Top 5 Reasons Why Caravans Are Now Popular Among Travellers

Caravans have witnessed a dramatic rise in popularity in the recent past. Have you been toying with the idea of investing in a caravan? Well, you’re not alone. According to Verified Market Research, the global recreational vehicle (RV) rental market size was estimated at USD 546 million in 2020 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

In particular, of 5.31% from 2021 to 2028. While these statistics primarily take into account regular RVs and motorized caravans, they paint a reliable picture of the fast-growing demand for caravans in general (including the static ones). Caravans provide immense benefits, making them incredibly popular with travelers and investors alike. We’ll the key benefits.

Owning a touring caravan can bring year after year of amazing holidays and the opportunity to make some special memories. With the freedom to roam and get closer to nature, tourists can provide you with the opportunity to take last-minute, sometimes cheaper holidays. With caravan sites around the world, you are not just tied to one spot, you can travel the world with the travel guide !

The Topmost Reasons Why Caravans Are Getting Popular Among Travellers

Technically, when thinking about Caravans, many people picture our grey nomads touring around and enjoying their retirement, but they only make up a small percentage of people on the road with Caravans. In recent years, Caravanning has become more popular with younger people, and one look at the caravan features available in today’s Caravans will explain why.

It’s official. Modern Caravans are cool. They no longer resemble anything like the older, boxy caravans you’d associate with your parents or grandparents. Today’s Caravans are sportier with off-road capabilities and all the creature comforts. More and more young people are beginning to appreciate the freedom that comes with holidaying on their own schedule.

With a caravan in tow, you can go where you want, when you want, without being tied to hotel bookings and other people’s timetables. Holidaying with young children can be a challenge, but a caravan provides the perfect solution. They’re comfortable, with everything you need! Including showers and toilets — kids love the way everything folds out.

There are also some secret compartments for their things. Many people look back on their childhood camping trips with fondness and want the same experience for their own kids. It’s also nice to teach your kids about self-sufficiency and our natural environment, as well as reduce their reliance on high-tech entertainment. Below are a few other benefits for you.

1. Caravans Come In both Stationary And Mobile Varieties   

Caravans fall into two broad categories – static and touring caravans. The names pretty much sum up what each caravan type is all about. Static caravans, also known as stationery caravans or holiday homes, are prefabricated, factory-built structures designed to be installed in permanent locations.

These caravans are typically stationed in scenic spots. So as to offer their occupants breathtaking views of the surroundings. Touring caravans are the exact opposite of static caravans – they offer travelers an opportunity to visit multiple locations. These caravans are also known as mobile, motorized, or trailer homes. 

Both static and mobile caravans have their pros and drawbacks. One outstanding benefit of holiday homes is that they can cost a fraction of their motorized counterparts in addition to offering a homey environment away from home.   And the best part is that you can now access numerous static caravans for sale on small sites near you.

All you need to do is conduct little research on the manufacturer, find a suitable parking ground, familiarize yourself with all the associated fees, and you’re good to go. 

2. Caravans Offer Travellers Higher Freedom And Flexibility 

Planning for any holiday is usually a hassle-filled experience. It involves shortlisting the destinations to visit, things to do, places to stay, and whatnot. This often requires a considerable amount of time, which you may not always have at your disposal.

Investing in a caravan comes with the freedom to know you can get away whenever possible. There are no flights, rental cars, or hotels to book in advance. You only need to spruce up your holiday home and retreat to it whenever your wanderlust spirit takes over. Caravanning also provides much flexibility in terms of the destinations you can visit.

That’s especially true for motorized homes. You can hit the road at the spur of the moment, make unplanned detours, and call off your trip anytime.  

3. Caravans Are Cheaper In The Long Run 

The average cost of a brand-new caravan ranges from £30,000 – £50,000 for basic models. Bespoke caravans can set you back upwards of £100,000. Now splurging £100,000 on a caravan may sound like a bad investment idea for some folk.

But, the rewards can be ultimately rewarding, especially for frequent travelers. The one thing that makes caravans a wise purchase is that you only cry once, so to speak. Once acquired, a caravan can serve you throughout your lifetime. You only need to follow a robust repair and maintenance plan. That includes keeping your caravan clean at all times.

As well as fixing broken plumbing & electrical fixtures, and repainting as often as required. You might also consider buying a caravan cover to protect your precious investment during wet seasons. Besides, endeavor to prepare the van adequately for each season through activities like spring cleaning (at the end of spring) and overwintering (right before winter rolls in). 

4. Caravans Provide Ample Room For Travel Companions

Holidaying makes perfect sense when you can tag along with your dear ones. But due to budgetary and space constraints, millions of travelers are forced to get away alone. And that’s another area where buying a caravan can make a world of difference. Most caravans measure 10 – 24 feet long.

That’s a large enough space to accommodate an average household for a while. Even better, you can customize your caravan’s space to your needs. Simply contact the van’s maker and discuss the possibility of having the holiday home customized to your needs. 

Since you pretty much control who comes with you on your caravanning holiday, you can choose when to go vacationing with your close family members, friends, or colleagues. Besides, there’s always room for your furry friends.  

5. Caravans Are A Long-time Investment 

Caravans will allow you to treat yourself to enchanted scenery for years without incurring significant additional costs. And if you ever fall out of love with your holiday home, it’s great to know that you can always sell it for a decent fraction of its original purchase price. In fact, it’s possible to sell a years-old caravan for more than its initial buying price.

You only need to explore certain caravan makeover ideas to give the van a brand-new look.  Some companies even buy second-hand caravans without necessarily having to renovate them first. Simply list your holiday home on a credible platform and wait for offers to come along. Then, schedule inspections and compare quotes before signing the papers.  

Wrapping Up;

Caravans provide many benefits, making them a worthy investment for travelers worldwide. Just be sure to define your needs before buying a suitable caravan for you.  It’s also prudent to purchase a caravan from a manufacturer that accepts client customization suggestions.   

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