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Selling over 165 million books since its inception in 2003, ThriftBooks is considered one of the largest sellers of used books. It has seven warehouses across the United States. Meaning, besides Amazon Kindle, it’s yet another great catch for books online. However, it does sell books on Amazon, but they don’t ship books during U.S. federal holidays.

Likewise, Books listed as “New” also cannot be delivered to countries outside the United States. Although used books, VHS tapes, DVD videos, coloring books, and books categorized as “Collectible” can be. For each book purchased, customers, regardless of geographic location, build up points in their accounts.

Eventually, its online/retail bookstore build-up points can be put towards a free book through the company’s Reading Rewards program. According to their Brand Story, the ThriftBooks mission is all about ‘Read More, Spend Less!’

What Is ThriftBooks?

ThriftBooks is a large web-based online books store used bookseller headquartered near Seattle, Washington. It sells used books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, video games, and audio cassettes. Its key business model “is based on achieving economies of scale through automation.” Notably, ThriftBooks was founded in the summer of 2003.

With its founders — Daryl Butcher and Jason Meyer — starting with a pick-up truck of used books stashed in a storage unit. And then, listing books solely on Later on, the two founders saw a software creation allowing them to organize and list thousands of book titles per day. Since 2004, they’ve partnered with many libraries.

In return, these partnerships allow them to provide unsorted books and get a share of the profits. Perse, the first library systems to join were King County, Pierce County, and North Central. Whilst, their first book sold was the beloved children’s classic — Charlotte’s Web — by E.B. White. Over the years, they’ve added regional processing centers across their reach.

All this with the help of hundreds of employees. Throughout this time, they’ve also built their unique processes to purchase, grade, and distribute used and rare/collectible books. They got their start selling books on Amazon and eBay. Since they have grown as a company, they still offer books through Amazon but do most of their business online.

What Makes ThriftBooks A Great Bookstore?

Firstly, ThriftBooks is a large-scale e-commerce site that primarily sells used books. However, they also sell collectible books, DVDs for movies and TV series, music CDs and tapes, and video games on a variety of platforms. The array of titles they have is fantastic, especially for older books that are hard to find. Most of the books go for between $3 and $4.

Secondly, they first started selling books on their own via other websites until finally starting growing their own business. Creating their website and finding ways to help distribute books to readers at an affordable price. Now, they are a thriving business that has a Trustpilot score of 4.8 and over 855,000+ reviews.

Equally important, it’s quite popular among book collectors for being one of few western online bookselling platforms to not be a subsidiary of Amazon. Particularly, with shoppers choosing to boycott and avoid Amazon. Secondly, the platform is also popular for its free shipping with a $15 minimum order (formerly $10, but raised to $15 as of 2022).

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They buy their books in bulk from thrift stores such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, and others. Then the books are taken to warehouses, where they are sorted out and processed for sale. For this reason, ThriftBooks is a website that deserves your time and attention. It’s one of the most legit websites you can find for books.

Today, ThriftBooks are the world’s largest online independent used bookseller. Whilst, operating with state-of-the-art automation and advanced analytics in a safety-first environment. Their primary customer web and mobile destination is their brand home, (visit site).

Likewise, they remove any books that are in poor condition to try and eliminate quality issues. Unfortunately, as of 2021, free shipping does not apply to international orders. Shipping with ThriftBooks is one of the best parts of their service. It is straightforward and almost always ahead of time unless the postal service has delays. Other key features include:

#1: Good Customer Service

For the most part, everyone says they do. Whether you have an issue with an order or problems with their website, people tend to share that customer service could resolve their problems. Now, that isn’t to say that some people haven’t had poor experiences with their customer service.

Still, most reviews in this area are very positive. You can call their customer service line or email support. They will reach out to you and answer any questions or resolve any issues you may have. Very rarely do you find positive customer service reviews for an e-commerce website like this one?

#2: Average Shipping Time

ThriftBooks has many great reviews and a lot of happy customers. Their customer service is exceptional, prices are affordable, and inventory is extensive. They are a trusted retailer of books, movies, and more.

For standard shipping, their timeframes are eight to twelve days. However, if you pay for expedited shipping, you can get your orders in two to five days. And very rarely do they go past these timetables.

#3: Friendly Shipping Costs

The cost of shipping for ThriftBooks runs from free to $11.99 per order. Shipping cost is based on standard shipping to expedited shipping rates. Their international shipping highly depends on the country of the book order.

Thus, it doesn’t fit their standard shipping protocols. Relatively, canceling orders with ThriftBooks is relatively easy too. You can go to your account, go to your orders, and if your book hasn’t shipped yet, you can request a cancellation.

#4: Books Order Tracking

ThriftBooks accepts all major credit cards and Paypal. They do not accept checks, money orders, or Bitcoin. However, their payment method online is simple, easy, and quick. You can track your orders through your account page.

More so, under the ‘history tab.’ They claim their tracking tab is 100% reliable and that customer service will make things right if any problems arrive. But, as mentioned, they are constrained to their international shipping. ThriftBooks will ship to Canada; however, in most other countries, you need to find workaround options if you go with ThriftBooks for used books.

#5: Discount Promo Codes

If it has shipped your book orders already, you cannot cancel your order. Nevertheless, it is pretty easy to do on their website. ThriftBooks have a Reading Rewards program where you can get a free book after ordering so many books. From time to time, they also have special offers for the rewards program or sales on books.

However, they don’t have a lot of promotional discounts or coupons. As long as you contact ThriftBooks within 30 days of receiving your order, they will do returns or refunds without the need to return. Contact customer service, and they will work to resolve any issues related to damaged books or the wrong book order.

Is ThriftBooks Platform Reliable & Trustworthy?

First of all, according to Cofes, the Thriftbooks Platform is entirely legit. It’s amongst the best online e-commerce website platform for books and other collectibles around. Although, just like any other online bookstore, it has its problems.

As well as some poor reviews, and issues here and there — though nothing much to worry yourself about. Personally, I’ve come to know ThriftBooks as one of the best places to buy used books online — for a great price. And, while it isn’t quite a thrift store price of ninety-nine cents, they are indeed the best prices online.

ThriftBooks also continue to sell on Amazon, eBay, Abe, and other commerce sites where book lovers gather. They hand-grade every book in their inventory and offer books in a variety of formats and conditions for our customers.

Featured Category:
Popular Categories

In addition to the above list, you can also read and learn about their Wholesale Partnership and Library Partnership in detail, to know how you can join them. Or just get more Help & Support from them.

In reality, while also the naysayers will try to convince you that this website is a scam, they are genuinely an online used bookstore — well worth your time and money. They have a wide variety of books as well many books that are out of print. Before I forget, to be compliant with their service solutions, make sure that you read and understand their key guidelines.


As a US-based company, there are a lot of job opportunities for the United States book lovers and dwellers. However, worldwide, there are not many opportunities. People love working for ThriftBooks. After reviewing the job sites, it appears that people who work there love to work there. However, one common complaint is that management isn’t always best.

ThriftBooks Mobile App — Pros & Cons — Plus Alternatives

Markedly, they pride themselves on their wide assortment of quality used, accurately graded books provided to their customers at everyday low prices. Their award-winning customer service team and their 5-star rating on Trustpilot, with over 640,000 reviews, provide their customers assurance to shop with confidence.

What’s more, you can even shop millions of new and used books faster and easier on the go with its Mobile App too. Ultimately, this is an App that powers both iPhone (App Store) and Android (Google Play) mobile devices. Overall, their ReadingRewards loyalty program continually delights loyal customers with free books awarded for their points earned.

Just like our Web Tech Experts do, they believe in books and the power of the written word to impact lives and societies across the globe. And they cherish this role quite well — in saving books to live another day to educate, entertain, inspire, and transform lives. While finding books they love and look forward to reading with ease.

Through their Mobile App, ThriftBooks offers quality used and new books, accurately graded, at everyday low prices — delivered directly to their cherished customers. But, if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please get in touch with them — they’ll do their best to ensure your satisfaction.

Their Key Mobile App Features Allows You To:
  • See personalized book recommendations
  • Shop ThriftDeals and earn ReadingRewards
  • Scan bar codes to compare prices and check inventory
  • Find Rare & Collectible Books such as first editions and signed copies
  • Get free US shipping on orders over $15.
  • Discover trending titles

With every page click of their official website, you will find more and more treasures to order. Personally, I’ve used their web platform once or twice before. And, all I can is that ThriftBooks is a website that deserves your time and attention. In other words, it’s one of the most legit websites you can find for books — whether it’s new or used/old books.

ThriftBooks Platform Pros:
  • Affordable books
  • Books available that are no longer in print
  • Shipping is inexpensive and quick
ThriftBooks Platform Cons:
  • Books can sometimes be in rough condition
  • They don’t ship to all countries around the world

Remarkably, their partnerships extend into communities across the globe. While their profit-sharing relationship with libraries large and small enables them to support these valuable institutions too. More so, by finding homes for ex-library books and working with Friends of Library groups across the country.

With their end goal being to provide financial support for their continued success. That said, there are some mainstream alternatives as well as other sites like them that provide such great products for such a great price. And when things don’t go quite right, they do well with the customer and make it work for them.

Best Alternatives:

What’s more, the booksellers give back to the communities through their ThriftBooks Cares pillar. Eventually, designed to connect with communities in the US and globally donate books to those in need — including schools, non-profit organizations, and those rebuilding after natural disasters.

In terms of its usability, ThriftBooks is highly trustworthy. Many aspects of their business continue to stay above board. Reviews across many of the business review sites confirm their reliability and trustworthiness.

Takeaway Notes:

ThriftBooks is a large-scale e-commerce site that primarily sells used books. However, they also sell collectible books, DVDs for movies and TV series, music CDs and tapes, and video games on a variety of platforms. The array of titles they have is fantastic, especially for older books that are hard to find. Most of the books go for between $3 and $4.

They first started selling books on their own via other websites until finally starting growing their own business. Creating their website and finding ways to help distribute books to readers at an affordable price. Now, they are a thriving business that has a Trustpilot score of 4.8 and over 855,000+ reviews.

Overall, warehousing is an easy place to get a job such as with ThriftBooks. Being part of their corporate business is more difficult since they are still a small company. However, working your way up in the warehouse is possible, but not into the corporate part of the business.

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Last but not least, for those new in this field, an electronic book, also known as an e-book or eBook, is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. Ebooks are, well, books. But in a format where they can be delivered or downloaded online.

Finally, Audible is a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming on the Internet. It sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers.

I hope that the above guideline will serve you right as you choose ThriftBooks over other alternative online bookstores. But, if you’ll need more support, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. You can also share your additional opinion thoughts, suggestions, contributions, or even questions in our comments section below.

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