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Structured Data Schema Markup Design For AMP Rich Snippets

For your information, Structured Data Schematics adds Google Rich Snippets markup on your site encodes. And in accordance with guidelines towards structuring your site for SEO. (AMP Compatible). Furthermore, structured data algorithms are increasingly important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, the bad news is that this is pretty complicated stuff.

And for sure, even the most seasoned SEO specialists struggle with the proper implementation of structured data and schema on a website. That is why you are offered an opportunity by WordPress through Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP Plugin.

As a matter of fact, outperform your competitors in search engine search results. Particularly, now that one of the latest evolution in SEO is called Schema Markup. On one hand, the Quickee team will add Schema Markup rating code on your web site pages to increase your website keyword rankings on Google.

Understanding What Structured Data Schema Markup Entails For Webmasters

The schema plugin increases the chance that search engines like Google will show additional information about your content. In that case, directly in the search engine results from pages via rich snippets. By updating all these fields properly according to guides, you can rank better in organic search results. In particular, for targeted keywords and dramatically increase website visibility.

What is included:
  • Product Information (Add product price, stars, and description)
  • Star Aggregate Ratings Schema (Add stars next to your search results)
  • Images (markup your product/service images)
  • Article Review markup

Read and Learn more about BP Better Messages | Plugin Review & Installation Guide. Everyone wishes their webpage to be on the top of the Google search list for more than one keyword, but reaching there is a daunting task, even if your content is 100% genuine, totally, unique, and well-written.

Wonder why getting the top spot and sustaining the position is difficult? It is because the data in your content is not organized as per the content guideline provided by the search engine.

Schema Plugin

It is essential to structure the data in such a way that the data automatically becomes actionable data. On which Google can process inadvertently, rank it higher, and make available in Google’s Rich Snippets or Rich CardsGoogle Assistant. In addition, Schema Markup is a great way to create more search engine-friendly signals, which can indirectly impact search rankings.

It also offers the following benefits;
  1. Help you to better ranking in search engines
  2. Attract viewers to click on your link
  3. Displays instant information on search
  4. Increase click-through rating in website

Do let us know if you would like to Get Started.

How To Add Schema Markup To A WordPress Website

A website owner’s top priority should be ensuring that search engines can index their site’s content properly. To make that happen, the website must be set up to follow Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. If your website was built with WordPress, then you’re already off to a nice start.

Structured Data Schema WordPress Plugin

WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform by default. Right out of the box it provides features like “pretty” permalinks and content hierarchy that make it easier for search engines to digest. You can also extend SEO capabilities through the use of plugins or even themes.

In short, WordPress enables you to create a customized SEO strategy to match your specific needs. Moreover, here is the full guide on How to Add Schema Markup to Your WordPress Site.

Supported Schema & Structured Data Types

In the first place, “Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP” is open-source software by Magazine3. Supporting the following products with Structured Data Shema.

  • LocalBusiness Schema with all the subcategories
  • Blog posting Schema
  • News Article Schema
  • WebPage Schema
  • NewsArticle Schema
  • Recipe Schema
  • Product Schema
  • VideoObject Schema

It’s important to realize that structured data adds context to your website content. Primarily using a standardized search engine “vocabulary” at When implemented correctly, structured data increases the chances that search engines like Google will show additional information.

In particular, about your content directly in the search engine results page (aka SERP) via “rich snippets.” In other words, if you are searching for a WordPress-rich snippet plugin, this may be what you want.

The key features:
  • Schema Types: are divided into 8 types such as Blog Posting, News article, Local Business, Web page, Article, Recipe, Product, and Video Object. We are going to add all the schema types in the future. You can request the one you want and we will add it for you!
  • Conditional Display Fields: Meaning you include or exclude any posts, pages, post types, taxonomies and more!
  • Knowledge Base Support: Recognize the content based on the organization or a person via datatype option.
  • Full AMP Compatibility: Supports the AMP for WP and AMP by Automattic plugins.
  • Unlimited Custom Post Types: You can control to represent the Rich Snippets data in the google search console using unlimited custom post types.
  • Easy to use with Minimal Settings
  • Archive Page Listing Support
  • JSON-LD Format
  • Easy to use Setup Wizard
  • Breadcrumbs Listing Support
  • Constant Development & New Features: We’ll be releasing the constant updates along with the more handy features as soon as we get the feedback from the users.
  • Constant Development & New Features: We’ll be releasing the constant updates along with the more handy features as soon as we get the feedback from the users.

How To Implement Structured Data For Your Website

Keeping user queries in mind, help the users with the quest for rich search results, we have developed the Structured Data for WordPress plugin. For instance, the Structured Data for WordPress plugin uses the JSON-LD to add your website information, website name, website logo, search and website social profiles to your pages.

Schema & Structured Data For WP

Once you installed the plugin you’ll see a  “Structured Data” section where all the settings are. Page Schema Setting divided into About Us and Contact Us. Select the respected pages from the drop-down list. See the Full Installation Guide on Schema Markup Installation.

Understanding SEO and Schematics 

When it comes to SEO, there are many things you need to get right. Firstly, there are offsite and onsite SEO to think about. But, there’s also another factor that influences your search engine appearance, and the ability of search engine bots to crawl your website, which is called schema markup.

Although it’s been newly introduced, implementing schema markup can be very beneficial to any WordPress website. For example, with schema markup, you’ll be able to boost your traffic levels, CTR, and the ability to crawl your website.

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By all means, we hope the above-revised guide on Structured Data was helpful and supportive enough. But, if you have any other related questions regarding this topic, WordPress Plugins, and even WordPress Themes, please Consult Us for more support. Feel free to share in our comments section below your questions, contributions, suggestions, recommendations, or even further references.

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