How To Break A Daily Routine During A Self Isolation Period

There’s just so much one can do to break a daily routine during the COVID-19 lockdown but organize oneself. And there are online courses, films, books, and training from everywhere, we make lists: of what to do, study, and see. But, there is so much of everything that it is easy to lose a sense of proportion, burn out from so many “temptations” and get scattered.

Let’s look at what psychologists say about how to prevent this. The life of students is interesting and hectic at the same time. They always lack time and need assistance with writing their college assignments. And as you know, during the quarantine period, many went to online working mode.

According to the official guidelines by NPR on Self Quarantine – you’re to stay at home. For example, if you’ve been in contact with someone who is ill or you’ve traveled to an affected country. Also, I can’t think of a better way to distress and cope with mass panic. Then again, as you chill with a nice glass of wine.

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Trying to stay positive and proactive appears to be all we can do at the moment. Above all, the most important thing is to try and make the best of your time at home! But, that’s only if you have nothing else to do or even keep you occupied. According to psychologists, it is important not to use all your free time super-effectively.

That’s why you should try to break a daily routine in isolation. As you try to organize yourself during the hard times of the COVID-19 Coronavirus lockdown.

How to Break a Daily Routine in Isolation

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Whereby, a professional writer will give you his assistance with your essay online. The home quarantine regime provides for less body mobility and more stress. From the uncertainty of the future, limited freedom, or spending a long time with your relatives in the same room.

Therefore, it is necessary to add in this new free time some physical exercises (aerobics, yoga, etc.). Also, try to be as creative as possible (drawings, artwork, computer graphics, books, etc.). Or rather, just do nothing!

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Unfortunately, when we talk of doing nothing, there are activities that don’t count — like flipping through your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram Feed. But, you should understand that doing nothing is a very rewarding practice.

In order to accomplish this task, you should try and just sit (lie down, stand) and do nothing. And at this moment, you can listen to yourself and your desires first. Only then will you finally notice what is happening around you.

As well as how the inhabitants of your house behave. And by so doing, you can understand what exactly you want to cook for dinner. Even though there’s a temptation to fill all the time gaps with some kind of deeds. But this will lead to rapid exhaustion.

Let’s just write the schedule down to save the mode!

In short, when planning your time, start by planning your vacation. And in reality, planning is an essential part of our daily activities. Especially during the period of isolation. Right now, a psychological readjustment to new circumstances is taking place.

Yet, we have not yet fully realized all the changes that have almost instantly occurred in the world. Therefore, it is tempting to spend time differently, completely redrawing the schedule. Bearing in mind, when working at home, there is a desire to do everything at once.

For example, those who worked in the office and switched to homework mix all spheres of life at the same time. At times, too much work begins to consume more and more of our precious time. With no much time to divide into personal life, development, business, sports, hobbies, etc.

Therefore, in the individual planning mode, it is important to consider a few key elements. You can try some of them and then let us know if they were helpful to you later on in the comments section.

Which things do you need to try doing?

First of all, don’t change your daily routine much. If you are used to waking up before quarantine at 6 am, you should continue to do so even further. And then try to save 1-2 hours in your schedule as a time for yourself.

Like a morning coffee, breakfast together, dreams for the future, etc. This will give you a sense of relative stability. And then again, you can try to spend up to 2 hours replying to letters in the mailbox and chats.

Secondly, carry out the work in portions with the planned time for unloading. For instance, go to the balcony, open the windows, switch, etc. It is better to organize a separate workplace for yourself, make space zoning.

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If everyone in the family works, set aside separate areas for work. You can even make Do Not Disturb signs and place them when you work. It sounds funny, but the rules during this period are so important. In order to maintain a psychologically healthy atmosphere.

On the other hand, you can try work-free evenings — without even talking about it. But, do not try to run into extremes. For one thing,  every day there should be a balance between the spheres of life. Like sports, hobbies, work, development, family, communication, etc.

But, what if you are a student? As a general rule of thumb, we all need to transform our usual way of life to the conditions in which we now find ourselves. For example, you like going to the cinema. In that case, you can even set up a movie theater at home.

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Then make some popcorns, schedule a show, turn off the internet, and enjoy a movie. And if you are a student and you’ll at times keep wandering around. While saying something like who can fix my resume, anyone, please! Eventually, you’ll need a professional resume checker.

Or maybe even an online resume writing service. And as I mentioned, such a service has a team of professionals working for various companies. Writers who do their best for their customers. And more so, where you can choose a preferred writer and get your resume looking properly.

But, can you try to learn everything all by yourself? Or is getting scattered even okay? Well, to answer that, you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with training courses. Instead, allow yourself to be a little disordered and listen to your body and mind.

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Let’s learn how to monitor your routine. And once again let’s come back to the regime! You should try to learn what is really useful to you. Or even things that are solidly interesting, and has a specific purpose and not just everything.

You should also try to restore your usual regime. And only those parts that are definitely impossible to implement — as you fill them with something else. For example, let’s say you had, as usual, several work meetings a day — that cannot be moved in online mode.

Then, therefore, only use these hours for professional training. It’s important for the health of our psyche – to have a certain part of the usual routine. As we also try to consume new ones in moderation.

How is the ‘at home’ routine useful during self-isolation?

Of course, our daily routine is very useful in one way or another. But there will be a time of getting things scattered too. Therefore, the “at home” mode provides for great relaxation — and this is normal.

The daily routine that marks the beginning and end of the day can help to switch to an organized state. For example, let’s consider a routine such as a made bed, day clothes, pajamas for sleep, rituals in the bathroom, etc.

Or even masks cleaning, clothes sorting, shaving creams, diet — according to the planned hours. And not just seating back and eating up during or all day long. And it’s even easier to organize yourself when the day has other certain functional periods.

Let’s now consider the case of flexible priorities. Now that some routines as I mentioned above may include out of our plan home-related chores. Even food, sleep, physical activity, communication with family, etc.

Which are the flexible priorities during a lockdown?

In this case, you should try to break a daily routine for more flexible priorities. Whereby, you can try to prioritize your body and mind on that particular day. Now that events often change, new and new information comes in too.

Always remember, your morale and employment can also change too. Therefore, priorities should be flexible and mindful too. For example, let’s say on a late Thursday evening, you planned to hammer at a professional book.

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At the same time, at 10 pm, the news came about the first death from coronavirus in your city. What about your plan? It failed. And not because you are disorganized, but because it has become urgent to check the data.

In short, as you try to break a daily routine in isolation, your plan must be flexible! Now that whenever there is an outbreak lockdown, it becomes so urgent to check for the data first.

And at such times, as an example, it becomes a priority to call your relatives — ask how they are, and also understand how you are doing. Simply, because after such news, we’ll always feel emotional outbursts — from fear, anger, guilt, sadness, less often: joy or gratitude, etc.

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