The Right Destination For Banner Ad Placement To Max Results

It’s important to realize that the right destination for banner ad placement can help you get more results in your digital advertising and online marketing strategy. Still, several marketing forms will seem like ideal candidates for your business. First, video marketing is versatile and something that gives you a prime opportunity to grab the attention of multiple audiences.

Secondly, social media marketing has a low to no cost of entry and can grant you access to multiple audiences, meaning that you can start using it early in your business. Conversely, SEO is slightly more involved but can have massively successful results if utilized properly. In comparison to these strategies, banner ad placement can feel like an overly simplistic solution.

However, they can still prove otherwise: They can give you a lot of leverage if you know where to deploy them. At the beginning of 2021 (According to Statista), there were 4.66 billion active mobile internet users. That means that almost 78% of all users appear online daily via mobile web or in-app. This fact inevitably boosts ad growth through the best ad types and formats.

Depending on where users will specifically interact with ads, they can be categorized as mobile adverts or in-app ads. Of course, the critical difference is simple: mobile ads are placed on mobile versions of websites and platforms, while in-app ads are displayed in various applications, as it comes from its name. Both options bring their benefits to advertisers—and users.

The Right Destination For Banner Ad Placement To Maximize Results

For beginner advertisers and marketers, a website banner is a digital remarketing advertisement displayed on third-party websites like eCommerce websites, blogs, and online news websites. In most cases, the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is lower than Google search or Facebook ads (which range between $0.60 and $3), but the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is also lower. Learn more below:

In other words, a web banner, or banner ad, is a form of online advertising delivered by an ad server, like Google Ads or Microsoft Ads. The purpose is to direct traffic to a specific page on the advertiser’s website designed to convert leads. Often, the format of a web banner will be a static or animated graphic displaying a company’s logo, tagline, or call-to-action message.

But, sometimes, website banners or web banner ads can also include more extensive text, images, flash animation, and other rich media to capture visitors’ attention better. As a result, the banner ad is then embedded, typically near the top of a web page, where most website visitors can see it for easy interaction. It should also be relevant to the website it is being used on.

Precisely so that it’s being displayed to the correct type of audience. Equally important, a web banner should be visually appealing and contain concise, easy-to-understand information. You can use several web banner types to promote your website business or online product. Plus, a few general guidelines for what should be included on web banners are as follows:

Top Page Placement 

The term ‘destination’ might not be a specific enough starting point. As well as the question of which page itself might be the right one for your ad (even though you’ll likely want to use several), it’s also worth asking whereabouts on the page is best. The top is the obvious choice; it can immediately jump out at viewers, grabbing their attention and being the first thing they see.

So, it’s not hard to imagine why that might be beneficial. However, it could also be obnoxious to some people who might want to get to the page, scrolling past your ad, but is that initial sight enough to make it successful? The side might prove to be more consistent, then. While not as immediate, it can stay with them as they scroll through the overall website page.

High-Traffic Pages

So, regarding the pages, you will naturally want to turn to websites with a higher traffic volume. This hardly narrows down the options—but that’s not a problem when you want to have as many possibilities in mind as possible. Pages that host real money casino games in Australia can see a lot of players, both new and returning, due to the popularity of the activity.

And also due to the engagement levels of those games. Alternatively, you might turn your attention to fan pages, such as wikis, of popular communities, as that can indicate what kind of traffic you can expect. These might also be places where you can expect to see banner ads, which is generally a good indicator of where to investigate.

Video Ads Format

When you think of banner ads, you might have a certain preconception of how they will turn out – and this might involve it being a static image. However, this does not have to be so, and you might find that you have more success with it if you combine it with your video marketing. If you’re looking to place it effectively, this could risk being more obnoxious to viewers.

Such as placing it right at the top of pages that they visit. Still, it might also help it to stand more firm in their memory—drawing your attention to other aspects of your marketing that they might not have seen before.

Takeaway Notes:

The web banner overview and examples above show how you can use web banners for remarketing to increase revenue, build brand awareness, and drive website and landing page traffic. In general, web banner ads are targeted to specific audiences relatively cheaply. Advertisers only pay when users click on the ad, making it a more cost-effective marketing option.

It’s more effective than other types of traditional marketing techniques and advertising strategies, such as billboards, print, and television, and even different types of digital advertisements, such as search ads. Conversely, banner ads can be adapted to other formats depending on the website’s size and the viewer’s device. It’s this flexibility that makes them a versatile option.

As a rule of thumb, designing an effective web banner can be difficult for those without a background in graphic design or years of marketing experience. On that note, looking at web banner examples for inspiration and ideas to learn what works well is a good idea before diving into web banner advertising. It’s also important to consider various web banner orientations.

At the same time, it’s also essential to consider the web banner ad sizes regarding what you can design to achieve your campaign goals while also targeting audiences that align with your customer profiles. This will allow you to create a web banner that generates clicks and conversions in the long run. Ad costs will be different for every advertiser and every campaign, however.

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