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Since its founding in 2011, Hostinger has been on a mission to offer hosting services that make life easier for developers and their customers. We deliver our promise by constantly updating server technology, improving customer support, and fine-tuning our home-designed hPanel. It also comes with very seamless management tools for web professionals.

As well as all those who are about to host the first website for their CMS like WordPress. With a website speed that allows people to grow site content creators and business owners. They also have got dedicated 24/7 support for every committed online hustler with the ambition to rock the web. They believe that fast growth comes with rapid adaptation.

Especially, with the latest technological advancements. To maintain maximum speed and efficiency for the customers, that’s why they constantly improve their servers’ infrastructure. With advanced anti-DDoS solutions, LiteSpeed engines, and home-designed hPanel. So, who are they and how do you benefit from their hosting service solutions?

Hostinger Media History Wall

Back in November 2004, the Kaunas Lithuania-based company saw a group of young entrepreneurs who bootstrapped a personal company and named it Hostinger Media. And then, in 2007,, a world leader in FREE Web hosting services was launched! Whilst, in 2008, their first-class cPanel web hosting brand went live.

Forthwith, in 2011, Hostinger — the web hosting brand was born together with its home-designed hPanel. And, was not until 2014 that their customer base crossed the 10m set limit. In 2019 and beyond, with a steady 2x growth, they became a team of 400+ professionals worldwide! Today, Hostinger is one of the fastest-growing web hosting companies.

In nutshell, Hostinger proves itself as a reliable hosting service solutions provider to all its users. Whereby, it gives you full control of your domain name and DNS zone. In addition, you can create subdomains, parked, redirects, Cloudflare, and add-on domains. All this can be done under the Hosting section and scrolling down to Domains.

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Hostinger is easily recognizable by various web business authorities. In 2021, the 1000th employee joins their team. You see! It has quite a history over there. The company grows as fast as the people who work there. It offers a vibe, which is perfect for personal development. Being part of a colossal team makes them happily committed to seeing success.

If you are ready to hustle – join Hostinger! ”Before We Speak, We Listen! The Customer is the highest-ranking position in Hostinger. They contribute to the development of our products by giving us feedback and complaints. We get kudos a lot, too. Excellent marks in Trustpilot and Reclame Aqui say that we are on the right track.”

Why You Need Hostinger Hosting Solutions

To put it simply – you need a hosting plan to get your website up and running for the whole world to see. While it’s possible to have a website without external hosting, it’s not recommended for beginners. So, what are the differences between website hosting and domain? All websites and online stores you visit consist of a domain name and a web host.

The easiest way to picture it is to think of the domain name as the address and the hosting as the physical building. When you’re browsing the web, and you type in a URL (i.e.,, your web browser queries that domain name (i.e., and asks it where the website is hosted.

The browser then loads up the contents that are stored there.  Unless you know how to set up your computer to do the job of a hosting server, you’ll save yourself time, money, and grey hairs by opting for Hostinger to do the heavy lifting for you. What kind of support will I get? Well, at Hostinger, their support team is their pride and joy.

They call their support team their customer success team. Obviously, for one thing, they go the extra mile to ensure that their customers are successful with their online ventures. So if you encounter a problem, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out. They’ll do their best to fix potential problems and point you in the right direction.

Hostinger’s customer success team is top-rated within the industry. And they have a long track record of doing everything in their power to help their customers. Not to mention, they respond quickly and thoroughly and don’t give up easily.

Hostinger Web Hosting FAQs

Your website is a collection of files and (in most cases) databases that are shown to your visitors as they browse around your site. Hostinger, like most web hosts, allocates storage space for your website’s files and databases on a shared server. When you sign up for Hostinger’s managed hosting plans, you’ll receive login details in your email.

More so, in order to access your hosting account’s admin panel (aptly named the hPanel). In the hPanel, you can manage all things related to your website, from hosting to domains, databases, files, and so on.

Web hosting is the process of using a hosting server to host a website and make it available for everyone on the internet. There are many types of hosting available, such as shared hosting. While most web hosting providers offer similar packages, the more popular a website is, the more resources it will need to function effectively.

With that in mind, Hostinger helps you scale your hosting package as and when you need it. So that you can start with a simple shared hosting plan. And then, gradually, upgrade to a cloud hosting or even a VPS hosting plan later.

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting means that multiple different websites are all hosted on the same server. More so, with each user being allocated a certain amount of storage and a certain amount of resources. This is often the best hosting option for hobbyists and bloggers. The reason for this is that it’s often the most affordable option available.

2. VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) setup is the next version up from a shared hosting setup. Generally, a VPS uses more powerful hardware. Whilst, making it possible for multiple users to use the same hardware independently.

The Main Difference Between Shared Hosting And VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a cross between shared hosting solutions and a dedicated server. It’s not quite the best of both worlds, but it is a good compromise, especially if you’re keen on keeping your hosting costs down while having a bit more power. Some people compare shared hosting to living in an apartment complex and VPS hosting to a condo.

On one hand, with shared hosting, you’re sharing a server and the resources of the same server with a bunch of other websites. With a VPS, you’re still sharing some resources (mainly ones determined by the hardware). Still, the software itself is set up so that one machine acts like multiple dedicated servers, providing a separate virtual server for every user.

On the other hand, for web admins, using a VPS means that they get the administrative power of a dedicated hosting setup, including the ability to customize their server to suit them.

3. Cloud Hosting

If you need access to more server power, opting for this type of hosting could be just for you. Since cloud hosting allows you to use various interlinked servers. Particularly, web servers that are designed to take over from each other if needed. Meaning, that you’re always sure to have 100% uptime for your overall website.

4. Dedicated Hosting

When you have a dedicated hosting plan, you get a server that’s dedicated to a single website. You’re not sharing storage or resources with others. A dedicated hosting setup is usually recommended for webmasters.

Specifically, professional web admins and developers. At Hostinger, they primarily aim to provide their users with a mix of cloud and shared website hosting. This way, they can provide their users with fast hosting. In particular, with nearly 100% uptime at a truly unbeatable price.

All Data – Secured For Maximum Efficiency

By all means, making Hostinger stronger and faster, they can’t simply rely on the latest technology. That’s why their greatest strength is the team of teams who work together towards implementing it. They protect your websites with multiple levels of fail-safes, RAID-10, and daily or weekly backups. All of their 10 data centers are distributed globally.

Specifically, in order to keep your websites fast in every country. Your visitors will enjoy the lowest latency and unmatched reliability as they deploy in globally connected Tier-3 datacenters.

The key plans include:
  • In-house built hPanel,
  • Access Manager,
  • LiteSpeed web server,
  • Cloudflare integration,
  • Let’s Encrypt integration,
  • in-house developed WAF, etc.

Safety, fast performance, and stability are equally important. They strive to maintain 99.99% uptime for your website. Their servers are operating on CloudLinux – the leading OS for hosting providers. And, are renewing their systems on a regular basis, shielding servers from DDoS attacks. And improving their speed with the newest LiteSpeed technologies.

The key plans include:
  • Daily Backups,
  • CloudLinux,
  • Wanguard real-time anti-DDoS protection on Switches,
  • LVE containers for Account Isolation,
  • full SSD servers, etc.

Built for smooth control: They are proud of their in-house-developed hPanel. Since its birth in 2011, they fine-tune every aspect of its product to deliver a hosting experience that is intuitive for beginners and straightforward for professionals. hPanel is translated into 17 languages and has an in-house WordPress migration service for fast auto migrations.

The key plans include:
  • Daily Backups,
  • CloudLinux,
  • Wanguard real-time anti-DDoS protection on Switches,
  • LVE containers for Account Isolation,
  • full SSD servers, etc.

Focused on success: Overall, they believe that showing how to solve a problem is the best way to guide customers towards success. That’s why their technical team is there 24/7 to navigate you through any pain you experience while working on your website.

How To Connect A Domain Name With Web Hosting

The easiest and most common way of connecting your domain name with your hosting is by pointing it to Hostinger’s nameservers. This means that you need to replace the nameserver data for your domain. Like most things, domain pointing is easy to do through Hostinger’s admin panel. See the article on how to transfer the domain to Hostinger.

Note: Your website might be unreachable during the DNS changes propagation time, which can take up to 24 hours.

In fact, Hostinger has a custom-developed tool that allows you to install over 100+ apps to your website in a single click. Not only does our auto-installer save you time, but it also makes it faster and easier to use. As you also try out different scripts for your website and find out the best ones for your needs.

How To Transfer A Website To Hostinger Web Hosting

Of course, Yes – and we actively encourage it. If you’re using a popular content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, or any other, they have tools available that make it easy and fast to switch between web host platforms. Even if you’re not using a typical CMS or simply need a little help along the way, their support team is at hand to guide you.

Not only that, but if you want to, you can purchase domain names from other domain registrars and point them to your server with Hostinger. If you want to keep your domain name and your website hosting together under a single provider — which we’d recommend for convenience and easier troubleshooting – transferring an existing domain name is easy.

Particularly, to Hostinger is also possible in this case. Simply, just reach out to their support crew, and they will help you out. Not forgetting, each of their hosting plans can be managed from your very own hPanel. Whereby, the hPanel helps you carry out essential hosting management, monitor resource usage, create email addresses and install a CMS.

Meaning, that you can easily install a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress for free. Note that this is different from the admin panel for your website — which will be created when you install a CMS. Instead, this is the admin panel for your server as a whole.

How WordPress Web Hosting Works

Most often, you’ll need WordPress Hosting for a website created and managed through a WordPress CMS. That’s because WordPress is a website builder and a content management system, first and foremost, not a platform built for hosting website files and databases like Hostinger. With proper hosting, you can optimize all your website’s performance.

As well as the main content management needs with the right platforms. Not to mention, you can also upgrade your web hosting service to another hosting plan which is very easy with Hostinger. They pride themselves on having no downtime during upgrading. Meaning that your website will be up and running the whole time.

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This way, you won’t have to worry about losing revenue or providing users with a bad browsing experience. The easiest and most common way of connecting your domain name with your hosting is by pointing it to Hostinger’s nameservers. This means that you need to replace the nameserver data for your domain.

Chiefly, like most things, domain pointing is easy to do through Hostinger’s admin panel. Technically, Hostinger has a custom-developed tool that allows you to install over 100+ apps to your site – in a single click. Not only does our auto-installer save you time, but it also makes it faster and easier to try out different scripts for your site to find out the best.

Final Words:

In nutshell, Hostinger is one of the best hosting service solutions providers today — it’s the parent company of 000Webhost, Niagahoster, and Weblink as well. Personally, what I like most about the web hosting service solutions platform is that you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to use the Hostinger whatsoever.

And, one thing is for sure, Hostinger makes it as easy as possible for beginners to pick up the basics as you go. With so many of the simple tasks already made easy. Like setting up an email address connected to your domain names or even installing a content management system. You’ll be on with just a few clicks and with no existing technical knowledge.

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Finally, while it’s easy to pick up the basics and get going, their web hosting services are perfectly suitable for experienced web developers. After all, we do believe that there’s no reason why something can’t be both user-friendly and powerful at the same time. Their customer support team is also more than happy to help if you get stuck.

If you’re struggling, there’s no shortage of online Knowledge Base guides and Tutorials to walk you through the most common tasks that you might want to carry out. Furthermore, if you’ll need a quick fix or even more help, you can always Consult Us and let us know how we can sort you out. You’re also free to share your questions in our comments section.

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