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DesignCap | The Best Rated Free Graphic Design Software

Whenever it comes to an editing tool like DesignCap, a visually appealing website is a dream of both a website owner as well as a user. But, the real task is that of the graphics and website designers to turn that dream into a reality. However, it’s only possible if they use the best graphic design software.

One thing for sure, gone are the days when people only indulged in reading content online. And then, after that, use the training as a guide to shape and realize their abilities. Nowadays, more than words, your website has to look attractive too. With eye-catching visuals and gripping content, the user gets convinced to stay on the website and use it, especially in the case of e-commerce sites.

That’s why the graphics design appearance plays a major role in creating the outlook of your website content. And as a graphic designer, this is your territory. But, to create a website with such intriguing visuals, you will require good graphic design software. Not forgetting, it’s a must-have and essential to have a design tool that will help you improvise the images, models, and text that is to be shown on the website.

What Is DesignCap?

DesignCap is a free online graphic design software and flyer maker to help you turn your creativity into stunning posters and flyers. All this happens with great ease so that you save much of your time and energy. It is developed by PearlMountain that has focused on the research and development of graphic design software since 2006.

The software platform helps make professional photo editing and graphic design capability accessible to everyone. In other words, it’s a type of web-based poster maker that does not require any designing experience. Even a beginner designer is able to create an excellent poster in just minutes.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap allows you to make posters for promoting events or products and make social media cover to reach a wide audience. And it comes with improvised social media and online digital marketing tools for developers and marketers alike. And it’s all free!

Within this app, there are millions of arts & resources at your disposal. To help you level up your design with built-in fonts, shapes, and backgrounds. As well as a large library of stock photos and icons. And with its elegant visual charts, you can turn your massive data to a visualized, cool chart!

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In short, customize your chart at will, and present data to your business clients & partners clearly. What about its exclusive and well-grouped modules?

These are dozens of modules that visually combine images, icons, and text into a cohesive whole, make visual design easier and faster. With this in mind, the big question is; why use it, and how does it work? Well, let’s have an inside look at it below.

Why DesignCap?

Simply, because the graphic design app provides users with a wide selection of posters and flyer templates. Some of which they can easily customize and enhance with a variety of elements. Such as photos, fonts, colors, and more. And the only limit, as the old adage goes, is the user’s imagination.

Furthermore, DesignCap does not have any steep learning curve that you and your team have to go through to fully get acquainted with the system. It is an easy-to-use platform that even novices can get the gist of poster making in just a few minutes.

Why DesignCap?

All you need is a short time to get yourself familiar with the platform and you will be crafting professional posters and flyers in no time.

Another thing that makes it different from others is that it eliminates the need to hire professional graphic designers. Or even artists whose services come with a heavy price tag. Keeping in mind, sometimes these designers require a few days to weeks to produce a finished product.

Apart from that, its thousands of professionally designed templates help you easily create infographics, presentations, posters, flyers, social media graphics, and much more. So, speed up your creative process to make striking graphic designs for your business, events, and much more here.

What’s more, is that it;
  • does not require any designing experience.
  • features hundreds of professionally-designed poster templates.
  • doesn’t require you to download or install the software into your system.
  • is an easy-to-use platform that even novices can get the gist of poster making in just a few minutes.
  • provides a rich set of editing tools and customizable elements that you can use to create posters and flyers that are fully tailored to your business.
  • offers a cost-friendly user experience, with the costs of designing and creating professional posters being reduced dramatically.

It’s important to realize, certain graphic design software and similar systems can take a huge chunk of space and resources.

Meaning, you need to have a large storage capacity and powerful computers to run them. Luckily, DesignCap is an online platform and, therefore, doesn’t require you to install the software into your system.

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So, you’ll never have to worry about your computers lagging and bogging down because of a lack of space. Or even a lame excuse that you don’t have the adequate resources or the required drivers and the latest app versions.

As for pricing, there’s both a Free Version: $0/month (for novels), Basic Version: $4.99/month (best for savvies), and a Plus Version: $5.99/month (best for professionals). On a clear note, the DesignCap main categories include:

Data Visualization:
    • Infographics
    • Presentation
    • Reports
    • Timeline Infographics
Marketing Advertisements:
    • Posters
    • Flyers
    • Brochures
    • Menus
Special Occasion Offers:
    • Cards
    • Invitations
    • Birthday Cards
    • Wedding Invitations
Social Media Platforms:
    • Youtube Banners
    • Youtube Thumbnails
    • Facebook Covers
    • Instagram Posts

What are you waiting for? Get Started Right Away and Create a Design with Great Ease Now!


Of course, Yes! It would be so great if we could all (as marketers) create infographics as simple as writing regular old text-based blog posts. Unfortunately, making visual content like this usually takes a lot more time and even effort. But, let’s all face it — skill — than the written word. Usually.

Luckily, considering the popularity and effectiveness of visual content in marketing today, you can’t just afford to throw in the towel. And that’s why in this article, I decided to take all the pain and suffering out of your infographics creation path. Seriously — don’t give up just yet.

For one thing, you, too, can create infographics that are professional-looking. As well as, high-quality, appealing, and responsive designs completed in under an hour. All in which I’m going to prove to you in this exclusive guide here.

But, if you’re a master in this class, you can simply go ahead and start right away when you Download 15 free infographic templates. And then, all you have to do is provide the content to use inside them. See! It is as easy as that. Below are more resourceful and related to the topic links;

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Important Note:

Apart from DesignCap, through FlexClip Platform you can easily boost your online product sales in no time. Keeping in mind, a compelling video can absolutely influence buying behavior, leading directly to sales. In addition, the platform helps you increase your site traffic and encourage social shares.

Nothing can compare to the power of video content when it comes to driving traffic to your site. After all, quality videos on social media platforms generate more likes and shares than images and text combined. Definitely, you’ll agree with me on that.

That’s where FlexClip Video Maker, yet another powerful tool by PearlMountain comes in. FlexClip is an easy-to-use and video maker that helps everyone create professional-looking videos in just a matter of seconds. Whether it is a promo video, a real estate video, a tutorial video, a company video, or a personal life video.

That said, you can read and learn more about FlexClip | How to Quickly Create Amazing Videos for Free. Equally important, PearlMountainSoft (the creators of DesignCap) has other additional software tools to help you balance all your design life in part with their DesignCap.

These software tools include FotoJet Photo Editor and the DesignEvo Logo Maker. If this information was useful to you, please feel free to donate and support our blog. You can also Contact Us for more help and support.

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