Blockstack Browser | The #1 Stacking Tool to Mine Bitcoins

Blockstack Browser is yet another great alternative to CryptoTab Browser if you’re still interested in Bitcoin Mining that is. Powered by Stacks (more details later), it provides you with better internet, built on Bitcoin. Now that Stacks makes Bitcoin so programmable. While enabling decentralized apps and smart contracts that inherit all of Bitcoin’s powers.

In reality, Blockstack Browser Stacks connects to Bitcoin so seamlessly. Enabling you to build apps, smart contracts, and digital assets that are integrated with Bitcoin’s security, capital, and network. All you’ll need as a programmer or developer is to Start Building right away.

How Blockstack Browser Works

Forthwith, if you are a web beginner, you don’t need to worry yourself. Since in this article, I’ll elaborate in detail on what Blockstack is, how their Stacks Wallet works, and how to install and use Blockstack Browser successfully.

What is Blockstack?

Blockstack is a new Blockchain-based, decentralized internet platform where users completely own and control their data, and the network apps that may use the data are run locally on the user’s browser.

Blockstack became the first company to receive approval from the SEC to sell digital tokens in a public offering in early July 2019. To enumerate, imagine not having to upload data on an external site like Facebook or on an app like WhatsApp.

And yet, being able to share it with friends and other users. Blockstack enables this by offering an all-new internet platform. Whereas, all their decentralized apps are run locally on the user’s browser. On the other hand, their users continue to own their data (text, images, videos, and files).

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While at the same time, using The Power of Blockchain, a Blockstack user gets digital keys to create their identity on the Blockstack network.

Not to mention, user data can be stored locally or connected to his/her storage hosting providers. Whereby, all this allows the user to retain full control. Sharing of content is achieved through a secure and encrypted medium.

One thing for sure, the Blockstack network supports tokens like Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies too. And it’s even available for peer-to-peer transfer or charging for downloads, subscriptions, and more.

Why use a Blockstack Blockchain?

  • Adopting different technologies and techniques create a reliable tracking system.
  • Blockchain makes the supply chain secure, transparent, authentic, and trustworthy.
  • Blockchain is used as a transactional network, to run and verify a smart contract.
  • Dual data storage architecture is required to avoid degrading blockchain performance.
  • All deployed sensors must be authenticated and must sign data before transmission.

Basically, a Blockstack Blockchain is used to power all the needed tools in supply chain management and database fields. You can learn more about Stacks and the news announcing Blockstack Explorer in detail.

How Supply Chain Works

A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer. It is designed to maintain the quality of sensitive goods during the whole shipment.

Centralized supply chain management systems expose the supply chain to corruption, fraud, and tampering. Blockchain has emerged as a new distributed information technology. It represents a new approach in the supply chain area.

In this area, visibility and transparency of product flows are the principal challenges. Its’s good to know how the blockchain can be integrated into the supply chain architecture. So as to create a reliable, transparent, authentic, and secure system.

What is Blockstack Browser?

Blockstack Browser is a new web tool that allows developers everywhere to access a whole new Internet. This new internet changes the dynamic and brings the power back to the people. A compatible browser is sufficient to access everything on Blockstack.

With Blockstack Browser, developers can build apps on this new internet. Just by downloading the Blockstack Mac or Linux app (the Windows tool is coming soon). And by using nothing more than existing browsers like Chrome or Safari, or Firefox.

Learn More About Blockstack: Getting Started…

Notably, Blockchain is the key technology that powers this new internet. And for the first time ever, you’ll be able to access people, communities, apps, and services built on the blockchain from your browser. The internet should work how real life works.

This new internet reflects how people interact with each other naturally, as they have for thousands of years. In open marketplaces and societies, people transact directly with other people to offer advice, goods, and services. Human interaction has never needed a middleman.

How Blockstack Browser Works

When we talk about Blockstack Browser, we can’t forget one of it’s powerful tools — Stacks Wallet. So, in simple terms, let me first inform you about how Stacks Wallet works below.

By definition, Stacks Wallet is an application by Blockstack that makes Bitcoin easily programmable. While also, enabling decentralized apps and smart contracts that inherit all of Bitcoin’s powers. In short, it provides a better internet, built on Bitcoin.

How Stacks Wallet Works

Stacks Wallet (Download for Desktop) provides you with a gateway to its Stacks. Stacks Wallet is available on desktop and coming soon as a browser extension. Below is a smile illustration of the Wallet in action.

Stacks Wallet In Action

In other words, The Stacks Wallet is a Cryptocurrency Wallet for managing your STX Tokens.

Keep, send, and receive tokens

Stacks Wallet is everything you need to manage your tokens and collectibles and will protect your tokens when you use apps.

Explore Stacks apps

Stacks Wallet is the easiest way to safely connect to Stacks apps. Take your account, data, and tokens from app to app seamlessly.

You’re in control

Your data, tokens, and account will never leave your wallet. Stacks Wallet has been audited and you can use it with a Ledger hardware wallet.

How Cryptocurrency Wallets Work

Generally speaking, Cryptocurrency Wallets enable the sending and receiving of Cryptocurrency quantities. Unlike physical wallets for carrying cash, cryptocurrency wallets don’t contain tokens directly inside of them.

They merely provide a mechanism for managing them on a blockchain using credentials. As such, the Stacks Wallet specifically empowers you to manage your STX tokens on the Stacks blockchain. Why? Since those tokens are associated with a single publicly-known Stacks address.

And a single privately-held “Secret Key” (otherwise known as a “seed” or “mnemonic” phrase), which serves as your sole credential. Your Stacks address is akin to a bank account number. In that, it’s known and shared publicly so others can send STX tokens to you.

Cryptocurrency Secret Key

Conversely, your Cryptocurrency Secret Key is akin to a password. In that, it should be kept completely private and used only to authenticate with trusted software. Like the Stacks Wallet so you can send STX to others and otherwise manage your own holdings.

However, unlike a traditional password, no one can ever reset your Secret Key should it get lost. It’s absolutely vital that you secure your Secret Key. Since its loss will entail the loss of all associated STX tokens irreparably.

The Secret Key consists of 24 words separated by spaces. These include words, spaces, and their positions in the sequence are all critically important.

Stacking Earnings Model: Projecting Consensus Participation Rewards for STX Holders

Therefore, be sure to record them exactly as presented by the Stacks Wallet. When sending STX from the Stacks Wallet, the software digitally signs a token transfer from your address to another then broadcasts it to the Stacks network.

After the network has received and validated this transaction, tokens will be moved from your address to the specified destination address. The transaction will be permanently and irreversibly recorded on the Stacks blockchain.

Using the Stacks Wallet, you can:
  • Generate a new STX address with associated Secret Key
  • Send STX from your STX address
  • Receive STX to your STX address
  • View the balance for your address and associated details
  • Review the transaction history associated with your address
  • Pay for fees associated with sending STX in STX
  • Participate in Stacking for the chance to earn BTC as paid out to a separate BTC wallet
  • Optionally, authenticate with a Ledger hardware device

Using the Stacks Wallet with a hardware wallet device raises the level of security. By keeping your Secret Key away from your desktop computer at all times. Especially, during initial authentication and transaction signing.

Why Blockstack Browser?

Blockchain-based tech like Blockstack has been around for a while now. But the technology is too complex. And the average Internet user has not had that “aha!” moment — that moment, as with the first Netscape browsers — when you felt you were discovering something truly new, vastly big, and unbelievably cool.

That’s why the Stack platform and its dedicated community of developers will lead us to that “aha!” A moment for the average Internet denizen experiencing a new type of Internet. Unfortunately, our society is becoming more dependent on the Internet.

Unfortunately, its 40-year-old, antiquated infrastructure makes our digital lives more insecure than ever. For instance, if hackers today can shut down hospitals at a nationwide level, imagine what the next decade will bring?

Learn More About Blockstack: Inside the Browser…

A new Internet needs to have security and safety as a core of its DNA. Applications and services cannot be owned and controlled by remote third parties. We can build a digital world of truly peer-to-peer internet utilities not maintained by corporations, but collectively, by the people.

Equally important, we can build a digital world that encodes property rights — where we can own our data, and where the people are powerful. In the next few days, you’ll be hearing even more announcements from Blockstack — about their vision for a new internet.

Final Words,

Finally, in a still largely unregulated cryptocurrency market, Blockstack received first-ever approval by the SEC to sell Bitcoin-like tokens in a public offering. Prior to the recent approval, the company had raised more than $50 million in funding. Through approved token sales, but only to accredited investors.

Perse, the public offering was approved under Regulation A+ of the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act. Specifically, introduced as a way to help fledgling companies raise capital with minimal disclosure requirements.

Blockstack’s success in winning approval will now provide other young cryptocurrency and blockchain businesses a very useful template. For how to proceed in raising funds of their own. In other news, Blockstack PBC is now officially Hiro Systems PBC.

The change to Hiro will mark a renewed focus on developer tools for the user-owned internet on Bitcoin, While more clearly delineating the company and ecosystem. Hiro builds developer tools for Stacks, the network that enables apps and smart contracts on Bitcoin.

Learn More About Hiro: Dedicated To The Builders of A Better Internet on Bitcoin

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