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WhatsApp Safaricom Zuri For Free | How To Get Started Easily

As a mobile web user, you can now WhatsApp Safaricom Zuri Free so easily and conveniently. In order to go get your issues and queries quickly sorted out. Of course, yes, this is somehow true since Zuri is a Safaricom chatbot that is finally available on WhatsApp. So far, that much we know already, don’t we? It’s yet another milestone by Safaricom to win competitors.

For one thing, this chatbot gives Safaricom subscribers yet another avenue to access self-help services. While, at the same time, allowing them to converse with Zuri live and direct on WhatsApp. Also, bearing in mind, as a Telecom Company, Safaricom has a number of ways through which its customers can access service quickly. But, this bot beats them all!

According to Android Kenya, Zuri Bot is one of the various customer touchpoints that Kenya’s largest mobile network operator is using on the web. In order to be able to make it easy for its millions of customers to get served quickly. So, how do you get to that point, or who is Safaricom Zuri, though? Well, we’ll have a look at that in a short while with more details.

Who Is Safaricom Zuri?

To enumerate, Safaricom Zuri is your very own Assistant and your best friend but in the form of a chatbot with AI-powered capabilities. Technically, she works 24/7 to enhance your Safaricom experience and is available at the touch of a button. We all love her so much here — she enables you to interact with Safaricom easily, ensuring you are always connected.

Although Facebook is a pretty popular application in Kenya, Messenger really hasn’t picked up really well in person-to-person conversations. On the contrary, it may be a good platform, however, for web-based business interactions. By the same token, Telegram, on the other hand, is not that popular. But, it’s still in use by a majority of teenagers for news and dating purposes.

It, therefore, makes more sense for Safaricom to bring Zuri to Kenya’s most popular app. On WhatsApp, more and more Kenyans will get to access it and actually use the chatbot. You can use Zuri to access various service solutions.

WhatsApp Safaricom Zuri For:
  • Marketing Messages management
  • Chargeable SMS services deactivation
  • Get PUK
  • M-PESA reversal
  • Chargeable SMS services
  • Buying data bundles
  • Airtime Top-up
  • Safaricom Home
  • Brainteaser and so much more!

But, being a chatbot, remember, you won’t be conversing with an actual person. So, don’t go trying to say things that don’t make sense. LOL. According to Safaricom’s Privacy Policy, the information on the Chat with Zuri will be saved. And now, with that in mind, it’s good to view their Zuri Privacy Statement before you can start using it through WhatsApp.

How To WhatsApp Safaricom Zuri For Free

In the first place, it’s absolutely free to access Zuri on WhatsApp for all your unique customer-based user queries. Not to mention, you can as well use the mobile number directly. Whereby, you’ll need to first save 0722 000100 on your mobile contacts list. And then, open your WhatsApp chat, and type ‘Hi Zuri.’ You’ll have all your issues sorted out in seconds.

Secondly, if, as many of us would be, you are reading this from your smartphone, just click this link. On the phone, this will take you straight to WhatsApp so that you can start chatting with Zuri right away. And now, every other time you need to chat up Zuri to help with something, just open WhatsApp and search for Zuri. Below is a simple tutorial video to get started:

What about other devices, like, desktop computers, where WhatsApp Web For Desktop is installed and one is signed in? Well, by going with the appropriate response to its prompt, one can just head over there. Or rather, it can seamlessly and easily take them to WhatsApp Web. Unfortunately, none of these options is that convenient for wannabes, it quite favors experts.

As they all require one to have their mobile phone with them and WhatsApp open. Since WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop simply mirror the phone app and don’t run their own instances of the app. In addition, you can also access Zuri Chatbot on Telegram and Facebook Messenger. Here are 7 Things To Do With The New MySafaricom App – Techweez for you.

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NB: It’s important to realize, as their mobile customer, you’ll Get a Free 500MB of Data if you Download MySafaricom App for the first time. Be that as it may, you may also get a few bonuses if you refer the app to your friends and family members.

Finally, it’s now our hope the above guide was useful to you or even someone close to you. However, you can share your additional opinions thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, contributions, or even questions in our comments section. Furthermore, you can also Contact Us if you’ll need any more help or additional online support from our professionals.

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