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Shorte | No #1 Tool To Shorten Your Website URLs & Get Paid!

Just like Google AdSense, Shorte is a web tool you can easily use to monetize your website and the referral web links you share. It provides you with a very simple, smart, and easy way to get extra income from your web traffic. In other words, Shorte (aka, is a web platform where advertisers publish their websites for “impressions.”

So that when you open a certain URL using a URL, the intermediary page that comes up has some kind of website embedded in it. Generally, the way it shortens site URLs is what makes it so special! And as of today, the application platform is continually making its way to many web publishers. With over 300K users already earning on this platform.

How Does Shorte Work?

In a nutshell, Shorte is an URL shortener company that pays you for clicks. Whereby, it first shortens your URLs and then places an intermediary “Continue” button next to them. Allowing the button to be clicked to reach the target site. And every time this “continue” button is clicked, you’ll get paid.

Some of its users include website and blog owners — who earn extra money on outgoing and internal links on their sites. You’ll also find social media and community members — using Shorte links in their posts, comments, and messages. As well as online referral and affiliate marketers — who show others how to make money and benefit from this web solution.

And as we said, this web platform turns your links into earning ones by adding a layer of ads. Whereby, your visitors will see an ad before reaching a destination page and you will make money. Just like the way Google Vignette Ads work.

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As for its monetization, it gets paid for embedding this website there. And then you get paid because it was your URL that made the impression happen. It has quite a diverse payment module in place. Such that you can choose the methods through which you wish to be paid.

In addition to the amount you wish to withdraw, and a couple of other things. And not only is Shorte easy to use and earn, but it has a variety of tools designed for different needs and purposes too.

Some of those tools include:
  • API: Shorten links more quickly and bring your creative and advanced ideas to life.
  • Complete Stats: See what brings you the most earnings and modify revenue strategies.
  • Website Scripts: Use copy-and-paste configurable scripts to easily monetize site visits.
  • Social Widgets: Have even your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest shares monetized.
  • WP & BlogSpot Tools: Smart solutions for the most popular blog site engines and platforms.
  • Affiliates: Get paid every time you refer Shorte to someone. Earn a 20% lifetime commission!

That said, you too can join now and start earning or proceed first to read more before you register. You’ll learn one or two things that might be so helpful in your site monetization.

Why you Should use Shorte

One thing for sure, it does not kill your professionalism in order to make money with Shorte. Simply, because the ads are well displayed on an intermediary page. And thus, your website does not come up. Your website remains hidden till the user has clicked on the “Continue” button.

So, no risk of your website’s reputation going down. Another great help you get from the intermediary page is, the ads aren’t shown on “your” server, thus no extra load on it. Also, none of your server resources are used, say bandwidth, space, or anything else.

So, Shorte uses their own servers, space, bandwidth, and everything else, and still pays you. If that’s not enough for you, this impression page doesn’t use your native URL either. Meaning, your Website URL doesn’t appear just yet on the URL bar.

This helps keep your URL professional without making it look like a cheap fad. It also picks up only validated, verified, and authenticated ads for impressions. Meaning, it doesn’t display any scam or any other kind of advertisement that’s not legit.

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Therefore, you are assured of not letting your visitors come across any misleading ads. Such as Pornography, Gambling, or anything of that sort.

In addition, the platform has highly converting ads that allow for well-suited, safe, and good quality advertisements. Their payout is also on time — and you’ll get paid through global and trusted payment platforms. Not forgetting, they have a dedicated customer agent with helpful assistants who are always at your fingertips.

As soon as you register, you’ll also realize that there are a wide range of monetization tools for publishers. As well as ready to use scripts and plugins with only premium ads from within a global coverage. Keeping in mind, where there’re premium ads, there’re also premium payouts with high CPM rates too.

Additionally, the web platform allows you to work with its tools anytime and anywhere. With real-time statistics that make sure your earnings are always up to date. And unlike other similar platforms —  with very tight requirements to start, they allow you to easily join the network in very simple steps.

How to Join Shorte Referral Program

The best thing about this platform is that it does not make it mandatory for you to have a website to make money with it. Making it a viable option to make money online, other than AdSense or other affiliate marketing strategies there is.

Through their Referral Program, you’ll get great offers and unique possibilities to generate additional income every month. Just by presenting their link shortening website to the world of other online users. And the first step is to register for the referral program as an affiliate on their official website.

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Then, thereafter, the next step is to invite your friends, social media followers, site readers, or web visitors. Whereby, you’ll earn a 20% commission of your invited users’ income — for a lifetime without any limits. So, if they earn $100USD, you will get $20USD just because you invited them.

What’s more, they’ve even prepared a wide range of tools just for you! Such tools included are banners, links, or tutorials that can be used to invite new users to With that in mind, what else are you waiting for? Go straight ahead and join the referral program that works in your best interest.

Final Words,

Whether this monetization method makes sense for you or not, I’ll leave it up to you. However, is probably the best URL shortener out there. What makes it stand out is it’s highly incomparable commissions. Not to mention, no other URL shortener pays you as high as Shorte.

Secondly, the advanced website features keep your site’s professionalism alive. Without giving it a spammy look as you make good money for yourself in the process. The stats, sources and everything else keep things professional too. While giving you a scope to improvise your monetization tactics.

Then again, the ads are manually verified. This is not something every URL shortener out there offers you. With Shorte, you have the peace of mind — that your visitors are served only legitimate, worth showing ads. And as for the last point, it does not need you to have a website in order to make money with it.

As a result, this gives it the unique capability to be used by each and every person out there who knows what links are. So, having said that, it’s my hope that you’re going to try it for yourself and start monetizing your website (you can Sign up easily). I wish you all the best!

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Finally, if you’ll get stuck in any way in regards to Shorte, you can Contact Us and let us know how we can help. You can also share your additional thoughts, suggestions, or even questions in our comments section.

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