases

Die-cut boxes are custom-made and usually self-locked, with the closure designed into the packaging. Should you require smaller quantities of plain cartons, please visit or contact the manufacturer or supplier office to see what they may have in stock.

(iii). Laminated Die-Cut Boxes

These boxes offer an extremely high-quality appearance with various base material compositions. The production methods of corrugated boards allow for the accommodation of clients’ requirements for special covering of the material- surface finish, UV varnishing, and lamination.

(iv). Telescopic Flower Boxes

These boxes are widely used to export flowers. On the one hand, the flower boxes are designed to provide the strength and insulation to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain. It consists of a top and bottom. On the other hand, the design of the box, in combination with high-quality printing and the right choice of material grade, will ensure your flowers arrive at their destination in optimal condition. There are various options and design features to choose from. The most common sizes of these boxes are the Standard, Zim, and Jumbo boxes.

(v). SFK And Kraft Paper

In this case, SFK and Kraft Paper are excellent for wrapping furniture, flowers, glassware, and other items—that require protection and cushioning during shipping and storage. SFK with a marked line is also available.

(vi). Archive Packaging Boxes

The Carton Manufacturers Limited can also provide archive boxes—designed to hold files, records, and other items. These are ideal for the organization of your items and storage. One thing is sure: It’s worth noting that they come with hand holes for easy lifting — they accommodate 4 to 5 box files. Quick assembly —no tape required! Maredkly, the current sizes available are Large—610 x 425 x 300 mm and Small—385 x 290 x 330 mm.

(vii). Wax-Coated Carton Cases

A coating can be added to your box to protect your products further. These boxes are used on specialist cases only. They are commonly used in cases like packaging frozen materials such as fish. Should you require a smaller quantity of plain carton cases, please visit or contact their office to see what they may have in stock.

Summary Thoughts:

Of course, corrugated boxes, also known as shipping boxes, corrugated fibreboard, and combined boxes, are the most widely used carton boxes. These boxes are made from a corrugated sheet, which has three layers. The middle layer is known as the flute, which is wavy, and it aids in providing a cushioning effect to the product that is packed in it. This layer is covered on both sides.

The cover is usually on the flat outer layers known as liners. This structure gives the box a higher bending rigidity. Though corrugated boxes are light in weight, they are solid and durable so you can rely on them. These boxes are available in different densities and thicknesses. Depending on the requirement, it is also manufactured as double or triple-walled boxes. Thus, it’s advantageous.

It can preserve its contents for long periods, making it an excellent container for storing or transporting items. It has won battles against wooden boxes, making every industry’s favorite for protecting products. But why is corrugated cardboard such a popular choice for packaging? BiGDUG has compiled a list of reasons why many people choose to cover their items with this material.

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In layman’s language, Carton Manufacturers Limited makes a wide range of corrugated boxes and packaging materials, including self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging. Experienced packaging professionals will work with you to deliver a product of unequaled quality—exactly when and as your business needs it. You can Contact Them today to start designing your packaging.

Still, if you are looking for corrugated packaging for your business, Lesters Packaging is a go. The corrugated box supplier helps you design and manufacture custom cartons that provide excellent protection to items needing to be shipped and transported. With the significant stacking strength familiar with corrugated cardboard boxes, they can meet all the supply chain demands.

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