UserWay Accessibility Widget | Basic Installation & Activation Steps

With UserWay Accessibility Widget Tools, you can now deploy UserWay’s advanced website accessibility solutions without refactoring your website’s existing code. And, as a result, ensure a comprehensive legal & regulatory compliance framework covering ADA, Section 508, WCAG 2.1 AA, and much more. Currently, they are serving accessibility solutions to their users over 2.5 Billion times a month.

UserWay is led by a world-class team with decades of experience with complex accessibility protocols. In addition to the delivery of large-scale systems, and innovation that pushes the envelope. Luckily, they are some of the world’s leading engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are defining the future of digital accessibility for us all.

One-in-five users require accommodations to use your site. That’s why you’ll need UserWay to comply with strict legal requirements while protecting your users’ civil rights.

What Is UserWay?

Overall, “Accessibility by UserWay” is open-source software and a Pioneer in Innovative Website Accessibility Technologies. It creates advanced website accessibility solutions that help ensure ADA compliance without refactoring your website’s existing code.

With UserWay’s RaaS™ (Remediation as a Service™) technology you can effortlessly increase compliance with so many entities. Including WCAG 2.1, ADA, ATAG 2.0, EN 301-549, and Section 508 regulations as well. More so, as required by the US & international governmental & regulatory bodies. In short, UserWay makes your web accessibility all easy.

UserWay Accessibility Widget

Rebrand & resell UserWay’s Accessibility Widget while reinforcing your organizations’ commitment to fostering an accessible digital space for your clients and their end-users. Seamlessly incorporate a branded accessibility widget across your entire customer base through UserWay’s dedicated white label server.

Its main functions are:

WCAG & ADA Compliance: UserWay’s solutions provide full WCAG & ADA compliance from day one and every single day thereafter.

Mitigate Legal Risk: Protect your website from accessibility-related lawsuits with the world’s strongest automated solution for accessibility.

Enhanced Usability & UI/UX: Accessibility sets your website apart and showcases your commitment to inclusion – all while boosting SEO, search rankings, conversions, and your bottom line.

In nutshell, UserWay is a cloud-based accessibility solution that provides a powerful, scalable, lightweight, and secure compliance solution for one website or even a thousand. For this reason, it’s the world’s #1 AI-Powered Web Accessibility Solution ensuring ADA compliance, legal protection, and increased user engagement. Their key service solutions include:

Website Accessibility
  1. Widget
  2. Scanner
  3. Inspector
  4. Auditor
  5. Statement Generator
Website Content
  1. Content Moderator
  2. Contrast Checker
  3. PDF Remediation
  4. Video Remediation
  5. Dyslexia Font

Besides the above tools, just in case you lost your Embed Code, they offer you a way to enter your email address here in order to recover the JS embed code for your UserWay Accessibility Widget. You can see all agency solutions in detail.

That said, you can also Meet their Team to learn more about their main Web Accessibility Solution endeavors in detail. And then, to get started, you can test your site’s accessibility compliance first. More so, to test if your site is a lawsuit risk. Eventually, a quick and free scan will show you violations that could leave you open to lawsuits.

AI-Powered Web Solution

UserWay is led by a world-class team with decades of experience with complex accessibility protocols, delivery of large-scale systems, and innovation that pushes the envelope. Luckily, they’ve some of the world’s leading engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are defining the future of digital accessibility for all.

Why Implement UserWay Accessibility Widget?

Basically, the UserWay Accessibility Widget is a web tool that lets you express your brand’s commitment towards inclusivity & accessibility. The UserWay’s full AI-Powered Accessibility Widget is customized for each individual user on your site based on their unique accessibility needs.

It enables all of the features and functions of the free widget. As well as the key automatic, back-end, and front-end logic & remediation layers to ensure full ADA and WCAG compliance. The UserWay Accessibility Widget will make smart modifications to elements on your site that it identifies as potentially non-compliant.

Or rather, those that may prevent keyboard-only navigation. And they do it all without requiring you to do any more coding. More so, even save your developers to make costly adjustments to your website’s existing codebase. As seen below, all its hundreds of more AI-Powered functions ensure WCAG & ADA compliance!

UserWay Accessibility Widget

It’s important to realize, its surcharges may apply for remediation of multimedia, PDF documents, audio transcriptions, and video captioning & transcriptions.

Put Your Website Visitors In Control

Getting your website compliant while offering a fully-accessible user experience is simpler than you think. Leverage the suite of UserWay Accessibility Widget automated solutions to expedite the process without sacrificing quality. You’ll use tools such as Screen Reader, Smart Contrast, Scan Violations, Image Alts, etc.

In reality, after over 11,000 web business-related lawsuits, the trend is even going parabolic. There was a time when it was possible to get away with having a website that didn’t work for people with disabilities. But, those days are long gone, and ADA regulations for web accessibility are being enforced in court.

Protect Your Website Now

The easiest way to avoid lawsuits is to automate your code’s remediation with UserWay AI-powered solutions. For this reason, using the Accessibility Widget, you’ll be able to measure the Stats and see all the Remediations. As well as Keyboard Navigation and Accessible Text.

Protect Your Overall Website Reputation

Generally speaking, as a web owner or webmaster, you need to know that Web Accessibility is a Global Issue now. Therefore, you need to ensure the accessibility of your website is the key at all times — no matter what language your users speak. UserWay provides support for over 30 different languages that are fully integrated into the widget and an intelligent “auto-detect” mode.

Thus, users from around the world will be presented with accessibility options in the language they’ll understand best. You can see if your language is supported — so that you don’t fall victim. Not to mention, UserWay offers inclusive experiences and accessibility tools for absolutely everyone. How will UserWay Accessibility Widget help you and your site visitors?

Automatic Remediations Include:
  • Automatically generated alt text
  • Color contrast correction
  • Page structure and organization resolutions
  • Undefined and broken link remediation, etc.
Customization Tools Include:
  • Screen reader
  • Enlarged cursor
  • Highlighted links
  • Dyslexia-friendly font, etc.

With UserWay Accessibility Widget, making your website accessible is simple and affordable. You can Schedule A Demo, or just Start Free Trial to see it more at work as well.

Customize Anything, Control Everything!

The internet is a place filled with users who have diverse needs and brands that demand powerful customization options to meet those needs. With UserWay, these include the ability to customize preferred button types, language and locales, size, position, color, accessibility statements, and more.

UserWay’s powerful customizations create seamless integrations with your brand’s UI, providing convenient controls for mobile, desktop, and tablet environments. On that note, accessibility does not have to be complicated. Below are more ways that the web tool benefits your lead and target web users:

#1: Visually Impaired

UserWay assists users that have varying degrees of visual impairment by enhancing their browsing experience to best meet their needs and physical limitations. They do this by improving your site’s support for keyboard-only navigation. As well as enabling users to independently increase the contrast of contents on your site.

In addition to increasing the font size, switching to a more readable font face, etc. Whilst, using a larger cursor, highlighting links, desaturating content — removing color from text and images — and more. In particular, based on their personal disability and preference.

#2: Elderly

Eventually, the UserWay Accessibility Widget — WordPress Plugin — helps elderly site users overcome any senses that may have softened or deteriorated over time. By allowing them to:

  • adjust the text size on your site,
  • highlight clickable areas so they don’t get lost among the other content,
  • increase the size of the mouse pointer
  • use higher contrast colors, etc.

All this via an intuitive and easy-to-understand plugin that’ll be unobtrusive to any users who don’t actually require it.

#3: Blind

With UserWay, blind and visually impaired people on your site can finally become more independent and better integrate with the online world, which they so intimately depend on for their daily lives. Accessibility guidelines empower disabled users to more effortlessly deal with everyday tasks while helping make their handicap a little less of an obstacle.

UserWay helps visually impaired and blind users have a more meaningful browsing experience on your website and thus a stronger connection with you and your business. While you’ll be more closely adhering to website accessibility standards as required by law, you may also enjoy increased ROI from providing a better experience to a broader user base.

#4: Mobility Impaired

Try abandoning your mouse for a couple of days and see what the experience is like navigating your company’s site. UserWay creates a simpler and more accessible browsing experience for users with mobility issues as well. Millions of people cannot use a mouse or other pointing device and rely solely on their keyboard to navigate websites.

Your site should be fully navigable using a keyboard’s tab key, arrow keys, the enter key, and the spacebar. Their widget will make smart modifications to elements on your site that we identify as potentially non-compliant or that may prevent keyboard-only navigation. All without requiring you or your developers to make costly adjustments to your website’s existing codebase.

#5: Situational Disabilities

Have you ever had your pupils dilated for an eye exam, only to leave the doctor’s office and find the world painfully bright and blurry? Or maybe you’ve found yourself unable to type on the computer because you sprained your wrist?

These scenarios might just seem like temporary frustrations, but there’s actually a name for them – situational disabilities. Disabilities do not always have to be permanent or ongoing. Sometimes your environment or circumstances can create a temporary disability or impairment. UserWay helps to make technology more accessible for everyone, no matter what their situation is.

Or rather, no matter how long they anticipate it to continue. If you’re temporarily impaired, having easy-to-use modifications will give you more freedom and flexibility to adapt digital content to your needs.

How To Add UserWay Accessibility Widget Code

Following the new website accessibility regulations, there are Hundreds of Lawsuits and Thousands of Demand Letters in circulation. For instance, there’s the case of,,, MIT, and Harvard University. Sued for failure to provide closed captioning on streaming web videos, archived video content, and pre-recorded course material.

In addition, 50 US Colleges are also already in court for being inaccessible to people with disabilities. Specifically, for users that are relying on screen readers and other assistive tech tools. Back in 2016, the Domino Pizza Company was Sued for failure to create an online ordering system that was accessible to blind users. The lawsuit was still active as of 2020.

Other Lawsuits & Demand Letters Include: ›
  • Sued for failure to provide descriptive alt text on images for product images appearing on their e-commerce store
  • MLB: Sued for failure to provide accessibility of apps for mobile devices based on WCAG 2.1 Level AA for its iPhone and iPad apps.
  • Sued for failure to provide an accessible website, mobile application, and accessible online trading platform for customers who are blind.
  • SafeWay: Sued for failure to provide accessibility of its online grocery delivery website.
  • H&R Block: Sued for failure to provide accessible web content for their online tax preparation tool, website, and mobile application
  • Carnival Cruises: Sued for failure to provide accessible web experiences for their Carnival Cruises, Princess, and HollandAmerica websites
  • Weight Watchers: Sued for failure to provide its online and mobile application content and print material in accessible formats for persons with visual impairments

By all means, as you Start A Free Trial, you’ll also learn that its web tools have Privacy by Design at your fingertips. Meaning, it’s tools do not collect or store any user data. Basically, UserWay maintains the strictest compliance levels with WCAG, ADA, GDPR, UNRUH, EN 301 549, COPPA, and HIPAA regulations. You can learn their Terms of Use for more details.

How Accessibility Widget Works

Allow your website visitors to tailor their browsing experience to match their needs and preferences and show your commitment to digital accessibility with UserWay. And now, let’s learn how to Protect Your Website using the UserWay Accessibility Widget below. However, if you are already a member, for quick login access, you can use this link directly.

How to Add UserWay Accessibility Widget Code on Website:

The first option is the free trial version (with limited compliance tools). Of course, this is a very great start for beginners. Meaning, as you use the widgets, if you’ll be satisfied, you can now proceed with the premium versions. Not forgetting, the Premium Pricing Plan offers you Full ADA, WCAG compliance with AI-powered accessibility widget features.

Additionally, you’ll also get a 10-day free trial with around $49/month or $490/year (most popular). Last but not least, the next thing now is to choose your Key Platform to Quickly Embed UserWay on Your Site.  Whether free premium, they’ll just email you the instructions for installing UserWay widget code on your site.

In most cases, you simply need to place the code below just before the close </body> tag on your site. To access your account, please sign in from or click the “Manage” link from your widget footer to access the widget management area. But, only from the widget that is installed on your website.

How To Install UserWay Accessibility Widget Plugin 

That’s it! You are now ready to get all the features the Free Accessibility Widget has to offer. After logging in click ‘Upgrade Now’ to access the full AI-powered version of UserWay’s Accessibility Widget. But, what about a website like jmexclusives (Web Tech Experts) built with WordPress?

Notably, there’s a UserWay’s Accessibility Widget Installation Guide For WordPress that’s all free. With great video tutorials for beginners as well. Through the Standard WordPress Installation, you’ll quickly strengthen the accessibility of your WordPress website. That’s by installing UserWay’s Accessibility Widget, which works perfectly, out-of-the-box.

The Simple Steps To Follow:
  • Sign-up plug-in on Settings-> UserWay page
  • And then, download the plugin files directly to your desktop for direct upload
  • Else, you can search for the plugin under the WordPress plugins directory
  • Install the plugin into your WordPress website dashboard
  • Go to your website control panel and then to the “plugins” webpage
  • Activate the plugin “UserWay Accessibility Widget”

UserWay’s Accessibility Widget immediately helps strengthen any weak points and accessibility hurdles on your WordPress site. UserWay works flawlessly on both purchased and premade templates as well as your own hand-crafted templates and designs. Installing UserWay’s Accessibility Widget for your portfolio of WordPress sites is free.

Regardless of how many sites you manage or the number of pages each of your sites contains. Enjoy an immediate accessibility boost and provide powerful site enhancements for your users. While helping to fend off potential lawsuits and legal claims related to accessibility, ADA, Section 508, etc. And other violations rooted in code that’s non-compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA requirements.

Final Thoughts:

Technically, web accessibility can seem complex and overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, UserWay does all the heavy lifting for you. All without any changes to your existing website’s existing code. Furthermore, its accessibility widget is available for all leading CMS platforms.

Whereby, you can utilize it on all leading CMS Software Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Drupal, as well as plain HTML/CSS/JS sites. Whilst, bringing your website into compliance with the strictest governmental regulations. More so, as required by the ADA by instantly remediating accessibility violations.

Learn More: What Is A VPAT? An Essential Part Of Your Accessibility Audit

Personally, it’s a great feeling to be part of this change. I am equally proud to say that tens of millions of pages meet the strictest compliance laws based on WCAG 2.1 AA requirements already. All thanks to the UserWay Accessibility Widget and Usability Tools pioneering technologies. All in all, your site usability and accessibility Floodgates are now open!

Finally, with that in mind, do you still need some assistance to place the UserWay widget code on your website? Well, you can either Consult Us for more instructions or just email the details mailed to you to your site admin. See, it’s as simple and easy as ABCD! But, if you’ll still need more support, you can share your questions in our comments section below.

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