Is Buying YouTube Views Worth It? The Pros And Cons To Know

To answer if buying YouTube views is worth it, first of all, YouTube receives hundreds of hours’ worth of new video content every minute. Well-known brands can be easily lost in the ever-increasing sea of data due to the massive amount of user-generated content being produced. “Watch time” is the single most important success factor for a successful video strategy.

This measurement is completely invisible to the viewer and can successfully bring your videos to the forefront. Buying views on YouTube is a common practice. A great number of locations provide views in extensive packages for reasonable prices. But, what kind of impact will be experienced when you purchase YouTube views on the video you uploaded compared to organic?

What are the Pros and Cons of buying YouTube views? The bottom line of why most people result in buying YouTube views is that the longer the playback time of your content, the higher the willingness to buy, the popularity of your brand, the intention to purchase, and the actual sales. But, there are a few things that you’ll also need to understand before you can do it.

Being human means conforming one’s thinking to that of a group. Where do you think you’d have more success shopping online: a store that makes 10,000 sales annually or one that makes only 50? Perse, there are so many myths about why people buy YouTube views at large — they all come with their merits and downsides. So, stick around so that you can learn more here.

Understand The Watchtime Before Buying YouTube Views

Watch time is the total additional time a viewer spends watching one of your videos. In the past, having a high fetch number assisted in improving the findability of videos within YouTube Search as well as their rank. On the other hand, in contrast to views and interactions that can be manipulated, such as likes and comments, the “watch time” metric is qualitative.

It highlights all of the videos that can attract viewers and keep their attention for an extended period. Because of this, the amount of “watch time” your videos generate on your channel is an essential factor in determining its overall success in the modern era. For instance, the amount of time spent watching your content on the platform is one key driving factor.

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That determines whether or not it will be taken into account by the platform’s recommendation features. These features include the personalized homepage of the users, the video recommendations, and the subscription of your channel subscribers. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance that your content be optimized for the longest possible watch time.

Whether your primary goal is to increase your clickthrough rate, conversions, or the number of leads you generate makes no difference. If your channel and video have a longer total playing time, there is a greater chance that they will be displayed in the above search results bar and recommendations pannel. They may also be featured in other channels and playlists too.

Effects That Buying YouTube Views Have On The Audience 

Which video is more likely to catch your attention: one with two million views or one with a thumbnail that looks identical but only has 500 views? We as humans tend to go along with whatever the consensus dictates, convinced that we are acting appropriately. This will be very helpful, especially after a channel has been established on YouTube.

People are much less likely to click on a video if it has low views, regardless of how well the title, preview image, and channel name have been optimized. It should come as no surprise that the influence of YouTube increases both the audience and the niche. In spite of this, the “peer pressure” effect is responsible for an increase of up to 40 percent per see.

More so, in regard to the number of organic views on YouTube that any given channel will get. It is reasonable to assume that a greater number of people, expressed as a percentage, will subscribe to the channel. Not to mention, this also applies to conversions, which brings us to our final point. A video with a narrow audience and only a few (100) views raises red flags.

The circumstances are different if a video is produced for a specific niche. In particular, with at least 10,000 views. If a video has 100,000 views, it indicates that many people are interested in the product, making it look more appealing and tempting.

Is It Ethical And Within The Law To Purchase YouTube Views?

Buying views on YouTube is not without drawbacks, chief among them being the requirement that the activity violates the YouTube community guidelines and becomes more socially acceptable. Many people believe that purchasing views is equivalent to cheating and gaining an unfair advantage in a competition. Almost everyone needs to make their own choice.

And, as such, they need an account for themselves, thus we do not want to play the role of the moral apostle at this time. Some people believe that having an expensive logo designed by a professional gives a company a competitive advantage. In contrast, others maintain that a student who is 16 years old should be required to design the logo on his or her own.

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Buying YouTube Views might be a good idea, regardless of how one feels about the practice. However, it is good to consider the pros and cons of buying YouTube views. At times, research can be utilized in the majority of situations — such as in order to determine whether or not organic views have been made. Thus, it is possible to conceal non-organic points of view.

As a rule of thumb, this works best with large channels — with a wide audience base (say 100K+) and a huge number of views already (say 100M+) — because it enables the views to be slowly and evenly distributed across the channel. From our point of view, such channels must also have had quality and engaging content in the past — they just buy views for campaigns.

The main reasons why people buy views:
  • To help in improving the ranking of their channels
  • They would want to make their YouTube videos go viral
  • As a way to increase their number of YouTube subscribers
  • To increase their chances of making more money through ads
  • This a great opportunity to get more direct website traffic
  • Some would want to start building their credibility faster

What’s more, buying YouTube views can give you more free time. If you are not spending more time getting more subscribers and increasing your video views, you can use your free time to master other internet marketing strategies, like social media. You’ll have peace of mind when you buy YouTube views. In fact, you can use your free time to relax with your loved ones.

The Pros Of Buying YouTube Views

It’s a fantastic method for getting a video on YouTube off to a flying start. You don’t need to begin with zero views; you can begin with a few thousand to get things moving more quickly. It contributes to the enhancement of your social credibility. While, at the same time, helping your brand have a positive reputation in comparison to your industry competitors.

To put this in more layman’s terms, you will appear to have a higher level of credibility. Essentially, this is something that will increase the likelihood that people will take you seriously, watch your video, and even make a purchase from your company or business (if you sell something). By all means, there are so many online digital marketing tools for you to consider instead.

Unlike traditional marketing techniques, coupled with other web advertising networks, they are all quite noticeable and even more successful by very far. And, this is very correct! For one thing, just as we aforementioned, they give the impression that you have more credibility — which will make marketing campaigns (both on and off social networks) more successful.

According to a recent research survey, a 27% increase was seen across the board for online sales and conversions. Of course, yes, this pertains to online shopping as well as to the generation of leads. Not forgetting, the number of organic views on YouTube rises by an average of 40%. Still, the total view count conveys to viewers that the content is worthwhile to watch.

The Cons Of Buying YouTube Views

The views on YouTube are not subject-specific in any way. Even though you can target by general location, the vast majority of the views you purchase will not directly result in conversions or leads. When you use these services, you will only experience an increase. In order to achieve success, you will still need to market to and interact with your target audience.

Buying YouTube Views isn’t the most socially acceptable practice. Meaning, that if you do it, you’ll need to keep things under wraps if you want people to watch your videos. Con artists can be found anywhere. Many service providers offer views of low quality for a low price. The majority of these views are generated by bots, which can have a few repercussions.

As an example, it may result in your video being removed and your account being banned. Always read reviews before placing an order, and check out our YouTube Views Scams List for information regarding dishonest businesses we’ve encountered.


The fact is that if you are just creating a new YouTube channel, it can take lots of effort and time to grow it organically. Not unless you already have a name out there. However, it is much easier to grow your channel by buying YouTube views. If your channel gets thousands of views, you are more likely to get more views, thus, buying YouTube views can also help in a way.

In a nutshell, a majority of YouTubers prefer buying YouTube views to gain fame and enhance their best-quality content’s reach. Whilst, keeping in mind, once you gain more real YouTube users’ likes, YouTube’s terms algorithm starts pushing your other videos to a worldwide audience. Especially, to those who are interested in watching similar video content like yours.

Always use sound judgment when planning your strategy for marketing on YouTube. Even if you are pursuing paid views, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in that basket; remember the pros and cons of buying YouTube Views. So, you should also strive for organic results and engagement. Before you buy some YouTube views in 2023, you should carefully consider a few things.

For instance, both the benefits and the drawbacks of this practice. But, if you’ll need more support, you can always Contact Us at any time and then let us know how we can come in handy. That said, until the next one, thanks for your time, and welcome! Kindly feel free to share this article with your friends and other great blog readers like you who might find it resourceful.

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