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Download MP4 Videos | How Is MPGUN & Kapwing Used?

By using these simple YouTube video converters, you can now Download MP4 & MP3 videos at the comfort of your house. Sometimes you like a music video so much you want to keep the video to watch it all the time. Or maybe, if you found yourself in a news clip online, you want to download YouTube videos to show your friends or your darling.

Whatever the reason, in this guide, I am going to help you through. Whereby, I’ll show you not only how to download videos on YouTube, but also, how to keep videos from Youtube. And most important, how to save YouTube videos to your computer or phone.

Basically, believe it or not, aside from YouTube Custom URL for your Channel, MPGUN is the fastest YouTube to MP3 converter. Simply, because it has the capacity to convert and let you receive data immediately and with few actions. And as far as the MP4 is concerned, you cannot have a better quality/size report other than MPGUN.

What is MPGUN?

To enumerate, MPGUN is an online video converter that will never reference any video as music or MP3 Download whatever the search engine.

In addition to that, it costs a lot in terms of resources to serve data to the end-users without caching. In fact, the user is responsible and the master of everything.

They are clearly against manipulating their Software to violate the YouTube terms of use or authors’ Copyright. Therefore, Mpgun must be used only for open videos or for videos with authorization. Please note also that fair use and private copy are an exception and not a right.

By all means, the Mpgun application is an easy, fast, and free online youtube Converter without any registration or limits to download videos from Youtube with the possibility to convert them to mp3 or mp4 on the fly.

How do I use MPGUN to Download MP4 videos?

MpGun will always fetch and convert to the best available quality to give you the best experience (a maximum of 120 Kbits/s for mp3 and HD 780P for mp4 videos, only meant to be used for private usage).

Mpgun is also ideal for android devices including mobile smartphones and tablets. We do believe that Mpgun is the fastest Youtube MP3 converter and the highest MP4 quality downloader in the world.

Mpgun is powered with a built-in searching engine that will let you search for any video on YouTube. So, you don’t need to have any YouTube URL.


All you need is to start typing the video name and the autocomplete feature will help you to perform your searching results. If you still want to do it the older way, you just need is to paste the YouTube URL.

Surprisingly, for HD videos (>=1080p): Get VideoProc – easier and faster to batch download 4K UHD/HD videos, music, playlist.

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Not forgetting, record screen, webcam, convert, compress, cut, trim, merge, crop and process your downloaded content for any devices and platforms.

A video preview will immediately appear letting you watch the video and the MP3 or MP4 button will guide to your target. Mpgun displays very few ads without any pop up giving you a very good experience.

What is Kapwing?

By definition, Kapwing empowers people to make and share their stories on the internet. Their free online multimedia editing suite includes the web’s most popular meme makersubtitlertrimmerlooperfilters, and much more!

You can make stop motions, share highlights, or resize a post for your Instagram Story. It’s free and always will be. We think media production should be an intuitive, accessible task, not a full-time profession.

Kapwing gives people the tools, content, and inspiration they need to express a creative vision digitally.

And in addition, Kapwing serves the people sharing a video with their friend, the content marketers who need to edit a video efficiently.

Not forgetting, the office workers who want to tweak a GIF for a Slack channel, and the creators who entertain the world.

Freelancers, artists, students, and influencers use Kapwing to craft digital stories without the software getting in the way.

Their product principles are:
  • Simple
  • Accessible
  • Fast
  • Collaborative

How do I use Kapwing to Download MP4 videos?

In reality, they serve the people who make videos as a small part of their lives, but not full-time filmmakers. Kapwing creators make videos to share with friends, fans, or a following from all over the world.

Kapwing Video Converter Tool

And since Kapwing is an online video creation and editing platform for modern creators, their mission is to enable digital storytelling.

Not to mention, their online video editing suite includes the web’s most popular meme maker, subtitler, trimmer, looper, filters, and more.

You can make stop motions, share highlights, or resize a post for your Instagram Story. It’s free and always will be.

What is different about Kapwing?

Yes, Kapwing is a startup backed by investors and run by former Googlers from San Francisco.

They’ve built everything from scratch and don’t require people to give their personal information to use our tools. Chiefly, they’re a small online video creation startup eager to make working with video easier for modern creators.

Here is what makes them different;
Faster:Tasks that take hours in iMovie reduced to just a few clicks.
Simpler:No install, Passwords or Technical tutorials. Used by hundreds of elementary school students every day.
Accessible:It works on every OS, on your phone and your computer.
Modern:Today’s tools are stuck in the past. Kapwing was made by today’s creators, for today’s creators.
Step 1: Open a Convert Video Tool

Get started by going to the Kapwing Convert Video Tool. Then, import your video from YouTube by copying and pasting the Youtube URL.

You want to download to the free Kapwing convert video tool, it’s available here.

Step 2: Choose File Format

If you just want to download the video, choose the MP4 option to get a video file copy of your YouTube video.

You can use the “Trim” button to select a section of the video instead of downloading the whole thing.

Kapwing has 4 different formats available.
  • MP3 – Convert the YouTube format to save a digital version of the soundtrack or music.
  • GIF – Convert your video into an animated GIF up to 10 seconds long.
  • JPEG and PNG – Save a single image frame from your
  • MP4 – multimedia format for digital video. Use for video (this is probably the one you will want to use)
Step 3: Download

After you select “MP4,” click “Publish” to save the YouTube video from the web. Bearing in mind, Kapwing will extract the video from YouTube and process it as an MP4 file.

Then again, once your video has been processed, you can download it to your computer or phone. Click the purple “Download video” to get the YouTube video as an MP4 on your device.

Is Kapwing Safe?

You now have the video saved so that you can watch it offline, use it in other projects, and publish it on social media.

Notice that Kapwing has no annoying ads, clickbait, or spammy videos playing in the sidebar?

That’s because Kapwing is totally free! They make money from people storing their videos and using Kapwing Pro tools, but downloading videos is an ad-free experience.

Is Kapwing Free?

Of course, Yes! It is! The convert video feature is 100% free — they provide this service at no cost with no watermark.

It’s a great tool for capturing screenshots from YouTube videos and making Youtube videos into GIFs. Also, it’s important to realize, the Convert Video Tool also works for saving Instagram videos and Facebook videos.

Before I conclude, if you are finding video editing software to edit a YouTube video, I recommend you to try a versatile video editing app like Filmora to edit videos on Windows PC and Mac which offers both basic and advanced video editing features.

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As a matter of fact, creating a video in Filmora doesn’t require a developed set of video editing skills, since all of the tools and options the editor offers are remarkably easy to use.

It is also important to realize, Wondershare Filmora offers a free full version 9 download which is Portable for Windows PC. Whereas, it’s an all-in-one home video editor. With advanced controls allowing you to put together your timeline photos, videos, texts, and even audios.

Having said that, learn more about;
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Finally, I hope the above-revised guide on how to Download MP4 & MP3 was useful to you.

However, on one hand, for more details, information, and questions, please feel free to Contact Us or even Submit them to the jmexclusives team. In addition, you can leave your contributions through the Comment Box below this Blog Page.

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