RumbleTalk Chat Plugin | Installation & Integration Guide

Generally speaking, the RumbleTalk Chat Plugin can be added to any website in a matter of minutes. Moreover, we’ve made a list of integration instructions that can shorten the embed time. Therefore, create an online group chat for communities and live events.

In addition, providing a direct private messaging chat for online experts and advisors. Particularly, through WordPress, Google Sites, Blogger, etc (RumbleTalk’s integrations). Whereas, you can now be easily connected. After all, this makes your website stronger and your followers can chat with each other easily.

RumbleTalk Demo
RumbleTalk online group chat rooms platform offers a free forever chat and several paid plans with more features and support.

How does the RumbleTalk Chat Plugin work? 

In the first place, once upon a time, soon after the advent of the internet, the chat room was born. Remarkably, everyone loved the chat room because it brought people from all over the world together.

In fact, as a way to communicate about their common interests. But when new technologies emerged, chat room fans found different ways to connect and left the chat room behind.

In 2012, a geeky fellow found the chat room abandoned and out of date. Then Eyal, Nim, Lacie, Kirill, and Denis, decided to coach and train the chat room. They called their mission RumbleTalk.

RumbleTalk Chat Room
The RumbleTalk team taught the chat room to be REALLY STRONG. AND REALLY FAST!

Remarkably, the chat room learned to be everywhere at once! And he learned new flips and tricks! The RumbleTalk team gave the chat room a new style and a new name. Group Chat became a superhero, saving communities around the web! Faster, smoother, with low latency and intuitive features, group chat was back in the game!

Who owns the RumbleTalk Chat Plugin? 

In reality, the RumbleTalk was founded in December of 2012. With the purpose of bringing the chat room into the 21st century. Particularly, after a fruitless search to find a mobile-friendly chat room service.

Further, the company continues to grow as communities around the world. Surprisingly, rediscovering the power of group chat. Bearing this in mind, Team RumbleTalk now consists of employees working remotely from the United States, Tel Aviv, Russia, India and now in Kenya.

Learn more about the RumbleTalk Team. In addition to their;

  1. Demos for Beginners
  2. Application Features
  3. Paywall & Monetize
  4. Pricing – Free & Premium
  5. RumbleTalk Blog News & Updates

What does the RumbleTalk Chat Plugin support?

  1. Blogger – Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries.
  2. Concrete5 – Concrete5 is an open-source CMS for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets.
  3. GoDaddy – GoDaddy is a publicly-traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company.
  4. Google Sites – Google Sites is a structured wiki- and Web page-creation tool offered by Google.
  5. IM Creator – IM Creator allows individuals and businesses to create and maintain websites, blogs, and online stores without writing code.
  6. Jimdo – Jimdo is a web-hosting service where you can create your dream website in just a few clicks.
  7. Joomla – Joomla is a free and open-source CMS for publishing web content.
  8. Mozello – Mozello is a website builder that lets you create modern websites in just a matter of a few clicks.
  9. Squarespace – Squarespace provides software as a service for website building and hosting.
  10. Tumblr – Tumblr is a service that allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. In addition, bloggers can also make their blogs private.

The Easiest Way to Get Paid for a Conversation

Apart from chatbots by RumbleTalk, it also allows chat owners like you to get paid by charging chatters for entering your chat. Additionally, get payment from customers for accessing your community chat rooms. In that case, through a one-time or recurring subscription. Earn more by attracting new members!RumbleTalk Chat Live Group

The Beginners Guide to RumbleTalk Live Group Chat website plugin.

Not forgetting that;  RumbleTalk Chat allows you to get paid for your knowledge, personality, advice or simply for listening. Talk in a group or in one on one conversation. Get Started!

Below are additional platforms for your chat integration. Such as;

  1. TypePad – TypePad is a blogging service and is a reliable, flexible blogging platform that puts the publisher in control.
  2. Ucraft – Ucraft lets you create a free website, blog, or online store, no coding required.
  3. Webnode – Webnode is an online website builder system where you can create your own website for free for an unlimited time.
  4. – makes it easy for you to create a website and grow your business online with e-commerce and SEO solutions.
  5. Website Builder – Website Builder lets you choose from thousands of templates to create a stunning website in minutes.
  6. Weebly – Weebly is a free website builder and makes it easy to build a website or blog.
  7. WordPress – WordPress is the most known website platform.
  8. Wix – Wix is a powerful website editor. One can easily create a chat in no time.
  9. Yola – Yola is a free website builder where they offer free hosting and website address.

Generally speaking, the RumbleTalk Chat Plugin is a great way to collect funds for your non-profit organization.

The RumbleTalk Chat Plugin FAQs & Answers

As a matter of fact, it is a useful donation option for networks that unite people around altruistic ideas. With this in mind, helping you to make our world a better place together! Get Started!

1. Does the PayWall feature is also available for free accounts?

Of course, you can use it also with a free account. However, please note that, for a free chat, you can charge a maximum of $15 for login/ subscription. Thereafter, they’ll lift that paid access limit when you upgrade to a premium chat.

2. Is it working with PayPal?

Of Course! your clients can pay with PayPal for accessing the chat session.

3. How do I get paid by the RumbleTalk Chat?

Important to realize, once you reach the minimum $50 release level, you will be entitled to withdraw your earnings into your PayPal account. However, if you did not reach the minimum within a calendar year, the funds will be released at the end of that calendar year.

Also note that money transfer is made twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of each month. Moreover, payments are considered approved to release after 14 days.

4. Can RumbleTalk PayWall chat be used in all type of sites?

RumbleTalk group chat can be placed anywhere based on our Terms & Conditions. This is not the case for the Paid access feature (PayWall). So if you want to add a PayWall to your chat, your chat should meet the following terms.

You may not use the RumbleTalk PayWall feature for activities that violate any law or regulation including porn, adult content, promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance. A full list can be found in their terms and conditions.


Above all, if you’re thinking about adding a chat to your website, then you can easily do so with RumbleTalk chat. In reality, it’s easy to embed a custom HTML via these instructions.

Equally, if you want to know more about each platform, then you can visit their Knowledge Base via section 7 “Integration Instructions.” Not to mention, if you want to know more about our upcoming features and releases, then visit us on our website! Or even, visit our Recent Blog Page for more related and useful guides.

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