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In my opinion, Doodly is one of the very best whiteboard animation software available. Ever wondering how to tell stories more creatively? What about animated characters doing that for you?

Of course, you have probably seen whiteboard animations before. They are the quirky videos where an artist draws doodles as a narrator commentates. Whiteboard animations are the best way to tell stunning stories in a simple video. Whiteboard animations are used for a variety of things such as educational purposes and internet marketing.

They are very good at maintaining a viewer’s attention. Now creating whiteboard animations is easier with Doodly. It features hundreds of ready-made scenes and cloud-based tools to create your videos online, effortlessly, and with pleasure.

What Is Doodly?

Doodly is a very brand new software to design video doodles. It allows anyone, regardless of their tech-savvy or design skills to create free doodle videos. As well as a professional whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board doodle videos in seconds.

It’s the simplest drag and drops doodle video creator available online and for free! In addition, it’s the first and only doodle video creation software allowing you to create your perfect doodle videos in 3 simple steps!

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No longer will you be forced to pay outrageous fees or rather, wait weeks to months for professional designers and videographers. In that case,  to create hand-sketched, doodle videos for you. You’ll be able to create your own professional doodle sketch videos with little, to no design or technical skills.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to create your videos in minutes… not weeks. And the end result can be even better than what the professionals deliver!

Why should I use Doodly?

First of all, use Doodly to draw all kinds of really cool things. To entertain, engage, and affect your viewers in a positive way. It can be used for sales and/or social media videos, special occasions, or just for the fun of drawing. The only limit is your imagination!

Secondly, it allows you to create unlimited whiteboards, blackboards, greenboards, and even glassboards doodle videos. Just select a doodle image. Click and drag it to the canvas, and Doodly will automatically draw the image for you. And that’s it. It couldn’t be any easier.

Don’t want to use their hundreds of doodle images in your videos? No problem. You can seamlessly upload your own images. And then use their patent-pending, smart draw technology. Especially, to create point-and-click custom draw paths.

Additionally, there’s a large selection of male and female hand types in various ethnicities. Whereby, you’ll be able to choose between tens of different male or female hands. As well as various colors, sizes, and ethnicities to give your doodle video the perfect personalized touch.

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Clearly, it allows you to draw any and all images you upload yourself. The only limit is your imagination. What’s more, with this platform, record your own custom voiceover audio directly within Doodly. And then, you can easily sync it to your Doodle sketch with the click of a button.

They make the process of adding your voice to your video super simple. Just click the record button, start talking, and Doodly will automatically add your voice to your video. And, of course, if you’d rather upload a professional voiceover or audio exported from another program, you can easily do that as well.

Equally important, there are more than a thousand of custom drawn doodle sketch images only found in Doodly. And they don’t use stock images or photos. All of the doodle images found inside of Doodly have been custom drawn by their professional graphic artist team.

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You won’t find higher quality doodle sketch images anywhere on the planet. You’ll get 200 total characters and 20 different poses each. Not only that, but you’ll also get 20 different background scenes. As well as hundreds of props and assets covering every topic and niche that you can imagine.

In short, easily upload your own images and Doodly will draw them if you don’t like theirs. Also, complete with royalty-free audio music tracks, perfect for any genre. Simply drag and drop your choice of background music to the video timeline.

Adjust the volume up or down as you see fit by clicking your mouse. And, instantly, your video will sound like it’s been created by a professional.

How do I use Doodly?

For your information, you can download and install Doodly on as many computers as you’d like. Considering most software only allows a limited number of installs. However, with Doodly, you’ll be able to download and install it on as many computers as you’d like.Download Doodly

Keep in mind, the application platform is both PC and Mac compatible. After you order, you’ll be directed straight to the download page. You’ll also be emailed download instructions so you can easily install it on additional computers you might own.

In order to download Doodly please proceed to the  Member’s Area, where you’ll find Download links, and also training videos!

About antivirus alert, sometimes their “update.exe” file will trigger it. Simply, because your computer is alerting you as a precaution. But, you can verify that the update comes directly from the application. And in that case, you’ll be provided with a better app experience.

What should I do next?

As soon as you have downloaded the doodle app, you can continue to access it directly. And if you are unable to locate the program, try searching your downloads, and programs/applications folder.

The Doodly software can be accessed directly from your device once you have downloaded and installed it. For easy use, please add the Doodly software application icon to your device’s desktop.

How to Install Doodly Application

Doodly access requires your username and password. These credentials are emailed to the address you provide when purchasing it.

So, please check your spam/junk email folders as well if not available on your inbox. Below are the system requirements;

Mac/Apple Systems

The Doodly Mac version is 64-bit. To use Doodly on a Mac, please be sure you are running OSX 10.10 or newer versions. With at least 2GB RAM available and an active internet connection.

Please note that a 4GB+ RAM is recommended for the best results when using Doodly. For Apple/Mac, there is only one version of Doodly available (OS X), however, it will function on any compatible devices.

Windows/PC Systems 

To use Doodly on a PC, please be sure you are running Windows 7+ or newer versions. With at least 2GB RAM available and an active internet connection.

Basically, to best prepare for the installation of Doodly on a PC/Windows device, you should first determine a few things. Like whether the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the software is appropriate. And then download the corresponding version.

If you are unsure of how to do so, please click through to learn more about that process here: 32-bit version or 64-bit version? You can also see their FAQ answers for more information.

How do I Update the Software?

Eventually, all the software updates will be available to all current members. And are pushed through your internet connection (which is why it requires internet access for use). While the information transfer is automatic, the software does require a restart in order for changes to take effect.

If you receive a notification that an update is available for the software, please log out and exit the software entirely. And once you have done so, the software will process the update accordingly. Any other modifications will be available within your account upon your next login.

How to Upgrade the Software

To verify the software version, please log in to your account. You will see a version listed at the top of your Doodly application dashboard. Also, if you notice that your Doodly software has not automatically updated, please log out of your account.

In this case, exit the software entirely and thereafter, log back in. Once you have done that, as long as your internet connection is active you will receive a prompt to update shortly. If that does not happen within one or two minutes, you can always visit the Doodly  Member’s Area & download the latest version.

How to Troubleshoot and Fix issues

On a clear note, as I mentioned, the software requires an active internet connection. Among other few other components to function properly.

Many times members may experience some download and install issues. And it’s likely caused by one of the following:

  1. Download Version:  – Please be sure you have downloaded the correct instance of Doodly. For help with that, please click here!
  2. Antivirus Software: – If you have an instance of this running on your device please click through to learn more about Antivirus software & Doodly.
  3. Operating System Compatibility: – Please review the requirements for installation on a  PC/Windows and Apple/Mac.
  4. Internet Connection Speed: – A slow, weak signal, may cause the software to function slowly, or not respond at all! Please visit SpeedTest to check your internet speed. You may also want to contact your ISP to do more testing on your connection/router.
  5. Internet Security Issues: – A secured or a public network may not allow outside downloads. It’s recommended that you use a secure, personal network. Simply because you have the ability to control the connection!

All in all, if you have gone through each of the troubleshooting components above and are still having issues, please contact their support team.

Is there a free trial of Doodly?

Sadly, there is no free trial of Doodly available. But, the creators offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you decide to purchase it.

This gives you a bit of peace of mind that you can get your money back if you don’t like it. With this in mind, Doodly has two pricing options: Which are the Standard and the Enterprise options.

  • Standard – $20 per month (annual billing) or $39 per month (monthly billing)
  • Enterprise – $40 per month (annual billing) or $69 per month (monthly billing)

The benefit of the monthly plans is that you can cancel at any time, however, the price is higher (per month) compared with annual plans. With annual plans, you have the benefit of cheaper rates over a 12-month period.

So, if you know you want Doodly and will use it a lot, then consider an annual plan to save move money.


Created by marketers, for marketers, Doodly was designed over the course of 2 full years. To be incredibly intuitive and easy to use. It’s the perfect fit for people like yourself who have little, to no design or technical skills. What I love about the software is that you can export your doodle sketch videos in various mp4 file sizes. And from web-ready, all the way to full 1080p HD.

After you’ve created your custom doodle video in a few minutes, you’ll be able to export your video in various resolutions. Such as 480p-1080p and even other custom file sizes. Like 24-60 fps, and general quality file formats (low-maximum). As we speak, they do have lots of tutorial training videos. Not to mention, a very active and responsive customer support team.

As well as a private Facebook group full of happy Doodlers. Willing and able to help with any questions you might have. Most of all, you actually don’t need any of it to create your first doodle video within minutes. Try it out for yourself here or learn more about it on their website.

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