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Long before there were social media, there was an Ads Platform known as Blogads. Launched in 2002 by web pioneer Henry Copeland, it enabled advertisers to reach influential and passionate audiences. Especially, to those who found unique perspectives, community, and connectivity on leading blogs and forums.

More than fifteen years later, the team behind it relaunched Blogads for the social age. Empowering advertisers to target these very influential audiences across leading platforms, websites in key verticals, and — yes —blogs. Mainly, their easy-to-use Ads Platform is powered by advanced programmatic technology and unique audience data.

Combining all our love for blogs with the sophistication of a modern media company. Above all, if you are using Google Adsense Ads on your blog or website, you already know how important it is. Especially, the exact ads which are generating the most revenue. May it be on a particular page, or a particular ad slot or an ad of a specific size, etc.

But, as of today, besides AdSense by Google, or even AdMaven (for Pop-up Ads), the Gospel I carry and preach today is that of Blogads. Particularly, to all tangible online marketers, influential bloggers, referral affiliates, reputable advertisers, and all smart advertising networks (like jmexclusives).

Why use Blogads?

Simply, because Blogads is one of the oldest advertising networks in the world. And it has been serving advertisers and bloggers since 2002. Those days it was not easy to compete with advertising giants like Google AdSense. But, the concept differs in both the networks.

And as can be seen, from my previous guides, Paid Search Marketing affords businesses the opportunity to advertise within the sponsored listings of a search engine or a partner site. By paying either each time their ad is clicked. In that case, through a Pay Per Click (in short PPC) advertising model.

Or less commonly, when their ad is displayed (eCPM or effective cost per mille) or when phone contact is generated, which is ‘pay per call’.” On the other hand, Website Monetization and or Blog Monetization allows you to earn money from your webpage. By providing set space for online advertisers marketing alongside your content.


In short, Blogads allows you to have a win-win station where adverts a paid for (to show on your blog) by the advertisers. As these display Ads are bidded on your Advertising Networks, you earn a commission out of that. And that makes it an important delivery tool!

How do their Programs work?

Who doesn’t want to make money as a blogger? Websites and blogs have become a major part of the technological revolution. Whereby, even little kids these days are coming up with ideas on how to make great blogs and websites. Some of which they can show off to their classmates.

On the contrary, out of the millions of websites currently existing on the Internet, only a small percentage make decent revenue off of them. And as avid Internet users we all know how the Internet runs, it runs on ads. An online advertisement is a crucial ingredient required to make a website profitable.

Blogads Moves the Mavens:

Especially, through Native, Self-Service Ads to Reach Influencers, Connectors, and Superfans. Whereby, in an increasingly atomized media landscape, blogs are vital hubs for socializing and public discussion.

Their advanced data and technology help you reach your most likely audience of mavens and influencers. Not to mention, they power a broad range of ad types, from our proprietary Blogads native display creative to video to social. They also make it all simple and easy. All you need to do is find the perfect audience for your campaign, build ads, and launch with just a few clicks.

How Blogads work for Publishers

Being a Blogads publisher you must add code to show Blogads slots. One could easily identify the slots by the name of the link ‘Buy a blogad link’.

Advertisers take some time to analyze the site traffic before buying any ad slot. Publishers could choose the best ad sizes from 3 types:

  • Banner advertising,
  • Native advertising, and
  • Sidebar advertising.

Publishers can customize the ads and set up their own prices. If an advertiser finds your site interesting then he/she could straightaway buy the ad space. Not forgetting, publishers get 70% revenue share from Blogads.

Note: The earnings of the publishers depend on the ads placement, price, niche, traffic, and advertisers.

Blogads pays its publishers on a Net 30 basis. The payment options are PayPal, Wire transfer, and check. The minimum payout when paid via PayPal is $75 whereas it is $750 for Wire transfer and checks.

How Blogads work for Advertisers

Keep in mind, the revenue model of Blogads is CPC as well as CPM.  BuySellAds and Blogads are tough competitors in direct advertising. It’s interesting to see premium blogs like PerezHilton and DailyKos use Blogads.

Unlike other advertising networks joining Blogads is not easy. Blogads review every site before approving it. While emphasizing on niche blogs with a broader focus to generate at least 500,000 to 1 million page views per month. Other than those, niches getting 30,000 and above page impressions monthly are sufficient to join.

In addition, they accept only top-level domains. In that case, and users get discouraged to join this network. Also, they don’t accept sites hosting illegitimate content. Therefore, make sure your site is clean before applying. Below is a step-by-step guide on How to Create a new Ads Campaign:

1. Select your audience

Whether you’re targeting fashionistas, politicos, foodies, tech nerds, LGBTQ, socialites, or gamers, Blogads offers over 24 different interest-based categories to choose from.

2. Select targeting

Choose your target demographics, campaign start-and-end dates, platforms, and budget. You will see your impression and cost quote update in real-time as you adjust the parameters.

3. Select your creative

Upload ads you’ve already designed, or use our elegant DIY Blogad builder to create completely custom ads in minutes.

With this in mind, you can create a new campaign and start gathering new leads and converting your site visitors into potential customers or online buyers.

Summary Notes;

Advertising Networks (or Ad Networks) is a company that connects advertisers to websites that want to host advertisements. The key function of an ad network is an aggregation of ad supply from publishers and matching it with the advertiser’s demand.

Adsense delivers contextual campaigns whereas Blogads deal with direct advertising solutions. And according to Blogads, their network is working with more than 3500 publishers. At the same Blogads has a good league of reputed advertisers.

It is also important to realize, besides Google Adsense and Blogads, AdMaven is one of the most popular online advertising platform that focuses on pop-under ads. Not to mention, as of today, pop-under ads have been a staple of many publishers in a more wanting monetization mix.

By the same token, AdDollars is an advertising application that allows you to earn money from your website or your blog. By adding in-text advertising to the content published on your website. Below are the links you can follow (if interested with Blogads) to;

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