The Topmost 15 Marketing Automation Apps For Shopify Websites

In this guide, you are going to learn about some of the topmost best marketing automation apps that you can utilize on your Shopify website. Particularly, in order to rebrand your eCommerce store, create a more appealing design layout, and in the long run, increase your product sales, convert potential buyers into active customers, and even drive more traffic.

Shopify is one of the most well-liked online eCommerce platforms for online product sales. It has many powerful and practical methods you might employ to improve your income, control customer service and sales, build stunning websites, etc. But marketing automation Apps are the way to go during Shopify development to expand your online store.

As well as to drive the right leads in your industry. Most applications for marketing automation are fantastic tools that can boost online sales, cut operating costs, and improve customer service. There are a lot of marketing automation apps on the market right now. Their benefits are straightforward, and they will boost both your profitability and customer satisfaction.

As you’ll come to realize, later on in this article, there are a variety of credible tools that you can utilize for free. That’s if you want to create and customize marketing automation apps for your website business that is always on. Suffice it to say, so that you can engage your customers at every stage of their journey and set your business growth in motion.

Choosing The Right Marketing Automation Apps For Your Shopify Website

In the first place, with the right marketing automation apps for your Shopify website, you can easily connect with your customers automatically. Specifically, with great marketing apps at hand, you’ll be able to quickly reach out at the right moment. Start and run automations to connect with customers at critical moments in their journey — without a hitch.

From subscribing to your newsletter to placing their first order and every milestone in between. Secondly, you’ll also be able to choose and decide how automations should run based on conditions that increase the chances of your message reaching the right customer at the right time. Send a message before an order is placed, delivery is made, or on a special occasion.

By the same token, such apps will allow you to set the timing and cool-down periods. For instance, you can clearly determine when messages should reach customers, even based on a previous action like a purchase. In addition, you may also have the option to include wait steps in your workflows to space out messages and create the right email cadence.

Choosing The Right Marketing Automation Apps For Your Shopify Website

It’s now your turn to Get Started For Free and join entrepreneurs who trust Shopify’s marketing automation today. Equally important, you’ll also come to discover why millions of entrepreneurs choose Shopify to build their business — from Hello World to IPO. Shopify brings you endless capabilities to design your eCommerce store.

The main features that make Shopify a great tool include:
  • Store Builder: Bring your vision to life with an easy-to-use store creator. No coding skills — just your next big idea.
  • Website Themes: Select from hundreds of customizable templates crafted by a community of world-class designers.
  • App Store: Add more features and functionality to your online store with app extensions from trusted Shopify partners.

Additionally, Shopify allows you to connect (get started) with a community of brands, partners, and fellow merchants who understand Shopify. That said, before you learn more about the best apps to automate your Shopify website, there is a very big reason why most eCommerce store owners and website builders choose Shopify as a platform of their choice.

Shopify helps you to build hardworking automations 
  • Custom automation toolkits: Build custom automations with a simple trigger-condition-action interface to match the exact needs of your business.
  • Everything you need to succeed: Manage inventory, track payments, and view real-time business insights from a single dashboard. They’ve built all the tools you need, so you can focus on building your business (do more from day one).
  • Templates for a customer’s journey: From welcome and win-back automations to the first-purchase upsell, get ready-to-use templates built for commerce.
  • Fast and reliable: Powered by Shopify’s infrastructure, your messages will reach your customers with no delays — unless you planned them.
  • Connect with customers everywhere: Sell online, in person, or both with the marketing tools, social integrations, and sales channels you need to get your products in front of customers — and out the door (marketing made easy).

What’s more, through Shopify Blog, you can get all the marketing and business strategy tips you need to help you run an online business. Similarly, they’ve also got Online Courses where you can learn from the best with instant access to lessons from successful entrepreneurs around the world. Thus, there is so much that you can gain from the Shopify kitchen.

But, acquiring a new customer costs 5x as much as retaining an existing one. That’s why you’ll need to use the right marketing automation tools in your strategic plan. Specifically, in order to get the most out of every customer you capture with consistent, personalized marketing campaigns. Try to boost your performance with the support of eCommerce experts.

Resource Reference: Shopify | The No #1 Website Design Tool For Online Stores

Always remember, that our team of marketing experts is here to help you implement effective marketing strategies for your specific industry and unique brand: initial configuration, campaign optimization, and preparation for e-commerce events. We manage marketing for multiple eCommerce stores from one account including Prestashop, Magento, and Shopify.

With that in mind, in the next section, we’ve summarized some of the best marketing automation apps that work with Shopify websites. They usually come at a small price but work great for your sales and customer service for an efficient business. Perse, you’ll be on the high end as you integrate directly with Shopify — the world’s leading eCommerce platform.

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the industry’s most popular and effective marketing automation apps. It allows you to build and manage landing pages, send emails, and feature on-site forms to collect customer information. With this app, you can also create autoresponders to help deliver your message to leads at the right time.

It also includes promo codes, web push notifications, SMS, pop-ups, live chats, paid ads, and transactional emails. So, the app will help you to generate more leads, convert more sales, and improve your customer satisfaction. Moreover, GetResponse integrates with Shopify orders and stores data.

2. ActiveCampaign

One of the most well-known marketing automation software programs available is called ActiveCampaign. With the help of effective email campaigns, signup forms, SMS messages, email automation, and more, ActiveCampaign provides you with the tools you need to automate activities that increase revenue.

It integrates with Shopify and helps you to increase your sales and the effectiveness of customer service. With the help of ActiveCampaign, you can also create modules that will keep your audience engaged with content such as educational webinars.

3. Omnisend

As the name suggests, Omnisend takes great pride in its solid multi-channel capabilities, including sending SMS, emails, and push notifications from a single dashboard for eCommerce marketers and retailers. Additionally, it has pre-built workflows for order confirmations, product and cart abandonment, cross-selling, and welcome series.

Omnisend allows you to use third-party data, like most marketing automation tools, to give every customer a more customized experience. While some features, such as Product Recommender or Gift Box, do not directly integrate with Shopify, the app integrates with Shopify without any issues.

4. OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails is a good marketing automation App for Shopify websites because it allows users to create automated emails that reach customers based on their actions. With this app, you can set alerts to know when your clients are abandoning their shopping cart or purchase. 

It also has a good email autoresponder function where you can attract and retain new customers with welcome emails, cart recovery emails, and purchase follow-up emails. Also, it allows you to get data that is important for your business so that you can stay on top of things:

5. Klaviyo

Another all-purpose tool is Klaviyo, which offers various automation services, including list growth, data modeling, and excellent analysis tools. Most of Klaviyo’s features focus on email automation and provide you with brief, educational reports that can be used to discover new ways further to customize your content, suggestions, and forms.

It also allows you to build email automation for abandoned carts, notifications, and welcome series. With Klaviyo, your visitors will be educated about the products they purchase from your website, and you can receive valuable information about them.

6. Tidio Live Chat 

Next up, we have Tidio Live Chat, an App that allows you to streamline your online customer service and sales. Tidio Live Chat is a good tool for Shopify because it integrates with Shopify easily and can be used to save time to increase your revenue. You can also get real-time data as your customers interact with products, checkout processes, and more.

Furthermore, there is a full-featured help center where you can find FAQs, training videos, and a supportive community that are open 24/7 so you can collect the answers you need quickly.

7. Flashyapp

Flashyapp offers a wide range of features typically found in other automation software to convince customers to convert, tracks each customer down their funnel, and makes every effort to provide the best possible individualized experience. Additionally, it provides some less common features like a free academy and a local marketplace.

Flashyapp is frequently praised for its ease of use and supportive customer support. Additionally, they take pride in their thorough, attractive reports that you can use to generate actionable insights and adjust your strategy.

8. Wigzo

Wigzo is an excellent marketing automation service because it allows you to create and craft messages. Still, it also syncs with Shopify seamlessly and has some features on the base that are not available from other tools.

Additionally, Wigzo offers attractive auditing features and will help you understand how your customers arrived at your website, whether they abandoned their cart or order, what they purchased, where they came from, and who referred them. 

9. ContactPigeon

On the list, this is another all-arounder. It features a landing page builder, segmentation tools, cross-selling and up-selling pop-ups, and email marketing. With email support, push notifications, SMS, Viber, What’s App, and custom channel integrations, ContactPigeon is a customer experience solution.

It also offers a ton of pre-built workflows, such as repurchase reminders, price drops, welcome series, or re-engagement series. So, it can help you save time in your marketing and customer experience.

10. HubSpot

Last but not least, we have HubSpot, a tool that offers sales, marketing, and email automation. More importantly, it allows you to quickly build lead-nurturing lists and nurture the sales pipeline with the information you collect through your emails.

In addition, HubSpot helps you create landing pages or change the order of a purchase funnel by having customers complete each step and the entire purchase process. Furthermore, it allows you to integrate with Shopify without any hassles.

11. MailerLite

MailerLite is a marketing automation email tool that will help you manage your email campaigns by segmentation and project tracking. The service gives you the ability to split your subscribers based on their actions, such as “abandoned cart,” “purchase,” or “non-purchase.” That allows you to view your past and current performance.

As well as adjust strategies to reach out to customers who may have missed the mark in their initial orders. With the help of MailerLite, you’ll be able to improve the quality of email messages that go out quickly and easily.

12. Drip

Drip is another email marketing tool that allows you to help create and deliver emails and SMSs directly to your customers. The feature that stands out is the ability to send automated purchase reminders based on specific events, such as a sale or price drop. Drip also allows you to send welcome series, re-engagement series, shipping details, and more.

In addition, Drip also gives you complete control of your marketing automation so you can access all of your communication channels from one place, allowing you to make changes as often as needed and track results accurately. Returns are easy with their “abandoned cart” functionality. 

13. LimeSpot

If you’re looking for something simpler, especially starting, LimeSpot is a great option to explore. With this tool, you can make stunning landing pages quickly and improve conversions by offering a one-click integration with your Shopify store.

In addition, LimeSpot creates a simple web address for you instead of a long one that can be confusing. The email service is also handy with its quick implementation and ability to easily customize the design to match your brand’s style. With LimeSpot, you’ll have the tools to create a strong sales funnel that keeps guests on your website longer and increases revenue.

14. Carts Guru

Carts Guru is a marketing automation tool for e-commerce growth. It allows you to increase revenue and grow your e-commerce store fast with multichannel marketing that engages customers. Reach them where they respond best with multichannel marketing campaigns that automatically target customers where they’re most likely to open, click, and make a purchase.

By all means, Carts Guru makes it easy to combine email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger into one cohesive campaign to maximize returns. Their automated workflows ensure that you chase up every lead and convert every sale. In just a few clicks you can create and customize campaigns for the awareness, consideration, and after-care stages of the customer journey.

Analyze the ROI of your campaigns and track the growth of your business on your e-merchants dashboard. They provide you with relevant insights into orders, campaigns, website activity, and more so you can make informed decisions and grow your business.

15. Springbot

Springbot enables growing eCommerce businesses to manage their email marketing and paid advertising in a single platform. Through it’s email and automation tools, you’ll be able to connect with clients with email showcasing, and influence mechanized triggers to send the perfect messages at the perfect time. What about Ad Retargeting with AdRoll?

Well, it allows you to re-draw in webpage guests and spotlight your promoting endeavors on the crowds well on the way to change over through web or social advertisement retargeting. Plus data-driven bits of knowledge and proposals campaign services that’ll enable you to figure out what showcasing activities to take straight away.

Final Words:

Of course, we know that you’re a busy entrepreneur running your ecommerce business. And, as such, researching the best marketing automation apps that you can use to optimize your Shopify store can be quite time-consuming. For this reason, that’s why we took the liberty of doing this legwork for you. These apps can help you create solid automation strategies.

In particular, so that you can segment customers and provide the best value to your audience. By looking at the app store rating, the number of reviews, the app’s top features, and other subjective parameters, we curated the best marketing automation apps for any Shopify website. We hope this will help you in your research to pick the best app for your store.

To sum up, automation can be implemented into all facets of your business, and it’s one of the best methods to save time and generate more revenue because you’ll be able to reach out to your customers without fail. Whether you want to sell products down the street or around the world, you now have all the tools you’ll need to automate your website marketing.

Not forgetting, an eCommerce entrepreneur must get a complete marketing automation suite with everything you need to run a successful store. With this Shopify site support for marketing automation, you’ll be able to easily manage your automated campaigns and help you increase your sales. And if you’ll need more support, Contact Us and let us know how to help.

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