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What Is BF Suma? Get Paid For Affiliating Health Products

BF Suma has helped millions of people all over the world to achieve a healthier, wealthier, and happier life. You can be next on to achieve a better life by becoming a BF Suma distributor or affiliate and even start your own business today. But how? First of all, you’ll need to discover more about their business financial strategy and marketing plan. And then learn a few strategies here and there.

Such as how you can become an independent distributor and have the life you deserve. Through their distribution network, you’ll have an unlimited chance to earn big cash bonuses. Also, as soon as you enroll in their network, you’ll also get intercontinental/international travel awards and car awards. More so, you’ll even get a chance to network with other world business leaders.

According to one of their topmost distributor in Kenya, their distributors earn most of the sales revenue through the BF Suma Bonus Plan (Sales & Marketing Plan). Each BF SUMA distributor is not an employee. But together, they form a team of independent business owners. Other benefits included in their network are a big retail margin and a high monthly bonus.

With added growth incentives and villa funds. Join right away if you want to become a distributor.

What Is BF Suma?

BF Suma is your Bright Future from the Superior, Unique Manufacturer of America. Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, BF Suma is now a leading global pharmaceutical and health products developer, manufacturer, and distributor. They have been committed to offering high-quality natural herbal formulated products with cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive services.

Additionally, it’s the flagship brand of Bright Future Group – the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Hong Kong. With strong research capability, the Bright Future Group supports BF Suma to develop a variety of products. Their Philosophy and Slogan is – Brighter Life Better Future!

In general, the BF Suma company’s main focus is on health products that cover many aspects. Including bone and joint care, cardiovascular health, digestive health, immune booster, and sexual health. As well as, weight management, anti-aging, vitamins, minerals, and so forth.

The BF Suma R&D Teams

As can be seen, BF Suma is a health product company committed to improving the quality of life by offering excellent health products and services. Established in the United States, it’s dedicated to a variety of health products and services.

As such, their engagements include research, development, manufacturing, distribution, and consistently providing natural yet high-quality products. To help benefit the health and well-being of people.

Their leading product portfolio covers;
  1. US-Patented formula Products,
  2. Bone & Cartilage Supplements,
  3. Healthy Beauty Products,
  4. Immune Boosters,
  5. Digestive Products,
  6. Intimacy Products,
  7. Sleeping Aid, and much more.

By all means, their professional R&D teams continuously develop new products with cutting-edge technologies. Within an uncompromising attitude to achieve better quality. Go ahead and shop from their online store.

What is BF Suma Suma Fit Kit?

It’s important to realize, the company has an improvised BF Suma – Suma Fit Kit for food lovers. Providing an EASY way for a healthy life…to…SLIM EASILY!

The Suma Fit Kit has been developed for years to ensure high efficacy in weight management. With no adverse side effects and no rebound weight! No diets and no restrictions too!

What is BF Suma Suma Fit Kit?

Basically, the Fit Kit contains 4 high-quality products combined to help you reach your desired weight. They have a 30, 60, and 90-day packages available! Plus free gift with every kit purchased.

In short, it’s the ultimate solution to reaching the goal weight and achieving optimum health. That said, you too can make a choice to change today here!

What Is The BF Suma Affiliate Program?

Did you know that you can make money daily by referring people to the BFSuma online store? Well, you can do that by joining as one of their store affiliates.

The BF Suma Affiliate Program is a borderless business opportunity that allows you to refer and earn from the retail sales in the BF Suma Online Store. It is a seamless way to successfully build your BFSuma network marketing business into over 220 countries.

Eventually, becoming a BFSuma Store Affiliate is the sure way to attain the Brighter Life, Better Future for yourself and loved ones!

How do I Start?

All you need do is register as an affiliate. Using your BFSuma ID Number (eg. 824 for jmexclusives) as your Username. Then thereafter, you use the official name you used to register with BFSuma as the name on the form.

Having said that, you can start even now, if only you can sign up here: Okay! Now that I have signed up how do I get started making sales? Well, Well! In order to achieve that,

  1. First, you’ll go to,
  2. Then log in with your affiliate username and password.
  3. Secondly, click on the top-right icon that says, “Hi…” to select an “Affiliate Account,”
  4. Mind you, now you’re in your affiliate back office,
  5. Lastly, copy your affiliate URL (for example,

Once you are done, you can start sharing with your social media followers, blog articles, websites, email, etc. You may also paste your affiliate URL on any BFSuma images, videos, promos, and other informational materials and send it to people over the Internet.

How To Create A BF Suma Campaign Name

Optionally, you can create a Campaign Name (e.g. jmexclusives) for your network. To create a Campaign Name; enter the text inside the text box, then click on “Generate URL“.

Forthwith, copy this New Referral URL Link and start to share it with all your social media contacts. For instance, on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, Blog, Websites, etc. Whenever anyone enters the bfsumastore through your link and makes a purchase you have made a sale.


Suma Health Products (K) Ltd. was introduced and officially opened in Kenya in May 2011. In that case, this year marks a solid 7 years success story of BF Suma in Kenya. This is a new era of MLM business in Kenya.

Since its introduction, they have covered all major towns and opened shops through their local partnerships. While at the same time, creating 7 Millionaires, and changing the lives of more than 10 thousand families of Kenya through their high-quality products.

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Not forgetting, SUMA health products have been approved by the Natural Products Association (GMP certified by USA NPA). And also in Kenya by the Ministry of Health Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

With this in mind, you can see other countries they operate in here. And always remember, you can join their Affiliate Program if you wish to make money reviewing and referring customers to their products here.

Useful Contacts:

If you wish to join their distribution network, learn more about their products, or even make orders, you can contact their product distributor. Below are the contact details you can use:

  1. Gloria Wanjala:– (+254) 735 334421
  2. You can also Whatsapp:– (+254) 712 889470

For more information, you can the complete company profile. You can also visit the BF Suma online store for online shopping and other new health products and Fit Kit showcase.

Finally, if you’ll need more help, Contact Us or even share your additional thoughts in the comments section. You can also donate in order to support our blog articles research work and other ongoing projects here.

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