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How To Make Creative Charts In Google Sheets Using Simple Steps

Data can be boring, especially if you don’t understand how to transform it into something new that you can enjoy reading. Data visualization is the only mechanism that can bring your data to life and make it attractive before the eyes of the reader. Most people find it technical to read through boring datasets since they experience challenges in extracting valuable insights.

The primary objective of using data in a business environment is to access valuable insights that can take part in the decision-making process. The type of data used in decision-making should be presented in the form of insights to make it easier for business owners to make accurate predictions about the business’s future success. This means that the data needs to be transformed into a different format that is easier to read and grasp.

When you want to transform your data into something new, you will automatically need to think about Google Sheets charts. There are different types of charts in Google Sheets that you can easily create and use to present your data in a manner that is easier to read and comprehend. Charts and graphs are designed to break down the technical nature of your data and present simple insights that you can easily use when making development decisions within the business.

The only way of adding power and strength to your data is by using different types of charts to convey information.

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However, the chart used in the process of presenting data should go hand-in-hand with the type of message that needs to be delivered and the nature of the target market. This calls for detailed research for any data professional who needs to use different types of charts to convey information to their respective target market.

It is important for you to ensure that you understand your target market and their technical understanding before choosing a suitable chart type that can address them perfectly. In addition, different types of charts and graphs are designed to achieve different goals during data visualization. This means you need to conduct detailed research to identify a suitable chart or graph that reciprocates your messages before using it.

Learning how to make creative charts in Google Sheets is not daunting as most people perceive it. It is a simple practice that anyone can easily accomplish within minutes, provided you understand what you are trying to deliver to your market audience. Despite the simplicity of this process, there are many people who still struggle to get the job done since they lack guidance on how to navigate the process.

This article describes the steps taken to create creative charts in Google Sheets that communicate your intended message in the best way possible. Read more!

Creating Charts in Google Sheets

The process of creating creative charts in Google Sheets is not a difficult exercise that will take a lot of your time and effort. It is all about learning the basic steps you need to cover throughout the process to develop a detailed outfit that can easily communicate key data points on your behalf. Below are some of the basic steps that you need to know.

  • Prepare Your Data

Data preparation is always the first step you need to make whenever you think of creating a chart in Google Sheets. Remember that you don’t need to make any payments to access Google Sheets. All you need to do is to ensure that you have a Gmail account which will give you access to Google Sheets. The accuracy of your data will determine the nature of the final output and simplicity in communicating your intended message.

After opening your working sheet in Google Sheets, you need to import your data or copy and paste it directly. The primary objective is to ensure you have access to quality and accurate data outlined in your Google Sheets, ready for the next step. After presenting your data on Google Sheets, re-evaluate the data to ensure that you are dealing with correct values to avoid struggling to make changes to the final data output.

You can go the extra mile and ensure your data is well summarized to make it easier to understand. Also, you can group the data into different groups depending on the nature of the information that you want to deliver to your market audience.

  • Insert a Chart

Google Sheets gives you a wide array of charts you can easily create and use during data visualization. After ensuring that you are dealing with correct data values, the next step is to insert your desired chart type. When you want to insert a chart using the data displayed on Google Sheets, start by highlighting the data points you need to present on the chart. This will help the tool determine the type of data you need and how you want it to appear on the chart.

After highlighting the data, click on the insert button and select charts. Google will give you access to different types of charts and graphs available that you can easily create using the data you have at your disposal. Remember that all the charts displayed can be created using a default option, saving time and effort.

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The most important thing at this point is to ensure that you understand the ideal chart that reciprocates the nature of your data.

  • Edit and Customize Your Chart

The final step is to edit and customize the chart based on your preferred requirements. After creating a chart in Google Sheets, this does not mark the end of the whole process since you still need to fine-tune the chart and make it communicate your preferred message in the best way possible. This means that you need to make changes to various aspects of the chart and add several details to make it easier to understand.

When customizing the chart, you can easily change several details, such as the title and color combination. Ensure that the colors used on the chat represent your business brand or organization.


Creating a chart in Google Sheets is one of the simplest activities you can easily achieve within the shortest time possible. The only thing you need is basic information about some of the things you want to achieve and the audience you want to address. All the remaining aspects are simple to comprehend and you can easily navigate the process with ease.

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